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IIEWFP Chapter 26

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 26

Jecka is one of his most powerful subordinates and has been by his side for many years.

Like Cory, they are all his highly valued subordinates and his closest confidantes.

With a crisp “pop”, the blue injection in Raymond’s hand was crushed to pieces.

The water energy in the injection instantly escaped its container.

Wasted…It will be wasted.

Jin WoWo hurriedly stretched out his hand and absorbed all the energy liquid in Raymond’s hand, not even letting go of the water energy element floating in the air.

After absorbing another injection of water energy, the golden snail felt quite satisfied.

Although he can’t immediately convert water energy into his own spiritual power, he can cultivate it slowly in his body~

Jin WoWo’s eyes turned to the three blue injections left on the table.

Suddenly, he saw a red liquid in the crevices of Raymond’s fist next to the empty blue injection.

“Your hand is pierced? Let me see.”

Raymond slowly opened his fist. His palm was bloody, and a lot of glass shards dug into the flesh.

Jin WoWo glanced at it and felt pain. “What are you doing? Someone wants to harm you. Wouldn’t it be over with if you find out who they are and take revenge? Why do you have to hurt yourself?”

The golden snail used his spiritual power to force out the broken glass shards that penetrated into the meat one by one. He, then, got a little snail liquid from the shell and applied it on Raymond’s palm.

The wound healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This is the first time Raymond has seen the golden snail heal with his own eyes.

“Okay, go and wash your hands.” Jin WoWo retracted his hands.

Raymond squeezed his fist, and found that there was no blood on his hand. He wondered if his hand had really been cut just now.

“Thank you.” Raymond whispered, preparing to stand up and wash his hands.

“Uh, that…” Jin WoWo had a hesitant expression.

Raymond looked at him.

“Aha, that’s it. I just healed you. That actually cost me a lot of spiritual power. My spiritual power is not easy to cultivate. Although I said before that I will heal you for free in the future, but if my spiritual power has been consumed without replenishing it, there will be no way for me to heal the injury. So you see…………Huh? What is it?”

Raymond’s quiet eyes looked at him quietly, “What do you want?”

Jin WoWo laughed, looked at the three blue injections on the table, and looked back and forth on between them and Raymond.

“Do you want them?”

Jin WoWo gave a smile.

Raymond pursed his thin lips slightly. “How much do you want?”

“Anyway, you don’t need these three water energy. Why don’t you just…give them to me?”

Raymond: “…”

Only three?

Jin WoWo waited for a long time, but Raymond did not agree.

Based on what he has seen and heard today, he has judged that this energy liquid is a very precious thing, which is not difficult to understand.

In the world of demon cultivators, a high-level spirit stone can determine a lot of demon cultivators’ life and death. And, the elements contained in this energy injection could be said to be a top middle-rank spirit stone.

He blinked and smiled dryly: “Actually, two of them are fine.”

Raymond looked at the small expectation in Jin WoWo’s eyes, and the bad mood of being betrayed by his capable subordinates instantly dissipated a lot.

He whispered: “Take everything you want.”

Jin WoWo’s eyes lit up, he immediately showed a bright smile, and his eyes narrowed.

He carefully put three blue injections into his own pocket. After thinking about it, he felt uneasy, took them out, and stuffed them into his own shell.

The golden snail has absorbed two water energy injections today. This compressed energy contains a high concentration of water elements. He cannot absorb too much at one time. The water element in the body must be refined into spiritual power before it can be absorbed again. .

After Raymond washed his hands and came out, he saw Jin WoWo’s wrist turn, and the three injections in his hand disappeared in his stomach.

Raymond moved his eyes, and said in a deep voice: “The energy injection can’t be put in the stomach.”

“Huh? I won’t have to worry about it if I place it in my shell.”

“This injection will burst when it encounters a slightly higher temperature, and it is dangerous to put it in the stomach.” Raymond said without changing his expression.

“It’s okay, even if it explodes, I can instantly heal the wound.” Jin WoWo waved his hand indifferently.

“Don’t you need to spend a lot of spiritual energy to heal the wound?”

Jin WoWo: “…”

He told a little lie and got three energy liquids. At this moment, Raymond blocked him back with his original words.

The golden snail’s face was a little unsustainable, and he took out the three injections in a whisper. “It’s not safe to put it outside.”

“I’ll keep it for you.” Raymond said.

Jin WoWo was about to say something when a loud “report” came from the door.

Cory pushed the door in and offered a military salute, “Reporting to the Marshal. Jecka has been locked up in the warehouse, please give instructions.”

When Raymond went to wash his hands just now, he sent a message to Cory to immediately catch Jacka.

Cory has worked with Jecka for many years, and the friendship between them is not shallow. Although he has doubts in his heart, he has always followed the orders of the Marshal regardless of the order.

He immediately took someone to tie up Jacka, who hadn’t figured out the situation at all.

Raymond’s face sank. “Let’s go take a look.”

He said that as he picked up the three “No. 3 Energy Liquids” on the table and put them away.

Jin WoWo: “…”

Hey? Why did he put it away, he hasn’t agreed yet, okay?

Jecka was locked in a vacant warehouse.

Jecka yelled loudly in the warehouse when Raymond and Jin WoWo passed by.

Seeing Raymond appear, he shouted angrily, “Marshal, I don’t understand. Why did you lock me up? What did I do wrong?”

Raymond retreated left and right, leaving only Cory. (T/E I’m not sure what this means but I think it should have been entering the warehouse?)

He walked up to Jecka with a blank face and took out an injection of energy liquid.

Jecka’s face showed no change. “What does the Marshal mean?”

Raymond said: “My dedicated energy liquid has always been guarded by you. And in this battle with the Zerg queen, five No. 3 energy liquids were mixed into my energy liquids. ”

In fact, there were six, and one was used by Raymond on the battlefield, which directly caused his energy to explode.

Cory’s expression on the side suddenly changed, and he looked at Jecka in disbelief.

Jecka argued loudly, “Impossible. The Marshal’s energy liquids are all checked by me one by one. They are all No. 4 Energy Liquids, there can’t be any No. 3 Energy Liquids!”

Raymond said coldly: “It is indeed the packaging of the No. 4 Energy Liquid, but it contains the No. 3 Energy Liquid’.”

The energy liquid exclusively provided by the military comes from the energy production site of the Duke Nolan’s family. Duke Nolan’s family has always had a good relationship with the Marshal’s house, and there is no conflict of interest. There is no reason for them to deliberately harm him.

The most important thing is that the energy dedicated to the Marshal is strictly tested again with special equipment when the energy is transported out.

And this process is also the responsibility of Jecka to supervise and handle.

Therefore, Raymond doubted Jacka, not the energy of the Duke Nolan’s family.

Jacka’s face showed a negative expression of grievance: “How could it be possible that the injection of Energy Liquid No. 4 contained Energy Liquid No. 3? These energy liquids are sealed and cannot be used again after opening them. Marshal, without any detection equipment in hand, it is too far-fetched to conclude that the bottle is filled with Energy Liquid No. 3′.”

Cory glanced at the injection in the marshal’s hand, and it did say ‘Energy Liquid No. 4’ on it.

So if the bottle of “No. 4 Energy Liquid” is filled with “No. 3 Energy Liquid”, you can only open the bottle and change the energy liquid inside.

But the energy liquid bottles are all made in one shot, there is no lid or notch. It just breaks directly when opened, making it impossible to restore it to its original appearance.

Did the marshal make a mistake?

The point is that Jecka, like him, is trusted by the Marshal. As long as they follow the Marshal, their future is limitless, and they have no motive to harm the Marshal.

Raymond said: “Since you are so convinced that this is a ‘No. 4 Energy Liquid’, then you give it a try.”

Jecka’s face changed slightly. “This is the marshal’s special energy liquid, how can I inject it.”

Cory on the side couldn’t help saying: “Jecka, you and the Marshal both use the Energy Liquid No. 4. The Marshal’s special energy liquid is more pure. You’ll be getting an advantage.”

Beastmen usually carry energy liquids and syringes with them. Cory took out a disposable syringe from his own space, “Marshal, I will give Jecka an injection.”

As long as Jecka is not lying, injecting this “fourth energy liquid” into his body will only increase Jecka’s energy and will not harm the body. It is also the best way to prove his innocence.


Jules’ Corner

This whole energy liquid business really does sound like the perfect crime… once opened – gone and the labelling only comes from the production line. Welp looking forward to what’s gonna happen next

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– or present tense (is)
2. When referring to Jin WoWo
– only use Jin WoWo
– use both Jin WoWo and golden snail (as a nickname)
– or only use golden snail to refer to JW


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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Dang it’s so easy to make people explode in that world… so easy, in fact, that it almost seems like a plot hole. If the type of energy liquid couldn’t be checked after production and it was known that injecting the wrong one would make you explode, there should’ve been at least a few of those cases in the past (accidents as well as murders), which undoubtedly would’ve gotten the attention of the public, so Raymond should’ve been more aware of the possibility. If I remember right, he didn’t even consider the reason for his explosion having to do with possibly injecting a wrong liquid. Maybe he just trusted that guy too much to think of it but I dunno… feels a bit strange xD
    Thank you 😀

    1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

      This is a great point! You see this played out in a lot of manufacturing environments. There is testing of ingredient, which is easier and cheaper, but you still do finished product testing at some frequency as well.

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    You can’t say Jecka is at all innocent here. These are not the reactions of an innocently accused man! Go ahead, take that injection!

    Translate in whatever tense is easier for you. Tenses don’t bother me much unless it’s over the top in terms of constant switching, which is really rare to run into.

    I like both the name and nickname! Use them as appropriate for the context in your opinion!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

  3. Avatar Rose says:

    Present tense seems to be working for you, but I don’t mind either way, so long as it doesn’t switch paragraph to paragraph.

    I vote both for the names as well. It can be a way to convey mood and tension. Jin wowo when it’s fairly serious, little snail or golden snail during fluff. That sort of thing.

  4. Avatar A.S. says:

    1. I prefer past tense since I find it easier to read.
    2. It’s better to refer to him Jin Wowo usually and golden snail when it’s comedic or refering to his special abilities.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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