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IIEWFP Chapter 25

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 25

The beastmen of the Empire start improving their abilities by injecting energy liquids into their bodies as young as when they were five years old.1T/E My brain is fried today huhu. Feel free to suggest a better way to phrase this sentence since I’m pretty sure this is grammatically wrong and sounds wrong as well 🙁

However, when using the energy liquid for the first time. Beastmen must go to three different law education bureaus to test their own energy attributes to know which corresponding type of energy liquid could be used on the body.

Otherwise, if the wrong type of energy liquid is used, it will cause permanent damage to the body, and sometimes even death on the spot in severe cases.

Therefore, beastmen are absolutely cautious when using energy liquid.

Raymond immediately took out another energy liquid injection and asked Jin WoWo, “What color is this?”


With a move of his thumb, he opened the injection, “Can you absorb this?”

Jin WoWo felt the rich fire energy floating out from the injection, but he could only absorb wood energy and water energy for cultivation. He could not absorb fire energy.

But, he can gather fire energy to attack.

For example, the thunder-magnet he used before was formed by gathering the gold elements in the air.

As for the fire element now, Jin WoWo stretched out his hand and made a circle around the injection port. Suddenly, a basketball-sized fireball emerged from his palm, dancing with fiery flames.

Raymond was startled, and reflexively threw Jin WoWo to the ground.

The big fireball was also accidentally thrown because of this action.

The space in the room was originally small. And with the throw, it landed on Raymond’s bed.2T/E I’m not sure if you noticed but the chapter before mentioned that Raymond’s room was relatively large so right now just imagine it to be small instead since the author said “relatively”

With a “boom” of the bedding on the bed, a raging fire instantly ignited.

Immediately afterwards, a sharp alarm sounded.

Raymond quickly stood up, picked up Jin WoWo and grabbed the door.

Cory, who had just come out of the central control room, ran over when he heard the siren. Immediately, he saw his marshal coming out of the barn with his partner in his arms.

What is this situation?

Raymond sent Cory a stern gaze, “Hurry up and put out the fire!”

Cory immediately pressed a button at the door, and the top of the room instantly sprayed thick white dry powder.

The scope of the fire was not large. It was just burnt a bit. Within 2 minutes, the fire went out.

The Marshal was standing at the door holding his partner.

Cory looked inside the room, then at Raymond, and said, “Marshal, do you want Madam to go to the Pregnancy lounge to take a rest?”

What the heck did the Marshal and his partner do in the room? There was such a big fire.

Cory glanced at the clothes of the Marshal and his partner. Well, they were all well dressed, okay.

Before they set off, Dr. Nishizawa specially pulled him and told him that Jin WoWo had just miscarried and asked him to pay attention not to let the Marshal and Jin WoWo sleep in the same room.

As soon as Cory spoke, the two people reacted, making Jin WoWo a little embarrassed.

He hurried down from Raymond’s arms since the princess carry was too awkward.

With no expression on his face, Raymond walked directly into the messy room, took out the box of energy liquid, and said to Jin WoWo: “Let’s go to your room.”3T/E I’m squealing XD XD


Jin WoWo was also shocked by the sudden formation of a big fireball just now.

In the past, when he used the free fire element in the air, he made a big ball of fire at best.4T/E not as big as a basketball

It seems that an energy liquid of about five milliliters contains a lot of energy, and he has overlooked this problem for a while.

Looking at the backs of the two people leaving, Cory blinked in a daze. So he is a background person?


He also helped put out the fire. The Marshal was just holding his partner and didn’t press the fire button.

Raymond and Jin WoWo returned to the pregnancy lounge.

Raymond put the box of energy liquid on the table before asking about the sudden fire.

Jin WoWo explained: “The red energy is fire energy. I can’t absorb it. If I absorb it, I will go crazy, but I can gather it for my own use.”

Raymond nodded, Jin WoWo’s ability is very special. He actually did not understand some parts, but it is not good to ask too detailed questions.

But according to Jin WoWo, if he absorbs different energies and will go crazy. This is probably just like their energy explosions. They are both harmful and dangerous.

Raymond’s brows constricted. Why was a No. 3 energy liquid mixed in his No. 4 energy liquid, and this No. 3 energy liquid was even packed in a No. 4 energy liquid bottle?

He suddenly remembered his energy explosion.

Beastmen usually carry a few energy liquids on their bodies to replenish the energy they consume at any time.

Since soldiers on the battlefield consume very fast energy when fighting, every soldier’s mech is equipped with a full tank of energy liquid, and the spacecraft has a specially guarded energy liquid warehouse.

Although this spacecraft is a private spacecraft provided by Limestone Planet’s governor Bruce, in order to prevent accidents on the road, they allocated 20 boxes of various types of energy liquids from the Limestone Planet military station for emergency use.

Raymond’s special energy liquid was his left over moved from Cory’s military spacecraft.

Raymond carefully recalled the details before and after his energy runaway. When he caught up with the Zerg queen, the energy weapons in his mecha had been exhausted.

But he couldn’t give up all his previous efforts. The Zerg has harassed the Beastman Empire for hundreds of years, and he absolutely could let the Zerg queen escape at that time.

Without even thinking about it, he injected ten doses of energy liquid, intending to fight hand-to-hand with the Zerg queen.

As soon as he finished the energy injection, the energy in his body suddenly became chaotic, violently impacting his muscles and veins. It was as if the entire human flesh and blood were about to explode.

In just ten seconds, his energy core shattered.

The energy core shattering emitted a huge energy explosion, which not only shattered his mecha, but also turned the Zerg queen into powder.

This combined with him falling into the wild forest with a killer following him, Raymond became even more sure that his energy explosion was not an accident, but was someone’s intentions.

It’s just that he couldn’t be sure how his energy explosion was triggered before. It turned out that someone had moved their hands and feet on his energy liquid. It was really clever!

Raymond took out more than a dozen boxes of energy liquid from the box, and said to Jin WoWo: “Look if there are any other colors mixed in these.”

The two opened the boxes one by one. In these boxes, each box contained thirty injections, and four of them contained a blue energy liquid.

Jin WoWo picked them out.

Raymond’s face was very ugly.

These energy liquids were specially prepared for him this time on the battlefield. It turned out that there were so many “No. 3 Energy Liquids” mixed into it. It seems that the person behind the scenes was desperate and was ready to put him to death at once.

Jin WoWo saw Raymond’s face and immediately understood something.

He said: “When I was healing you in the forest, I found that there was water energy in your veins, which is this blue energy. You are a python, and the five elements belong to fire. The fire and water are incompatible. This caused you to become confused. Oh, “confused” should be called energy explosion here.”

Raymond nodded. He didn’t understand what Jin WoWo said about “the five elements belong to fire”, but he mostly understood what he meant.

It was that he had injected energy that did not belong to him. The two energies were incompatible and collided with each other, causing the energy to run amok, shatter his core, and cause an explosion.

And his special energy liquid has always been taken care of by a special person, and that person is-Jecka!!


Jules’ Corner

The story behind Raymond’s “death” has been revealed!! Looking forward to more unearthing of schemes and de-moling hehe.

Also! Sorry for the late update huhu I sort of got sick after eating too many baked sweets HAHA. For all the amateur bakers out there like me, beware! Sometimes, oil is not a good substitute for butter. :’)

I’ll most likely be updating around this time again tomorrow since tomorrow looks like a busy day. *cries internally* who knew there were so many things you had to do during the break just to plan for the next semester. *silently sheds tears*

Anywayssss Have a great day guys!


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  • 1
    T/E My brain is fried today huhu. Feel free to suggest a better way to phrase this sentence since I’m pretty sure this is grammatically wrong and sounds wrong as well 🙁
  • 2
    T/E I’m not sure if you noticed but the chapter before mentioned that Raymond’s room was relatively large so right now just imagine it to be small instead since the author said “relatively”
  • 3
    T/E I’m squealing XD XD
  • 4
    T/E not as big as a basketball
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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Dun dun duuuuun! The traitor has been revealed xD hopefully he wasn’t someone close to Raymond. That would be bitter…
    Thank you~ (๑¯∀¯๑) cya tomorrow ( ^ω^)

  2. Nacchi Nacchi says:

    He got the traitor!!!

  3. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    What an insidious trap! Mixed in too few to make the plan obvious, but enough to ensure the assasination plan would be a success. Time to root out all the traitors!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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