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IIEWFP Chapter 24

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 24

The five types of energy currently used in the Beastman Empire were all colorless and transparent, and can only be distinguished by using a special equipment in the factory that produces the energy liquid. Ordinary people cannot distinguish them without looking at the outer packaging.

But Jin WoWo says this energy liquid is blue?

“The energy liquid is colorless and transparent.” Raymond explained.

Jin WoWo glanced at the blue injection in his hand. It was obviously blue. How come Raymond said it was colorless and transparent?

He looked at the box next to him, which was full of blue injections.

“This is obviously blue!”

Raymond frowned.

Not far away, in the box opened by another soldier, boxes of test injections were all red.

Jin WoWo pointed there and said, “That box of injections is all red. There is also that box, which is yellow.”

The box that Jin WoWo pointed to that was said to have red energy liquid was labeled with “No. 4 energy liquid”, and the yellow energy box was labeled “No. 1 energy liquid.”

And all of these energy liquids are colorless and transparent. [Raymond thought.]

Raymond suddenly realized that this may be another skill of Jin WoWo, to be able to distinguish the various types of energy liquids with the naked eye.

He guided Jin WoWo to walk to the other boxes of energy liquid, opened the box marked with energy liquid No. 2, and asked: “What color do you see in it?”

Jin WoWo saw a box full of green injections, “These are all green.”

Raymond opened the box marked No. 5 energy liquid, and Jin WoWo said: “It’s all gray.”


Jin WoWo finally reacted to Raymond’s earlier words. Did Raymond just say that these energy liquids were colorless and transparent?

Was Raymond actually colorblind and can’t distinguish these colors?

Red, yellow, blue, green and gray, all five colors were all easily distinguishable. If what you see is only the transparent color…this colorblind person was a bit too weird.

Jin WoWo sent Raymond a glance full of pity. It turned out that Raymond had grown up and lived in a transparent world. He has never experienced the colorful world at all. It was really pitiful.

Moreover, he can’t cure the disease of color blindness, he can only cure the wound but not the diseases.

When Raymond saw Jin WoWo’s expression, he knew what he was thinking, and explained in a low voice: “It’s not just that I see the colorless and transparent, but the others are the same.”


All the people in this world were color blind?

Jin WoWo didn’t believe it.

Obviously, the color distribution in this world looked quite normal. Take the color matching of clothes, the decorative paintings on the street, the color drawing of mechas, etc. as examples. They don’t look like a mash of colors on a painting.1T/E JW is trying to say that you can clearly see the colors and that the colors of the world are normal and not weird or weirdly combined.

At this moment, a soldier passed by him carrying a box of energy liquid.

Jin WoWo stopped the soldier, shook the green injection in his hand, and asked, “What color do you see in the energy liquid in it?”

The soldier glanced at him suspiciously, and then at the Marshal next to him. Seeing that the Marshal had nothing to say, he said, “There is no color.”

Jin WoWo: “…”

Jin WoWo took a gray injection and asked again. “What about this?”

The soldier was confused, but still answered. “There is no color.”

Jin WoWo: “…”

People in this world may really have serious color blindness.

Raymond dismissed the soldier and whispered to Jin WoWo, “These different types of energy liquids are colorless and transparent in our eyes, but we are not obstructed in color perception. Other things are not all colorless and transparent and we can distinguish colors.”

Jin WoWo: “…………Huh?”2T/E Omg JW is so cute here ?

Raymond pulled him aside, “This may be your special talent or skill. Here, we have to use instruments to distinguish the different types of energy.”

Jin WoWo looked at the energy liquid in his hand. The outer packaging of these energy liquids was marked with a number.

The five colors of energy liquid are marked with five different numbers.

The energy here is the same as the energy he has seen before.3T/E JW is referring to his old world It is the energy of the five elements. It’s just that the people here are not divided according to gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, but one, two, three, four, five.

Jin WoWo: “…”

This was too simple and rude.

Their demon cultivation absorbs the energy of the five elements between the heavens and the earth, which are all in elemental forms, and there is no color at all.

Unexpectedly, after the energy elements of the five elements are extracted into a liquid, they have a color.

He suddenly wanted to verify what kind of energy of the five elements each color represents.

“Can I open it and take a look?”

“Not here.” Raymond whispered.

After the energy solution is opened, it must be injected immediately. Otherwise, it will be contaminated with free impurities in the air, which will reduce the purity of the energy solution.

And, letting the soldiers see the marshal’s partner and play with the energy liquid injection, the effect is not good.4T/E Hehe R is starting to spoil JW

After all, the price of energy liquid is not cheap, and the military-specific energy liquid has high purity and is more expensive.

“Come with me.” Raymond said.

Raymond is the highest commander in the military, and naturally has a dedicated energy liquid with the highest purity.

He took Jin WoWo to the room he was assigned to live in. Compared with the pregnancy lounge, the room was not so comfortable and luxurious, but the space was relatively large.

Raymond opened the cabinet and took out a box of energy liquid. The box was marked with a large line of characters, “Energy Liquid No. 4”.

“This is my special energy liquid. You can open it and take a look.”

After he finished speaking, he took out a box of No. 4 injections from the box, opened them, and placed them in front of Jin WoWo.

Earlier, when Jin WoWo was in the warehouse, he said that the No. 4 energy injection was red, and Raymond uses the No. 4 energy liquid.

“What?”5T/E Raymond is asking

Jin WoWo glanced at the opened box full of energy injections in front of him, and made a puzzled sound.

“What’s happening?”6T/E This is still Raymond talking

“Why is there a blue energy liquid in it?”7T/E JW

“What? Which one?”8T/E Raymond

Jin WoWo pulled out the very conspicuous blue injection from the box full of red injections.

Raymond took it over and saw that the injection bottle had a big “four” clearly written on it, which was no different from the outer packaging bottles of other “No. 4 Energy Liquid” injections.

He frowned and said: “Are you sure?”

Of course he was sure. A blue line was suddenly sandwiched in a row of red. You can see it at a glance, okay?

Seeing Jin WoWo nod, Raymond’s expression became serious.

Jin WoWo said: “Should I open it and have a look?”

This injection is a one-time consumable, and there was no so-called lid. You had to break it if you wanted to open it.

Raymond took the injection and gently broke it with his thumb, and the bottle of the injection was divided into two halves.

Jin WoWo felt a strong aura float out of it.

“It’s water energy!”

The element of Jin WoWo is wood, and generally he absorbs the free wood elements in the air for cultivation. But with water-bearing wood, the water element is actually the mutual energy of wood elements. So he can also absorb water element for cultivation.

Jin WoWo stretched out his hand and instantly absorbed the water energy in the injection.

This is many times faster than the speed at which he absorbs the free elements in the air. The energy liquid is really a good thing.

Before Raymond could say anything, he saw the energy injection in his hand instantly bottom out. There was no trace of energy left in it.


Jin WoWo smiled contentedly, “I absorbed it. This is water energy. Um, it’s marked as No. 3 energy in the warehouse before.”

Hearing this, Raymond’s face changed.


Jules’ Corner

This was such a cute chapter! So apparently there are similarities with JW’s old world and this new world such as the energy core and his dantian, and now the types of energy and elements.

This was also an interesting development…

I also wanted to ask you guys, do you guys prefer that I put all my comments/thoughts here in the corner or as footnotes? There was some dialogue that became confusing as well so I placed Raymond and JW’s names as a footnote beside it to make sure you guys aren’t lost. Chinese doesn’t use many pronouns so if I made some mistakes, please do feel free to point them out in the comments! I read the comments very diligently these days. 🙂

No double upload today huhu. I have to sort stuff out for the enlistment of classes. ? I didn’t realize I’ll be having classes next next week huhuhuhu. But!! I will still update daily hehe. See you guys tomorrow!


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  • 1
    T/E JW is trying to say that you can clearly see the colors and that the colors of the world are normal and not weird or weirdly combined.
  • 2
    T/E Omg JW is so cute here ?
  • 3
    T/E JW is referring to his old world
  • 4
    T/E Hehe R is starting to spoil JW
  • 5
    T/E Raymond is asking
  • 6
    T/E This is still Raymond talking
  • 7
    T/E JW
  • 8
    T/E Raymond
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  1. Avatar Rose says:

    Either way is fine. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. Thank you for updating so frequently! I’m really enjoying the story!
    Good luck with your classes!

  2. Avatar Loni says:

    Ah yes, the five elements: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 xDDD
    Someone was trying to sabotage our snake huh. My my~ xD
    I like the footnotes, it’s so convenient to click on them and have them expand 😀 though I guess if it’s a comment about a bigger part of the chapter rather than a single line or two, it’d make more sense to put it at the bottom. But as Rose said, whatever works best for you 😀
    Thank you~ cya tomorrow (´▽`)

  3. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I like having your comments be at the line you are referring to. On my phone it’s a little troublesome to scroll to the bottom and then scroll back up for things (or maybe I’m just lazy, lol) so usually if translators choose that method I end up reading all the footnotes last. I like the long paragraph of your comments on the chapter or update info at the bottom though! I really like reading those notes. It’s kind of like development updates seeing how it’s all coming together!

    Yep, someone is definitely still trying to kill our sweet husband material Raymond. The list narrows a bit though- not that many are aware he’s still alive. I’d say the obvious guess for his uncle and grandfather to be involved, but since they were ridiculous enough to try that stunt with the slag woman they don’t strike me as particularly smart people.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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