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IIEWFP Chapter 23

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 23

There was a sudden knock at the door. When the door opened, a soldier appeared at the door.

“Report! The assembly is complete, please instruct, Marshal!”

After the soldiers reported, they discovered that there was no shadow of their Marshal in the pregnancy lounge. Only the Marshal’s partner was standing by the window with a sly glint flashing in his eyes.

The soldier’s face was hot. He had clearly seen the Marshal enter the pregnancy lounge before. Why…is he not here?

Although the pregnancy lounge had comfortable and luxurious furnishings, it didn’t have much space and there was no place to hide. Besides, the Marshal doesn’t need to hide.

“The marshal is not there, you can look for him elsewhere?” Jin WoWo said with a smile.


The soldier saluted, quit (T/E I think this is like the automatic at ease position), and closed the door awkwardly.

Raymond heard the situation outside clearly. He was worried that Jin WoWo would take him out on the spot in front of the soldiers.

Thinking that he was actually in the belly of Jin WoWo now, Raymond felt uncomfortable.

When he was in Jin WoWo’s belly before, he didn’t know anything. So, he walked around, looking for an exit.

He remembered that when he was walking, Jin WoWo seemed to say “Cub kicked him in the belly.”

Thinking of this made Raymond feel even worse.

He stood there not daring to move. In fear that if he moved, Jin WoWo would feel it.

He shouldn’t think about it anymore, the more he thinks about it, the more rigid his body becomes.

But Raymond’s thoughts still ran uncontrollably in an indescribable direction.

Suddenly, a strong force squeezed his body, that kind of force was very strong and could not be resisted. The next second, bright lights flashed through his eyes-he was pulled out.

Jin WoWo squinted and smiled: “How do you feel, Da Hei?”

Jin WoWo remembered that Raymond was unwilling to enter his shell. But the other party, probably out of curiosity, always peeked at his stomach, so he wanted to take the opportunity to tease him.

Raymond looked stiff, turned around abruptly, raised his foot and walked out of the door.


Raymond had already reached the door.

Jin WoWo chased him. “Are you angry?”

“No.” Raymond said stiffly.

He must be angry, his face was flushed.

Jin WoWo took his arm and said, “What are you angry about? I was just playing with you.”

Raymond was the first person he met after his transformation, and his first friend in this other world.

Raymond lowered his head and looked at the slender white hand on his arm. Jin WoWo’’s skin was really very smooth, and the pores were almost invisible. Such delicate skin was actually very rare in the Beastman Empire.

Even the females who were carefully nurtured from the Central Star do not have such delicate skin.

“It was a joke just now. If you don’t like it, I won’t play like that next time.” Jin WoWo shook Raymond’s arm almost coquettishly.

Raymond grabbed his hand and bent down slightly, his tall body putting some pressure on Jin WoWo.

Jin WoWo’s height was about 1.8 meters, which was not too short on Earth. But in the Beastman Empire, he looked much more petite compared to other beastmen who had an average height of 1.9 meters.

In particular, estimating visually, Raymond’s height should be more than two meters.

Jin WoWo was taken aback. It seemed that he had really made a big bad joke just now, seeing that Raymond was so angry and his eyes almost bursting into flames.

He hurriedly said: “I’m sorry!”

Raymond suddenly returned to his senses and quickly looked away. He let go of Jin WoWo’s hand, and took two steps back.

Some people didn’t like jokes by nature. If you make jokes with them, they will get angry. Jin WoWo has lived in human society for decades and knows how to respect others.

He said to Raymond earnestly: “I promise I won’t joke with you in the future.”

Raymond whispered: “I’m not angry.”

Then what are you doing with your red face and thick neck?

But Jin WoWo didn’t say it, just smiled and said, “Then I can rest assured, I thought you were angry. You are my only friend after all.”

Raymond glanced at Jin WoWo with complicated eyes, and whispered: “I’m going to check the mech now, are you…going?”

“Go!” Jin Wowo said immediately.

Raymond nodded, opened the door, and the two walked side by side toward the warehouse.

Along the way, Jin WoWo’s face was full of expectant smiles. Raymond looked at him, and his heart gradually calmed down.

In the warehouse.

The soldiers had assembled, standing in a neat queue, and waited for the Marshal’s instructions.

As soon as Jin WoWo came in, he saw a dozen tall mechas standing inside. The texture of pure metal looked quite cool.

Some of the mechas were prepared by the Limestone Planet. The price of a mechas is not cheap. In this group of soldiers, not everyone was equipped with a mecha even if some of the mechas were made by Cory.

Raymond: “You will check your mechas, and check the energy equipment again. If the energy is not enough, ask Colonel Cory to apply for supplementary energy.”


The soldiers scattered and went to their mechas for overhaul.

Jin WoWo’s gaze swept back and forth among the dozen or so mechas, and asked, “Which one is your mecha?”

Raymond said: “My mech has been scrapped due to the previous battle.”

“Oh.” Jin WoWo felt a little regretful. He wanted to play in a mecha.

Jin WoWo’s expression was so obvious that Raymond couldn’t not figure it out. “Do you want to go in and take a look?”

Jin WoWo waved his hand, “No need.”

If it were Raymond’s mecha, he could still go up and look at it, but forget about it if it were others’.

Look at the soldiers who treat their mechas as if they were holding their lovers. How can he play with other people’s lovers?

“Then let’s go to the next warehouse.” Raymond said.

There were some weapons in the warehouse next door, as well as whole boxes of things that Jin WoWo didn’t know about.

There were a few soldiers inside, opening the boxes and taking out boxes from boxes, which contained things like injections.

The liquids in the injections were colored red, yellow, gray, green, and blue. The injections in each box had the same color.

“What’s that?” Jin WoWo asked.

“It’s energy.”

Jin WoWo knew about energy. Their demon cultivation usually absorbs energy elements of the same or coexistent attributes in the air to practice.

But the energy of this world is actually liquid?

Raymond walked over with Jin WoWo. The soldier took out an injection containing blue liquid from the box and pushed the instrument forward.

“What are they doing?”

“Check the purity of the energy liquid.”

What is this about the purity of energy elements?

Jin Wowo glanced at the screen of the instrument, and the instrument made a beep and a line of characters jumped out.

Raymond taught some of the characters here to Jin WoWo earlier, and he knew exactly what this line of characters meant.

—Inspection result: No. 3 energy liquid, purity 78%

Raymond also wanted to take this opportunity to share the common sense of this world with Jin WoWo, so he explained to him: “The energy liquid is extracted from energy stones. Because the current technology has limitations, the purity of energy extracted can currently only reach 85%. The purity of military-specific energy must be at least 70%.”

Jin Wowo nodded. It turns out that the energy of this world could \ be extracted from energy stones. So, the energy stone should be similar to the spirit stone.

In the world of demon cultivation, the spiritual energy contained in high-ranking spiritual stones was very abundant. They (demonic cultivators) generally absorb spiritual energy directly from the spiritual stone for cultivation. There has never been a monster who wanted to extract the spiritual energy from the spiritual stone.

Of course, there was no point in extracting and refining spiritual energy. With that effort, it was better to absorb it directly.

Jin WoWo picked up a blue injection. This injection was very small and contained very little liquid. At most, it was five milliliters. He didn’t know how much energy could be contained in such a small container. Furthermore, it was not pure.

Jin WoWo took a closer look at the blue liquid, and found that there were some black particles in the liquid, very small, like black mist.

He pointed to the black mist and said to Raymond: “Are the black ones in there the impurities?”

“Huh?” Raymond glanced at the energy injection, somewhat puzzled.

Jin WoWo asked again, “Aren’t there some small black particles that are not very clear in these blue liquids? That’s an impurity, right?”

Blue liquid?

Raymond gave him a surprised look, “The energy liquid is colorless and transparent.”


Jules’ Corner

Wahhh what is this?? Another hidden power??? ?  Maybe he’s a supernatural being in the beastman world ?

Also, did anyone notice how they were both worried and awkward with each other earlier hehe. It reminded me of how I acted with my crush when I was in elementary. ?

Good night and see you guys tomorrow!


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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Ikr, they’re cute xDD I like the way they’re getting along haha~ but dang, the extent of Raymond’s awkwardness XDDDD
    Jin WoWo is OP indeed 😀 kinda reminds me of “Woship me, I can make you rich”, in which the MC is a god and can do all sorts of outlandish stuff. Similarly, here, our MC can create miracles and perceive stuff everyone else doesn’t know about. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone started worshipping him after finding out the full extent of what he can do xDD
    Thank you~ and good night (´▽`)

  2. Avatar Satellite says:

    Thank you for the updates!!!

  3. Avatar A.S. says:

    Hurray for the OP MC!! Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Raymond kept having the loop of, “I’m inside him!” run though his head. Haha! Of course he’s awkward- he’s having naughty thoughts!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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