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IIEWFP Chapter 22

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 22

Jin WoWo slept until he woke up naturally. After washing up, he slowly walked out of the room and saw the spaceship in the courtyard at a glance.

His eyes lit up, this spaceship is so beautiful!

Men will always have an inexplicable complex desire when dealing with cool things.

Before Jin WoWo was transformed into his human form, he was yearning for the supercars that he saw on the Internet.

Thinking about making money after transforming, he might be able to buy one in the future.

And now, the supercar he once yearned for, compared with the spaceship in front of him, is simply worlds apart. It’s like the difference between “having a cellphone” and “having a full-screen smart phone”.

When Raymond got off the spaceship, he saw the golden snail looking at the spaceship with shining eyes.

Jin WoWo wasn’t wearing a jacket this morning. He only had a creamy white long-sleeved sweater on.

This knit sweater is only satisfactory, but it is indescribably beautiful when worn on Jin WoWo’s body.

Raymond could clearly see the thin waist under the sweater. The waist was really very thin, and he didn’t know how it could support such a big snake in it in the first place.

When he became a beast, his body length was close to 30 meters and his weight reached thousands of kilograms, and yet there was still a lot of room beside him.

He can even swim freely inside.

If he has a chance, he should go in again…

“Da Hei, Da Hei? Raymond?”

Raymond suddenly recovered, “Huh? What?”

His cheeks instantly became hot. What on earth was he thinking just now? !

Jin WoWo smiled and asked, “Are we going to ride this for the trip?”

Raymond nodded.

After a pause, he said in a low voice, “Do you want to go up and take a look?”


Seeing Jin WoWo’s agreement, Raymond turned and took the lead on the spacecraft escalator.

When he walked to the hatch, he remembered something, then looked back at Jin WoWo. He hesitated for a moment, before stretching out his hand to the other party.

Jin WoWo smiled brightly, “No need.”

Although the escalator was steep, he wasn’t unable to go up.

Jin WoWo entered the spacecraft, and under the leadership of Raymond, visited the main control room, guest room, maintenance room, etc. The luxuriousness of this spacecraft made Jin WoWo’s belief in making big money in the future grow stronger.

After eating, they officially embarked on the way back to Central Star.

Raymond ordered Cory and the others to pay more attention along the way.

They were driving a civilian spacecraft back this time. In addition to the “pregnant husband’s special lounge” inside, they also had another purpose-to shield them from people’s eyes and ears.

Few people know the news that Raymond is still alive. Since the people behind the scenes are trying to kill him, if they drive the military spacecraft back, they will definitely attract the attention of those people behind the scenes.

But still, Raymond was still a bit worried

Coming out of the control room, Raymond was about to go to the lounge to have a look. He paused when he passed the pregnancy lounge.

Dr. Nishizawa still had work to do on Limestone Planet, and did not follow them back to Central Star this time.

Except for the golden snail on this spacecraft, there were all beastmen.

Other beastmen knew that Jin WoWo was the marshal’s companion. Even if Jin WoWo was very eye-catching, no beastman dared to enter the pregnant lounge privately to chat with him and relieve his boredom.

When Raymond heard faint mechanical and electronic sounds coming from inside, he gently opened the door and found that Jin WoWo was dozing off by the window.

Raymond lightened his steps and tiptoed over to turn off the “Pregnant Couple Tutorial” that was playing on the terminal.

Jin WoWo dumbly noticed that the electronic sound in his ears suddenly stopped, and his eyelids opened.

Seeing that he was awake, Raymond said softly: “Why don’t you go to bed when you are sleepy?”

Jin WoWo yawned, “It’s so boring, how long will it take?”

When he first got on the spaceship, he was quite excited, thinking he could see the endless bright starry sky on TV.

It turned out that after boarding the spacecraft, there was nothing but black outside the window.

The spacecraft flew very smoothly, and only a slight “buzzing” sound of the engine could be heard, like hypnotic white noise. The golden snail did not last long, and he wanted to sleep.

Raymond said: “There are still two days till we arrive.”

Upon hearing this, Jin WoWo squatted on the small table in front of him. For two days, it’ll be long and boring.

The spacecraft can’t connect to the star network, nor can you watch TV and movies for entertainment, but there were some fun things in the entertainment room.

But that was designed to be used by the rich and extravagant. Raymond didn’t want the golden snail to be covered with those things.

Raymond thought for a long time, and said tentatively: “If you are bored, I can teach you how to read.”

Jin WoWo’s head rolled halfway on the table, and he glanced at Raymond sideways, “Okay.”

Half of his face was pressed on the table, and his voice was a little soft and slurred.

Raymond thought that Jin WoWo’s appearance was a bit cute. He cocked his mouth imperceptibly and opened Jin WoWo’s universal terminal.

The functions of universal terminals are very minimal, and they are even more useless when they are not connected to the star network. Fortunately, there is a handwriting function.

Raymond turned on the handwriting function and projected it into a light curtain in the air.

Written were a string of characters on the light curtain magnified countless times.

He pointed to the string of characters and said: “Raymond, my name.”

Jin Woo looked at the line of characters, “These are the three characters Raymond?”

The line of characters Raymond pointed to looked like it had more than twenty characters, which is too long. (T/E JinWoWo actually said “这就是‘雷蒙德’三个字?” where he uses the 3 characters for Raymond’s name ‘雷蒙德’ as a reference point for the string of characters that Raymond is pointing to. In direct translation it would be “These are the characters for Raymond?” But the “three characters” are important.)

Three characters?

Raymond was puzzled, and soon he thought, probably in the world where Jin WoWo lived, “Raymond” was just three characters.

However, although this string of characters is long, the pronunciation is indeed only three sounds. (T/E 雷蒙德 aka Lei-Meng-De or Raymond in English)

He nodded, and wrote another string of characters next to his name, “Jin WoWo”

Jin WoWo wrote it twice and has already written it neatly. He has a good memory.

There was no ready-made tutorial at hand. After Raymond taught ten or twenty daily vocabulary, he didn’t know what else to teach.

Jin WoWo, with very familiar actions, took out the pregnancy course he used to practice his listening, and let Raymond follow it.

Raymond: “…”

Raymond cleared his throat, turned on the pregnancy course projection, and pointed to the text above, before slowly reading word by word.

Jin WoWo also read it word by word, and wrote it by hand.

When reading “The formation and growth of the cub in the belly”, Raymond’s eyes were once again uncontrollably aimed at the belly of Jin WoWo.

After reading that sentence, Jin WoWo suddenly turned to look at Raymond, “What are you looking at?”

Raymond was taken aback and quickly retracted his sight.

Jin WoWo smiled, teasing in his tone: “Do you want to go in for a while?”

Raymond was expressionless: “…no.”

Jin WoWo looked at the other party with a serious look, and suddenly wanted to tease him.

“Oh? I thought you wanted to go in. Since entering this room, you have looked at my belly thirteen times.”

So many times?

No way. Raymond felt embarrassed for a while that Jin WoWo discovered his “sneak peeks”, and he was even able to count them so clearly.

Jin WoWo placed his head on his palm, smiled, and asked, “Stay in my shell…Is it comfortable to sleep in my belly? That’s where I used to sleep.”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond was a little surprised. Jin WoWo can sleep inside his belly?

JW: “Wonderful?”

Raymond didn’t know what to say, so he said, “There is a lot of space inside.”

“That’s natural.” Jin WoWo said proudly. “It’s more than a thousand square meters.”

And as his cultivation level improves, the space inside the shell will continue to expand. Of course, the amount of liquid secreted will also increase.

“Apart from you, I haven’t let anyone in here. Do you feel honored?” Jin WoWo touched his belly and asked.

No one else has been inside except you.

This sentence is like a single loop, playing uncontrollably in Raymond’s mind over and over again.

“After you suddenly ran away that day, I planned to catch another living thing and put it in.” Jin WoWo smiled.

“Don’t let others in.” Raymond said seriously, “You can’t let a third person know about your talent and skills.”

Raymond felt that Jin WoWo sometimes looked shrewd, and sometimes he looked a little less shrewd. (T/E kind of innocent-like I think?)

If one day Jin WoWo casually put an outsider in his belly, wouldn’t that person know Jin WoWo’s secret?

Once Jin WoWo’s secret is revealed, the troubles that follow will be immeasurable, and Jin WoWo does not have a murderous character.

At least, after knowing that he was the black python and after knowing that he knew all his secrets, Jin WoWo had never shown him any killing intent at all.

Of course, Jin WoWo knew that his secret could not be exposed casually. At first, he didn’t know that people in this world could become animals, so he stuffed the black python into his shell.

After the black python ran away, in order to continue the fake pregnancy, he planned to find another living creature to replace it. But when he thought of other animals staying in his shell, he felt a little hesitant.

Da Hei was an exception.

Raymond was also kind to him. So, Jin WoWo smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

Seeing Jin WoWo’s obedient expression, Raymond’s expression relaxed, and a small smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“So, you still want to go inside my belly again, right?”

Raymond: “???”

A flash of mischievousness flashed through Jin WoWo’s eyes, before he suddenly stretched out his hand, and grabbed Raymond’s hand with lightning speed.

In the next second, Raymond found that he was standing in a dim space with a thick pool of slippery mucus under his feet.

Raymond: “…”


Jules’ Corner

HAHAHAHAHA Raymond is starting to fall…inside Jin WoWo’s belly ? ? ?

Chapter for today! Will upload the next one in a few hours hihi ?


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    Thank you~ <3

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