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IIEWFP Chapter 21

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 21

This ability of Jin WoWo can be hidden for a while. However, it is impossible to hide for a lifetime.

Raymond thought a lot about Jin WoWo’s life experiences and future life plans, and it was not until the latter half of the night that he slowly fell asleep.

Jin WoWo opened his eyelids reluctantly. The room was very dark. Even with the help of the faint starlight coming through the window, he could still barely see the outline.

Jin WoWo lifted the quilt, got up from the bed, and was ready to go to the bathroom to relieve himself, before going back to sleep again.

Blame him for eating too many dried fruits and drinking a lot of water last night.

Jin WoWo got out of bed with his eyes half closed, when he suddenly stepped on a stick that was slick, cold, and soft under his feet.

He was shocked and jumped back on the bed out of reflex, and he immediately woke up.

In the darkness, he saw a thick cylindrical black figure slowly rising from the ground.


The light in the room suddenly turned on, and Jin WoWo closed his eyes before slowly opened it. When he opened his eyes, he found a thick black python looking at him with its head up.

Who was it if not Da Hei!

Jin WowW was a little frustrated, and pointed to the big area beside the bed. “Why are you lying on the ground?”

He chatted with Raymond last night and fell asleep after chatting. He thought that Raymond would go to another room to sleep when he was done.

As a result, this guy actually laid under his bed.

Before Raymond could answer, Jin WoWo jumped out of bed again, and went into the bathroom.

Raymond’s big snake head turned to the bathroom, looking Jin WoWo’s figure, and he stuck his tongue out.1T/E I wanted to write hiss but that may have given the wrong impression that Raymond was mad.

There was a rustling sound of running water in the bathroom, and Raymond felt his snake’s face become a little hot.

He slowly twisted his body up and placed the snake head on top of his body, wondering how to explain to Jin WoWo for a while.

Jin WoWo came out of the bathroom, and when he passed by Da Hei, he deliberately stepped on the tip of his tail.

When he got out of bed just now, he had probably stepped on the tip of the python’s tail, which shocked him.

The tip of the tail is extremely sensitive. Feeling something on the tip of his tail, with the golden snail being barefoot again, Raymond’s body stiffened.

Jin WoWo got into the soft bed, yawned, and said, “You don’t want to sleep at night? Why are you lying on the ground?”

Raymond raised his snake head, and prepared to transform into his human form, using the reason he had just thought of as an explanation.

Jin WoWo continued to say, “If you want to sleep, come up and sleep. It’s uncomfortable to fall asleep on the ground, and this bed is soft.”

Raymond’s transformation stopped, and his dark green vertical pupils slowly flashed.

Jin WoWo patted the position next to him. “This bed is wide enough for two people to sleep on. Oh, the premise is that you become a human. Otherwise when you are like this, this bed is not big enough for you.”

After Jin WoWo finished speaking, he yawned again, pulled the quilt up, buried his face in the soft pillow, and grumbled. “Remember to turn off the lights.”

After a long while, Raymond’s stiff body slowly relaxed.

He moved the tip of his tail and the lights went out.

Raymond slithered silently to the side of the bed, lifted his snake head up, looking at the golden snail in the dark.

The python is half-blind, but he is a beastman with good eyesight.

Especially after he advanced to Rank 9, Raymond found that his eyesight was not only better, he could even see clearly at night.

In such dim lighting, he could even see the fine hairs on the side of Jin WoWo’s face.

Raymond didn’t become a human in the end, instead he stayed on the ground until dawn in the form of a snake.

Early the next morning, Bruce, the governor of Limestone Planet, came to this small courtyard to report early.

Marshal Raymond asked him to prepare a civilian spaceship yesterday.

Bruce had just done a stupid thing, and he was anxious to make up for it. How could he only prepare an ordinary civilian spaceship?

As soon as Raymond came out, he saw a super luxurious private spaceship parked in the courtyard.

This kind of spaceship is customized and made in limited quantities. And in the Beastman Empire, it is generally only possible for the rich to buy it.

Moreover, such a super-luxury private spacecraft is generally not used for travel, as it usually takes a lot of money to maintain.

In other words, only those with power and money can afford to have such a super luxurious private spaceship.

Unexpectedly, Bruce could prepare such a spaceship for them.

Raymond gave Bruce a smile.

Bruce stepped forward graciously and smiled shyly. “My Lord Marshal, the officer considers that your partner is pregnant, and the fetal position is not very stable just shortly after the pregnancy. This spaceship, what do you think?”

This super luxurious private spacecraft is Bruce’s own private ship. He has been in power for many years and has accumulated a lot of wealth from the family business in his hands.

This spacecraft was not only equipped with a “pregnant husband’s special lounge”, there was also a “cub playroom,” a “viewing lounge,” and other facilities for leisure and entertainment.

Bruce decided to use his super luxury private spaceship, which actually felt very painful. But on the relatively remote planet of Limestone Star, it was not easy to find a high-grade private spacecraft.

Raymond didn’t say anything, and glanced at Cory on the side.

Cory knew immediately what the Marshal meant, and took Jecka and the others on the spaceship, and carefully checked it.

Cory’s people are all excellent soldiers in the military department, so they didn’t have to worry about driving the spacecraft and simple maintenance.

The construction principle of this kind of private spacecraft is similar to that of military spacecraft. A few people quickly inspected the spacecraft inside and out, and found no abnormalities.

Bruce stood aside and could only wipe his cold sweat.

After a while, several people in Cory’s team came out of the spaceship, carrying a few large bags of ingredients in their hands, and nodded to Raymond.

Raymond then said to Bruce: “These ingredients are no longer needed, the spaceship is good. Sorry to have bothered you.”

He was chased and killed after the energy explosion before so he had to be cautious and cautious. Regarding the issue of ingredients, it was even impossible to disloyal subordinates.

Bruce wiped the sweat that dripped from his double chins, and smiled awkwardly. “Where and what doesn’t matter as long as Lord Marshal is satisfied.”

These ingredients were specially prepared by him for Marshal Raymond and his partner. There were also many snacks for pregnant women, but Marshal Raymond said he didn’t need them.

Raymond nodded.

Jecka and the others brought the few bags of ingredients in their hands and handed them to Bruce. Bruce smiled dryly and put them back on his aircraft.

Cory picked thirty of the two groups of soldiers that the Marshal brought from the Limestone Planet military station yesterday, to bring during the Central Star together.

All of these selected soldiers had flashes of happiness in their eyes.

If they stayed on remote planets like Limestone Planet, no matter how powerful they were, the space for promotion is limited.

But it is a different scenario with Marshal Raymond. As long as they are incorporated under Marshal Raymond’s command, the future is limitless!

Bruce was also very happy. His face flushed, because his brother was among the thirty soldiers selected.

Bruce thought secretly, he must send a few more messages to his brother when this is over, and teach him how to show his face and act in front of the marshal.

Maybe someday his brother can even replace Cory and become Marshal Raymond’s right-hand man!


Jules’ Corner

Welp. It’s travel time. This’ll be the last chapter for the day. I pushed out quite a lot today XD. Good night! ?

Also here are some pictures of pythons ?

Snake lifting its head up

Black Python – just change the orange/white pattern into grey/gray(?) to make it into Raymond’s pattern


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    T/E I wanted to write hiss but that may have given the wrong impression that Raymond was mad.
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