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IIEWFP Chapter 18

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 18

This was simply a big surprise egg.1T/E Kind of like a Kinder Egg XD Doris finally got good news that not only was her son not dead, but his energy didn’t explode and shatter his energy core as well!

She couldn’t help but shed tears of joy again.

Ren comforted her, saying, “Raymond will be back tomorrow. We will arrange for someone to pick him up.”

Doris wiped her tears with a smile on her face. “Will the subbeast that appeared in the video come with Raymond?”

Ren: “…Probably.”

Doris smiled and said, “I knew that our son’s vision was not that bad. How could he take a fancy to that female named Cyril. That female is too capable of being a monster.”

Ren’s eyebrows narrowed. “It’s not that simple. Someone must be instructing her behind this. She was suspicious when she suddenly appeared. I originally planned to take her back to Central Star first, and then look for a reliable Legal Education Bureau doctor to do an examination. Now that we’re sure from Raymond’s words, let the butler bring back the people who went to Blue Mercury.”

“Could it be the old patriarch who did it? Look at the old patriarch’s energetic face. I don’t believe that this matter has nothing to do with him.”

Ren snorted coldly and said, “When Raymond is back, it’s time for us to leave the clan and set up a single door.”

Doris’ eyes lit up, “Did you really it through? Are we really going to leave the clan?”

Since Ren’s energy exploded and he became paralyzed twenty years ago, and when Raymond’s second uncle and Raymond competed to be the new patriarch, Doris has been very dissatisfied with the blind attitude of the old patriarch.

At that time, just after the accident, Raymond had just entered the military department as an adult. There was no father to take care of him. And Raymond worked hard to climb up the military department step by step solely by his own ability.

If they had left the clan then, Raymond would have been weak in the military and his future would have been even more difficult.

After many considerations, Ren tolerated the repeated slander for his son.

Now, Raymond is already the marshal, and he has a firm foothold in the military department. This time he survived a catastrophe. Why should his family still be entangled with the vampires in the clan?

Ren whispered, “Well, these years, you and Raymond have been wronged.”

Doris shed tears again.

Ren sighed, turned into a python, crawled over slowly, wrapped Doris, and patted her on the back with the tip of his tail.

It took a long time for Doris to calm down. She touched Ren’s cold scales, and said, “When Raymond has a partner, I will take you to travel around the galaxy.”

When Ren’s energy hadn’t exploded before, the two of them had not gone out to play because they were too busy with work.

Later, Ren was abandoned by the clan and Raymond had just grown up again. Doris had to stay at home to help Raymond take care of his family business.

Now, Raymond seems to have found a subbeast partner, as long as she handed all the family businesses to Raymond’s partner, she can go out to play with Ren.

Ren won’t live longer than a few years, and Doris wanted to spend the remaining time accompanying him.

When a beastman became a beast, he couldn’t talk, so Ren just wrapped Doris tightly.

One person and one snake hugged for a while, and Doris’ mood became clearer.

She called the butler, told everyone who went to Blue Mercury to pick up Cyril to come back, and then opened the star network.

The remarks on Star Network that accused Ren and Doris were still fermenting.

When they saw the video of the female Cyril, crying in the rain, accusing her and Ren again, Doris was not angry, but thought it was funny.

“Should we post a message to clarify now?”

Ren transformed back into a human form, slumped on the sofa, and watched Doris surf the web.

“Just clarify the facts, don’t mention the news that Raymond is still alive.” He said.

Now, no one on Central Star knows that Raymond is still alive, except for their husband and wife pair, the old patriarch, and Raymond’s second cousin and uncle.

If the person behind the scenes who killed Raymond knew that Raymond was still alive, he might be ambushed on his way back.

Doris opened her private platform and sent a clarification message:

[I heard that there is a female named Cyril, who claims to be the fiancee of my son Raymond, and is pregnant with Raymond’s cub. Ren and I were surprised when we heard about it, because Raymond is likes the same sex, and he likes subspecies. How could it be possible for him to find a female? As for the remarks that Ren and I disliked her from her humble background, it is even more nonsense. We have never even heard of her. 】

Attached is a selfie of her when she hugged Renn in the form of a snake just now.

Doris’s private account is not popular, and its fans were only a few million. But because of the two days of “Marshal Raymond’s sacrifice” and “Raymond’s fiancée crying” and other incidents, Doris’s account has grown. A large number of netizens have also flooded in, and now there are hundreds of millions of followers.

Of course, a large part of it was to pay attention to Doris and Ren and for the convenience of scolding them.

After Doris sent such a message, countless messages popped out immediately.

“Doris, you are blind as a netizen. Since you don’t know about Cyril, why did you send someone to force Cyril and grab her cub?”

“You said that Marshal Raymond likes subbeasts. How come we have never heard of it? We even heard that Marshal Raymond had an affair with Miss Heller from the Duke Nolan’s household.”

“Marshal Raymond just sacrificed his life, and you are still talking about his sexual orientation. This shouldn’t be!”

“Doris still shows her love in a selfie. Your son is dead, and your husband has been a waste for a few years. How can you smile so brilliantly? Tsk tsk.”

Of course, some of these comments maintain a neutral and wait-and-see attitude.

“With Marshal Raymond’s strength, could his beloved be wronged? The timing of the appearance of the female named Cyril was too coincidental and questionable.”

“I think what Doris said is true. That Cyril said in the video,’I live in a rented house and use the lowest class robot.’ Think about it, the Marshal has hundreds of billions of property. Even if he was just raising a lover, he wouldn’t have let the other party live in a rented house, right? Not to mention Cyril said that he is Marshal Raymond’s fiancée. How could that be possible? That Cyril is definitely a fake.”

“Upstairs, who do you say she is a fake? Miss Cyril is so beautiful, isn’t she? As for Miss Cyril’s appearance, who doesn’t like it. Marshal Raymond is also a normal beastman.”

“Returning upstairs, Miss Cyril looks beautiful. In the eyes of the beastmen who like subbeasts, it’s just that the body of the beastman is different. He probably can’t see her beauty at all.”

“No one knows what Marshal Raymond’s sexuality is. Anyway, now that Marshal Raymond is no longer there. He can’t stand up and explain his sexuality personally, so stop talking nonsense.”

The comments quickly became noisy.

Doris closed the web page. Now, she is not at all angry at these harsh remarks on the Internet.

As soon as the news that Raymond was alive was announced, the smoky remarks on the Star Network would soon be annihilated.

Limestone Planet

Raymond sent the Archon Bruce away, and Nishizawa immediately stepped forward, “Marshal, I have a few words to say to you alone.”

Raymond glanced behind Nishizawa, but didn’t see Jin WoWo. He thought that Jin WoWo was still angry with him and didn’t want to come out.

He doesn’t know what style of clothes Nishizawa bought, and what Jin WoWo will look like after changing clothes.

Raymond settled down, nodded to Nishizawa, and walked to the drawing room first.

Seeing Nishizawa’s dignified face, Cory cast him a look and asked. Nishizawa ignored him and directly followed the Marshal into the drawing room.

“Marshal Raymond, I have a very serious question to ask you, please answer it truthfully.” Nishizawa said.

Seeing that Nishizawa was so solemn, Raymond immediately thought whether Nishizawa was going to ask about Jin WoWo.

The origin of Jin WoWo is not simple. No one knows about it except him and Jin WoWo himself, and he will not let a third person know.

Raymond quickly compiled a past life experience for Jin WoWo, and said to Nishizawa: “Well, say it.”

Nishizawa said solemnly: “Did the Marshal never learn physiology when he was in school?”

Raymond: “…?”

“When a subbeast is pregnant, they must not use too much force!”

Raymond: “…?”

Nishizawa hated the confused expression and said, “Do you know that the Jin WoWo just had a miscarriage now?”

Raymond: “…”


Raymond finally understood what Nishizawa was saying.

It turns out that they thought that while he was staying in the bedroom with Jin WoWo… and Jin WoWo took the opportunity to “miscarry”…

Raymond felt sweat drip down from his forehead.


Jules’ Corner

HAHAHAHA OMG Raymond has to carry all of these misunderstandings for JW

Also…Hello again HAHAHAHA ?


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    T/E Kind of like a Kinder Egg XD
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    I’m sorry because i got used from the previous tl. I don’t understand Chinese language nor character at all. But i think it’s more comfortable to address them as above.

    Once again, sorry i’m not a native english speaker, forgive me for the grammatical error. >~<

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    The misunderstandings herw are so funny. I laugh so hard.

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