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IIEWFP Chapter 16

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 16

While Raymond was still communicating with his parents, Jin WoWo slowly realized something was wrong.

Because he couldn’t turn back into a snail for the time being, his olfactory sensitivity was significantly reduced, but that didn’t mean he completely lost the ability to distinguish smells.

He was shocked by the sudden death and resurrection of his fake pregnant baby’s “Dad” before. In addition to the empty space outside, his dull sense of smell did not smell any special scent on this person.

Now that he and Raymond were alone in the room, and have been alone for a long time, he found that Raymond had a scent that gave him a sense of deja vu on his body.

At first he thought that the scent was the same one from Da Hei last night.

Jin WoWo didn’t know when Da Hei left, it might have left before dawn, so the smell of Da Hei in the room was a little heavier, and he was worried that Raymond would smell it too.

As a result, now, the longer he stays in the room, the scent on Dai Hei’s body is getting stronger …

What does this mean?

Suddenly something flashed in his head, and Jin WoWol came up with an absurd, incredible guess.

Since humans in this world can become animals at any time, then, the “amnesiac partner” in front of him…

Jin WoWo watched the “amnestic partner” communicate with his parents without any memory impairment. He narrowed his eyes slightly.

Raymond hung up the communication and looked at Jin WoWo and he found that Jin WoWo was also looking at him.

The eyes were clear and focused, the corners of his mouth were smiling, but there was an indescribable feeling in the bottom of his eyes. Raymond, who was looking at him, felt the scales on his whole body’s rise uneasily even though he didn’t have scales on his body in his human form.

For Raymond, Jin WoWo is his lifesaver and his “partner” before “amnesia”.

Raymond, who had rarely been in contact with females or subbeasts of the same age since he was a child, was stared at by the golden snail. An indescribable emotion rose in his chest inexplicably.

“Finished chatting?” Jin WoWo asked.

Raymond quickly looked away, “Yeah.”

Jin WoWo stood up, walked slowly in front of Raymond, then slowly bent down, approached Raymond with his head, and sniffed carefully between his face and neck.

Raymond froze suddenly, even his eyelids and eyelashes.

Jin WoWo sniffed for a while, confirming his guess even more.

He snorted coldly in his heart, straightened up, walked back to the original position and sat down, looking at Raymond with a smile.

Raymond’s muscles slowly relaxed as the golden snail moved away.

Then he heard Jin WoWo’s clear voice slowly saying: “I lost something yesterday, so I have to trouble you to find it for me.”

Raymond calmed down and glanced at Jin Snail, “What have you lost?”

“A pet.”

“A pet?”

What is that? Never heard of such a thing.

Jin WoWo explained: “Pets are animals that are kept for enjoyment and companionship.”

Raymond suddenly had a bad premonition.

Jin WoWo continued: “He is a python, black, and thick, about 278 meters long, with gray markings on his back.”

Raymond: “…”

“His name is Da Hei, he is very disobedient, and he ran away secretly last night.”

Raymond: “…”

“What do you think? After I found him, should I teach him a lesson, or just throw him away?”

Raymond: “…”

“Speak, my partner?”

Raymond had some contact with Jin WoWo last night, and felt that his life-saver had a simple mind.

He is the python that the golden snail rescued, and the golden snail will know one day.

However, due to a series of incidents in the middle, Raymond actually didn’t want Jin WoWo to know for the time being that he was the python who had stayed in the other’s stomach for a day.

It was… really embarrassing and hard to tell him that.

But he didn’t expect Jin WoWo to be so shrewd. He was discovered by the other party when he pretended to be an “amnesiac” and only talked to him.

Raymond didn’t know when he revealed his “identity.” Even when he was communicating with his parents, he was secretly paying attention to Jin WoWo.

“If you don’t speak, then I’ll say it.” Jin Huo said slowly, “You are the python, the smell on you two is the same.”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond finally understood where he had revealed his stuff.

After his strength reaches the ninth rank, he can hide all the smells on his body.

But when he was showing energy to his parents just now, the hidden scent was released along with the energy.

The subbeasts in their world, because they cannot transform into animals, has a very weak sense of smell. Basically, they can’t distinguish the different scents of each beastman.

This was his carelessness. Jin WoWo is not a person of this galaxy, and cannot be judged by the characteristics of this world’s subbeasts.

At this moment, Cory and Nishizawa returned from buying clothes.

As soon as Corey and Nishizawa entered the door, they saw a pile of broken pieces of marble on the ground.

The Marshal and his partner sat face to face, and the Marshal’s partner seemed a little unhappy.

Nishizawa hurriedly stepped forward and talked to Jin WoWo for a while. The pregnant husband had better not get angry. He didn’t know what Marshal Raymond did to make his partner angry.

Looking at the expressionless face of Marshal Raymond sitting on the couch, Nishizawa shook his head.

This kind of beastman who can’t even coax his pregnant partner, why on earth would God give him such a good-looking and well-behaved partner?

But Cory’s thinking was completely different from that of Nishizawa.

He saw the broken pieces of marble on the ground, and then looked at the Marshal’s somewhat angry partner, and instantly filled up an “um ah ah” drama.

Cory looked at his marshal in admiration. He was indeed his idol. Even then, he could turn the marble coffee table into scraps.1T/E I think Cory was thinking the Marshal and JW did something they were not supposed to on the coffee table which led to it breaking…

But as soon as he saw the marshal’s partner was still wearing the military uniform he wore…

Cory, afraid of being beaten, hurriedly shifted the Marshal’s attention.

He immediately paid a military salute to Raymond, and reported in a forceful manner: “Marshal, the Archon wishes to see you and is waiting outside.”

Raymond didn’t know how to face the golden snail just now, so he stood up and said to the golden snail: “You try the clothes on first. I’ll go out and deal with some things.

Jin WoWo ignored him.

Although Raymond did not personally admit that he was the python, he was already certain.

This little brother was too disobedient, and slipped away without saying a word. When meeting again, he changed his identity and pretended to have “amnesia” to deceive him.

Seeing Jin WoWo ignoring him, Raymond felt a complicated feeling in his heart.

When he walked to the door, he heard the golden snail behind him suddenly say: “Da Hei, the money for the clothes, you will return it to Dr. Nishizawa later.”

Since Raymond is the python, he (JW) is his elder brother. Isn’t it okay for him (R) to pay off some debts for himself (JW)?

It’s not a big deal. He (JW) can make money in the future and then return it to him.

Raymond’s footsteps stiffened, and then the feeling in his heart disappeared, and he replied in a low voice: “Yeah, good.”

Big Black?2T/E Da Hei means Big Black in Chinese

Cory moved his ears and cast an enviable look at his marshal. The Marshal and his partner were so close.

When he has a partner in the future, he will let his partner give him a nickname, just call him “rhubarb”.3T/E Rhubarb is a type of vegetable that can be compared to the lion’s mane

Cory’s animal form is a male lion with a yellow mane.

After Raymond left, Nishizawa warmly persuaded: “Don’t be angry. Beastmen are like that, you will adjust slowly later. Teach him.”

Jin WoWo said: “There is nothing to be angry about, but something not so good has been discovered.”

“What’s not so good?”

Jin Snail: “Oh, I had a miscarriage.”


Jules’ Corner

“Oh I had a miscarrage” Oh JW, you don’t just say that causally. ? ? ?

Also here’s an image of a Rhubarb if you’re curious. I didn’t know this vegetable existed. ?

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  • 1
    T/E I think Cory was thinking the Marshal and JW did something they were not supposed to on the coffee table which led to it breaking…
  • 2
    T/E Da Hei means Big Black in Chinese
  • 3
    T/E Rhubarb is a type of vegetable that can be compared to the lion’s mane
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Rhubarb can be treated more as a fruit than a veggie in the sense that its usually made into desserts. Rhubarb merengue pie is a wonderful treat! Rhubarb cake is also delicious! Key is a lot of sugar.

    .. off topic, I know! Haha! Really though, it’s a cute nickname now that I know why Cory would want to be called that!

    I suppose there would be no way to go through with the pregnancy lie right now since it’s not like Raymond can be shoved back into Jin Wowo’s stomach at this point. Tim’s to make one for real? Though this relationship needs a bit more authenticity first. Haha!

    1. Avatar julesjanchari says:

      Rhubarb merengue pie…? that sounds so good XD

    2. Avatar Mojo says:

      Where I’m from strawberry rhubarb pie is the traditional combination. They are both spring “fruit” that are harvested at the same time. It’s also one of the few modern vegetable that is perennial, and like the asparagus you harvest the same plant for years. Also, caution, only eat the stems, the leaves and the rest of the plant are poisonous. Which no big deal if you know, like people know not to eat green potatoes (also poisonous)

      1. Avatar Piper Panda says:

        Take the strawberries out, and you’ve got my favorite pie! I’m a simple person, I like sour and acidic flavors, expecially deserts that aren’t sweet. Rhubarb pie is awesome! Mmmmmmmmmm yummy! Also rhubarb syrups / jams / preservatives are so good! They go great on pancakes and toast and such. They aren’t candy / artificial sour, but they are a bit more tart then most other things, it’s kinda like plums, most are tart / sour but taste great when candied, or mixed with a lot of sugar (of course this is when you buy store ones, plums fresh off the tree are so sweet!)

  2. Avatar A.S. says:

    Don’t worry, Cory, you’ll find someone too xD

  3. Avatar Loni says:

    Hhhhhhhhhh did he just- ???
    “Oh, I had a miscarriage” XDDDDF

  4. littleyen littleyen says:

    Oh My… Cory’s way of thinking is just too funny….

  5. Avatar Lushia says:

    waitt whatttt. so casuallyy?! i cant with him ahhhaa

  6. Avatar Rie says:

    “Oh I had a miscarriage”

    Me: how can you said that sentence casually ?? hahahaha

  7. Avatar jude says:

    Actually, I think the author was going for the literal Da Huang (大黄) which means Big Yellow instead of rhubarb (although the translation is correct)… since Marshal is Da Hei (大黑, Big Black) 😂

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