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IIEWFP Chapter 15

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 15

Ren lowered his head and glanced at the terminal. The terminal displayed “unknown”.

In the past, Ren would have directly hung up or ignored such call prompts.

But now, the old patriarch and others were really troublesome. So he signaled the butler to connect the call directly.

The old patriarch showed displeasure. His prestige in the clan was extremely high, as long as he spoke, no one would dare to disobey.

It’s just that Ren is trash, challenging his authority again and again. If it weren’t for…huh!

Ren’s terminal connected, and a video call pops out.

Ren’s eyes widened suddenly.

Doris, who was standing next to him, took a look, her mouth opened wide, her eyes showing disbelief.

The old butler behind him exclaimed in surprise: “It’s the young master!”


Raymond’s second uncle and his cousin Karl said in unison.

The old patriarch’s complexion changed slightly.

Ren motioned to the butler to project the light curtain.

The three-dimensional video instantly zoomed in. Raymond was wearing a military uniform and a military cap, looking no different from the past.

Carl cried out, “Raymond, you are still alive?!”

Doris rushed to the light curtain, looked at her living son, and cried excitedly: “Raymond, is that you? Are you really alive?”

Raymond glanced at the crowd, frowned slightly, and said to Doris: “Don’t worry, mother. I’m still alive but I’ve suffered a little injury. I have been recovering on Limestone Planet in the past two days.”

“You’re still alive. You’re alive, great! Did you see Ren? Raymond is still alive!”


Ren said nothing but said nothing, but kept his eyes fixed on his son in the light curtain.

Carl pointed to Raymond in the light curtain and shouted: “Fake, it must be fake, it’s someone else pretending to be Raymond!”

Raymond didn’t even give him a look, and said to Ren: “Father, the female named Cyril on the star network has nothing to do with me. The cub she is carrying is not mine. You and your mother should not be credulous. I’ll take care of it myself when I go back.”

In fact, when he (Ren) first saw Raymond, he wondered if someone pretended to be his son.

But when Raymond spoke, Ren knew it was his son.

“Well, fortunately you contacted the family in time, otherwise, your energy star would not have been able to be kept.” Ren said.

Raymond immediately understood what that meant. He looked at the old patriarch as if he had only just noticed the other person, “The old patriarch is there.”

The old patriarch scolded: “Raymond, since you are still alive, why don’t you call home sooner to see what your parents are anxious about.”

Raymond said: “I only learned about the situation in the Star Network today.”

“How is your body? I watched the video released by the military, and your energy exploded.”

Raymond’s eyes moved slightly.

The old patriarch’s eyes flashed, and said: “You have reconnected your tendons. You shouldn’t move around for the next three days after the surgery. You should lie in bed and rest. Don’t be aggressive, otherwise, you won’t be able to reconnect the tendons in the future.”

Raymond said: “Thank you for the old patriarch’s concern.”

The old patriarch stroked his long beard, “It’s good for the kid to be alive, and I’m also very pleased.”

Raymond’s second uncle and cousin looked anxiously at the old patriarch. Why did the old patriarch change the conversation when he saw that Raymond was still alive?

We still don’t know if that Raymond is true or not!

“Ren.” The old patriarch said, “Since Raymond said that the female has nothing to do with him, this matter will not be mixed in the family.”

Raymond’s second uncle called out: “Old Patriarch!”

The old patriarch stood up, “Let’s go.”

Raymond’s second uncle and cousin gritted their teeth and followed the old patriarch out.

Ren and Doris had no plans to get up to see them out.

The old housekeeper was in a very good mood. Their young master is still alive!

He walked with a skip in his footsteps, and sent the old patriarch and others out with a smile on his face.

Raymond’s second uncle unwillingly looked at the closed door of the Marshal’s Mansion and said, “Old Patriarch, that Raymond must be a fake! The video on the military’s official website showed that his energy obviously exploded.”

Carl was also full of righteous indignation, “After his energy exploded, he was said to have fallen onto the hidden star. He fell from a high altitude and was probably smashed into gooey flesh. How can we still be alive? Old patriarch, we must have been cheated!”

The old patriarch sneered, “What are you panicking about? If that Raymond is fake, then Ren and Doris can be labelled as reactionaries who pretend to be Imperial Marshals to seek military power and endanger the interests of the empire. If that person is really Raymond, then he is already a useless person.”

Raymond’s second uncle felt a little calm, “Then if he is really Raymond, what about Raymond’s private property?”

Seeing that the fat duck was about to reach his mouth, how could he willingly let go.

Although part of Raymond’s property would go to the clan, as long as Raymond dies, he will be the next patriarch. He would be in charge of managing and distributing those properties, which would be no different from his own private property.

“And that energy star.” Carl added.

Carl has coveted that energy star for a long time, and the old patriarch promised that the energy star will belong to him. Otherwise, how could he promise to marry the female with the wicked seed after the event is completed?

The old patriarch narrowed his eyes, “Don’t worry, what’s yours is yours, and what’s not yours won’t be yours.”

“What’s the opinion of the old patriarch?”

“Limestone Planet is far from Central Star, and star thieves and interstellar mercenary groups haunt the route from time to time…”

The old patriarch was incomprehensible, and he only said half of his words without needing to elaborate further..

Raymond’s second uncle’s eyes lit up immediately: “What does the old patriarch mean?”

Carl seemed to have heard something, and he answered excitedly: “What the old patriarch meant is that we intercepted him halfway?”

Regardless of whether that Raymond is real or not, even if he is real Raymond, he is now a useless person and has no combat effectiveness at all.

A few of Raymond’s henchmen followed him, and the one with the strongest ability was that Cory, who was a Rank 7 primary level beastman.

If they hired a group of interstellar mercenary groups, the beastmen of those mercenary groups would basically be Ranks 6 and 7, all brave and rich in combat experience.

Raymond died on the route back to Central Star, how is that strange?

One can only blame himself for his bad luck.

Raymond’s second uncle and cousin Carl looked at each other, and both father and son saw the light of greed in each other’s eyes.

The old patriarch lowered his eyes, stroked his long beard, hid his ambition for merit and fame, and said “Let’s go.”

Raymond’s second uncle and cousin immediately and graciously helped the old patriarch get into the aircraft and left.

Inside the marshal’s mansion.

Doris looked at her son in the light curtain with both joy and worry.

Happy that the son is still alive

Worrying if that the son has become a vegetable who can only stay in bed all year round just like her husband

There was also a group of clansmen who were just like wolves and tigers, waiting to pounce on him to get a piece of meat to eat.

She is only a Rank 3 intermediate level female, who can’t even beat an ordinary soldier. How can she keep the hundreds of billions of property of her husband and son?

Raymond looked at his mother who had aged a lot after a month, and his father who looked even older and thinner, and said: “Father, mother, my energy didn’t explode.”

“What are you talking about?” Doris thought she was having auditory hallucinations.

Raymond stood up, walked a few steps in the video, and then gently moved his hand to touch a small marble coffee table. The small coffee table snapped to pieces.

This time even Ren was shocked.

What did he just watch? His son did not only not shatter his energy core from his energy exploding, but he seemed to have gotten stronger?

“Raymond, what’s going on? Did the military publish a fake video?” Ren asked.

Doris was also in ecstasy. Not only was her son still alive, but his energy core was still okay. She was dizzy from this huge surprise. At this moment Ren mentioned the video, she immediately returned to her senses.

“Is someone in the military going to harm you?”

It was obvious that her son was still alive, but he was officially pronounced dead without investigation. She didn’t believe that no one was making a person a ghost.

Raymond said: “The video is true. It’s not convenient to say it through video call. We will leave for Central Star tomorrow, and I will explain to you in detail when I get back.”

After the call was hung up, Doris and Ren looked at each other. After a long time, Doris suddenly said, “When Raymond stood up and walked around, was there a subbeast in the video?”

Ren furrowed his eyebrows for a long time, “It seems to be.”

Both of them were shocked just now by the huge surprise that Raymond had no energy explosion that they didn’t notice the background. Looking back now, it seems that there really was a subbeast shaking in the video.

“I think the room Raymond was in just now seems to be a bedroom. You tell me., What is the relationship between that subbeast and our son?”

Rehn: “…”

Doris: “…”

Jules’ Corner

Hehehe Raymond made a comeback and face slapped a bunch or white-eyed relatives.


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