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IIEWFP Chapter 14

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 14

After Jin WoWo followed Raymond into the room, he saw that Raymond was already seated on the sofa.

He (R) pointed to the seat opposite to his and said, “Sit down.”

Jin WoWo straightened his loose clothes and sat down opposite of Raymond.

In the short ten seconds from entering the door to sitting down, he has calmed down.

There was nothing to be afraid of. He did nothing but pretend to be pregnant with a “baby”.

Besides, the “cub” was not something that he took initiative to “carry”. It was they who believed that he was “pregnant,” and also believed that the “cub” was “Marshal Raymond’s.”

He just pushed the boat along the water.

This whole incident is an oolong caused by language barriers!

Right, that is it.

Jin WoWo settled his thoughts down, started to pay attention, and smiled happily at Raymond opposite him.

His eyes were bright, his lips pink, and his smile revealed two pointy tiger teeth. His long hair stuck close to his cheeks, and he looked clean ,like a clear spring in a mountain without a trace of impurities.

Raymond quickly looked away, cleared his throat, and slowly said word by word: “I heard you are my partner?”

Jin WoWo kept his smile, pretending not to understand.

Raymond continued slowly: “I was injured a few days ago.”

He took off his military cap, revealing the bandage on his head.

“I hurt my head.”

Jin WoWo watched the changes unfold.

“I can’t remember that you are my partner. I’m sorry.”

Golden Snail: “…”

Jin WoWo blinked. He understood the meaning, right?

It’s not because of the language barrier that you misheard it?


What a shame!

But… Why is he a bit dark and cool!

“You don’t blame me?” Raymond said.

Jin WoWo blinked again. Does he understand now, or continue to pretend not to understand?

Raymond continued: “But this matter, people outside don’t know, I only tell you, because you are my… most trusted partner.”

Jin WoWo’s smile gradually increased. This was exactly the result he wanted.

As long as he drags this on for a few more months, he can become more familiar with this world, and live alone after he finds a way to leave.

JW: Why is my luck so good?

Encountering the resurrection of the dead also brings blood amnesia.

“You don’t have to blame yourself.” Jin WoWo didn’t need to pretend that he didn’t understand. “As long as you are alive, everything will be fine. Maybe it won’t be long before you will remember.”

As the other party’s temporary “partner”, Jin WoWo expresses the emotions that a “partner” should have at this time and the duty of care.

He guessed that Raymond’s congestion of blood came from a head injury, and the congested blood caused the blood pressure to rise and blocked part of the memory nerve, which caused the amnesia. (T/E Take note this is a fictional story)

In fact, in this situation, as long as he uses a little spiritual power to guide Raymond’s head and clear the blood there, his memory would naturally be restored.

But now, Jin WoWo doesn’t want to do this.

Let Raymond continue to not have his memory, it may be better not to remember it forever.

As for “cub”, if Dahei really ran away… he would find an opportunity to “abort” it.

Jin WoWo feels that his plan is perfect.

Raymond lowered his eyelids, quietly let out a sigh of relief, and curved his mouth with an arc of unknown meaning.

At this moment, Jecka knocked on the door and came in. First, he gave Raymond a military salute, and then offered the box in his hand.

“Marshal, I bought the Universal Terminal.”

Raymond’s terminal was blasted into smithereens when his energy exploded, and there was nothing left, so now he could only use a universal terminal.

The universal terminal has a drawback. It cannot identify the personal chip of the beastman, and cannot log in to all personal accounts.

But that doesn’t matter, as long as it works.

Raymond had to contact his parents first, so they would not be deceived by the tumultuous news on the Star Network in the past two days, and follow the intention of the person behind the scenes.

Now that he has just “sacrificed his life”, ruining his reputation may be met with a backlash from the public. So his parents would be attacked on his behalf first. Then, the sewage poured on him will ruin his reputation and eventually affect his army.

The people behind the event planned it perfectly.

He originally planned to feign death to find out the black hands behind the scenes who wanted to harm him. But now, his parents have been pushed to the cusp of the storm, and he has to stand up.

At the same time, the Central Star Marshal’s Mansion.

Ren said in a deep voice, “How does the old patriarch want to solve it?”

The old patriarch did not answer, but slowly picked up the teacup and began to sip.

Raymond’s second uncle coughed lightly and said, “That’s right, the old patriarch has been so troubled by the family’s big and small issues for many years. Even though he wanted to spend his old age on Luying planet, he couldn’t think of such a thing due to the fact that this incident directly affects the reputation of our whole clan…”

Raymond’s second uncle opened his mouth and said a bunch of nonsense, and Ren directly interrupted him, “Luying planet is so far from Central star. I thought the old patriarch learned about Raymond’s sacrifice yesterday and came over overnight. Is preparing to replace the next Patriarch.”

Raymond’s second uncle, who was suddenly interrupted, was very dissatisfied, and gave Ren a bad look. But when he thought of their plan, he became proud again.

Humph, Raymond is dead now anyway. Ren can’t do anything as a waste person, Doris is a female, and he can clean her up without any effort.

The old patriarch raised his eyes, looked at Ren, and said, “Don’t worry about the next patriarch. I am sorry about Raymond, but Raymond is no longer there. No matter how sad and regretful we are, I can’t change the facts. Now, the issue is to think of a solution regarding the female named Cyril.”

“How does the old patriarch plan to solve it?” Ren asked again.

“That’s Raymond’s cub after all. We can’t let him be left out. How can a female take the cub? Think of a way to get her back.”

Doris couldn’t help but say, “We have arranged for someone to pick her up, but Cyril doesn’t want to come.”

Raymond’s second uncle interjected: “That’s because you did too much before, and now the female doesn’t want to come back.”

Doris opened her mouth to refute but the old patriarch raised his hand to stop her, saying: “Don’t quarrel about things before, now the most important thing is how to coax people back.”

What “previous thing”? Obviously there was no such thing.

Doris held her anger in her chest and couldn’t swallow.

Ren said: “How to coax?”

The old patriarch said: “Didn’t Raymond have an energy star? Just assign that energy star to the name of the cub. The female named Cyril will naturally come back when she sees our sincerity.”

“No!” Ren directly refused, “That energy star is Raymond’s private property, and we have no right to dispose of it.”

The old patriarch narrowed his eyes, “Raymond is no longer there. He left too suddenly and did not leave a will. It stands to reason that all the property under Raymond’s name now belongs to the clan.”

Raymond’s second uncle and cousin Carl raised the corner of their mouths in unison.

The old patriarch continued: “I haven’t gone through the relevant procedures for the time being, but I am considering this reasonable solution for you. Otherwise, when the energy star is assigned to the clan, it will become the common property of the clan, and it will be difficult to take it out again.”

Doris was trembling with anger.

Ren sneered: “Where is the “reasonable” that the old patriarch is saying? According to the laws of the empire, after the death of a beastman, the private property under the name of the beastman will be returned to the clan if there are no immediate family members to inherit. Doris is still alive and well, why would Raymond’s private property belong to the clan?”

Raymond’s second uncle immediately scolded: “Ren, is this your attitude to talk to the old patriarch? Raymond is gone, what will happen to his cub in the future? Who will teach him how to improve his ability? Raymond? After the property is returned to the clan, the clan members will teach Raymond’s cub in the future. The old patriarch has worked so hard for you, but you still don’t know how to tell what is good or bad.”

“You don’t have to bother about this issue, second brother. Raymond’s cub will have me to teach.”

“You?” Raymond’s second uncle disdainfully said, “You need to be fed to your mouth even if you eat and drink water. What ability do you have to teach the cub?”

Ren looked at him viciously.

Raymond’s second uncle laughed contemptuously.

What’s the use of glaring?

A waste of a person. He can crush him to death with a little push of his finger.

At this time, the old patriarch slowly said: “Ren, if Raymond is still alive, I won’t bother with this carelessness…”

Suddenly, a beep sounded from Ren’s terminal, interrupting the old patriarch’s words.

Jules’ Corner

“You are my…most trusted partner” *squeel!!!*

I wonder what this sudden beep is 😉


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