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IIEWFP Chapter 13

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 13

Cory strode forward and reported respectfully: “Marshal, we found a mini-bomb in the cub tester we picked up from the Limestone Star Legal Education Bureau yesterday, which almost injured the wife and cub just now.”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond glanced at the scorched black detector on the ground. The Marshal, who had been scorched by the golden snail two days ago, silently looked at the “Mrs.”

The two pairs of eyes met in the air.

Jin WoWo is puzzled, who is this person?

Why are you looking at me with weird eyes?

“Master Marshal, this must be a misunderstanding! Master Marshal, please be aware of it!”

The Archon fell to the ground, shaking like sifting chaff, and his teeth clacking as he spoke.

The pressure of Marshal Raymond was too terrifying. It was as if a thousand tons of boulders were pressed on him, giving him the feeling that he would become a pool of rotten flesh in the next second.

Raymond withdrew the coercion against the Archon. He only released a little energy just now to make the fifth-tier Intermediate Archon fall to the ground.

Moreover, he can precisely control the level of suppression of an individual without being noticed by the people around him.

When he was Rank 8 before, the coercion released covered a large area, suppressing all beastmen indiscriminately below his level.

That was a waste of energy and you could easily hurt yourself.

Raymond quietly clenched his fist behind his back. Rank Nine, there are many new features waiting for him to develop.

With his hands behind him, he said lightly: “Bruce (The Archon), this happened in your jurisdiction, please give me an explanation by tomorrow.”

The Archon felt that the heavy pressure on his body disappear, but he still couldn’t get rid of that fear in his heart.

Sweat had soaked his whole body, and he got up from the ground tremblingly.
When he heard Marshal Raymond say such a thing, the Archon knelt down again with a normal sound, and prostrated himself repeatedly on the ground.

The other beastmen on the scene looked at the Archon, especially the Archon’s assistant. Every time the Archon fell to the ground, he (the assistant) had to follow him to the ground, as if they had done something unforgivable.

The Archon’s assistants thought hard. Even if they also rejected Colonel Corey’s request yesterday, didn’t they come to apologize earlier this morning?

He didn’t understand why his boss was so scared. He obviously didn’t do anything wrong.

Raymond walked to Jin WoWo and stood still, and looked him up and down.

Seeing that Jin WoWo was still wearing the uniform Cory gave yesterday, he (R) could smell the faint scent of Cory on his (JW) body.

He (R) frowned slightly, and said to Nishizawa who was already standing silly on the side: “Dr. Nishizawa, can you help him buy some clothes today.”

“Okay, Marshal!” Nishizawa said excitedly.

Nishizawa wanted to give Raymond a full inspection immediately.

Raymond’s energy exploded. The video published on the military’s official website is not fake, but somehow Raymond is standing right in front of them. Here. Now.

In the empire, some beastmen would choose to reconnect their muscles and veins through advanced medical technology in order not to stay paralyzed in bed after their energy exploded..

But after the muscles and veins are reconnected, because there is no energy core in the body anymore, the energy cannot circulate and could only collide in the muscles and veins again and again.

When energy hits the veins, it will produce a strong pain. The beastman needs to endure huge pain until the veins and muscles are broken again.

However, Raymond now looked as if nothing had happened. He also didn’t have the powerless feeling of having just reconnected his limbs.

As a military doctor, Nishizawa has seen countless beastmen whose energy cores shattered after their energy exploded. He has also seen a lot of people who couldn’t stand the paralysis after the disaster and choose to reconnect muscles and veins repeatedly. These people who chose to reconnect their muscles couldn’t walk normally for three days after receiving the surgery.

Raymond turned around and said to Cory: “You are responsible for protecting the safety of Dr. Nishizawa.”


Cory’s voice was quite loud, and he was puzzled when it was over. Didn’t the Marshal say last night that he must protect Jin WoWo?

Why are you asking him to protect Nishizawa now?

Nishizawa said, “I’m going to buy clothes for Jin WoWo now.”

Jin WoWo faintly felt something was wrong. From the time the officer got off the aircraft, there was an unusual atmosphere around him.

Even Nishizawa looked at him with joy.

Jin WoWo tried to piece together useful information with the few words he could understand.

Seeing that Nishizawa was about to leave, he was about to follow him.

With Nishizawa, he might be able to get more information. More importantly, Da Hei probably ran outside, so he had to look for it.

Just as Jin WoWo raised his foot and took a step, Raymond suddenly looked at him and made a blocking gesture.

Jin WoWo looked up at him.

The corners of Raymond’s mouth moved slightly, and he said word by word at a slow rate of speech: “You come with me.”

You can understand this sentence at a glance.

Nishizawa smiled and pushed him towards Raymond. “You must have a lot to say with Marshal Raymond. I can go by myself. I know your size.”

Golden Snail: “…”

Jin WoWol: “!!!”

Marshal Raymond? ? ?

…Isn’t he dead? ? ?

Jin WoWo’s face changed slightly, and he quickly glanced at Raymond. This standing man, next to him, alive, is Marshal Raymond??

Isn’t Marshal Raymond a rich businessman?

How did he become an officer?

Jin WoWo understood something instantly. It turned out that “Marshal Raymond” was not a person’s name, but a name plus identity.

He just said that when these people spoke in the past two days, why sometimes “Raymond” and “Marshal” were said separately.

It turns out… It was all caused by the language barrier!

What should he do now?

The master is alive again!

His fake “baby dad” must be dismantled in one second, and now the “baby” has run away.

Should he also run?

Jin WoWo measured his distance from the gate, and then glanced at the two rows of soldiers with live ammunition.

He is not afraid of these people, and weapons can’t hurt him. That is…If he ran away now, would he become a “wanted criminal”. Would he have to live in hiding for the rest of his life?

This “Marshal Raymond” seemed to have a high rank.

This man died well, why was he suddenly live? !

Before Jin WoWo came up with a countermeasure, Raymond spoke.

“I want to say a few words to you alone. Come with me.”

After speaking, Raymond turned and walked into the room Jin WoWo stayed in last night.

Golden Snail: “…”

Nishizawa blinked at him with a smile, “Go, go.”

Jin WoWo lifted his feet up, his footsteps stiff.

Cory, on the side, suddenly realized why the Marshal asked him to protect Nishizawa.

Don’t look at their Marshal’s apparent sexuality. He (R) may look indifferent, but he (C) knew that, while the Marshal was in the wild forest of the hidden star before, he (R) couldn’t wait to use the animal form…No, that’s not right. The Marshal’s energy didn’t explode, so he probably didn’t use the animal form.

Wouldn’t you also think about your partner so much if you haven’t seen him for two days?

The overthinking Cory glanced at Nishizawa ambiguously.

Nishizawa inexplicably saw him, and said: “Let’s go buy clothes for the Marshal’s partner. He is still wearing the uniform you wore, and he (JW) smells of you. The Marshal must be upset.”

Cory’s fur suddenly tightened.

Beastmen have a very sensitive sense of smell, and they are also very possessive.

Why did he forget to buy new clothes for the Marshal’s partner in the first place?

Cory felt like he was going to be beaten.


Jules’ Corner

Poor Cory XD

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