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IIEWFP Chapter 12

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 12

In the video was Cyril’s beautiful face. But this time, Cyril’s beautiful face was unyielding and looked as if she “is trying to rebel under the oppression of the great powers.”

“At the beginning, Mr. and Mrs. Ren disliked my humble background and drove me to Blue Mercury. Now that Raymond is no longer there, you are trying to steal my cub. You only need the cub, so it doesn’t matter what I live or die, right? With this kind of attitude, does the empire have no king’s law?” (T/E “does the empire have no king’s law” is insinuating that the powerful exempted from the law)

Cyril kept crying in the video, repeating that something along the lines of how she was pregnant, living in a rented place, using the lowest-class robots, and that Ren and Doris would come to grab her cub and kill her.

The angry people on the Star Network turned the sky upside down, accusing Ren and Doris in many different ways.

On the Star Network
“The Marshal’s parents are too much. Marshal Raymond has just died and they are already treating the marshal’s beloved female like this.”

“Ren and Doris’ previous images of loving Marshal Raymond are all false, right? How can they control their son’s right to choose a partner in this way.”

“Marshal Raymond is so pitiful, how could he have such parents. Miss Cyril is even more pitiful.”

“So powerful. So powerful. Ren is already a waste man. If it weren’t for a son like Marshal Raymond, how would they have the privilege to bully a weak female.”

After Carl played this video, he deliberately scrolled down to a lot of comments from netizens accusing Ren and Doris, and projected them in the air.

Those accusing words were magnified countless times in the air and appeared in front of them.

Doris was trembling with anger. “Ren and I have never done anything like that. Raymond has never mentioned this female to us. We didn’t even know of her existence.”

That female named Cyril is an animal. How could her son’s eyesight be so bad that he fell in love with such a female!

Raymond’s second uncle raised his mouth, “The younger sister (Cyril) means that Raymond knew that you had chosen his fiancée for him, and deliberately hid her in the Blue Mercury behind your back.” (T/E Raymond’s second uncle is expounding Cyril’s side of the situation because Ren and Doris have no knowledge about it and also to explain it to the old patriarch in a way that was in his control. — Very manipulative O.O)

Doris used to want Duke Nolan’s palm pearl, Heller, as her daughter-in-law. But when she mentioned it, Raymond kept changing the topic, so she hadn’t mentioned it again.

Now that Raymond’s second uncle brought it up, not only is he spilling sewage on Raymond, but also twisting their words to offend Duke Nolan’s house. This was simply heartbreaking.

“Raymond and Heller have nothing to do with each other. Our two families just made a joking conversation. How did Heller become Raymond’s fiancée?!”


The old patriarch slapped the table.

“Doris, you still dare to mention Heller. Do you want Duke Nolan’s family to hate us too?!”

“But we didn’t even know the existence of this Cyril before. She said something that hadn’t happened before. This is basically slandering me and Ren.”

The old patriarch coldly snorted, “We don’t care what the facts are. This female named Cyril, many netizens on the Star Network think that what she said is right. They all support her and condemn you and Ren. This incident has continued to ferment, and it has greatly impacted the image of our Python family.”

“How does the old patriarch want to solve it?” Ren asked in a low tone.

He had a hunch that the few people who came here today did not really intend to help them solve the problem.

Jin WoWo used some tricks to destroy the detector and temporarily relieved the crisis of the “cub” disappearing.

At this moment, an aircraft suddenly flew into the sky.

As the aircraft landed, a short beastman squeezed out from the door of the aircraft. With a smile on his face, “Captain Cory, my assistant was ignorant yesterday. I have prepared a luxurious private spaceship for you overnight.”

This beastman was the Archon who had perfunctorily refused Cory when he called for a civilian spacecraft.

The Archon knew that Marshal Raymond’s partner went to the Interstellar Legal Education Bureau for an inspection yesterday as the director of the Legal Education Bureau was obligated to report a big event to the Archon.

But he didn’t talk about that now, pretending that he didn’t know about the matter.

Raymond is dead, what good is it for him to fawn?

Therefore, when Cory, Raymond’s subordinate, asked him yesterday, he signaled his assistant to refuse.

When he communicated with his brother that evening, he talked about it as a “by the way” matter. By the way, he also taught his brother how to go to the camp to get promoted.

His brother is now in the army and is a captain.

But this morning, not long ago, his brother suddenly sent him a message, telling him to send Colonel Cory a luxury private spaceship immediately. And, he told him to go in person, otherwise he would regret it.

The Archon was very puzzled, and was about to ask his brother what was going on when his brother hung up the communication, seeming to be very anxious.

His younger brother has always been prudent in his work, and he will never suddenly think that the matter is only one thing. (T/E The Archon is saying that the brother looks ahead and that this matter is naturally not a stand-along thing in his brother’s eyes.)

So, disregarding everything that occurred before, he first prepared a luxurious private spaceship to come over. (T/E 不管三七二十一 – regardless of everything and the consequences.)

If the governing clerk is in this position, he is naturally able to bend and stretch his face so thick. At this moment, he smiled widely as if nothing happened before.

He saw Cory and the others look ugly, and smelled the scent of something being burnt in the air, and asked incomprehensibly: “Colonel Cory, what’s the matter?”

“I also want to ask you what’s going on! Marshal Raymond’s partner went to your Interstellar Legal Education Bureau for physical examination only yesterday, but the equipment provided by your Legal Education Bureau actually installed a micro-bomb!”

The archon saw the burnt-out instrument on the ground, and he dared not say anything: “Is there such a thing?”

“The Marshal has made great achievements for the empire. You Limestone Planet people are so brave. You actually dare to calculate against the Marshal’s partner and cub. You are planning to rebel!”

With such a big hat off, how could the Archon respond, and quickly retorted: “No, no, no, Colonel Cory. This must be a misunderstanding!”

Cory said badly, “I will definitely report this to the Marshal!”


Which Marshal?

Isn’t Colonel Cory the Marshal Raymond’s right-hand man? Has he already been cast under the command of another marshal so soon?

No wonder you can get the rank of colonel at a young age. This… he is better at currying for favors than him!

The Archon was disdainful. This false bravado of loyalty, who is he (Colonel Cory), showing this performance for?

Suddenly there was the sound of an aircraft overhead.

Everyone raised their heads and saw a military aircraft landing in the courtyard.

The hatch of the aircraft opened, and two teams of heavily armed soldiers ran down from above, all with a murderous air on their faces.

The Archon looked intently. His younger brother happened to be one of them.

He hurriedly cast questioning eyes at his younger brother.

Of course, the Archon’s younger brother also saw the Archon and saw his brother signal his eyes. But, he did not dare to make any response. He remained expressionless and did not squint.

The two teams of soldiers ran off the aircraft quickly and orderly, stood in two rows, and the steps and the weapons they carried made a uniform sound.

Then, from the cabin door of the aircraft, an officer wearing a black military uniform, a military cap, and an armed belt came out slowly.

The officer is tall and handsome. And, his military uniform further emphasized his extraordinary heroic aura.

The officer slowly raised his head, revealing a handsome and resolute face under the brim of his hat.

He faintly glanced over, an invisible coercion came. And, the consul’s legs became weak, and he knelt on the spot.

Marshal Ray-Ray-Raymond!

Jules’ Corner

Raymond is back!! *happy dance*

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