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IIEWFP Chapter 11

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 11

Far far away, in the Marshal’s Mansion on the Central Star’s, an elderly butler hurriedly entered the mansion.

“Master, Madam!”

Raymond’s mother, Doris, was feeding her husband tea. Seeing the butler’s face, her sad face showed a trace of hope. “Did you receive Cyril?”

The old butler hesitated for a while, and whispered: “The person sent just now has news that Miss Cyril is unwilling to come to Central Star.”

Doris frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Miss Cyril said that we disliked her for being humble and refuse to recognize her existence. Now that Raymond is no longer there, she doesn’t want to come to the Marshal’s Mansion. She just wants to lay her egg peacefully and raise the cub by herself.”

“Nonsense, when did we dislike her origin? If it weren’t for the videos she posted on the Star Network that showed her relationship with Raymond, we wouldn’t have known of her existence.” Doris was a little angry.

Ren frowned and asked, “What else did Cyril say?”

The old butler said: “Nothing else. She just insists on staying on Blue Mercury and to not follow our people back to Central Star, saying not force her.”

Who is “forcing her?”

Doris became even more angry, “I originally thought that, if she is a good person, let her lay her egg with a peace of mind. If she wants to stay in the Marshal’s Mansion, give her a decent identity. If she wants to find another beastman again, introduce her to one along with a generous dowry. But what is this nonsense she’s saying? It’s as if we’re trying to take away her child.”

At this time, a robot slid over and projected the light screen on its head into the air.

The three-dimensional image shows the gate of the Marshal’s Mansion.

At this time, three beastmen were standing at the gate, an old beastman with a white beard and white hair, a middle-aged beastman, and a young beastman.

It was the old patriarch, the second uncle, and Raymond’s cousin.

“Why are they here?” Doris asked, puzzled.

The old patriarch is more than two hundred years old, very old, and has been living on the Luying Planet for the elderly.

Luying Planet is a remote planet, and the vegetation area there is as high as 30%. The environment there is very good, and is very suitable for elderly care.

Many elderly beastmen choose to spend their old age there.

Although the environment of Luying Planet is very good, it is far from Central Star. It takes around a whole day to travel from Luying Planet to Central Star by spacecraft.

Doris guessed. “The old patriarch learned about Raymond and came here overnight?”

Ren did not look very good, and said, “It can’t be anything good.”

Ren was also very capable when he was younger, ranking in the top ten of the entire Empire, and was unmatched (in terms of power) in the family.

Thus Ren became the patriarch of the clan.

Twenty years ago, the energy of Rennes exploded and he became a vegetable. The old patriarch wanted Raymond’s second uncle to become the new patriarch of the clan.

At that time, Raymond’s second uncle was at the seventh-rank’s primary stage, and Raymond was also at the seventh-rank’s primary stage.

Ren believes that his son Raymond has had an amazing talent ever since he was a child. He has unlimited potential due to his young age, and the future was limitless.

However, the old patriarch believed that Raymond was too young and had insufficient experience, and insisted on letting Raymond’s second uncle be the master of the house.

The two sides were in a stalemate, and Raymond finally fought it out with his second uncle.

Raymond’s second uncle is over a hundred years old. Although he has been in the seventh rank for more than 30 years, Raymond’s second uncle devoted himself to enjoying life for many years. Whereas his opponent, Raymond, has been thinking about how to steadily improve his ability and trains his fighting skills all day long.

Both of them are Rank 7 beastmen, but Raymond’s second uncle was almost beaten black and blue by Raymond.

Finally, Raymond’s second uncle, who was beaten up, said that it was not that he could not beat Raymond, but that Raymond cheated.

The young and energetic Raymond heard that he was slandered and was so angry that he proposed another fight on the spot.

Raymond’s second uncle didn’t want to be beaten again, and followed the old patriarch angrily.

Later, they came to make some trouble a few times and spread some rumors to slander Raymond.

But Raymond’s ability to improve is the same as riding a rocket, he advanced to the eighth rank in just a little over ten years.

Although there is only one level difference between the eighth and seventh ranks, the gap between the two ranks are worlds apart. Only by relying on level suppression itself, beastmen in lower ranks are already rendered immobile.

On the other hand, Raymond’s second uncle has been in the primary stage of Rank 7, without any sign of improvement.

Naturally, no one believed the rumors and insidious tricks that slandered Raymond. Over time, Raymond’s second uncle and others gradually disappeared from the stage.

Now, only one day after the news of Raymond’s unfortunate sacrifice was announced, Raymond’s second uncle had already pushed the old patriarch to come to their door.

Doris made an ugly face, “It must be a matter of choosing a new Patriarch.”

“Not necessarily.” Ren said.

If it was about choosing a new Patriarch, there wouldn’t only be three people arriving on their doorstep.

Choosing a new patriarchis a big matter in the family . It only takes effect in front of the whole family as witnesses.

Ren gritted his teeth, “Get my wheelchair.”

After the old housekeeper heard, he hurriedly got Ren’s wheelchair.

Ren turned into a python, climbed into the wheelchair, and returned to his human form.

Ren can move freely in his animal form, but he can’t speak in it, so he could only go out in a wheelchair in the human form.

Raymond’s second uncle and cousin, standing on the old patriarch’s left and right sides, entered the living room under the guidance of the robot.

The old patriarch took the main seat of course, while Raymond’s second uncle and cousin sat in the seats symbolizing the old patriarch’s left and right hands.

After delivering a pot of hot tea, the robot slipped silently to a corner on standby, ready at any time.

The old butler pushed Ren out with Doris.

“The old patriarch is here. You must have traveled a long way.” Ren said in a wheelchair with no expression.

When Raymond’s second uncle and the others were slandering Raymond everywhere, the old patriarch never stood up to speak justice for Raymond.

Therefore, Ren was not very respectful to this old patriarch who had high prestige in the clan, but turned a blind eye to Raymond’s second uncle and cousin’s actions.

A flash of unhappiness flashed across the eyes of the old patriarch, and he took a sip from his teacup without speaking.

Raymond’s second uncle and cousin looked at Ren’s slumped limbs on the wheelchair with unconcealed the triumph in their eyes.

Ren didn’t even look at them, and asked, “I wonder why the old patriarch came over today. Is something wrong?”

The old patriarch didn’t even look at Ren and replied, “Why do you think I am here?”

With a sudden “bang”, the old patriarch slammed the teacup on the table. (T/E poor teacup…)

“Ren, you and Doris have lost all of our Python faces!” (T/E To lose face means to have been humiliated. In this case, the old patriarch is saying that Ren and Doris have humiliated the Python Clan.)

“What?” Doris said, “What did Ren and I do to lose the Python clan’s face?”

When the old patriarch came to the Marshal’s Mansion, he didn’t even mention Raymond. As soon as he arrived, he accused the couple and acted all big, so Doris’ tone was naturally not so good.

Raymond’s cousin Carl couldn’t help but say: “Aunt Doris, you and Uncle Ren were too much with your scolding on the Star Network. It’s no wonder the old patriarch is angry.”

Ren frowned and asked, “What did we do?”

Carl pretended to be surprised, “Uncle Ren, you don’t even know?”

He (Carl) clicked on the terminal he wore on his wrist, and a three-dimensional video was projected in the air.

Jules’ Corner

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