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IIEWFP Chapter 10

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 10

After Raymond came out of Jin WoWo’s belly, he saw the billboards on the street and found that he was in Limestone Planet..

He looked around the area and slithered quickly to the south. In his beast state, he is much faster than in the human state.

Raymond knew that there was an extinct volcano in the south. He wanted to test his energy.

His energy core has indeed been repaired but Raymond feels that the current energy core is different from the energy core he was familiar with before.

If something unexpected happens… He needs to find a place as soon as possible to test whether his energy core is normal.

Raymond slithered very fast. The violent wind blew across his face. He even saw blue flames dancing around his face. (T/E not sure what the blue flames are…)

Two hours later he finally arrived at the extinct volcano.

Raymond turned into his human form, circulated the energy in his body for a bit, and slammed his palm against the crater of the black hole.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and the earth trembled violently. Rocks flew and rolled, accompanied by an earth-shaking roar. Hot magma spewed out and swallowed a few kilometers of land in an instant.

Had Raymond not run fast enough, he would have been swallowed by the magma he had accidentally produced.

The power of this palm was too great. It was similar to the power he released when his energy core shattered. Raymond was stunned.

No wonder he felt that his energy core was a little different from the past, it turned out to be stronger! He had advanced!

He is now a Rank 9 beastman!

The energy core of beastman reaching Rank 9 is known to be a children’s fairytale.

Because the Beastman Empire was founded more than 5,000 years ago, it is said that only the founding emperor who completed the unification of the empire reached the ninth rank.

Other than him, there is no other record.

Raymond has been extremely talented since he was a child, and his ability to improve has always been much faster than ordinary people.

But he was only at the early stage of Rank 8 before. He is already one of the few Rank 8’s in the Beastman Empire. Others are over a hundred years old, and he is only fifty years old this year.

Now, he passed the 8th Intermediate and 8th Advanced Levels quietly, and directly reached the 9th Level!

The energy core is stronger than before, just like a King Kong!

And when he was using his energy just now, he found that his veins were much wider than before. Is this what the subbeast named Jin WoWo referred to when he said he helped him develop his body?

No, he (JW) is definitely not a subbeast.

Perhaps, he is not even a person from this galaxy at all.

Cory slept well when he suddenly felt the bed shaking. His years in the military made him very alert.

He opened his eyes, alert. There was an earthquake!

Cory jumped up quickly and went out to call Nishizawa and Jin WoWo.

Nishizawa opened the door, rubbed his sleepy eyes, and said, “The Earthquake Administration did not predict an earthquake.”

The Empire’s earthquake prediction technology is now very advanced. Even if there are minor earthquakes that have little to no impact, the Interstellar Seismic Bureau would still predict them in advance.

Earthquake early warning devices were installed on all planets under the jurisdiction of the Empire and where there is network coverage. Early warnings are provided three minutes before the start of the earthquake. For hundreds of years, the Empire’s earthquake casualty rate has been almost zero.

If the Interplanetary Earthquake Administration did not make advance predictions, there would be no earthquake.

Nishizawa felt that Cory might still be in a daze and hallucinated.

Marshal Raymond just died. As one of Marshal’s most loyal subordinates and the Marshal’s right-hand man, Cory, who regards Marshal as the first idol in his life, has just suffered a major mental blow.

Cory couldn’t fall asleep again when he returned to the room.

He (C) remembered that he should contact the Archon of Limestone Planet, and call for a small civilian spacecraft.

The small civilian spacecraft has a special cabin for pregnant women, and its comfort and stability are better than that of the military spacecraft he is currently piloting.

Now that there are already some fake Marshal fiances and cubs on Star Network, they could no longer stay on Limestone Planet.

If he had the marshal’s parents’ personal communication, he wouldn’t be so anxious.

He was afraid that if they arrived late, the marshal’s parents, who didn’t know the truth, would be deceived by Cyril and the people behind Cyril.

Unexpectedly, when he contacted the Archon of Limestone Star, he was laughed at ​​and refused by the other party in a very perfunctory manner.

An angry Cory hung up out of rage.

When he and the Marshal came to this planet in the past, when did the Archon not stop sucking up to them?

The change is really amazing.

There was a sudden knock at the door. Cory thought it was Nishizawa. He walked over and opened the door to take a look. He was shocked and confused: “Ma-Mar…”

Before the word “Marshall” could be uttered, the person covered his mouth and nose, and pushed into the room, and closed the door.

Golden snails sleep well all night.

The human bed is comfortable. He has been sleeping on the branches of trees in the forest for the last few days. Don’t mention how uncomfortable it was.

He glanced at the ground in a very good mood. Da Hei, who was lying on the ground and lying on the ground last night, was gone.

Jin Wowo yelled “Da Hei” twice, but there was no response.

He quickly got busy looking for Da Hei and went to look for it in the yard.

After finally accepting a younger brother, if he ran away quietly, then he would lose a lot.

As soon as Jin WoWo went out, he ran into Nishizawa who came to look for him.

Dr. Nishizawa walked towards him with a smile. “How are you feeling today?”

Nishizawa asked as he picked up the instrument in his hand and took a photo of Jin WoWo’s belly. The instrument made a “didi” alarm sound.

Nishizawa’s face changed suddenly.

No, no more? ? !

The instrument shows: there is no sign of pregnancy.

Jin WoWo saw Nishizawa’s expression and instantly understood what was going on.

Da Hei was not in his shell, and his belly (shell) was photographed by this instrument.

The world seems to be technologically advanced but, from the perspective of Jin WoWo, many high-tech products here were not actually that accurate.

For example, the instruments that checked him at the Legal Education Bureau yesterday, and the little instrument that Nishizawa is holding now.

These instruments can probably only detect that there is one life in his body. Now that Da Hei is not in his shell, the instrument will naturally show its abnormality.

Nishizawa took another photo of Jin Snail’s belly in disbelief, and the instrument still made a “didi” alarm sound, indicating that there was no sign of pregnancy.

“What’s going on, why can’t you take pictures of the cub? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Nishizawa asked in succession.

“Dr. Nishizawa, don’t worry about it. Maybe there’s a problem with the device.” Jin WoWo said, “Sometimes the machine fails. Let me take a look at the device.”

Nishizawa handed the instrument to Jin WoWo and said, “In general, it is impossible for the instrument to make mistakes.”

This instrument was developed by the General Administration of Interstellar Legal Education and is specially used to detect the growth and development of the cub who is still in the womb at any time.

In terms of the accuracy of detecting the specific development of the cubs, there may be a little error, but it is absolutely impossible that the cubs cannot be detected.

Jin WoWo took the instrument and looked at it pretentiously. Taking advantage of Dr. Nishizawa’s carelessness, he quietly gathered a beam of electric current at his fingertips and shot it into the instrument.

Then he quickly threw the instrument in his hand.

The instrument was tossed into the air and exploded.

Nishizawa was shocked.

“What’s the matter? How could the instrument suddenly explode?”

Jin WoWo also made a frightened look, “I don’t know, probably the circuit is broken.”

Cory strode towards them. Seeing this scene, his happy face immediately changed. He hurriedly stepped forward and checked the Jin WoWo up and down. Fortunately he (JW) didn’t suffer any injuries.

Last night, the Marshal suddenly came back to life. Bah, their Marshal was not dead at all. Not only was he not dead, his energy didn’t explode, and his energy core didn;t shatter.

Not only that, their Marshal even advanced!

Rank Nine!

That only exists in the legend of Rank Nine!

It turns out that you can completely hide all the aura on your body after reaching the ninth rank.

No wonder he didn’t smell any scents nor sense anything out of order before his door was knocked on last night.

At that time, Cory almost thought that he was a fake marshal.

This ability to completely conceal one’s own breath is simply overpowering on the battlefield!

Cory was so excited that he admired his marshal even more.

The marshal briefed him about the situation and told him to protect Jin WoWo.

In fact, Cory still wanted to know more about the relationship between his marshal and Jin WoWo. But the Marshal said that while he was picking some fruit for Jin WoWo in the wild forest, it was assumed that he had sacrificed his life for Jin WoWo, and they decisively took away the golden snail.

In fact, Cory looked for him, but he dared not refute the Marshal’s words.

Core didn’t dare to let his marshal know that he thought the marshal was eaten by a wild boar.

If the Marshal knew his thoughts, he might be thrown into the wild boar herd so that the wild boar would beat him up.

Cory remembered that when he met Jin WoWo in the wild forest, he did not see the emotions of panic and sadness on the other’s face.

Not only that, when he was taking Jin WoWo away, Jin WoWo pointed to the depths of the forest and waved his hands repeatedly, trying to tell him that the Marshal was still inside.

It’s a pity that he didn’t understand the meaning of Jin WoWo’s gestures, so he left the Marshal in the forest.

The Marshal walked out of the forest on foot and caught up with them through a civil aviation spacecraft.

Not only did the Marshal not blame him for being such an incompetent subordinate, he even entrusted him with the important task of protecting the golden snail and the cub.

When mentioning “cub”, the Marshal of his family looked a little weird, probably because the Marshal himself didn’t expect to be hit once.

That “one time” of course was made up by Cory’s brain. In that environment, there are various beasts in front and several assassins chasing after them. Who has the mind to do it two, three, four, five or six times!

Now, the Marshal valued him so much and even asked him to protect Jin WoWo. But when he came over this morning, he saw such a dangerous scene.

“Captain Cory, what’s going on?” Nishizawa was scared for a while. Now, he saw that things might not be so simple.

Core sullenly said: “Someone wants to harm Marshal Raymond’s partner and cub!”

Golden Snail: “…”

Jin WoWo glanced at the scorched instrument on the ground silently, and said nothing.


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