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IBKAWB Chapter 9

Eighteenth Good luck

Chapter 9… Eighteenth Good Luck


The plan book is white, and the pen nib is a bit dark, but it didn’t fall on the paper for a long time.




Lu Yuzhou put down the pen and pressed his eyebrows.


There was a problem with the project at hand. It was a bad idea. When he was staring, everything went well, but he accidentally scratched his hand a few days ago. He didn’t go to the company for the first few days. In order to avoid being scolded, they  1[T/N: * they : the employees / people working under him] tried to suppress it themselves , but the situation worsened. Now they can’t help but report to him and it has reached a point where it was difficult to deal with.


In the final analysis, he was careless.


Lu Yuzhou paced to the window. The group of people he now has are not his former loyal subordinates, but the old oil bottles 2[T/N : old bottles : someone with low work efficiency and drags down the progress of the team instead of helping. Original text, : “而是一群老爺子手底下的老油子。” ] under the hands of a group of old men.


Relying on his seniority, they want to bully him for being young and thin-skinned? It’s a pity that in the body of this seventeen-year-old boy, he is not really seventeen years old.


Lu Yuzhou stared at the beige curtains in front of him: these old people thought that the old man was really on vacation when he ran outside. The mountain above their head was gone, all of them started to be monsters. But he didn’t know that this was because the old man delegated power to Lu Yuzhou and asked him to place his own staff in the company.


Originally, Lu Yuzhou still cared about the old man and didn’t want to be too ugly, but since the situation had reached this point, he couldn’t wait to expose them anymore .


Lu Yuzhou’s heart fluttered with hostility, and countless malices appeared in his mind. He could easily pick up a vicious idea and put it into action.


The phone was spinning around in Lu Yuzhou’s hands, and he lowered his eyebrows and saw a familiar figure downstairs: it was Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao walked downstairs and suddenly felt that someone was watching him. He raised his head with feelings. In front of the window of the master bedroom on the third floor stood a familiar figure, Lu Yuzhou.


Chi Zhongqiao waved at him and walked quickly into the unit building.


Lu Yuzhou’s eyes were suddenly soft, he put all the mess on the desk in order, and was about to leave the bedroom when Chi Zhongqiao had already arrived in front of the bedroom.


Chi Zhongqiao tapped on the half-open door: “Can I come in?”


Lu Yuzhou said, “Of course, please come in.” He turned sideways and let the way go.


Chi Zhongqiao put down the milk tea in his hand and looked at Lu Yuzhou with a smile: “Stretch out your hand.”


Lu Yuzhou did as he said. Chi Zhongqiao placed his hand on his palm, and his curled fingers spread out slowly, a light fluttering sheet, the piece of paper fell on Lu Yuzhou’s palm.


Chi Zhongqiao retracted his hand and said, “Good luck for today, put it away.”


This is a hard card with “One more cup” written on it.


Lu Yuzhou squeezed such a thin card, unconsciously exerting force with his fingers, and a deep mark was formed on the edge of the hard cardboard.


Someone…wants to give him good luck for a day.


Lu Yuzhou was evil when he was young. He has never had any luck. There is only bad luck and even bad luck in major events. He was wronged when he was young, and resentful for all these years. Over time, all kinds of unevenness and bad luck have become a stubborn stone in his heart. And this luck is a sword hanging on his neck, he didn’t know when it’ll draw the cold sword down, a sword shot with blood, and cut off all his efforts in the blink of an eye.


Lu Yuzhou was not willing to be inferior to others in anything, only luck always lost a trick, and this trick took countless sleepless nights to make up for it.


Old man Lu felt sorry for him, but he could only say one sentence: “It means that your strength is not enough, otherwise luck can’t stop you.” But today someone said to give him a piece of luck.


Chi Zhongqiao said, “I have very good luck today. I divide you into half. I wish Yuzhou every success .”


He used to believe that man will conquer the sky. Later, he found that it is in the man to make things happen, but half of the things are in the sky. Before he entered the book, he was just an ordinary person from a well-off family. Because he started acting when he was a child, he became a child star. He has been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years, and he has developed a body that can be on the same stage as the old drama bones with good acting skills in the play.


But every time when he should be popular, there will always be other incidents that are airborne, or the crew has a dog-blood incident that attracts the attention of the people who eat melons, which suppresses his heat.


After all, it was a bit of luck. He spent twenty-seven years trying to prove that he didn’t need this kind of luck, but in the end he couldn’t survive the so-called life-on the night when he became popular, he thought he finally won once, but after relaxing for a while, he was put into the book.


Ah, that grinning luck.


Chi Zhongqiao sighed with emotion in his heart.


Lu Yuzhou had two eyes and one mouth. It was not because he was born with a golden spoon that he was much better than Chi Zhongqiao. On the contrary, it was a bit more difficult, probably because Lu Yuzhou’s ambitions were much bigger than Chi Zhongqiao.


Once a person has ambition, he will inevitably transition from one predicament to another, until his ambition diminishes, otherwise he will inevitably have to run around.


Lu Yuzhou said, “Then I must wear it next to my body.”


Chi Zhongqiao was completely unaware of the ambiguous elements, and nodded his head like a fight: “Then use it as a talisman. By the way, eat now?”


Lu Yuzhou pushed the messy planning book to the side: “Yeah.”



Qingyun Shu V: Catch a live koi! Today, I went to exchange milk tea with Brother Qiao from the crew. Brother Qiao scraped out seventeen sheets in one breath and had another cup. The boss’s face turned green 2333. @Chi Zhongqiao V


/ Seventeen cups of milk tea. jpg/


The most beautiful pigeon cuckoo: the boss’s expression brightened.


Aling sama: Hahaha, did the wife add the little brother’s Weibo? I’ll find it!


Secretary Wu: My little brother is a newcomer! There are so few Weibo, not even a selfie.


After Ji Ningshu finished posting Weibo, she picked up the tablet , and even seventeen cups of milk tea or something was really too strong. Brother Qiao was like a little koi. No, like a mermaid.


So draw a mermaid Qiao today!


Ji Ningshu quickly raised the tablet and quickly drew the lines. She was very skilled in painting, and she quickly sketched out a line draft, but it took a few days to refine it.


She sent out part of the line draft with the words: Forward this mermaid Qiao , you will get 17 cups of milk tea in the next day!


Chi Zhongqiao received @’s reminder. He glanced at the line draft and was shocked: He actually met a goddess , a big achievement !


Lu Yuzhou tilted his head: “What are you looking at?”


Chi Zhongqiao’s mobile phone tilted to Lu Yuzhou’s face: “Look at this, someone else drew it.” The line draft was not edited , it was just a photo, and it was a little fuzzy: Chi Zhongqiao on the drawing. Lying on the edge of the pool, with dim eyebrows, the upper body was only covered with a coat, and the lower body was completely immersed in the water, but a long dark tail protruded from the calm surface of the pool.


The lines are extremely flexible, and the powerful long tail is clearly still, but it seems to be able to stir a pool of spring water at any time.


Lu Yuzhou thought for a while, and asked, “If you forward this picture, will you get another cup?”


Chi Zhongqiao: “…Why does it sound so strange?”


Everyone’s Koi takes care of promotion and wealth, so he buys milk tea. ? He looks so good, he should be in charge of luck or something the last time? Milk tea sounds too low-grade.


In the evening


After Lu Yuzhou had dinner, his heart gradually settled. He drafted a new plan, and at the same time rejected the applications of several managers. He decided to deal with those “old heroes” who were guilty as soon as possible. Coincidentally, he received a few very good resumes.


Lu Yuzhou rubbed the thin hard paper in his hand, squinted his eyes and began to wonder how to lay the old foxes.


Just do it a little bit, so as not to be bitten back.


Lu Yuzhou casually made up his mind, and quickly put these horrible things aside.


Lu Yuzhou opened a small box that he brought back last time, and contained some hand tools.


When he was young, he was very good at making these meticulous crafts, and he also played with glue for a while.


Lu Yuzhou lit the lamp and sat down on the table. In front of him was a piece of black cardboard with a small white area in the middle, which read “One more cup.”


Lu Yuzhou wrapped a layer of hard paper with a thin tape, put it in a mold, and poured UV glue on it. After irradiating it with ultraviolet light for a while, the UV glue dried completely.


Lu Yuzhou picked up the key that he had never left. There were only two keys since he arrived at Chi Zhongqiao’s house. Lu Yuzhou gently attached the freshly baked “One More Cup” key ring on the key , and placed it in front of him for a long time to appreciate it.




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    [T/N: * they : the employees / people working under him]
  • 2
    [T/N : old bottles : someone with low work efficiency and drags down the progress of the team instead of helping. Original text, : “而是一群老爺子手底下的老油子。” ]
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