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IBKAWB Chapter 8

Good luck

Chapter 8 Good Luck


The Lu family only flourished  like the Guo family,as they had an industrial background. When the new media and entertainment circles were still taking shape, Mr. Lu also followed suit to set up an entertainment company, but most of his energy was transferred to the industry. Therefore, the entertainment company has been half-dead and made very little profit.


Lu Yuzhou grew up with Elder Lu  since he was a child. Although he didn’t take this business lightly, he didn’t pay much attention to it. In his impression, the so-called acting skills are just  staring when he is angry, and squeezing tears when he is sad. 1[T/N: * Original text : 就如同徐行舟那樣, 生氣的時候瞪瞪眼,難過的時候擠點眼淚 I couldn’t find a better translation, if anyone knows the proper meaning, please comment.   ] Maybe even the tears were contributed by other things.


Therefore, Lu Yuzhou didn’t watch TV dramas and movies, and found it boring. Only when he saw Chi Zhongqiao with his own eyes just now did he know that there is such a thing as acting in this world.


When Chi Zhongqiao put on that armor, he seemed to have truly become a stranger from another generation, and became the little general who still guarded his tenderness in the flames.


Lu Yuzhou turned his face to look at Chi Zhongqiao, but Chi Zhongqiao stared blankly in one direction.


Lu Yuzhou followed his eyes and saw that director Guo Ancheng, who usually talks about the director’s majesty, is being trained by a middle-aged man who is about 30 years old.


The middle-aged man had a sturdy waist and was a little over 1.9 meters tall. His biceps were covered by the short sleeves, and he looked very social from a distance.


The actors  who were originally trained by Guo Ancheng couldn’t figure out what to do , and recognized Guo Yu at a glance , and he immediately shrank aside and did not dare to say anything.


Yan Cheng is one of them. She likes to play games. Of course, she recognizes the boss of this company who has produced many popular games. She immediately pulled her assistant and tried to reduce her presence.


Director Guo lowered his head and mumbled and didn’t know what he was talking about, but the serious and rigid middle-aged man kept his face sullen, pointing at the prosperous sun above his head to speak.


Such a big director who usually is a boss in the crew was trained to be like this by his own son. Under the big sun, his bald forehead was still reflecting light. Chi Zhongqiao watched with interest, and Lu Yuzhou seemed to be able to hear the sound of eating melons.


Guo Ancheng was retrained by his son to be unable to talk back. He looked around, finally saw Lu Yuzhou, and quickly walked to Lu Yuzhou’s side and said, “Don’t say it, don’t say it, look at who this is?”


Guo Yu had a dry tongue said with an oblique glance: Who? do not know!


Lu Yuzhou said, “Hello, Uncle Guo .”


Hey, a bit familiar.


Guo Yu stared at Lu Yuzhou for a while, then slapped him: “Oh, Xiao Yuzhou, right? You’re all this old?” He took a breath, Chi Zhongqiao cleverly handed over a bottle of mineral water.


Guo Ancheng was afraid that his son would slow down with a sip of water and then scold him again, so he hurried back to hide.


Guo Yu glanced at Chi Zhongqiao with satisfaction, and asked Lu Yuzhou, “Why are you here?”


Lu Yuzhou calmly said, “Old man and Grandpa Guo are co-producing  in the  TV series, I’ll come over and watch it.”


Guo Yu’s eyes widened, “Uncle Lu also mixed up in it?”


Lu Yuzhou nodded and said, “Uncle Guo, it’s hot outside, let’s go inside and talk, don’t disturb Grandpa Guo.”


Guo Yu said, “I’m bothering him? I care about him…”


Lu Yuzhou turned his head and his eyes were cool. , Guo Yu, bathed in this gaze, seemed to have been splashed with two buckets of ice water.


It wasn’t until Guo Yu couldn’t help but shut his mouth and took a step back. Lu Yuzhou said, “Old and young, sometimes old people are getting older, just like a child. You have to coax, and you can’t lose your temper with him.”


Guo Yuxin said: Hey, If only I can control my violent temper.


But Lu Yuzhou made sense, so he listened.





Guo Ancheng emerged from behind Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled at him and said, “Yes.”


Guo Ancheng’s white and fat face showed an agitated look: “You kid is still watching my jokes.”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head with a sincere expression: “Uncle Guo is worried about you, and he is filial.” When people are old, they love to listen to the auspicious words of filial piety from their children. Guo Ancheng patted Chi Zhongqiao on the shoulder, and said lovingly, “Young man’s future is immeasurable. Grandpa sees that you are going to show your ambitions on this road! Just after that one, you ask Yan Cheng to come over, and I will tell you two about the following scene.”



Finally, it’s time to finish work at night, Chi Zhong Qiao took the umbrella and turned around, but did not find the little girl Ji Ningshu who lent him the umbrella, so he had to go back with Lu Yuzhou with the umbrella.


… After Ji Ningshu returned home, her mind was full of the fairy brother in the crew. As a summer internship, Ji Ningshu basically can’t deal with the actors in the crew, but has discovered that these stars are privately different from those on the screen.


For example, Xu Xingzhou, who has always been regarded as a warm man, is actually relatively cold in private. For example, the beauty of Yan Cheng, who is an innocent girl, actually talks a lot and is very chatty.


And Chi Zhongqiao…because he is a newcomer, he hasn’t appeared on the screen before. It seems that he doesn’t have the halo and ambiguity of other stars. When he stands in front of Ji Ningshu, he has a clear and bright image.


At the moment of smiling, Ji Ningshu, who is addicted to the second dimension 2[T/N : * second dimension : here it’s referring to movies, series, comics, animes, etc… the virtual dimension in some sense.] , can find the feeling of first love.


Ji Ningshu murmured: “Damn it, I might be chasing stars.”


She took out the phone and opened the album. There were several snapshots of Chi Zhongqiao in it. The more Ji Ningshu looked at it, the more heart-stirred she felt and fell on the bed. She has idled the tablet for a few days.


Ji Ningshu flipped through the phone and took out the tablet, only to feel that the inspiration was overwhelming, so she started to paint.


Although Ji Ningshu was not very successful in the third dimension, but in the second dimension it was a painter  with over 100,000 fans. The account Qingyunshu has been filled with various pieces of artworks for many years. Today, Ji Ningshu’s Weibo account issued a return. Fans in various circles quickly clicked on the uncolored line drafts.


The young general raised his cloak with one hand, and put the other hand on the hilt of the sword around his waist, his eyes drooping, innocent and pitiful, but his eyes were like sword light.


Epps: What a milky and fierce fairy is this! Request good-hearted people to tell what game or novel character this is! And confessing to  Mrs. Yunshu! My goddess went down to the earth to paint hard!


Anan my dear: I performed a death in place! Fairy paintings are so good-looking, who is this little brother, I’m going to be in the pit now!


I am as high as my first love: drooping eyes! I blow these drooping eyes! How could he be so pitiful and cute, his eyes are so attacking! It exploded in place, I invite my goddess to watch the fireworks! Whisper BB, will my goddess paint?


Ji Ningshu replied to the first comment: It’s not game or novel, but the super nice little brother in the crew! Super polite!


Ji Ningshu responded to the comments one by one, holding the board and admiring it for a long time, she smirked for a while and rolled into the quilt. Chi Zhongqiao little brother is really super milky.


Speaking of which, she really likes being a mother fan compared to a girlfriend’s fan.


She was full of inspiration today, so she simply coloured the line draft overnight and preserved it with care.


The next day


Chi Zhongqiao finally found Ji Ningshu while eating at noon. The little girl was struggling to pack the props, and Chi Zhongqiao went to help.


Ji Ningshu’s face was flushed, and she thanked him quietly.


Chi Zhongqiao returned the umbrella to her and handed the milk tea at room temperature, saying: “You ran too fast yesterday, I didn’t find you, thank you for your umbrella.”


Ji Ningshu wanted to cover her face, ” I, I had something yesterday, and I left at noon when I asked for leave…”


Chi Zhongqiao felt very guilty. Yesterday, I borrowed the girl’s umbrella and didn’t return it in time. As a result, they walked in the sun yesterday at noon.


Looking at her shy look, Chi Zhongqiao smiled brightly, “Oh, yes, his milk tea shop recently held an event, and  they sent a card which can be scratched to win the prize. Would you like to see it?”


He raised his finger. A hard card with cold and white skin.


Ji Ningshu sighed, “I have never been hit.”


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while and said, “Maybe you can hit it, let’s take a look.” He took out a coin and scratched the gray area. In fact, he didn’t expect much of his luck in his heart, but…


“It’s in!”


Ji Ningshu surprisedly said, “One more cup!”


Chi Zhongqiao was also surprised, and his playful heart suddenly came up, and smiled: “Walk around, let’s exchange a cup during the lunch break.”


Ji Ningshu’s age is not too old, she still had some other selfishness in her heart. She wanted to get along with her new son 3[T/N: son- since she is a mother fan, she considers CZQ as her son] for a while, and agreed without much thought.


Fifteen minutes later


Chi Zhongqiao scratched off a “One More Cup”, and looked up to face the dozen or so cups of free milk tea on the table, a bit dazed.


The owner of the milk tea had her face stiff while adjusting the eighteenth cup of milk tea.


Chi Zhongqiao turned his head and whispered, “Aren’t we going too far?” Ji Ningshu was sluggish: “…No, Brother Qiao, you are too much.”


He scraped out eighteen cups!


Seventeen cups of milk tea lined up and filled the bar. Chi Zhongqiao thought that he couldn’t scratch anymore,  it was enough, so he  himself secretly picked up the card with “One more cup” on it, and under the eyes of the boss sending off the plague god, Ji Ningshu took the milk tea and left .


Ji Ningshu murmured, “Brother Qiao, you are so lucky.”


Chi Zhongqiao pinched his jaw and said, “Today seems to be very good.” To be precise, his luck has been very good since he entered the book. .


Two people can’t finish drinking so many milk tea, so they just brought them back to the crew and gave them to others.


Guo Ancheng drank the milk tea and curiously asked, “Why did you buy so much milk tea by yourself?”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head, ” I bought only one cup, these are just another cups I won.” He fetched a hard piece from his pocket like a trick and showed the card: “I have another one that I haven’t redeemed here. I won a total of 18 cups!”


Eighteen cups!


Yan Cheng hugged the milk tea and exclaimed. She stretched out her  hand and rubbed Chi Zhongqiao’s sleeve religiously twice: “Qiao Qiao let me rub, and  Qiao Qiao bless me with good luck today.”


Guo Ancheng sneaked out his hand, trying to get that hard card which was drawn out.


Chi Zhongqiao jerked his hand vigilantly: “This won’t work. Director Guo, I’m going to take it back to Yuzhou.”


Guo Ancheng muttered, “It’s so gold and expensive, so take everything that is good.”


It’s gold and expensive.


Chi Zhongqiao picked up the hard card, just as if he hadn’t heard it.


This is a symbol of his good luck. Lu Yuzhou is out of luck, so he has to take it back and put it in Lu Yuzhou’s bedroom.


Although Lu Yuzhou was injured, he did not rest. Chi Zhongqiao didn’t know what he was doing, but Lu Yuzhou was very busy most of the time. Sometimes Chi Zhongqiao got up in the middle of the night, and the door of the master bedroom was still leaking light. And since last night, Lu Yuzhou seems to have encountered something embarrassing, and this morning he has been frowning.


Chi Zhongqiao knew that Lu Yuzhou had bad luck. He had bad luck in the past, so he knew the kind of hard work that is required , but everything is always so close to chance. Under the circumstances, because of bad luck, he still missed it with despair.


Because of bad fate, it seems to be walking on the edge of the narrow road all the time, not knowing which wind will blow him off, letting the hard work of the road ahead be burnt.


Chi Zhongqiao was never superstitious, but he knew that when he was at the bottom of the valley, it was not the courage and strength to climb up again, but the hope.


At this time, any good sign can draw a little relief.




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    [T/N: * Original text : 就如同徐行舟那樣, 生氣的時候瞪瞪眼,難過的時候擠點眼淚 I couldn’t find a better translation, if anyone knows the proper meaning, please comment.   ]
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    [T/N : * second dimension : here it’s referring to movies, series, comics, animes, etc… the virtual dimension in some sense.]
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    [T/N: son- since she is a mother fan, she considers CZQ as her son]
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