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IBKAWB Chapter 7

Little Gopher

Chapter 7… Little Gophers


The messy lounge suddenly quieted down, and even the makeup artist’s blushing movements were much lighter.


Guo Ancheng endured his temper and said to Lu Yuzhou, “I’m sorry.” He even let Old Lu’s grandson see the joke!


Lu Yuzhou shook his head.


Guo Ancheng felt angry. Today is the highlight. He repeated it several times yesterday and wanted them  to arrive early. He wanted to speak, but Xu Xingzhou dared to be late!


He patted the table, “Xiao Wen, call  Xu Xingzhou’s assistant !” The screenwriter with the team pushed down his glasses and slowly took out his phone. As a screenwriter with no sense of existence in the crew, he really didn’t want to offend a popular actor.


Fortunately, Xu Xingzhou and his assistant had arrived before he could dial the phone.


“Sorry, sorry, I am late today.”


Xu Xingzhou hurriedly apologized as soon as he entered the door.


The assistants held a large bag of lemonade in their arms and delivered them one by one. Finally, the assistant took out a glass of red soy milk from it. Xu Xingzhou took it and personally sent it to the director. “Sorry, Director Guo, I’ve been reading the script last night, and I was delayed in sleeping. I will pay attention next time, you forgive me this time.”


Xu Xingzhou has a circle of dark shadows under his eyes now, it seems that he really stayed up late.


Given his extremely sincere attitude and staying up late because of trying to figure out the role, Guo Ancheng’s complexion improved a lot: “Okay, let’s go make-up.”


Xu Xingzhou heaved a sigh of relief, nodded and sat down.


However, his assistant was in trouble. The lemonade was bought according to the number of starring actors. There was suddenly one more person today, so everyone in the whole lounge was given a glass, only Lu Yuzhou did not.


Xu Xingzhou found the assistant’s dilemma, turned his face to see Lu Yuzhou, and said in surprise: “This is?” It is too much to have  Chi Zhongqiao appearing from nowhere. Is it possible that Director Guo has to shove another one in?


Guo Ancheng knew what he was thinking at a glance, and said indifferently: “This is the investor.”


So young? Is he an adult?


When Xu Xingzhou met Lu Yuzhou’s indifferent sight, he immediately hid his shock. He knew that some young people were very annoyed about others talking about their age, so he smiled and said, “Hello, this is Xu Xingzhou. Coming here, it’s really hard work, drink a glass of lemonade.” He picked up his own lemonade and handed it over.


Lu Yuzhou shook his head slightly: “No need.”


Xu Xingzhou didn’t expect him(LY) to not give him (XXZ) any face , and was a little embarrassed for a while.


At this time, Chi Zhongqiao finally changed his clothes and found that the atmosphere was a little stagnant. So while adjusting his hair set, he said hello to Xu Xingzhou: “Brother Xu.”


Xu Xingzhou covered his embarrassment and smiled, “You are very energetic today .”


Chi Zhongqiao’s play today is that Mu Yan goes out with his father. At this moment, he has changed all his outfits, and his makeup has also changed slightly. He has changed from a shy prince to an unrevealed general.


If the young man  is like a pine bamboo , then the young general is a gentleman with a strong sword .1 [T/N: * Original text : “如果說世子是松竹,那少年將軍就是一柄鐵骨錚錚的君子劍”]


Chi Zhongqiao clasped his fists: “Brother Xu has praised.”


He picked up the script on the table and found a glass of lemonade with ice on the side . He guessed that Xu Xingzhou bought it to make amends, “Is this a gift from Brother Xu? Thank you.”


Xu Xingzhou smiled and shook his head: “I am also late today, and I asked you to wait for me. I will be the host tonight. Please have a meal and I’ll pay for it.”


Chi Zhongqiao apologized, “Well, I may not be able to go, there are still people in the family to take care of, and I have to go back early in the evening.” After being rejected for the second time in the morning, Xu Xingzhou’s smile was slightly stiff, and he quickly covered it up: “That’s a shame.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled, ” Then, Brother Xu, I’m going there to recite the lines.”


Xu Xingzhou nodded.


Chi Zhongqiao picked up the glass of lemonade, and the lemonade with ice cubes filled his body with a cold breath. When he walked by Lu Yuzhou’s side, he put the lemonade in Lu Yuzhou’s palm, “I’m going to memorize the lines again, this doesn’t taste good after the ice is melted. You can drink it for me.”


Lu Yuzhou took it, “I’m going to open a bottle of mineral water for you.”


Chi Zhongqiao pressed his shoulder and motioned him to sit down, “Don’t move, your hands are not good yet, I am not a little girl, that I can’t even twist open a bottle of water.”


Lu Yuzhou’s palm was pressed against the cool lemonade, and the cold temperature was very refreshing in midsummer.


Xu Xingzhou finished putting on makeup and changing clothes and hurried out to follow the group out. Lu Yuzhou was the only one left in the rest room. Lu Yuzhou was suddenly curious about what Chi Zhongqiao looked like when he was filming. He thought about it for a while and went out with lemonade.


It’s still early. Although the sun is on outside, the temperature hasn’t caught up yet.


As soon as Lu Yuzhou left the house, he noticed that there were crowds of group performers in front of the towering palace gate, and he immediately realized that the scene to be filmed should be a big scene. In order to avoid entering the crowd , he simply stopped at the entrance of the lounge.


The group performers were in place, Chi Zhongqiao put down the script, and finally quickly memorized it and turned on his horse.


He moved swiftly and neatly, without a trace of muddle-headedness. The middle-aged actor who was acting as Mu Yan’s father nodded and gave him a thumbs up: “Young man, energetic !”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “You too, your body is great!” The middle-aged actor laughed.


After all the actors were standing in their positions, Guo Ancheng rubbed his hands severely. This was the first time he filmed such a magnificent scene. It would cost a lot of money just to invite the group to perform. If there is NG…


Guo Ancheng cursed twice in his heart, what is he thinking? Or Chi Zhongqiao was right, maybe it can be done in just one shot !


He raised his hand and announced to start!


By the time the plot progressed to this scene, the heroine had already separated from Mu Yan due to various factors, and turned to the hero to marry. It was an emergency when the hero became the prince. Mu Yan’s father led the army in command, Mu Yan became the general and followed the army.


And the male protagonist who got Mu Yan’s beloved and the emperor (same person) bid farewell to the army, so at this time Mu Yan embraced the desperation of love and despair and the death of his family and the country, and the horse went to the northwest with the army.


The difficulty in this scene is the rivalry between Mu Yan and the hero, and the focus is on Mu Yan, that is, Chi Zhongqiao.


The stubborn young general, his gaze was as cold as the iron armor on his body, the corners of his habitually smiling lips curled up, and his fingers rubbed the scabbard around his waist.


He raised his eyes and met the gaze of the honorable emperor. The man who married the woman who had been loved by him in this life was wearing the dragon nine-chapter suit  2[T/N : * Original text : “龍九章服”,  3 that symbolized the royal family. His eyes were a little cold and unkind.


Mu Yan clasped the scabbard and avoided his gaze first. He didn’t want his uncontrollable eyes to reveal any targeted emotions, embarrassing the girl in the boudoir .


The general drank a glass of wine bestowed by the emperor, turned on his horse, and said loudly, “Go!”


Mu Yan urged the horse under him, and the fifty thousand army to march towards the unknown future of life and death.


When the army went out of the city, he suddenly felt something, and suddenly turned his head under the blazing sun. His beloved girl was combing the bride’s hair bun, her face blurred. But just a curvaceous figure, just a long glance, is enough to make him recognize.


Also good.


Mu Yan thought: He doesn’t know if he can come back after he has gone. It is better to marry anyone than to marry him. As long as the honorary king can respect his wife, nothing is better than entrusting her to him in his life.


He turned his head back and hit the horse: “Drive!”



“Cut– ” Guo Ancheng held his chin and frowned for a long time. Xu Xingzhou, who trot to Guo Ancheng’s side immediately after the act, didn’t dare to get out of the play.


Xu Xingzhou knew the importance of this scene. Like Chi Zhongqiao, he didn’t have a few lines, and it was all eye movements. This was a real test of acting skills. He went back last night and tried to figure it out for a long time. He finally felt a little bit, but just now the scene with Chi Zhongqiao…


The other person’s eyes were filled with unexplainable emotions. Those emotions were too turbulent and almost burst out of the calm surface. Xu Xingzhou almost thought that Chi Zhongqiao was going to break free from the script and speak, but he didn’t. He just lowered his eyes suddenly. Taking the mountains and the tsunami back to his heart.


Xu Xingzhou subconsciously wanted to avoid that look.


As soon as he met in this way, he knew he had lost.


At that moment, Chi Zhongqiao seemed to have really become that young general with outstanding military merits at a young age, and Xu Xingzhou could not enter the play, so Chi Zhongqiao suppressed his outside false king.


Xu Xingzhou clenched his fists: Is it really going to be crushed by a newcomer?


Guo Ancheng kept wringing his eyebrows until Chi Zhongqiao turned his head back and his eyes looked through the screen, and Guo Ancheng let out a long sigh of relief: The highlight is perfect, this one is over!


It’s really a pass! Hey, he was ready to take four or five shots. Is that kid from the Chi family a magpie spirit?  4[T/N : magpie spirit :* a symbol of good fortune.]


The screenwriter, who was watching quietly on the side, suddenly pushed down his glasses, and said in a gentle voice: “Flexible like a rabbit,  green  like a beautiful jade. A gentleman who knows six arts, so be it.” 5 [T/N : Not sure why he  said this, should be a line to describe the character Mo Yan…

Original text : “如處子如脫兔,如青鋒如美玉。君子通六藝,當如此。” ]



Chi Zhongqiao heard “Cut” stopped the horse, turned over and patted the horse’s head.


The dark steed screamed, bowed its head into his arms. Chi Zhongqiao didn’t get close to Guo Ancheng with the other leading actors. First, there were too many people to squeeze in. The second is that he knows his own state, if others don’t lose the chain, this one can go straight through.


He sneaked out a piece of pine nut candy, broke it in half, gave a piece to the horse, and ate a piece by himself. Over there, Guo Ancheng was still studying the one just now. He looked around looking for the mineral water he had left behind, and when he turned his head, he saw Lu Yuzhou leaning on the door of the lounge.


The unlucky boy didn’t know what he was looking at, and looked so serious and ecstatic. When Chi Zhongqiao moved, Lu Yuzhou’s sight moved a step.


Chi Zhongqiao: “…” Looking at him? He handed the reins to the horse trainer on the side, and walked quickly over: “You are not afraid of sweating in the sun like this.”


Just as Lu Yuzhou wanted to speak, Chi Zhongqiao shook his head: “I won’t listen to your explanation, you can go in now.”


Before Lu Yuzhou could speak, Chi Zhongqiao stuffed Lu Yuzhou into the lounge, “Wait for your wound to heal, wherever you want to go you can do it.”


Lu Yuzhou: “…”


Being pushed back to the lounge gently but firmly by Chi Zhongqiao, Lu Yuzhou could only speak, “Uncle Guo is here…”




After Chi Zhongqiao turned around, Lu Yuzhou had already come out of the lounge.


Chi Zhongqiao: “???” Little gopher? 6[T/N : gophers: Pocket gophers, commonly referred to simply as gophers, are burrowing rodents of the family Geomyidae. They are commonly known for their extensive tunneling activities and their ability to destroy farms and gardens. 7 You can’t make it go back no matter how you press it.



Lu Yuzhou is such a big child, he is almost as tall as him, and he is no longer a kid. Chi Zhongqiao can not be too strict with him, so he has to let him go to the set under the big sun.


Chi Zhongqiao had to turn around and borrow an umbrella from a girl from the crew.


The little girl on the field was flushed with shame by his repeated sincere thanks, and she waved her hands vigorously: “It’s okay, it’s okay, you can use it, no need to return it to me, I, I have one more!”


However Chi Zhongqiao was ashamed to take someone else’s umbrella for nothing, and after many thanks, he promised that he would return it. After asking her name and contact information, he caught up with Lu Yuzhou.


The field girl held her face and stared at his back for a while, and murmured, “How can anyone in this world be so obedient and so polite, but still so A 8[T/N: * A : Alpha male personality : An alpha male is, to put it in the most simplest way, powerful. That’s it–the more powerful a male, the more of an alpha male he is.] !” The blazing sun above his head was suddenly blocked, and Lu Yuzhou turned her head back, and it really was Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao, who looks like a general, is very different from his usual clever appearance, but there is no sense of disobedience strangely. He has a rare drooping eye. Although the brow bones are well-formed and the eyebrows are raised, his face is subtle, gentle and non-aggressive.


The whole person looks very soft.


Lu Yuzhou remembered that he had clasped the long sword at his waist when he was filming , and his armor was clanging when he turned on his horse. He looked back at the three armies, his eyes froze… This was acting, and he had delayed such a person in his previous life.


Lu Yuzhou whispered in his heart: “He deserves to be red.”



T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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  • 1
    [T/N: * Original text : “如果說世子是松竹,那少年將軍就是一柄鐵骨錚錚的君子劍”]
  • 2
    [T/N : * Original text : “龍九章服”,
  • 3
  • 4
    [T/N : magpie spirit :* a symbol of good fortune.]
  • 5
    [T/N : Not sure why he  said this, should be a line to describe the character Mo Yan…

    Original text : “如處子如脫兔,如青鋒如美玉。君子通六藝,當如此。” ]
  • 6
    [T/N : gophers: Pocket gophers, commonly referred to simply as gophers, are burrowing rodents of the family Geomyidae. They are commonly known for their extensive tunneling activities and their ability to destroy farms and gardens.
  • 7
  • 8
    [T/N: * A : Alpha male personality : An alpha male is, to put it in the most simplest way, powerful. That’s it–the more powerful a male, the more of an alpha male he is.]
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