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IBKAWB Chapter 6

Being Late

Chapter 6…. Being Late

The next day Xu Xingzhou entered the group. He acted against Yan Cheng all day long. Chi Zhongqiao simply greeted Guo Ancheng and stopped going.

   Guo Ancheng is an old friend of Elder Lu, who also watched Lu Yuzhou grow up. He had heard the news of Lu Yuzhou’s accident. He knew that Chi Zhongqiao has to take care of Lu Yuzhou, so he simply gave him a whole day of vacation. . Anyway, the filming of these two days went smoothly, and Chi Zhongqiao’s scenes have been completed a lot ahead of schedule.

   After Chi Zhongqiao had a day’s free time, he went to Lu’s house to pack some commonly used items for Lu Yuzhou. If it wasn’t for Lu’s family to be too far away from the film and television city, and Lu Zhuo might return at any time, Chi Zhongqiao didn’t want to wrong Young Master Lu to rent a house with him.

   ”Don’t move, I’ll do it,” Chi Zhongqiao stopped Lu Yuzhou, “tell me what you want to bring.”

   Lu Yuzhou said, “I’ll do the clothes. Can you help me get two books? On the right hand side of the fifth floor of the bookshelf. The second book is the seventh book on the left hand side on the sixth floor.”

   When packing up clothes, one will inevitably come across some intimate clothing. Considering that the child has a thin face, Chi Zhongqiao agreed and turned his back to get the books for Lu Yuzhou. .

   When he turned around, he sighed: committing child labor, its a sin.

   Chi Zhongqiao took two original books from the bookshelf. He knew a little French and recognized that one of them was “The Essentials of Pure Economics” and the other was “Principles of Economics”.

   Chi Zhongqiao: “…” The male lead has actually begun to read such esoteric 1{T/N: esoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.}  books. He looked around, a bookshelf was so big that it didn’t even have a free space.

   Chi Zhongqiao still prefers to read novels.

   In order to avoid the silent awkwardness , Lu Yuzhou randomly found a topic while tidying up his clothes: “I heard that the male lead entered the group today?”

   Chi Zhongqiao replied slowly, “Yeah, I just don’t have my role today. I asked Director Guo for leave, so I won’t go.”

   Lu Yuzhou folded his clothes with one hand: “Did you adapt to the crew?”

   This tone is similar to that of the elders in the family, and does not match his youthful age.

   Chi Zhongqiao said: “They are all pretty good. Director Guo has a good temper, and he doesn’t get very angry in the crew.”

   Lu Yuzhou: “Do you think this movie is likely to be popular ?” He put things in his bag, and heard the words, “As long as the male protagonist has enough skills, is there a reason for it not to be popular?”

   With a good script and an actor that can act upto seventy points, with acting skills above the pass line, as long as Director Guo’s final editing is followed well, the dark horse 2[T/N: dark horse : someone or something which is not expected to succeed in or unexpectedly wins an election, race, or other competition]  of this year’s TV series will be stabilized. Judging from Chi Zhongqiao’s vision, this drama will be undoubtedly popular. What’s more, Chi Zhongqiao is a person who holds half of the script 3[T/N : script : original story into which CZQ entered]  , he knows that this drama will be popular.

   Chi Zhongqiao said, “Trust me, the old man will not lose money this time.” In fact, the real investor in “Muyi Tianxia” is not the old man, but Lu Yuzhou. Of course, Lu Yuzhou knew that this drama finally broke out in all the TV dramas of the year, and it really broke. He asked this, just because he wanted to win a lottery. He didn’t know why, he always felt that he was lucky as long as he stayed with Chi Zhongqiao.

   Lu Yuzhou’s lips curled up slightly: “Accept your auspicious words.” The two gathered their things and bought some food along the way. Lu Yuzhou followed Chi Zhongqiao back to the small rented house.

   ”Can you sleep in my room these two days?” Chi Zhong quickly changed a new set of quilt covers and pillowcases.

   Lu Yuzhou was physically disabled and helped to change the quilt cover with one hand: “What about you?”

   Chi Zhongqiao said in his heart: A sensible child will be considerate.

   He showed kindness: “There is still a bed in the study. It’s eleven o’clock, I’m going to cook.”

   Lu Yuzhou didn’t expect that he would still cook, so he followed him into the small kitchen and observed Chi Zhongqiao. After a series of operations, he shook his head.

   Chi Zhongqiao originally planned to cook two simple home-cooked dishes, which would be done in a few minutes without waiting.


   Chi Zhongqiao shifted his body to block the pot, and fell into contemplation when facing a pot of soup: He obviously wanted to make a tomato scrambled egg, why did it turn into tomato egg soup?

   Mr. Chi Yi’s 4[T/N : Chi Yi : some of you may not remember, his original name was Chi Yi]  cooking skills still remain at the level of adding more salt and water, and adding more water to the level of salt. The dishes prepared are not unpalatable but they are definitely not delicious. Only two words can describe it. In the more than a month after he entered the book, Chi Zhongqiao hadn’t even cooked any rice, and he was raised by the culinary master Aunt Zhou. He felt unfamiliar in the kitchen just now.

   A lifetime of sparseness is worse than before.

   Fortunately, Lu Yuzhou sighed slightly.

   ”Soup… barely okay, right?” Chi Zhongqiao quickly realized that blocking was useless, he coughed and let go of his body generously, “Otherwise, let’s order takeaway?”

   Lu Yuzhou looked at the hot pot. The egg soup, he really can’t eat it,and said: “I’ll order some takeaway.”

   Chi Zhongqiao who actively dealt with his “criminal evidence”, said: “Then I will wash the pot .”

   … After eating, Chi Zhongqiao helped Lu Yuzhou switch on the Computer, he heard the teenager on the sofa speak suddenly.

   ”By the way, Mr. Guo’s son will return to China recently, and he will definitely go to the crew to make trouble when he comes back,” Lu Yuzhou paused and seemed to consider his name, “… Brother Qiao, be careful to avoid it.”

   His temperament was resolute . Brother Qiao was called smoothly by him, and Chi Zhong Qiao abruptly expressed fear that he would lose his life if called again.

   Chi Zhongqiao asked in surprise: “What’s the trouble?”

   Lu Yuzhou slightly ticked the corners of his lips: “Grandpa Guo is ten years younger than my grandfather. He was so energetic that he gave his family’s company to his nephew and pursued his hobbies himself.”

   Chi Zhongqiao: “Hobbies are TV dramas?”

   ”Well,” Lu Yuzhou nodded, “It’s okay to film a TV series, but he is too serious in doing things, and sometimes he doesn’t pay attention to his body. The last time he was in the crew, he spent several days trying to shoot a scene. Uncle Guo was so angry that he was ill after the filming. After that, no matter what the old man said, he would not pay to make a TV series for him.”

   Chi Zhongqiao laughed: “So Let our old man pick up a bargain?” He put down his chopsticks, and suddenly said, “The investor in “Mu Yi Tian Xia” is the old man…so our old man went to the nursing home to hide from Director Guo’s son?”

   Lu Yuzhou said, “Yes, Uncle Guo has a bad temper, and the old man has to hide when he sees it.”

   Oh, the old man ran away, and there is a member related to him who invested money in the crew, wouldn’t it be directed at me?

   Chi Zhongqiao pondered it for a while, and then put the matter to the side with great heart, and said: “Maybe after we two see each other , he will be reluctant to make things difficult for me.”

   Lu Yuzhou: “…”

   He really can’t understand a person who looks so particular,how can he worry about something , and let it go in the blink of an eye.

   Although Lu Yuzhou’s wound was deep, it did not hurt his muscles and bones. He was young and in good health, and the wound healed quickly. The narrow wound on his face scabs within a few days.

   But Aunt Zhou did not rush back within three days. Something was delayed. In other words, Lu Yuzhou had to stay at Chi Zhongqiao’s house for a few more days.

    Chi Zhongqiao has to act today, he was not assured that Lu Yuzhou would be alone, standing at the door with a hesitant expression on his face.

   Lu Yuzhou actually didn’t understand, he just injured an arm, why Chi Zhongqiao’s attitude towards him was like he had a high paraplegia after a fall.

   Lu Yuzhou stood beside him: “Uncle Guo is back today, I’ll go to the crew with you.” He is a real investor in “Muyi Tianxia”, and until he has no achievements , he can’t tell anyone.

   Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, and said, “No, it’s so hot today, what should you do if you sweat? It’s better to stay at home.”

   Lu Yuzhou: “Is there no air-conditioning in the lounge over there? And I haven’t seen it on the crew side, and I want to know if your shooting went smoothly.” The lounge is air-conditioned. Chi Zhongqiao hesitated for a moment and nodded. . The young master wants to inspect the crew,if he stopped, it will be inappropriate.

   ”Wait a minute.”

   Chi Zhongqiao went to the bedroom and brought a hat to Lu Yuzhou. The peaked cap was lowered to block most of his face. “You also put on the mask. There is a lot of dust outside.”

   Lu Yuzhou’s eyes darkened, and he didn’t react. A mask was stuffed in his hand.

   Lu Yuzhou was so old that he had never been taken care of in this way.

   He adjusted his hat and suppressed some inexplicable look.

   He originally felt guilty towards Chi Zhongqiao and wanted to compensate Chi Zhongqiao, but after a few days of getting along, President Lu, whose soul was already 20 years old, was finally taken care of by the body of the twenty-year-old Chi Zhongqiao- -Chi Zhongqiao raises him as a son!

   Obviously, Chi Zhongqiao likes to buy things for him. Chi Zhongqiao will bring back some messy little things every day when he returns from work, most of which are new things that teenage boys like. When Lu Yuzhou entered Chi Zhongqiao’s house, he only carried one box. When he returned home, he might have to carry two boxes.

   This is not to blame Chi Zhongqiao. Chi Zhong Qiaoneri is already twenty-seven. He treats Lu Yuzhou as a child of just seventeen. He feels that he is ten years older than the other party. There is really no way to get along with Lu Yuzhou as a peer.


   President Lu, who was raised as a son, followed Dad Chi to the crew, and Chi Zhongqiao took Lu Yuzhou into the lounge.

   The crew has limited conditions, just a temporarily rented lounge, where several major actors make up and change clothes. The heroine Yan Cheng is already putting on makeup, and Guo Ancheng is sitting on the side telling Yan Cheng about the act.

   ”Good morning.”

   Chi Zhongqiao smiled and greeted the crew members before entering the lounge. The screenwriter leaned in front of him and smiled: “Whose kid is this?”

   Chi Zhongqiao smiled and patted the hand he stretched out in the air: “This is the investor.” The people at the scene were surprised, and estimated the age of Lu Yuzhou, and guessed that this young master might have come out to play, so they smiled wittily and no longer asked.

   Before he left, he couldn’t help but look back at Chi Zhongqiao: The whole crew knew that the airborne second male lead had something to do with the director. He should be a distant relative. Now it seems…Chi Zhongqiao’s background seems to be better than What they had imagined.

   When Guo Ancheng heard the movement, he turned his head and found that Chi Zhongqiao had come in, with Lu Yuzhou next to him.

   Lu Yuzhou: “Grandpa Guo.”

   Guo Ancheng, who had been frowning all night when he knew his son was coming, looked like he had met the savior of his previous life.

   ”Yuzhou.” The old man grabbed Lu Yuzhou and said with a smile: “Let me take a look-hey! What’s wrong with this face?! Does Lao Lu know? Will this leave scars?”

   Chi Zhongqiao already sat down After putting on makeup, he opened one eye and looked at Lu Yuzhou’s face: “The doctor said no.” Although the wound was long, but fortunately not deep, it looked much better when he changed the dressing yesterday.

   Lu Yuzhou raised his eyes when he heard the words, Chi Zhongqiao bends the corners of his lips at him, because of the makeup, the expression on his face is very subtle, the corners of his lips are raised a little, the eyelashes are fluttering, but he can’t hide the smile.

   Guo Ancheng grabbed Lu Yuzhou: “That’s good, that’s good, Yuzhou,” he rubbed his hands, “Today your Uncle Guo is coming, you have to say two good things for me.”

   Lu Yuzhou had to shift his attention. Replying to Guo Ancheng, “Well, I will try my best.” Guo Ancheng, who was relieved of his heart, took hold of Chi Zhongqiao who was putting on makeup: “Your role today is very important. You will have a bunch of new actors in the group. Don’t drop the Chain, it’s a lot of money to delay one time, we have to save money. Let’s shoot that scene in the morning. By the way, what about Xu Xingzhou? Hasn’t arrived yet?”

   Today’s shooting is the climax of the show, Director Guo He started talking endlessly since the morning, and the assistant director was caught by him and ran away.

   Chi Zhongqiao calmed Guo Ancheng who was suffering from endocrine disorders: “…Don’t worry, I will try my best, maybe we can get a one shot if we are lucky.” Having said that, it is obviously a TV series invested by the Lu family. If he doesn’t save money for Lu family, how will he save his own home?

   After putting on his makeup, for fear that Guo Ancheng would drag him to talk again, he quickly picked up his clothes and went to the cubicle to change them.

   The confidants ran away, and Guo Ancheng had to straighten up and look around in the small lounge for a while. He neither saw Xu Xingzhou nor found his assistant. He frowned, “This is about to start, what about the people ? And I said they will have to arrive early today, right?”



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  • 1
    {T/N: esoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.} 
  • 2
    [T/N: dark horse : someone or something which is not expected to succeed in or unexpectedly wins an election, race, or other competition] 
  • 3
    [T/N : script : original story into which CZQ entered] 
  • 4
    [T/N : Chi Yi : some of you may not remember, his original name was Chi Yi] 
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