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IBKAWB Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Accident 


After filming for two days, Chi Zhongqiao’s condition is getting better and better, Xu Xingzhou will join the group tomorrow morning, and there is a very intense scene this afternoon, Yan Cheng, who has calmed down, is still unable to blend in and had consecutively NG ed four or five times.




Guo Ancheng called to a halt, “Yan Cheng, your emotions are not right…”


Chi Zhongqiao’s scene has already been filmed, and he has just changed his clothes.


His little broken phone shook for a long time, he just picked up the phone and received another call.


Chi Zhongqiao opened the phone and said, “Hey, Grandpa Lu?” Mr. Lu said, “Zhingqiao, where are you now? Are you free to see Yuzhou for me?”


Chi Zhingqiao said, “I’m finished. Yuzhou is out? What’s the matter? Where is he?” He greeted to the deputy director, and ran out of the studio.


Elder Lu: “The kid went out today, after he had a fight with Lu Zhuo. Now he is in the hospital. I don’t know the details. Lu Yuzhou refused to tell me! I went to the nursing home yesterday. I was not at home, so I couldn’t make it to go and look at him, Zhongqiao, help me take a look.”


Chi Zhongqiao said: “Don’t worry, I am in the car, which hospital?”


Elder Lu: “City No. 1 Hospital, No. 618 in Building No. 2. I asked Chen Han to send you Yuzhou’s phone number. He went on a business trip, and Lu Zhuo couldn’t be count on, so I could only ask you to help Grandpa see it. Yuzhou refused to make a video call, so I called and he said it’s okay. I really can’t rest assured…”


Lu Wenwen and Fu Li are the parents of Lu Zhuo and Lu Yuzhou. These two are really busy people. They are not at home for three hundred and sixty days out of three hundred and sixty-five days a year.


Chi Zhongqiao took a taxi and drove to the place where he found the largest hospital in a circle, carrying a fruit basket bought temporarily outside the hospital, and knocked on the door.


The door was not closed tightly, leaving a gap. A hoarse voice came from inside:”Please come in.”


Chi Zhongqiao pushed the door in. A young nurse was giving Lu Yuzhou a drip, her ears and cheeks were red. After adjusting the speed of the drip, she blushed and left.


Lu Yuzhou on the hospital bed raised his eyes, his face was as pale as paper, but his eyebrows looked like a cold pool, deep and cold, and he couldn’t see what his mood was.


“You don’t want to make a video call, I had to come to check on you on behalf of the old man,” Chi Zhongqiao put down the fruit basket casually, and carefully examined Lu Yuzhou, “It doesn’t look very good, what’s the matter?”


He approached only to find that Lu Yuzhou’s face was stuck with a long and narrow piece of gauze!


Lu Yuzhou said, “A stroke on the arm is not a big deal.” He turned his face slightly to cover the scratched half of his face, and said lightly: “The face is also not good-looking, so I didn’t video with the old man.”


Elder Lu’s wife had a Chinese-German  bloodline , Lu Yuzhou’s mixed blood characteristics are more obvious than Lu Zhuo, with high brow bones, deep eye sockets, high nose and thin lips, but they are typical Chinese appearances, so the facial features show a very special charm.


Such a good face made such a long cut.


“Is the wound stitched? How did you get it?” Chi Zhongqiao didn’t touch him casually.


Lu Yuzhou said, “Well, I took two stitches. It’s not a big deal. It was from the bottle.”


Chi Zhongqiao frowned slightly and called Elder Lu, “Hey, Grandpa, I’m in the hospital. Uh, I saw him. There is no broken bone, and a stitch is made…Aunt Zhou has returned to her hometown, right? Okay, don’t worry, I will take care of him.”


He glanced at Lu Yuzhou’s face without revealing the covered scratch on his face, and after saying a few sentences, he hung up the phone and asked, “Are you hungry?” he stopped talking about the wound on his face. Turning around, he kept Lu Yuzhou from getting scolded. By the way, he blamed Lu Zhuo in front of the old man.


Lu Yuzhou nodded.


Chi Zhongqiao got up and said, “It happened that I didn’t eat either. Do you have any restrictions?” Pitiful,  no one had come to see him after living in the ward for so long.


Lu Yuzhou didn’t want to bother people, but said, “It’s okay.”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Wait for me, I’ll come back soon.” He glanced at the drips, making sure that the liquid medicine would not finish dripping during the time he was leaving, and handed the phone he held to Lu Yuzhou , and adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner and left.


When he left, he closed the door of the ward thoughtfully. Lu Yuzhou watched him go out. He picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number: “Hey, Luo Fen.” A steady voice came from the other end , ” Yes, boss, you order.”


Lu Yuzhou leans on the bedside, the wound on his right arm and cheek was aching, his tongue pressed against the soft flesh in his mouth, and said, “Did you get the monitoring?”


Luo Fen: “I’ve got it.”


Lu Yuzhou said, “…keep it first for now, wait until the old man comes back.”


Luo Fen hesitated for a moment: “Boss, I think you should send it directly to the old man. The eldest master is too shameless, he messed up the project, and he has to be jealous of you…”


Lu Yuzhou’s voice was flat “Luo Fen.”


Luo Fen stuck in a long series of words, and said in a low voice, “Yes, I understand.”


Lu Yuzhou said, “Don’t go gossip in front of the old man. The old man is getting older. It’s hard to get out for a while and should not be disturbed with phone calls.”


Luo Fen sighed: Young master is better than the elder master by six or seven  points. Why can’t the Lu husband and wife see the younger master’s good points?


“I want to contact the nursing staff to take care of…”


Lu Yuzhou said, “No, minor injuries.” He hung up the phone.


He glanced at the video captured by the security monitor, closed his eyes and began to calculate.


It is impossible for Lu Yuzhou to have such a temperament that he will repay him.


Lu Zhuo… While he was thinking, the door was gently pushed open, and Lu Yuzhou opened his eyes.


It was Chi Zhongqiao who came up.


He estimated that Lu Yuzhou hadn’t eaten anything until now, so he bought some convenient and light dinner, two real bone soup rice. He was still worried about not having enough food. After all, a boy of Lu Yuzhou’s age was growing up, and he was too hungry to say it, and he had a lot of appetite.


He also bought disposable towels, toothbrushes and mouthwash cups.


Chi Zhongqiao set up the small table, unpacked the package, and said, “Aunt Zhou went home. Uncle and aunt are not there. The old man meant to let me take care of you for a while. If you have someone with you, he can rest assured. . It depends on whether you are going to be discharged from the hospital or live here? Lu Zhuo should be still at home if he goes home.” The implication is that it is impossible to go home to recuperate.


Lu Yuzhou said, “I’ll stay in a hotel.”


“Master,” Chi Zhongqiao handed him chopsticks, “I’ll be straightforward. If I throw you in the hotel, let alone the old man’s incomprehensibility, my conscience is disturbed. What I mean is, if you don’t hate it, you can go to my place to stay for a few days, and I will send it  you back when Aunt Zhou comes back.”


Lu Yuzhou didn’t answer  for a while.


Chi Zhongqiao raised his eyes, his eyebrows contained his unique, introverted sincereness: “I just promised the old man that I would take care of you. A reassurance pill, bear with me for two days, anyway, Aunt Zhou will be back in a few days.”


Old man Lu has taken great care of Chi Zhongqiao’s family. Chi Zhongqiao himself is also very much taken care of by the old man. Putting it aside, Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t do such a dishonest thing.


The relationship between Lu Yuzhou and Chi Zhongqiao is relatively unfamiliar, which makes him feel like troublesome to let  Chi Zhongqiao to take care of himself…


This is difficult for Lu Yuzhou to accept. He would rather find a place to stay by himself, but Chi Zhongqiao makes sense, and he also hopes Let the old man will feel relieved. Lu Yuzhou nodded silently at Chi Zhongqiao’s sincere eyes.


Lu Yuzhou’s face improved a bit after eating, but it may be due to the excessive blood loss. The whole person looked thin and pale, with low eyebrows, as if there was no energy.


Chi Zhongqiao rang the bell on the bedside and asked the nurse to replace the empty bottle.


Chi Zhongqiao said, “You take a rest, I will call a nurse when the water is finished.” He didn’t ask how Lu Yuzhou’s injury came from. The boy was injured like this after a fight. , Chi Zhongqiao considered the child’s face and didn’t plan to ask. Besides, he is neither a blood-related brother, and  nor a close friend.


Lu Yuzhou really couldn’t hold it anymore. He had been working on a project that Lu Zhuo had already damaged for several days, but finally brought the project back. Today, after talking about things, he came back and didn’t want to run into Lu Zhuo who went out clubbing with his friends. .


Lu Zhuo drank the wine and fought with him under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, Master Lu drank too much and there was no way to fight. Someone on the side handed Lu Zhuo a wine bottle. Lu Zhuo immediately smashed the wine bottle and the splashed fragments that came out scratched Lu Yuzhou’s face, and the wound on his arm was scratched when he restrained Lu Zhuo.


The wound on his arm was deep and long. When he was sent to the hospital, he had already shed a lot of blood. Lu Yuzhou sent information to Luo Fen from the gap between stitches, and asked him to ask him for a monitoring. Then he called to calm down the old man who received the news, he was so exhausted at the moment.


And Lu Zhuo, he shouldn’t be at home, he must have gone to find Lu Wenwen after he discovered that he was in trouble, and he is probably in a panic on the plane now.


With all kinds of messy thoughts in Lu Yuzhou’s mind, he gradually fell asleep.


Chi Zhongqiao endured his sleepiness, glanced at the medicine bottle he had just changed, set up a few alarm clocks, and fell asleep on the table.


Lu Yuzhou was awakened by the alarm clock. He woke up when the phone started vibrating. He opened his eyes and looked for the heinous phone, only to see Chi Zhongqiao, who has still buried  his head in his arms, stretched out his hand and fumbled for it. After getting the phone, he accurately stopped it. The other party raised his head to look at Lu Yuzhou’s bottle with his bewildered eyes. After seeing that there was half, he lowered his head and fell asleep again.


Lu Yuzhou : “…” He was too sleepy, and within five minutes of closing his eyes, the phone rang again.


Lu Yuzhou opened his eyes helplessly and pressed his phone in advance.


five minutes later.


Lu Yuzhou, who was awakened again, stood up slightly, picked up Chi Zhongqiao’s cell phone, and after turning off the alarm clock, he hesitated for a while and carefully pulled  Chi Zhongqiao’s finger.


He was lucky this time, and the phone was automatically unlocked when the touch was right. Lu Yuzhou went straight to the alarm clock, and when he swiped down, he saw a row of alarm clocks, all five minutes apart.


Lu Yuzhou: “…”


His eyes were a little subtle. The alarm clocks in this row should have been set for him. Chi Zhongqiao was worried that no one would stare at the drip after sleeping, so he set the alarm clock every five minutes.


The alarm clocks in this row are funny and heartbreaking .


Kind of cute.


Lu Yuzhou put down his phone, looked at Chi Zhongqiao’s sleeping profile, and thought so.




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