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IBKAWB Chapter 4

Entering the film crew

Chapter 4…Entering in the filming crew. 


Chi Zhong Qiao closed the book in his hands and stretched out on the sofa. Before starting the machine, he read the original work of “Mu Yi Tian Xia” again.


There is no doubt that the original work is a good novel. It tells a story that is a bit clichéd in love, but all kinds of struggles are very exciting. The heroine goes from the daughter of the prime minister in the boudoir 1{T/N: boudoir :a beautifully decorated room used in the past by a woman for sleeping, dressing, relaxing, and entertaining. In the past women stay in their rooms and weren’t allowed to roam around casually.}  to the princess to the crown princess and then to the queen, and the hero goes from the county prince to the prince to the emperor. Both the male lead and the female lead are very strong , and the corresponding roles are also very attractive .


But to say which character moved Chi Zhong Qiao the most, it was his role as — Mu Yan, the son of the general .


The early part of the novel only mentioned that Mu Yan was in command at the age of seventeen and held down the Prince’s rebellion. His military merits were highly regarded by the emperor. However, the description of Mu Yan in the earlier parts of the  book is more biased towards the image of a reticent or even a little shy young man, but he showed a little bit of strength and sternness when he offered a helping hand to the heroine several times.


In the later period, when the civil war was raging, and when Mu Yan was in charge again, this character broke away from the thin white moonlight image. The image of the young general suddenly appeared on the paper, forming a huge contrast with the early young man.


If the character set of the male and female lead is brilliant, then Mu Yan is amazing.


He found the treasure.


Chi Zhongqiao pressed down the book, closed his eyes and began to ponder Mu Yan’s various settings.


“Muyi Tianxia” was launched at the end of June. Chi Zhongqiao hadn’t signed with any company yet, of course, there was no dormitory arranged, so he rented a house near the film and television city, and he packed up and moved in that night.


The economic conditions of Chi Zhongqiao’s family were pretty good, so he rented a one-bedroom and one-living room to live by herself.


After the crew finished taking the makeup photo, the male protagonist asked for leave, saying that it was a schedule conflict, and it will take two days to join the crew.


Guo Ancheng sighed, “Then, let’s shoot Yan Cheng and Zhongqiao first.


The female lead actor of “Mu Yi Tian Xia” is also a newcomer who has just performed a play. The acting skills need to be improved, but in general  it is not as frantic as some traffic. 2{T/N: traffic stars : young idols with a huge “traffic” behind them–a large number of dedicated fans who are willing to pay for anything they participate in.} 


Guo Ancheng really wants to drag the male lead back to film. Who doesn’t want to just pass the first scene at the beginning and earn a lot of money? It is a pity that the male protagonist is very popular, and the traffic is also the biggest in the entire crew. He was worried that the male protagonist he had finally found will run away, so he had to wrong himself and film the female protagonist and the second male lead first.


Guo Ancheng was worrying wholeheartedly. He suddenly heard a commotion at the scene. He turned his head and looked over. It turned out that it was the heroine who had come out after getting dressed.


At the beginning, Guo Ancheng decided on Yan Cheng, the main reason for it was her appearance. Yan Cheng’s appearance is very good. She is a freshly graduated college student. She is a girl who is fresh and tender and does not need to  pretend, but she is not too weak either. After putting on makeup, it can suppress the domineering clothes.


It can be pretty in the early stage, and domineering in the later stage, which perfectly fits the image of the heroine in the original book.


Guo Ancheng put down one tenth of his hanging heart, and began to worry about Chi Zhongqiao, waiting for Chi Zhongqiao with the assistant director on the stool.



“Do you think the blush can be lighter?”


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t intend to make any comments on the makeup, but seeing the makeup artist holding the brush covered with blush to come over again, he couldn’t help it.


The makeup artist took a look and nodded: “Oh, your complexion is so good. You don’t need to apply too much blush.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled at the mirror, and raised the corners of his lips restrainedly, but his eyebrows were overflowing with smiles. The gaze passes through the eyelashes, the more dim, the more affectionate.


The makeup artist couldn’t help holding his breath. In the eyes of “there is only one sun in the sky, and there is only one you in my eyes”, he instantly found the feeling of first love.


The makeup artist stammered, “You are so… so good-looking!” God, I found the treasure!


He took out his phone: “Mind if I take one?”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled, “Please take any pictures.”


Speaking so he stood up, he had put on all his outfits, dressed in a pear-white straight embellishment, and he looked like a jadeite. He didn’t pose much, he stood straight like green pine and bamboo, his eyes passed a short distance, and a smile of pure joy was revealed.



“He has come out.”


Guo Ancheng patted the assistant director’s thigh. The assistant director grinned with pain. He shrank his legs and replied, “Yes, yes, he came out.”


There was only a rag in the temporary dressing room . The door curtain was lifted from the inside by a slender hand. The young man who had just completed his makeup came out, facing the gaze from all directions, he seemed a little embarrassed, his eyes lowered slightly, but his posture did not flinch, he was still a  like straight pine and bamboo.


Yan Cheng covered her mouth and jumped in place twice: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) !” The male protagonist is not so handsome!


The agent is a big man who only knows how to appreciate the big beauties with slender waist and big buttocks. He doesn’t understand what Yan Cheng is excited about: “Is it so good-looking? Isn’t it just a little white face?”


Yan Cheng said, “You don’t understand! He doesn’t have any cream at all. Furious!” After reading the script, she always thought that the second male lead was a milk dog character 3 {T/N:  little milk dog : internet slang for  girl’s classification of her boyfriend. It is characterized by being young, sticky and loyal to her girlfriend.} . Now that she saw the figurative second male lead, she was surprised to find that the one in front of her was more in line with the description in the book-like a pine, like a bamboo, yes. The breeze is bright and the moon is bright, and the sky is cloudless and majestic.


Guo Ancheng took a deep breath, and the moment he saw Chi Zhongqiao, he finally let go: he was afraid that Chi Zhongqiao would play Mu Yan as a creamy son, now it seems that Chi Zhongqiao understands the character a lot more than he imagined!


He waved his hand and yelled in full spirits : “Ready to start filming!”


Guo Ancheng’s first scene was much smoother than other scenes. It can be seen that Director Guo has no confidence in the acting skills of the two. .


In this scene, the heroine talks to the second male lead in the pavilion. There is no major physical movement, but it is a test of the line skills. And although there is no fierce conflict in this scene, this is the first time the female lead is tempted by the second male lead  . It is Very important.


Chi Zhongqiao played Mu Yan, the eldest son of the general , who rescued Ye Yupei, the female protagonist who had separated from her brother and sister at the lantern festival. He guarded Ye Yupei to the pavilion far from the crowd, and immediately stepped back three steps away, leaning forward and saying, “It’s rude.”


Chi Zhongqiao has acted in dramas for more than ten years. He played with old drama bones 4{T/N: people who have a lot of experience in acting.}  when he was young. It is based on talent and aura. Even if the most demanding director is to be picky, there will be nowhere to blame for a while. The lines are also practiced, and a long list of lines can be memorized without pressure, and the tone is appropriate.


Yan Cheng was brought into the play almost immediately by him. Facing the handsome young man, Ye Yupei’s cheeks were slightly red, and her head hung down: “Thank you, Shizi.”



Guo Ancheng looked at the scene through the camera, and the deputy director nodded frequently: “Yes, not bad, Guo Ancheng has a good vision .” Guo Ancheng smiled triumphantly: “Old man Lu didn’t cheat me this time.” With a very good look and  very good acting skills, it will soon be  popular!


Because it was the first day of filming, work ended at 5:30 in the afternoon.


As soon as Guo Ancheng turned his head, he couldn’t wait to call Old Man Lu: “Yes, not bad, you finally didn’t cheat me this time, you gave me a big treasure !”


Elder Lu was confused: “What is it? Me? I’ve got you some big treasure , can you talk properly ?” Guo Ancheng said, “Just your grandson, the acting is good enough! He changed his clothes today, I was taken aback!” He was too excited and incoherent. In exaggerating acting, the last sentence completely lost his face.


Elder Lu: “You are really not particular about your speech!”


It’s also a big treasure , how unsound!


Elder Lu hung up the phone, remembering that Chi Zhongqiao was living alone in a rented apartment, and suddenly felt a little pain, and asked his grandson: “Yu Zhou!”


Lu Yuzhou, who was reading, looked up, “Huh?”


Elder Lu said, ” The stewed yam ribs soup stewed by Aunt Zhou, go give a pot for Brother Qiao, it is not far away, you ask  Uncle Ye to send you there.”


Lu Yuzhou: “Me?” The old man blew his beard and glared: “You are the most leisurely at home! Go!”


Lu Yuzhou closed the book and said helplessly, “Okay, I’ll go.” The last thing he regretted in his last life was not being able to be filial to the old man, this time he will do his best to make up for this debt . If you can make the old man happy, let alone send a soup, he is willing to be asked  to send someone off.


Chi Zhongqiao finished filming a whole day of filming, dressed tightly and wearing a wig in the temperature of more than 30 degrees. Chi Zhongqiao’s body hadn’t adapted yet, and he didn’t want to move after the day.


Hearing the door bell, Chi Zhongqiao raised his head and glanced, hoping to open the security door with his eyes, but unfortunately he was a mortal and a layman. This kind of thought can only be circulated in his mind. Chi Zhongqiao stood up melancholy and opened the door. He didn’t expect that it was Lu Yuzhou standing outside the door.


It’s better than Lu Zhuo. A few days ago, together with Lu Yuzhou, he complained about the undeveloped cerebellum of Lu Zhou in front of Elder Lu, and Chi Zhongqiao’s favorability for Elder Lu has risen sharply.


Young Master Lu Yuzhou carried an insulated box, and his whole body was wrapped tightly, except for his face, neck and hands.


Chi Zhongqiao was hot as he watched, “Good evening, come in first.”


Lu Yuzhou nodded and put the insulated box in his hand on the table: “Grandpa asked me to give you some soup. Have you had dinner?”


Chi Zhong Qiao shook his head: “Not yet.”


Lu Yuzhou said, “Then I won’t bother.”


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t plan to keep people after thanking him. Lu Yuzhou’s personality is indeed not as difficult to serve as he thought, but his goodwill continues to rise. Chi Zhongqiao wouldn’t rush towards him either. He felt Lu Yuzhou’s alienation, and he didn’t want to entangle too much with Lu Yuzhou, the destined male protagonist.


The male protagonist in the original book has a more paranoid character even before the blackening.


“That’s right.”


Lu Yuzhou, who had walked out , returned to his senses, and his eyes passed through the crack of the door that was about to close.


Chi Zhongqiao opened the door again, waiting for Lu Yuzhou’s next words.


Lu Yuzhou said, “If you have time, can you please go and see the old man more? The old man is getting older and likes to have people around him.”


His expression remained the same when he spoke, but the unhuman coldness in his eyes turned away. The small opening oozes a warm and tender feeling.


Chi Zhongqiao laughed: “Yes, the old man loves me, and I will go to him when I have time.” He also wants to pay more attention to the old man’s accident, how could he leave him alone? He also wanted to find opportunities to stay with the old man.


Lu Yuzhou seemed to smile, then turned and left.


Chi Zhongqiao watched his back and unilaterally sent a good person card to Young Master Lu: Take a look, so filial, such a good boy.


He sent the card intact, and finally recovered from his exhaustion, planning to drink two mouthfuls of soup to deal with the protesting stomach. Zhou’s soup is a must, so he took out his mobile phone and swiped Weibo.


Today, he and Yan Cheng, the actor acting as the heroine, had met each other. Just now Yan Cheng posted a Weibo photo of her and Chi Zhongqiao, with the caption: Isn’t he handsome? ! !


Yan Cheng once appeared as the second female lead of a TV series. Because she looks sweet and her acting skills are justified, she has a handful of fans. There are already many active fans on Weibo. Just after Weibo was posted, there were hundreds of messages underneath. .


Chi Zhongqiao flipped through the comments and was about to put down his phone, and found that the next big V message on Weibo was particularly conspicuous:


Xu Xingzhou V: Hahaha, I haven’t joined the group yet, have you all started playing? The newcomer little brother is very good-looking, and I am starting to worry about whether I can do it.


Xu Xingzhou, the male lead of “Muyi Tianxia”, is also considered a newcomer. He has been a serious second-line actor not long after his debut, and the biggest star in the entire crew. Yan Cheng collaborated with him in his first TV series, but Xu Xingzhou is the male lead, and Yan Cheng is the second female lead who is obsessed with the male lead. The two were cooperating, and they still graduated from the same  school. In the eyes of the public, Xu Xingzhou has always taken care of the younger sister Yan Cheng.


Most of the comforts underneath are the common sayings of the fan circle:


“I only have brother in my heart!”


“No matter how good others look, I can’t look down on them. My brother is the most handsome!”


“No matter how good the newcomer is, it can’t be as good as my brother’s acting skills!”


“I Love brother, starting with looks, loyalty in character and acting skills, what little fresh meat 5[T/N: little fresh meat: artists who are new to the entertainment circle]  , he can’t compare with my brother (XXZ) !” The comments gradually crooked, and they all praised Xu XingZhou, after all, Xu Xingzhou’s live fan is several times that of Yan Cheng, and the Weibo is completely controlled by Xu Xingzhou’s fans.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled, and instead of replying on Weibo, he reposted Yan Cheng’s Weibo.


He (XXZ) went to the other girl’s Weibo to find a sense of existence…too demeaned, besides, he didn’t want to fight Xu Xingzhou.


He took a sip of the soup and thought slowly: The children nowadays are just too impatient, and the entertainment circle is such a big bowl of rice, can he eat it all by himself?



Yan Cheng shook off the phone and furiously: “Is he sick?!” The agent complained repeatedly, “Little ancestor, control your temper.”


Yan Cheng said, “His girlfriend tears me up every day. I still want to give him a smile…I, I’m so mad! Look at me, I post on Weibo, all his fans are underneath!” The agent advised her: “People are so much more arrogant than you, and they are also helping you. , What’s your future in mixing as a newcomer? People help you, and you should put a smile towards Xu Xingzhou. Could he give you a look as a big man?”


Yan Cheng sat down and stared at the dim mobile phone screen without showing what she was thinking about.


The agent only thought she had listened, and left with confidence.


Yan Cheng sneered.


No strong actress can stand others saying she hugs other’s thighs? What’s more, she is almost chased by Xu Xingzhou’s girlfriend fans, and Xu Xingzhou always likes to go under her Weibo to brush up his presence.




Yan Cheng’s fingers clasped her palms: she had so many black fans because of his personality of a sunny and warm male senior!




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


Let me know if you find any mistakes and I’ll correct it. You can also ‘buy me a coffee’ if you like it…..


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  • 1
    {T/N: boudoir :a beautifully decorated room used in the past by a woman for sleeping, dressing, relaxing, and entertaining. In the past women stay in their rooms and weren’t allowed to roam around casually.} 
  • 2
    {T/N: traffic stars : young idols with a huge “traffic” behind them–a large number of dedicated fans who are willing to pay for anything they participate in.} 
  • 3
    {T/N:  little milk dog : internet slang for  girl’s classification of her boyfriend. It is characterized by being young, sticky and loyal to her girlfriend.}
  • 4
    {T/N: people who have a lot of experience in acting.} 
  • 5
    [T/N: little fresh meat: artists who are new to the entertainment circle] 
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