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IBKAWB Chapter 32

I'm watching the beauty

Chapter 32… I’m watching the beauty


Chi Zhongqiao stayed silent for a few seconds under the gaze of the people and the cameras. He only felt unlucky to be caught in the act. He looked at Qian Ning, who seemed to be serious but was actually full of jokes, with a very innocent expression: ” I’m…”


He smiled suddenly, ” I’m watching the beauty.” As he looked at the camera, there was a smile and sincerity in every corner of his eyebrows and eyes, “Many of the seniors who came today were only seen on TV before. Yes, so when I came in, I felt that my eyes were not enough.”


Qian Ning couldn’t smile: “Hey, Qiao’s girls in front of TV, your Qiao Qiao’s mouth is so sweet.”


Chi Zhong Qiao just softened his brows but he didn’t think that he said nonsense, why is his Young Master Lu not a beauty?


Qian Ning said: “It seems that Qiao Qiao is really not nervous at all, then…”


She suddenly changed her conversation, “Let’s announce the winners now, this year’s Best Supporting Actor Award-“Muyi Tianxia” Mu Yan, played by Chi Zhong Qiao!”


Hu Zhenyu took the lead in applauding, “As expected , let us congratulate Zhong Qiao!”


There is no suspense in this award. Who else is the hottest second male lead this year besides Chi Zhong Qiao? There are big guys who had nothing else to do and have done statistics. In the entire “Muyi Tianxia” super chat and various forums, Mu Yan is the most relevant, and even among all the TV series characters this year, Mu Yan is ranked at the forefront.


What Zhuang Fu is worried about is that the number of fan votes may be less . Chi Zhongqiao’s fans have too many comrades, not to mention the high fan viscosity, even the passersby fans are more than other people in the same period-thanks to Xu Xingzhou. After that wave of popularity , most passers-by had a good impression of Chi Zhongqiao and his fans.


Lu Yuzhou quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Although he could guess, he could not relax until the results were in front of him. However, as soon as he relaxed, he remembered Chi Zhongqiao’s sentence “I’m watching the beauty .”


Lu Yuzhou realized afterwards that the word “beauty” meant him.


There was a blush behind his ears, and for a moment he wanted to go directly to someone who is always blind, regardless of whether he was acting like a baby, as long as he could get a little sweetness.


But the occasion is not right, and the timing is not right. Lu Yuzhou had to lower his head in a hurry, concealing some uncontrollable expression on his face.


Chi Zhongqiao had already left his seat and walked towards the award platform, passing by Lu Yuzhou’s position, he quietly gave Lu Yuzhou a look, then quickly retracted, and went to the award platform without squinting.


Lu Yuzhou: “…” It was only on this occasion that he realized that Chi Zhongqiao had a lot of small gestures.


It seems that no matter how stressful the scene is, he can find a little bit of free time and use it happily to enjoy himself .


And he can really have a lot of fun.


Lu Yuzhou couldn’t even think about it-what made this person’s heart to be so broad?


Chi Zhongqiao gave a satisfied look to his child, and then he went to the podium steadily.


The award was given by an old drama actor in the circle. Although he has not been popular for many years, his reputation and acting skills are widely praised. He is a low-key old man.


Chi Zhongqiao put away the little smile on his face, took the trophy from Old drama bone 1 old drama bone : someone who has a lot of experience in acting with both hands, bowed to him, and then turned and walked to the microphone.


When he was below, he looked young and indifferent, but when he was really on the stage, he had a calm and steady appearance that was beyond most people’s expectations.


“This is the first award I won after entering the showbiz.” Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes were a little dazzling in the bright lights of the hall. He stood at the front of the hall covered with red carpet, facing the people who sat in the whole hall and smiled, “This is an affirmation and encouragement for me, and also a spur…” Lu Yuzhou sat in the audience. The person who won the award was Chi Zhongqiao, but Lu Yuzhou was even happier than when he was honored.


The little prince in a white suit standing on the stage without stage fright is his brother Qiao.


that’s nice.


Lu Yuzhou suddenly let go of all the resentment he had brought back from rebirth. He almost wanted to laugh—how good it would be to protect the health of the old man he grew up with. And he was sitting down at the moment, watching the career of the most fascinating person in his life go well, and he could even pave a smooth starlight path for the people he loves.


There is nothing worthy of resentment and injustice. It is the most important thing to protect everything in your hands. With such a small heart, it is enough to care about the people you love the most.


Only at this moment did Lu Yuzhou feel that he was really reborn as a human being, a living person who could try warmth and love, rather than an evil spirit who climbed up to get revenge.



The thank you words were all memorized in advance. Chi Zhongqiao didn’t even stumble and said the thank you words smoothly. After leaving the microphone, he bowed again, and then returned to his seat with his little trophy. .


As soon as he sat down, Yan Cheng couldn’t help but said, “Brother Qiao, show me… it’s so good-looking, prettier than me.”


Chi Zhongqiao generously handed out the trophy and motioned her to watch it casually.


Yan Cheng touched a few times , and said with satisfaction: “I’m really satisfied this time. I won’t care about anything else later. Oh, brother Qiao, do you know what you looked like just now? Full of charisma !” It’s nothing unusual to look good. How many of the people sitting in this place don’t look good? But it’s different if you are young and look good and can hold your place.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled.


The two whispered a few words, and then sat down-the best actor and actress award will be announced soon.


Xu Xingzhou was more nervous than the two. Yan Cheng didn’t think she could get this award at all, but Xu Xingzhou was different, he was mainly waiting for the best male actor .


Because of the high hopes for the award, when he heard that the best actor was Shao Zong, the loss on his face could not be hidden.


After the event, the drama “Muyi Tianxia” was formed as the biggest winner among all the crews of this year, and it won several awards in one go. Guo Ancheng proposed to hold a celebration banquet, but a group of people clamored to join, and found a restaurant nearby, ordered a few tables of food, and sat down.


Guo Ancheng’s son went abroad. He let himself go and asked for a lot of wine. He grabbed people and drank it. Except for those who really couldn’t drink, others were already drunk after a few glasses.


When the celebration banquet ended, Chi Zhongqiao, Yan Cheng and Xu Xingzhou drank a lot.


Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes were empty, his alcohol tolerance was a little better than before, but he couldn’t hold it back after drinking.


Fortunately, Zhong Yin followed him, “Brother Qiao? Brother Qiao? Do you still recognize people? You wait a while, Mr. Lu will come…” He was looking for someone, suddenly raised his eyes to see Xu Xingzhou pushing away the assistant , and stumbled over here.


Zhong Yin was taken aback. He didn’t know what the drunk was going to do, so he helped Chi Zhongqiao to walk a few steps to the side to make way for Xu Xingzhou.


Xu Xingzhou turned a corner and came directly at Chi Zhongqiao.


Although Chi Zhongqiao was a little dumbfounded by the drink, he was not yet silly, knowing that Xu Xingzhou was mostly coming for him, so he pushed away Zhong Yin and frowned and looked at Xu Xingzhou.


Xu Xingzhou didn’t get the best actor tonight. He sat and drank in the celebration party. He drank a small bottle of white wine and a few glasses of beer alone. He would be completely irrational.


“You…” Xu Xingzhou stared at Chi Zhongqiao, and first he hiccuped his alcohol. Before the 1.8-meter-high man started to speak, his eyes turned red first. “Aren’t you just relying on good luck… There is a background …”


Chi Zhongqiao was a little flustered-why did he cry before he said anything ?


Xu Xingzhou choked and accused: “Koi! Everyone says you are a koi! The whole place worships you, isn’t your popularity coming from this? Not only do you have good luck, you also have a hard backstage, or if the backstage is hard, you can rely on it to be red?”


“President of Zhaohui is your younger brother. Of course, everything good will be given to you. The best character in “Muyi Tianxia”, the second male lead in “Invisible Crime “, you are so popular, are you not guilty?”


Chi Zhongqiao is very kind , in his sober state, he would definitely not care about Xu Xingzhou, but he had just drunk, and now he is also a drunk cat. Xu Xingzhou came to argue with him, and he wanted to speak back.


He thought so in his heart, and of course he did so: “You are not right. The Mu Yan of “Muyi Tianxia” was originally a left out character , and no one was acting before it was my turn. This has nothing to do with the backstage. The role in “The Invisible Crime” is also determined by the director who saw the previous “Mu Yi Tianxia” and thought that I was a suitable appearance. How do you know that I didn’t audition?”


Xu Xingzhou: “…” What should he do, he actually thinks Chi Zhongqiao makes sense.


Xu Xingzhou’s assistant bit his lips and grabbed the drunken Xu Xingzhou, “Brother Xu, you are drunk, let’s go back…” This is the gate, although there are not many people in the middle of the night, but who knows if the paparazzi is hiding here? What if they take a sneak shot?


Xu Xingzhou shook his assistant away, “I’m not drunk!” The assistant was pushed back several steps unexpectedly, and watched Xu Xingzhou head towards Chi Zhongqiao, his face pale in fright.


Brother Xu come back!


Zhong Yin quickly rushed to stop Xu Xingzhou, but the drunk knew how to turn, so he bypassed Zhong Yin.


Zhong Yin: “Brother Qiao, hide!” Chi Zhongqiao reached out and held Xu Xingzhou, who was rushing over, wondering: “Why hide?”


Xu Xingzhou: “…”


Chi Zhongqiao patted Xu Xingzhou on the head, “I have something to say. You are not good at fighting. You are also a public figure at any rate. Pay attention to the influence. Being photographed, one thing is that its strain to your future, and the other is a bad role model for fans. As a star, how can you be so rude in public? ……”


Zhong Yin quietly moved back a few steps-why didn’t he find that Brother Qiao was so capable of preaching before? It’s terrible, Xu Xingzhou is going to die of anger.


Xu Xingzhou: “…” The alcohol got to his head , his thoughts are knotted, if he can control his tongue, he would’ve cursed by now.


He coughed twice, his mind was so dizzy by Chi Zhongqiao, he had to squat on the ground and pant heavily.


The assistant hurriedly followed him back, for fear that he would faint if he couldn’t breathe.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t let him go, and squatted down together to continue babbling, “You just said I was lucky, so the first drama became popular. If you want to say where I am really lucky, then it must be to pick up the left out role of Mu Yan. But when I played the role of Mu Yan, I didn’t fool around. You so lightly attributed all the results I got to luck, and I would get angry.”


Xu Xingzhou opened his mouth: “You…cough cough cough…” He was so excited that he choked on a cold breeze before saying a few words and coughed violently.


The assistant is about to cry: “Brother Qiao, I beg you to stop talking. Our brother Xu drank a lot and his mind is not clear. You have a big heart . Let our brother Xu go this time.” Besides, Brother Xu is going to die of anger!


Oh my god, why is there such a little devil who is holding on to people and having justifications? What kind of bastard are you?


Zhong Yin: “…” He didn’t dare to pull Chi Zhongqiao hard, so he squatted down and prepared to persuade Chi Zhongqiao to get back into the car. Suddenly, he noticed a thin and tall shadow cast on the ground. Zhong Yin looked up and was shocked. There was a hiccup.


Fuck, it’s Mr. Lu!


Lu Yuzhou had just finished reading the document, with radiation-proof flat glasses on the bridge of his nose, and the gaze filtered by the lens became colder and dissatisfied .


He glanced at Zhong Yin and leaned down to coax Chi Zhongqiao in a low voice.


Zhong Yin was so scared that his calf was trembling: Hey, I am dying, wouldn’t the big boss think I’m useless and turn around and drive me? !


“Brother Qiao?”


Lu Yuzhou reached out and put his hand on Chi Zhongqiao’s shoulders, not daring to put any effort, just imaginary support.


Chi Zhongqiao looked dumbfounded.


Lu Yuzhou turned to Zhong Yin: “How much did Brother Qiao drink?”


Zhong Yin tremblingly showed a finger.


Lu Yuzhou: “One cup?”


Zhong Yin slowly raised his second and third fingers: “Three cups…white.”


I’m dying.


Zhong Yin felt the change in Lu Yuzhou’s eyes, and thought desperately: Maybe Qiao Brother will not see me tomorrow if he opens his eyes.


Chi Zhongqiao had difficulty recognizing Lu Yuzhou, and smiled at him.


Lu Yuzhou helplessly said, “What are you smirking? Is it okay to go home now?”


Chi Zhongqiao nodded.


Lu Yuzhou avoided Zhong Yin to help Chi Zhongqiao’s hand, and helped Chi Zhongqiao into his car by himself.


Xu Xingzhou’s assistant breathed a sigh of relief, and left with Xu Xingzhou who was still swearing.


In the car, Chi Zhongqiao fell asleep leaning on Lu Yuzhou’s shoulder.


Zhong Yin was sitting on the co-pilot tremblingly, not even daring to turn his head back, but he could feel that the big boss’s gaze was staring at him, that kind of cold, existential gaze almost set him on fire. .


Lu Yuzhou: “Zhong Yin.”


Still coming.


Zhong Yin wailed in his heart and turned his head and whispered: “Mr. Lu.”


Lu Yuzhou didn’t look up, but he lowered his eyes and gazed at Chi Zhongqiao’s face carefully: “Before I came, what were you guys doing squatting on the ground ? ”


Zhong Yin swallowed, bit the bullet and said ,” Xu Xingzhou was the one who went crazy after drinking , saying that Brother Qiao was lucky and that he was famous because of the backstage. ”


Lu Yuzhou lifted his eyes.


Zhong Yin was so frightened that he bounced up and hit the roof of the car, making him cry out in pain.


Chi Zhongqiao was awakened and rubbed his face in a daze, “What’s the matter?”


Lu Yuzhou was just rubbed by him, and suddenly froze.



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    old drama bone : someone who has a lot of experience in acting
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I love how dead drunk CZQ is still such a big brother character! That’s the kind of lecture you’d get if you were caught drinking underage or smoking by your affectionate but strict big bro! Some people might swing as few fists or cuss up a storm. Not this type! It’s really sweet in it’s own way (though definitely not all that appreciated by its audience)!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. Avatar Kimmy says:

      Yes I like that too!

      Thanks for the update! 💕

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