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IBKAWB Chapter 3

White Moonlight

Chapter 3 White Moonlight    


After Guo Ancheng chatted with his old friend on the phone this morning, he was actually very unhappy. He had carefully prepared the TV series for most of the year, and the old friend of his has just squeezed in a relative into the cast. Will anyone be happy?


Had it not been for his son who did not give money to invest, he wouldn’t beg from the old man Lu. While waiting to meet someone, he must adjust himself to take a good posture and be a little reserved…



This kind of unhappiness continued until Guo Ancheng saw Chi Zhong Qiao.


There are as many handsome men and beauties in the entertainment industry, as the fishes in the sea. Guo Ancheng have seen many kinds of faces, but he was still stunned when he saw Chi Zhong Qiao, and a sentence echoed in his mind repeatedly: “It’s him. That’s it!”


Whether it’s the original work or the script, the second male lead is set as a “white moonlight”, and now what is more in line with the three words “white moonlight” 1{T/N: white moonlight : a person whom they loved but couldn’t attain or who is no longer with them and remains forever in their memory /can also refer to someone’s first love.}  than the face in front of you?


Chi Zhong Qiao calmly shook hands with Guo Ancheng ignoring his scorching eyes and introduced himself politely.


He had already practiced the exercises of staying under the spotlight to the extreme, and of course he didn’t care about a person’s gaze. Moreover, Chi Zhong Qiao has read the original work of “Muyi Tianxia”, and has thoroughly thought about the person who is described as the second male lead. Today, he adjusted his state when he went out, and made sure to make himself look a little “warm and innocent” gentleman.


Chi Zhong Qiao kept smiling, and quickly turned over the phone on the table, covering the words “Xiao Xian “2{T/N:  Xiao Xian : to spend one’s leisure time by idling away.}  on the phone case.

Miscalculated, forgot to replace the phone case.


Guo Ancheng and Chi Zhong Qiao had a chat. Leaving aside all external factors, he liked Chi Zhong Qiao very much. First of all, no matter what he says, the other party can pick up the topic smoothly, knowing almost everything!


Chi Zhong Qiao “unintentionally” revealed a little bit about the follow-up plot of “Muyi Tianxia”, Guo Ancheng was surprised: “Have you read the original?”


Chi Zhong Qiao smiled slightly, his eyes are especially clear, and when he smiles, he will subconsciously lowers his eyelashes, appearing very introverted, which also led to an extremely sincere feeling in his expression no matter what he said.


“I deliberately read the original book. After reading it, I think it’s no wonder that you want to make this drama. This is really a rare good book.”


This is not against his intentions. He read the novel. The layout is much broader, and the plot rhythm of the novel is very good. If the screenwriter has enough strength, and the editing and post–production is able to keep up, it will definitely explode.


Who doesn’t like to listen to rainbow farts, not to mention the rainbow farts which are very clever. Guo Ancheng was persuaded to be excited, and gave Old Man Lu a look: Your cheap grandson is very good.


Old man Lu: “…”


Guo Ancheng became more and more satisfied, and Chi Zhong Qiao’s face really gave him too many points to accept .


This look is really amazing, and there are very few in the entire entertainment industry that are more outstanding than him. Only in terms of looks, he has nothing to say. The problem is acting…


Guo Ancheng slapped his thigh: It’s useless to have a face without acting!


Elder Lu could see what the old friend was thinking at a glance, and immediately blocked Guo Ancheng’s words: “Old Guo, are you still having enough funds?” When Guo Ancheng heard him mentioning about funds, he coughed and said, “This,..this hasn’t been shot yet, who knows.” Damn, threatening me with money.


Elder Lu laughed and said, “That’s good.” If you dare not want my people, I will divest.


Old man Lu took a sip of his tea, “Anyway, your character can’t find anyone other than our family’s Zhong Qiao,” the old man stretched out his hand, patted Chi Zhong Qiao with a gentle gesture, and praised: “Professional class is good. It’s awesome, you won’t be able to find another even if you search with the lantern!”


Chi Zhong Qiao almost subconsciously nodded, but remembered his position hurriedly stopped himself. He glanced at old man Lu and said in his heart,”The old man’s eyes are really not picky.”


Guo Ancheng wanted to keep Elder Lu’s investment, and nodded with a broken heart.


Elder Lu himself was also relieved; He was afraid that Lao Guo would ask for a test show. Zhong Qiao had not graduated yet. Although he said he did well in professional courses, it would be bad if he was nervous on the spot.


The three had a meal with each to their own thoughts, and Elder Lu took Chi Zhong Qiao away contentedly, leaving Guo Ancheng with a long sigh; Oh, what if it’s a vase 3{T/N : vase: slang for someone who has a beautiful face but no skills. } ! Let him act !


Elder Lu got out of the car and patted Chi Zhong Qiao’s hand, saying, “Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t matter if the performance is not good, so many celebrities are still red and purple  4{T/N: being both red and purple : having both, positive and negative news about them, fans and haters}  when they shoot, let’s not be afraid! Don’t be nervous when you get to the crew, there is Grandpa Lu who will support you.” In fact, he knew in his heart that it is easier said than done. No matter how well he is at theoretical learning, he will definitely have problems when he is in front of the camera for the first time.


But so what? This is a TV series he has invested in, he can add whoever he wants to !


Chi Zhong Qiao responded docilely and watched the old man slowly walk into the study.


The old man’s somewhat rickety back reveals the domineering and unparalleled “I have both short-term protection and money, what do you want?” Chi Zhong Qiao is very fascinated.


Maybe this is the boss.


…The college entrance examination results are finally out, and Lu Yuzhou is unsurprisingly the provincial champion in science. Looking at this score, it may still be the top pick among the top picks, the top champion in the country.


When Chi Zhong Qiao heard this score, he gave himself a compliment: Boy, you have a credit for saving the Lu family!


Missing the college entrance examination can be said to be the beginning of Lu Yuzhou’s subsequent blackening. This incident lead to the revelation of Lu Zhuo’s tricks. At that time, the old man had passed away, and the completely blackened Lu Yuzhou destroyed the Lu family, which was still peaceful in the past. Although Chi Zhong Qiao didn’t know the various details, it was thrilling to think about it.


The college entrance examination went smoothly, and with such a high score, Lu Yuzhou should never look back in the future. It is possible that Chi Zhong Qiao, a small character, may finally be able to get rid of the plot and play on his own.


On the night when the scores were announced, Chi Zhong Qiao finally met father and mother Lu, who were “on business,” and Lu Zhuo, who gave Chi Zhong Qiao a glass of milk and slipped away.


Lu Zhuo and Chi Zhong Qiao are the same age, three years older than Lu Yuzhou. He and Chi Zhong Qiao were junior high school classmates. Later, when they were in high school, his grades were a little worse and went to a different high school. When he was in junior high school, Chi Zhong Qiao was bullied by Lu Zhuo, and when he saw him, he subconsciously feared him.


But now Chi Zhong Qiao’s 20-year-old body is occupied by Chi Yi who has been playing in the entertainment industry for more than ten years. It is really impossible to be afraid of a boy who has not yet entered the society.


Although Chi Zhong Qiao knows that Lu Zhuo is one of the big bosses on the way forward in the later stage of the novel, Lu Zhuo is still a young man in his sophomore year. Although he has been crooked, he has not yet reached the point of killing and arson.


Chi Yi was born as a child star and has been in the circle for more than ten years. He has seen too many winds and waves, that a little broken boy can’t scare him.


The atmosphere at the dinner table was a bit stiff, but in general it was still peaceful.


Chi Zhong Qiao recalled the introduction at the beginning of the novel. Lu’s father and mother were partial to the eldest son Lu Zhuo, and had a plastic affection 5{T/N: plastic affection :just for show and no real affection }  for Lu Yuzhou, the younger son who was close to his grandfather. As for Lu Zhuo…Maybe he has a different talent. He has been well treated and loved since he was a child. He loves to compete with Lu Yuzhou, but it is a pity that he is not very competitive, and he is always weaker than Lu Yuzhou.


Probably because of the glass of milk, Chi Zhong Qiao had a hard time during this meal, and Lu Zhuo looked at him in such a way that said that he wanted to eat him raw.


Elder Lu warned Lu Zhuo once, and then Lu Zhuo withdrew his fierce look.


Chi Zhong Qiao knew that he was angered, and Lu Zhou must deal with him tonight.


Sure enough, after eating, Lu Zhuo, under the pretext of taking a walk, got rid of everyone’s sight, and threatened Chi Zhong Qiao with his eyes before leaving.


Chi Zhong Qiao sighed, greeted the loving old man, got up and followed out.


Not long after the two of them were out, Lu Yuzhou put down his cup and got up: “Grandpa, I’ll go out to eat.” Grandpa Lu nodded.


Chi Zhong Qiao and Lu Zhuo walked out of the courtyard of the villa and slid onto a small road with no people.


As soon as he left the eyes of everyone, Lu Zhuo immediately turned around and aggressively said, “I asked you to give him the glass of milk, did you watch him drink it?”


Chi Zhong Qiao seemed to be frightened by him, and took two steps back. He was very puzzled: “Yes, he should have drunk it, what’s wrong? Is there anything wrong with that glass of milk?”


Lu Zhuo was choked. Of course, he put sleeping pills in Lu Yuzhou’s milk. Of course, the less people knew, the better, so Chi Zhong Qiao didn’t know it. His eager question made Chi Zhong Qiao suspicious…


Lu Zhuo secretly scolded himself for his impulse and said stiffly, “It’s nothing, I gave him something for the first time, I want to know if he drank it. Did you tell him that I asked you to send it?”


Chi Zhongqiao said to himself that he would be a fool to believe his nonsense, “You told me not to say that you gave it, and I was afraid he would not accept it. So, I didn’t say it.”


Lu Zhuo felt fortunate in his heart. God knows that he was uneasy since he knew that Lu Yuzhou had not slept for the college entrance examination, for fear that his private little actions would be known to Lu Yuzhou, and it would be bad if he filed a complaint in front of the old man.


Although most of the Lu family’s properties have now been moved to the hands of Lu’s father and mother, the grandfather still holds a few promising companies in his hands. The most important thing is that the grandfather has always been eccentric, and he will definitely not show him face because of such trivial matters. Maybe he would secretly transfer the company under his name to Lu Yuzhou…


That would not be worth the loss.


Lu Zhuo glanced at Chi Zhong Qiao and said, “I kindly advise you, Lu Yuzhou has a much worse temper than me. You follow him all day long, and he may pick you up when he sees you unpleasing. There is no place to cry even if you want to cry later.”


Chi Zhong Qiao and Lu Yuzhou got along for a little more than half a month. They stayed under one roof. He didn’t find that Lu Yuzhou had a bad temper. Instead, he felt that Lu Yuzhou was polite and cute.


He said sincerely, “Is he worse-tempered than you? That’s really scary.”


Lu Zhuo almost choked himself to death. He squeezed his fist and gave Chi Zhong Qiao a grim look. “Please pay attention to your words.” !”


” What did big brother say that needs to be paid attention to?”


A cold voice came from behind.


Chi Zhong Qiao turned his head, Lu Yuzhou was behind them, standing in the shadow of a tree, his brows hidden in the dark, most of his face could not be seen clearly.


Lu Zhuo was horrified, gasped severely, and resisted the urge to yell at him, “No, nothing, it’s okay. I have something to do with my dad, so I will leave first.”


How long has Lu Yuzhou been listening to him? What do you know? Why didn’t he feel it at all? Just say that this kid is evil! Chi Zhong Qiao will be dragged to death by this kid sooner or later, and so will the Lu family!


Lu Zhuo took two steps back like a ghost, stumbling with his left foot and walking with his right foot.


Chi Zhong Qiao looked at Lu Zhuo’s staggering back and felt a little regretful: “The dignified young master of the Lu family, the cerebellum has not developed well.”


Lu Yuzhou raised the corner of his lips. He is very strange. Even if he laughs, he can’t laugh completely: “Perhaps this is called brain damage.”


Chi Zhong Qiao agreed.




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  • 1
    {T/N: white moonlight : a person whom they loved but couldn’t attain or who is no longer with them and remains forever in their memory /can also refer to someone’s first love.} 
  • 2
    {T/N:  Xiao Xian : to spend one’s leisure time by idling away.} 
  • 3
    {T/N : vase: slang for someone who has a beautiful face but no skills. }
  • 4
    {T/N: being both red and purple : having both, positive and negative news about them, fans and haters} 
  • 5
    {T/N: plastic affection :just for show and no real affection } 
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