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IBKAWB Chapter 2

TV Series

Chapter 2  TV series    


It is rare in summer to have such a lingering rain, which is finely woven into a dense net.


Lu Yuzhou didn’t bring an umbrella, and he was not in a hurry, walking slowly with a bag in one hand, which was very conspicuous among the trotting students. The school door hasn’t been opened yet, so they can only stand in front of the door to not get caught in the rain.


When Lu Yuzhou walked to the door, the school gate just opened, and he walked out along with the flow of people. Chi Zhong Qiao had already greeted him with an umbrella, and the pattering rain over the sky was immediately blocked. Chi Zhong Qiao said, “Let’s go.”


Although the break time at noon is long, it takes more than an hour to go back and forth if you go home and there’s no time to rest. So Lu Yuzhou booked a room in a hotel a little farther away, and came over for lunch break at noon.


Chi Zhong Qiao sent people into the room and looked around and thought that the hotel environment was pretty good. “Actually, you can live here at night. It’s closer than at home. It’s more convenient.”


Lu Yuzhou said, “I can’t sleep in the hotel at night.” This kind of small hotel room is actually very easy to manipulate. If Lu Zhuo decides not to let him take the exam, then his stay here will undoubtedly give Lu Zhuo hundreds of chances to think about harming him.


Chi Zhong Qiao nodded, he had been holding a box about ten centimeters high, and at the moment he slowly took it out and placed it in front of Lu Yuzhou.


Lu Yuzhou: “What?”


Chi Zhong Qiao said, “I’m sorry that I broke your cup yesterday. I didn’t have time to say sorry to you. This is a new one I bought. Do you still like it?” He moved the box forward and pushed it a bit.


Lu Yuzhou no longer remembered what his broken cup looked like. At this moment, Chi Zhong Qiao mentioned to him that Chi Zhongqiao had dropped one of his cups.  Chi Zhongqiao had a good eye. He bought a brown mug without any fancy decorations, which made it look very plain.


Lu Yuzhou said, “I like it very much, it’s good.”


Chi Zhong Qiao breathed a sigh of relief: “Yes, then you have a good rest. I will go back to class first.”


His class started at 1:50 in the afternoon and didn’t have time to spend in the hotel.


Lu Yuzhou nodded.


When Chi Zhong Qiao left, he picked up the mug, his fingertips swept across the mouth of the cup, but his eyes drifted away. He remembered that Chi Zhongqiao unknowingly gave him a glass of milk with sleeping pills. After he discovered this, he blocked Chi Zhongqiao, who had already emerged in the entertainment industry. At that time, Chi Zhong Qiao was already a small celebrity, and he had fixed fans, but also had opponents who disliked each other. As soon as Chi Zhong Qiao was banned, all the grieving melon-eaters came and stepped on him, and Chi Zhong Qiao fell silent under the pressure of the black net.


Later, when Lu Yuzhou investigated and learned that the sleeping pills were given by Lu Zhuo, and that Chi Zhong Qiao didn’t even know, he could no longer find Chi Zhong Qiao.


To say who Lu Yuzhou feels guilty to after rebirth, it is Chi Zhong Qiao.


This morning Chi Zhongqiao came to knock on his door. He thought that Chi Zhong Qiao was also born again, and knocked on the door only when he knew he would have fallen asleep. But now it seems that it is not the case.


In any case, he was sorry for Chi Zhong Qiao, and again, he hoped to make some compensation.


…The college entrance examination was finally settled in two days, and Lu Yuzhou successfully finished the exam.


Chi Zhong Qiao’s heart was finally relieved. Lu Yuzhou didn’t miss the college entrance examination this time, and he might not investigate what happened during this period of time in the future.


He can also ponder about his future with peace of mind.


Chi Zhong Qiao is already in his third year of junior year, and the next summer vacation is coming. He has a lot of private time and plans to go out for a run by himself. What Chi Zhong Qiao didn’t expect was that Chen Han, who was next to Mr. Lu, found him first.


Chi Zhong Qiao was puzzled: “The old man is looking for me?”


Chen Han said, “Yes, the old man is in the study now, please come over.” Because of the injury to his body in his early years, the old man Lu retired from the army very early and went to the sea to earn money. He got a very objective family business. Now that he is older, his company is handed over to his son and daughter-in-law.


Chi Zhong Qiao put down the thick notebook in his hand and nodded, “Okay, I will go now.”


He didn’t know why the old man was asking for him. He thought about it and didn’t do anything taboo recently. Could it be that the milk incident was exposed?


Old man Lu’s study was on the first floor. When Chi Zhong Qiao knocked on the door, he was staring at the picture frame on the table.


Chi Zhong Qiao stood at the door and took a look. He remembered that old man Lu showed him the photo the first day when he came here. It was a family portrait. The Lu family was there. At that time, it looked very harmonious.


Chi Zhong Qiao did not venture in, but knocked on the door three times again.


Old man Lu recovered his senses and said lovingly, ” Zhong Qiao? Come in and sit here. As people get older, their eyes and ears are not as sharp as they were when they were young.”


Chi Zhong Qiao smiled and sat down across from him .


The old man looked at Chi Zhong Qiao carefully. Chi Zhong Qiao undoubtedly has a pleasing face. It is not the fashionable creamy beauty of the current entertainment circle, nor is it the sharp beauty of the two children of the Lu family but  handsome.


It belongs to the face that is amazing at first sight, and the more people look at it, the more people love it.


As the saying goes, people with this kind of appearance are mostly humble and introverted, and they are very capable of withstanding storms.


Old man Lu nodded: “Good boy, I heard that you were running to the crew recently?”


Chi Zhong Qiao said, “I have nothing to do during summer vacation. So I’m going to find a crew to adapt in advance.”


Old man Lu blurted out, ” You are better than your bastard dad. ! ”


Chi Zhong Qiao was slightly embarrassed, You cursing my father in front of my face, is that really okay?


Elder Lu coughed, and said lovingly: “I have an old friend who is a director. He has made several TV series. This year he has prepared a new series. There is a lack of a  second male lead.  Are you interested in seeing it?”


Without waiting for Chi Zhong Qiao to speak, the old man said, “My friend, although the TV series is not very good, in the words of you young people, it is unpopular , but it is not to the point where it cannot go on the stage. The most important thing is, I know him very well. We invested in TV dramas. No one will not show you face when you go there! But the male lead has already been decided, and there is only one second male lead who is undecided …”


Chi Zhong Qiao was startled. Unexpectedly, the old man would be able to say this, intimately, no different from any ordinary elder who loves his grandson.


In the memory of the original body, the old man Lu helped him a lot. Later, when the old man died unexpectedly, the Lu family couldn’t even maintain the apparent peace. They fell apart overnight, and Lu Yuzhou and the Lu family completely tore their faces.


Chi Zhong Qiao sighed in his heart, but it was a pity that he didn’t finish reading the novel. He didn’t know when the accident happened, otherwise… If he still pays more attention, maybe he can do something to stop it from happening.


Coming back to the present, the director recommended by the old man will not be too bad, after all, the old man’s business vision is real.


Chi Zhong Qiao was thinking and didn’t answer in time.


Old man Lu quickly said, “I won’t force you. My friend is Guo Ancheng. The play at hand is adapted from an online novel. Isn’t this popular in the past two years? What is the name of the novel… ‘Muyi Tianxia’, the novel seems to be pretty hot.” The old man tried his best to recall the conversation with Guo Ancheng two days ago, and wanted to give Chi Zhong Qiao some answers.


Chi Zhong Qiao smiled, sitting next to the old man, and said, “I’m very willing. Grandpa Lu, you don’t know that although I said that was looking for the crew these past two days, I really couldn’t find a chance for a new unknown person like me to join any crew. You helped me, its really my fortune.”


Actually, he didn’t find the crew which wanted to join. After all, Chi Zhong Qiao’s face is here. It’s just that, the kind of drama that the crew shoots are all exaggerated dramas, and he doesn’t want to take it when he is not short of money. After all, Chi Zhong Qiao was originally considered a B-list actor, and his acting skills are widely praised by directors in the industry. In this life, he has a better face, and his career has started again. He doesn’t want to take a bad drama in the first movie.


He also knows in his heart that, although his vision is still very high, his standards must be put down to mix in the entertainment industry. It doesn’t matter whether the first character he acted as is male six or male eighteen. First find a serious crew and show his face.


Elder Lu smiled and patted Chi Zhong Qiao’s hand with relief and said with satisfaction, “That’s good, go out with Grandpa tomorrow night to see you Grandpa Guo.” At first, he was worried that the child was high-spirited and would not be willing to take a supporting role. He is indeed a good boy, who is down to earth.


Chi Zhong Qiao spoke with the old man for a while, and he made him laugh constantly. Seeing the tired look on his face, he thoughtfully said goodnight and left the study.


After Chi Zhong Qiao left, one of the “walls” in the corner of the study was opened, and Lu Yuzhou walked out.


In the entire Lu family, apart from Elder Lu and Lu Yuzhou, no one knew that there was a small compartment behind the study, which was very small. It contained the Elder Lu’s most beloved treasures, which was usually cleaned by  his confidant Chen Han.


“That kid is nice, are you satisfied?” The old man held up the teacup and cast a sideways glance at his grandson.


Lu Yuzhou smiled, sitting next to the old man and squeezing his shoulders, “You are great,you always do things well.” He gave a thumbs up.


The old man glared at him and said, “I said I would find a better crew for Zhong Qiao, but you disagree. You have to let him act in the TV series of the old man Guo Ancheng. You don’t know his virtue? Yes, it’s not that bad. But he has filmed six or seven films, do you see which one is popular?” The old man felt distressed after thinking about it: “Look at Qiao Qiao, who looks so good, and I heard that the professional courses are also very good. Why should I pay Guo Ancheng?”


Lu Yuzhou said, “Maybe Grandpa Guo would turn over this time and became popular in one fell swoop?” If he remembered correctly, the drama ” MuYi Tianxia” in his previous life was really explosive, and it became the biggest dark horse this year. The hero and heroine are popular, but the biggest winner is the actor who plays the second man. And the role he transferred to Chi Zhong Qiao this time is the second male lead.


As for the original second male actor…. due to the butterfly effect 1{T/N:butterfly effect :The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. The concept is imagined with a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a typhoon. … Simple systems, with few variables, can nonetheless show unpredictable and sometimes chaotic behavior…           Here LY’s rebirth creates the butterfly effect.}  , who knows where he went?


The old man hurriedly said, “Bah, baah! I tell you, don’t do anything like that…poisonous milk! Yes, just your luck and nonsense.”


Lu Yuzhou said , “…I think I have been having good luck in the past two days.” The old man was still indignant, “Keep it down. I heard your nonsense and bought some scrap music, now what? Thank you for your patronage!.”


Lu Yuzhou: “…” That scrap music was not made by him, blame the old man for buying it when the luck is not good?2{T/N : I guess they are talking about some music that they invested in but lost money}



Chi Zhong Qiao went back to his room, took out his mobile phone and prepared to buy a copy of the original “Muyi Tianxia” to read. When he typed four characters on his mobile phone, he found that he was a little familiar with this TV series, and he thought about it carefully. After thinking for a while, he thought in amazement, “Isn’t this a TV series that Lu Yuzhou made a lot of money after investing?”


How did it change to the old man’s investment now? And the time of appearance has also been advanced, so the plot of the original book is just like that… or has it changed?


Does that mean that he can struggle from being a cannon fodder, acting in more scenes , and becoming a  second male lead?




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~

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    {T/N:butterfly effect :The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. The concept is imagined with a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a typhoon. … Simple systems, with few variables, can nonetheless show unpredictable and sometimes chaotic behavior…           Here LY’s rebirth creates the butterfly effect.} 
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    {T/N : I guess they are talking about some music that they invested in but lost money}
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