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IBKAWB Chapter 13



Chapter 13… Trailer


Zhuang Fu has two artists in his hands, one Chi Zhongqiao and the other Zhou Yunmo.


Aside from Chi Zhongqiao, Zhou Yunmo has been in this circle after his debut for two full years. Currently, he has only played third male and fourth male leads in a few dramas, not even enough to be a second male lead, but even so, Zhou Yunmo is already one of the company’s most prominent artists, there are only two or three second- and third-line male and female stars that are more popular than Zhou Yunmo, but Zhou Yunmo has never taken the role of male second.


It can only be said that he is worthy of being Zhaohui’s little prince, and the resources in his hand are more than ordinary people.


Zhuang Fu couldn’t help sighing.


Zhuang Fu tentatively asked, “Then Zhong Qiao has any intentions recently? I can contact you with some variety shows.”


Zhaohui is not a big company and does not have a set of procedures for bringing new people. Under this circumstance, what variety show would want Chi Zhongqiao, a young actor who has no works and no fans? Taking Ten thousand steps back we can say, even if Zhuang Fu could contact anyone , it wouldn’t be a good show. When he went there, it would be a vase, and Zhuang Fu would owe favors.


No need.


So Chi Zhongqiao said, “When I was in school, the teacher also told me that the actors should still focus on improving themselves, so I’d better learn more from the teachers in the company.” It’s not wrong to learn more, his acting skills have been stuck in a bottleneck. What is needed is not hard work but an opportunity, so he can practice other things, such as vocal music and body postures.


Everyone loves to hear this.


Zhuang Fu breathed a sigh of relief: If Chi Zhongqiao really asked him to contact someone , he would be embarrassed.


“Well, what are your intentions? You can fill in this first. I’ll take it back and tell the teachers and you can go there tomorrow.”


Chi Zhongqiao took the form and listed some courses on it. In fact, these courses are usually directly arranged to artists, there are compulsory courses, and artists can also take elective courses. But Chi Zhongqiao, as a genuine relationship householder, can decide which one he chooses.


In addition to actor’s compulsory course, Chi Zhongqiao chose vocal music.


Zhuang Fu took a look, and was a little surprised: Chi Zhongqiao took many courses, and it seemed that he didn’t plan to come to play, but really wanted to treat acting as a career.


Zhuang Fu collected the form: “Then I will arrange it now. By the way, Zhong Qiao,” I will give you more time to come out when “Mu Yi Tian Xia” starts to be promoted over there.”


Chi Zhong Qiao smiled, “Okay. Thank you. If you have anything to do, go and continue your work in the company.” He has no classes and no announcements. He has has a lot of time in his hands recently, but  there’s not much time left before the publicity campaign of “Muyi Tianxia”  and he’ll probably be busy soon.




The shooting progress of “Muyi Tianxia” was faster than Chi Zhongqiao had imagined. It was completed at the end of October, immediately followed by the finalisation of the film and the promotion began in early November.


The night before entering the promotion, Guo Ancheng dragged Chi Zhongqiao to complain: “I can’t eat well and sleep well during this period. I’m busy patting my forehead every day. If I don’t earn some good money , my son will definitely not let me continue to shoot!” He is obviously an old man, but he lives like a child, life is difficult.


Chi Zhongqiao sighed for the old man in his heart, but what he said was both ironic and festive: “Relax your heart, time will revolve. This time, it’s up to you. It will definitely be popular.”


He is someone who has read the script 1{T/N: * script : referring to the original story. . , This play will definitely explode, he doesn’t know the details, but in the end, the director and starring role of this play gained both fame and fortune, and they also won a considerable award.


Guo Ancheng has directed several TV shows in succession, or he has never been popular except for the first one. He has paid a lot for “Muyi Tianxia” and also has great expectations, hoping that this drama can make a beautiful turnaround.


While feeling good, Guo Ancheng was uneasy: because he felt that way every time he rushed to the street.




Guo Ancheng asked.


Chi Zhongqiao has listened to these  words no less than twelve times, but fortunately, he is a patient person himself, and he can comfort Guo Ancheng indifferently.


“Maybe something will happen tomorrow, so I will give our crew a wave of enthusiasm in advance.”


Chi Zhongqiao calmed Guo Ancheng for a while, and the other party hung up the phone. He took two glasses of milk, one to Lu Yuzhou, who was next to him, and one to drink by himself.


He actually doesn’t like to drink milk, but in order to coax Lu Yuzhou, who also doesn’t like milk, he had to drink milk with him. You have a glass and I have a glass, fair and just.


Lu Yuzhou asked, “Would you like to buy a hot search tonight?” The crew of “Muyi Tianxia” didn’t do much publicity in the previous life, and it eventually exploded, but if Chi Zhongqiao is worried, buying a hot search is nothing.


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, and said, “But we don’t have any hot spots. If you can’t afford it, it’s a loss.” Hot searches are not cheap, and their crew is a mediocre publicity, with no first-line traffic or no  melon-eating people are willing to watch various battles. Those few makeup photos are really uncompetitive in the desperate search.


Chi Zhongqiao took a sip of milk. He was really optimistic. Even if he didn’t know the result, he wouldn’t be anxious. It was really hard to settle after having bad luck once or twice . After five times and six times there is no such arrogance anymore.


He said relaxedly: “We did everything we could do, the rest depends on our destiny. We only need to promote it in place. Don’t worry about it. It’s half past ten, wash and go to bed.” Chi Zhongqiao drank the rest of the milk in one breath, urging Lu Yuzhou to rest quickly: “You can’t grow without sleep.”


Lu Yuzhou had to take off his glasses.



The publicity of “Mu Yi Tian Xia” is actually pretty good, and the original work is considered to be a popular novel of the year, and it has also aroused the curiosity of many people.


Moreover, the makeup photos are well taken, and the appearance of the male and female protagonists and the supporting actors are also good. The most important thing is that there are no excessive filters. The picture makes the fans and passers-by under the official blog full of expectations.


Therefore, when the official said that a trailer will be announced today, and the  second male lead who was hidden from the beginning of the shooting will also appear in the clip, the original fans under the official blog have expressed that they will give the official blog an in-situ explosion.


Is Awei okay? : Really, when I was reading novels, I  loved the male protagonist. He was really, really a treasure that is unparalleled in the world. I can love this kind of contrast for the rest of my life. I beg the actor not to ruin this role.


The horse kills the chicken: I love the king, but I love the general even more! I, I, I, I am incoherent, worried and I look forward to it (cry.jpg)


Simi Lu: Although I am a staunch male protagonist, after all, your highness’s kind of stability and a little black belly is really too special. Poke my heart! But I still want to say: Mu Shenzhi white moonlight is right, this is the little general who has made Yu Wang, his love rival, respected for a lifetime, begging for a good interpretation!



The official blog had a long list of comments like this, probably because the official has been hiding for too long. Everyone’s appetites were hoisted by this unappeared male second, even covering the limelight of the male and female protagonists. .


At twelve o’clock in the evening, the official release of a short video: the edited trailer includes all the wonderful parts, the first part is of the female protagonist coming out of the boudoir, the later part is the emperor and empress’ deep feelings, just one minute and twenty seconds . The short video was full of  ups and downs, but seeing the progress bar was about to reach the end, there was no young general Mu Yan that everyone was looking forward to in the video.


Just as many netizens scolded the official team as dog in their hearts, Ye Yupei, the heroine of the harem in the video, was wearing a phoenix crown . Suddenly looking back, the camera took her eyes as the coordinates and instantly pulled the time point back. After Ye Yupei and Mu Yan’s first encounter-the young general with a straight azure haircut, he was polite and said “good sister.” When the man raised his face, all the netizens finally saw from the hostess’s vision. He forgot his entire face, and drowned into that wave of eyes unexpectedly.


Like the bright moonlight that one  was surprised to see in the midsummer night, it was as clear as water, but unfortunately they couldn’t hold it out.


Is Awei okay? : Thank you, my little brother, General Mu Yan.  I am a witness and Awei has passed away peacefully.



Chi Zhongqiao was probably really lucky in this life. He comforted Guo Ancheng last night and said that maybe the crew get a chance to be on the hot search tonight, so he became one of the hot search parties this morning.


Chi Zhongqiao swept his drenched forehead with one hand, revealing a smooth forehead. He turned on his phone this morning and planned to transfer a wave of official photos. He scrolled down and clicked on the hot search list by mistake.


Hot search eleventh: newcomers bring money into the group, snatch drama and bully seniors? ! A certain actor surnamed Xu was brutally suppressed!


Surname Xu…


Chi Zhongqiao immediately thought of Xu Xingzhou, so he clicked in and took a look.


The editor of the article stated that his news was revealed by an insider of an upcoming TV drama crew. An actor surnamed Chi was stuffed in by the investor. He likes to stay with the heroine very much and is committed to building a good relationship with the heroine. Not only that, but also asked the director and screenwriter to modify the script for him. He also frequently robbed the scene in the opponent’s play, resulting in NG many times. The actor surnamed Xu was forced to accompany him in the high temperature of 39 degrees!


That’s right, Chi Zhongqiao is the bully newcomer mentioned in the article, which is hated by any circle : Godfather .


Zhuang Fu’s call came in, and Chi Zhongqiao answered the call: “Brother Zhuang.”


Zhuang Fu anxiously said, “Have you seen the hot search?”


Chi Zhong Qiao groaned, “Just saw it.”


After taking Chi Zhongqiao for a few months, Zhuang Fu has already figured out the temperament of this “little prince.” All the courses he chose are very hard, and correspondingly, the performance is also relatively good. Especially the teacher of the acting class, he was full of praise for Chi Zhongqiao. Zhuang Fu knew that  Chi Zhong Qiao’s temper couldn’t do such a thing, it could only be that someone else splashed dirty water and slandered Chi Zhong Qiao.


Zhuang Fu said, “Don’t worry, I’ll contact now…”


Chi Zhongqiao interrupted him, “It’s okay, I’ll take care of this. Public relations are useless.” The explanation can only get darker and darker, not to mention that he did bring money into the group.


Chi Zhongqiao turned on the trailer , and by the way, looked at the comments under it . As expected, the wind direction had changed, and they questioned the official team, and Chi Zhongqiao’s own Weibo was also under siege.


The first hot comment under the trailer:


Xingzhou crossing me: Oh, can the official explain why it is for a small star of the 18th line? It’s not good to let a supporting role overwhelm the hero and the heroine? Shouldn’t it be the male lead and the female lead who get this treatment? Is it great to have a backing ? Just because of the support of the godfather, can you suppress those actors who are really capable and hardworking? Will he still be saved in the entertainment industry in the future?



T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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    {T/N: * script : referring to the original story.
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