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IBKAWB Chapter 12


Chapter 12… Cohabitation


Living in Chi Zhongqiao’s rental house is no longer possible. After all, this house was rented for the convenience of filming. It is a thousand miles away from Zhaohui Entertainment. Since he has signed under Zhaohui Entertainment, of course he must be in the company. He can also find a house on the side, or a dormitory.


Chi Zhongqiao was in Lu’s house right now. When Elder Lu asked him where to live, he answered truthfully: “I haven’t found it yet. I want to stay in a dormitory for convenience.” The main reason is that he can save a lot of money.


Although Zhaohui Entertainment is not in the city center, it is within the third ring road. This is not the same price as the small suites outside the 18th ring road. Chi Zhongqiao’s family is indeed a bit rich, but Chi Zhongqiao only has some living expenses and part-time wages in his hands. It is very difficult for him to rent a house in the third ring road for a long time.




Old man Lu shook his head repeatedly, winking at Lu Yuzhou desperately.


Lu Yuzhou lowered his head and took a sip of lemon tea.


Elder Lu had to go to battle in person and spared no effort to discredit his company: “I heard that the dormitory environment is not good, and sometimes there is water leakage. Besides, what if you run into those unreasonable roommates? Hey, now. Little children, I don’t know how difficult it is to serve them! Isn’t it, Yuzhou?”


Lu Yuzhou: “…Yes.” You are right.


Chi Zhongqiao hesitated and said, “What do you mean…” The old man sighed, “It’s about Yuzhou. B University is too far away from home. It’s on the third ring road. It’s close to Zhaohui. He doesn’t want to stay in a dormitory. So I had to buy a house outside the school district.”


Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes turned slightly, and Lu Yuzhou stretched out his hands helplessly. Chi Zhongqiao understood: This is the old man’s idea. He wants him to live with Lu Yuzhou.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t care about it himself, anyway, he had to have roommates in his dormitory, and as the old man said, roommates may not be easy to get along with, and cannot be compared with Lu Yuzhou, who has been with him for a while.


But can Lu Yuzhou be willing?


Lu Yuzhou really didn’t care. He was the only one in the house with three  bedrooms and one living room. It was indeed a lot of space. He was not a particularly exclusive and delicate young master, and Chi Zhongqiao was different from others.


Elder Lu said, “I am worried that it is not safe for you to live alone. He is young and you are not too old. Moreover, Yuzhou was injured before, but didn’t you live with Yuzhou for several days? I heard Yuzhou say that you also got together with him very well , just live together, I can rest assured.”


Now Lu Yuzhou can do anything to make the old man happy, not to mention that he has a good impression of Chi Zhongqiao, so he followed the old man’s words and Said: “I live alone in such a huge space. Brother Qiao just come over to take care of it.” Old man Lu nodded repeatedly.


Chi Zhongqiao looked at Lu Yuzhou, and then at the old man’s gaze . In fact, he couldn’t understand the old man’s ardentness, but like Lu Yuzhou, he hoped that this kind old man would go well.


Chi Zhongqiao nodded.


Elder Lu smiled twice: “Go, let’s go down to eat.”



Chi Zhongqiao retired from the house and walked out of the narrow staircase with a suitcase. He has nothing to take away except some changes of clothes and daily necessities.


Lu Yuzhou was waiting for him downstairs and saw him come down and reached out to pick up the suitcase in Chi Zhongqiao’s hand.


Chi Zhongqiao avoided him, “It’s not heavy, I’ll do it myself.” How could he let a boy three years younger than himself carry the box?


Chi Zhongqiao said that, put the box in the trunk and smiled at Lu Yuzhou: “Get in the car.”


Lu Yuzhou nodded.


The driver drove the two to Biting Garden, a residential area within the third ring road. This high-end residential area pays special attention to privacy. It is easy to get in or out, and the environment is also very good. Of course, the price is also exceptionally beautiful.


Lu Yuzhou said: “Here there is strict control, paparazzi generally can’t get in.”


Chi Zhongqiao was in a good mood, and turned his face to smile when he heard that, “I’m too early to be followed by paparazzi.


Lu Yuzhou said, “Maybe it will be red tomorrow.”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head, “How easy it is. No matter how impetuous the circle is, it still depends on the background. It doesn’t mean that you can count on a character to be popular overnight. It is temporary at best. If you can’t stabilize the flow, fans will have to go downhill. Traffic stars 1[T/N: * traffic stars: young idols who have a large number of dedicated fans who are willing to pay for anything they participate, generally the fans are referred to as the traffic.] are likely to be replaced at any time. After all, they used to be natural beauty before , but now they are mass-produced, batch by batch, and there will always be a burst of money.”


Some stars rely on a role to burst into popularity overnight, but this kind of popularity is often only a stage. If there is no work that can be obtained in the follow-up, they will be beaten back to their original shape when the popularity goes down.


While those little fresh meat 2[T/N: *Fresh Meat (小鲜肉)is an internet buzz word in China used to describe handsome young males. It is most commonly used for celebrities, particularly a rising star.] will be held by others, but they are still ridiculed if they are not strong. On the contrary, those who are capable actors and singers may not have so much popularity, but they have a better reputation in the industry. Although Chi Zhongqiao only became popular one night before he entered the book, he never lacked drama before he became popular. The reason is simple. He looks good, has good acting skills, has fixed fans, and is cheaper than traffic stars, and has a better attitude. Which director doesn’t like cooperating with such an actor?


Chi Zhongqiao said: “A talented artist can turn over as long as there is an opportunity, and it is difficult to fall after getting up. It is due to the accumulation of experience and skills , but it is actually safer than the traffic stars .”


Lu Yuzhou listened quietly, “This is the same as I thought before.” The car stopped, Chi Zhongqiao  let out a suspicious “Yeah”.


Lu Yuzhou thought for a while, and said, “It’s more humane than I thought…”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled: “In fact, there are people successful in every place.”


Lu Yuzhou looked up at him, and the other’s delicate features were in the sun. After a long time, Lu Yuzhou nodded, “Yes.”


Lu Yuzhou’s house had three bedrooms and one living room. Chi Zhongqiao was staying in the guest bedroom, hanging up a few of his clothes, and tidying the house.


He and Lu Yuzhou were going to the company in the afternoon, so they had a meal at noon, took the time to rest, and got in the car to the company.


When he arrived at the parking lot, Chi Zhongqiao said, “Then I won’t be with you.”


When he came to the company for the first time, he showed up with the newly appointed boss, so it was a bit too high-profile. He didn’t deliberately conceal his relationship with the Lu family, but he was unwilling to put a “Lu family-related” label on his body so brightly.


Lu Yuzhou nodded: “The company is average, Brother Qiao will take care of it. Brother Qiao’s agent was dug from another entertainment company last month. He used to bring a second-tier actress. He now has an artist in addition to Brother Qiao. , Is also a male star, has already filmed two scenes, if a bowl of water is uneven …”3 [T/N : * here it is referring to the way the agent treats Chi Zhongqiao and the other  star under him, LY wants to say that if they are not treated equally….]


These Chi Zhongqiao had known beforehand, but he still listened carefully to Lu Yuzhou’s dictation, and finally he realized that-this is afraid of him being bullied?


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and said, “I’m not having a  bad temper4[T/N : * Original text : “我不是打掉牙齿和血吞的性子”]. Besides, I’m such a big person, can still be bullied by others? Okay, I’m leaving now.”


He suddenly reached out to Lu Yuzhou.


Lu Yuzhou didn’t understand Chi Zhongqiao’s meaning, and tentatively stretched out a hand.


Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes were burning and he slapped him with a “pop”, “Open the door!” He opened the door and got out of the car.


Lu Yuzhou slowly tightened his fingers, and the temperature of another person in his palm was actually an extremely novel experience for him. He pushed the car door and said to himself in his heart, “Open the door.”


Chi Zhongqiao took the elevator up to the fifth floor. His agent Zhuang Fu and assistant Zhong Yin were waiting for him in a practice room.


Only two days ago did Zhuang Fu realize that he had to add one more person to his hand. And  the assistant next to the boss  came in and told him to take care of this person .


The assistant didn’t even send me any information, and Zhuang Fu didn’t even know what the person he was about to bring, just a name. So since the morning, he couldn’t settle down in his heart.


What Zhuang Fu is most afraid of is this kind of people entering through a relationship . What did the assistant come over this morning to say? Said: “Master Chi is young and just joined the company, please bear with him .” Master Chi!


The assistant next to the boss call him ” Master”, then the relationship is hard enough.


Zhuang Fu rubbed his hands and thought bitterly: I hope this Master Chi will not be too difficult to serve. He will hold this Master Chi as a little prince, not asking for a good future, just want  him not to cause trouble. .


I was afraid that the little prince would have a bad temper, and would fight with the good seedling in his hand.


When Zhuang Fu was full of worries, there was a gentle sound of footsteps outside the practice room, and Zhuang Fu hurriedly raised his head—the half-covered door of the practice room was pushed open by one hand.


The fingers are long and slender, they look overly delicate, but the curved knuckles look very powerful.


Zhuang Fu started to look over, and the young man in the khaki shirt had an absolutely cute face.


Zhuang Fu has brought many artists with him, and he has never seen such a face. You said that he is milky, but his contour lines are neat, and his temperament is completely different from that of ambiguous femininity.


He walks extremely lightly, wearing white trousers and white sneakers, and he is clean and fresh.


The most important thing is that the little prince has no makeup .


Zhuang Fu’s heart beat hard for a few times. As an agent, he has seen too many celebrities look like in private. Some of them are indeed more beautiful, but there are not many who can look this good without any makeup.


The key is that this temperament is absolutely incredible.


Zhuang Fu usually surfs the Internet and he always sees fans clamoring that his brothers and sisters 5 (t/n : brothers and sisters: idols)   are clear streams  in the circle, but they have not seen 6 [T/N: * clear stream : free from darkness or obscurity; bright.] this little prince, this is the real clear stream.


Chi Zhongqiao has a distinctive clarity and brightness.


Zhuang Fu thought to himself: With such an aura and appearance, even the little prince himself does not need to have any strength, as long as it is packaged properly, it will be popular! It’s too easy to make a national first love, a little milk dog’s character design, to become popular.


So did the company handed over such a promising amateur to him?


Zhuang Fu was a little excited.


Chi Zhong Qiao smiled: “Hello, I am Chi Zhong Qiao.” Zhong Yin stammered: “Qiao, hello Brother Qiao.”


Zhuang Fu said, “Hello, I am your agent Zhuang Fu. I will be responsible for your development in the future. I hope to cooperate well in the future.”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his hand, “Please take care of me.”


Zhuang Fu asked. Chi Zhongqiao sat down, “That’s it, Zhong Qiao…may I call you that?”


Chi Zhong Qiao said, “Of course, you can call me Xiao Chi.”


Zhuang Fu said repeatedly in his heart: I dare not dare. .


Zhuang Fu coughed lightly: “It’s like this, I don’t have your information here, so…”


As an agent, I don’t even know the basic status of the artists under my own. It is dereliction of duty, but the top assistant didn’t give anything!


Chi Zhongqiao was still an amateur, and he tried to search, but there was no news on the Internet.


Chi Zhongqiao was airborne. After signing the contract, he didn’t prepare any resume. Of course, Zhuang Fu couldn’t get his resume.


He nodded in understanding: “My name is Chi Zhongqiao, I am 20 this year. I am studying in B University film acting major, this year’s junior year is over, the professional courses are still passable.”


Zhuang Fu breathed a sigh of relief: He has studied a major, and he can say a good thing about professional courses. , Coupled with the self-effacing element, it is estimated that performance learning is okay.


That’s good, that’s good.


Chi Zhongqiao unhurriedly said: “Starring in an unfinished TV series,” Muyi Tian Xia  “, the director is Director Guo AnCheng, I played the second male lead.”


Oh, also played an Unfinished TV series.


Zhuang Fu was about to nod his head, and reacted for a second. He was surprised and said: “Did you shoot “Mu Yi Tian Xia”?” I heard that the newly popular Xu Xingzhou is the actor of this show, and Chi Zhongqiao plays the second male… Has been in the same play with Xu Xingzhou ? !




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  • 1
    [T/N: * traffic stars: young idols who have a large number of dedicated fans who are willing to pay for anything they participate, generally the fans are referred to as the traffic.]
  • 2
    [T/N: *Fresh Meat (小鲜肉)is an internet buzz word in China used to describe handsome young males. It is most commonly used for celebrities, particularly a rising star.]
  • 3
    [T/N : * here it is referring to the way the agent treats Chi Zhongqiao and the other  star under him, LY wants to say that if they are not treated equally….]
  • 4
    [T/N : * Original text : “我不是打掉牙齿和血吞的性子”]
  • 5
    (t/n : brothers and sisters: idols)
  • 6
    [T/N: * clear stream : free from darkness or obscurity; bright.]
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