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IBKAWB Chapter 11


Chapter 11… Drunkenness


The community located in the outer suburbs is not a high-end residence, the community access control is almost useless, and the good-performance Maybach slips into the community smoothly.


Chi Zhongqiao in the car is already asleep, leaning on the car window to breathe smoothly, and his eyelashes cast a thin row of shadows.


Because of Xu Xingzhou’s itinerary, Director Guo had to bring Xu Xingzhou’s scene to the front and finish it as soon as possible. The whole crew accompanies to work. Chi Zhongqiao and Xu Xingzhou’s rival acts in the later stage are not few, so he hasn’t had a good rest  for several days.


When the driver stopped the car, Chi Zhongqiao was still sleeping soundly, and he gave Lu Yuzhou a questioning look.


Lu Yuzhou looked down, Chi Zhongqiao’s eyebrows stretched, and he didn’t know what dream he had, and his expression was very relaxed.


Lu Yuzhou: “Brother Qiao, Brother Qiao?”


Chi Zhongqiao slept dimly. He felt as if he had fallen into a dark cave. He was dragged by ten thousand hands and couldn’t get up. He heard someone calling him in his drowsiness. Chi Zhongqiao turned to the source of the sound in a misty manner.


Lu Yuzhou looked at him and knew that although the man was awake, he hadn’t woken up completely yet. And not only didn’t he wake up, but he got drunk and got even worse.


Chi Zhong Qiao curled up beside the car door and slept for more than ten minutes. His posture was very uncomfortable. At this moment, when he woke up, he felt uncomfortable all over his body. After drinking alcohol, he panicked and asked, “What?”


Lu Yuzhou said, “We’re home.”


Chi Zhongqiao blinked and reached out to open the door, but he was physically uncoordinated and fought desperately with the doorknob. The door did not open and he stumped himself.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t think he had any problems. He patted the car door: “It’s broken.” He was drunk like a child.


Lu Yuzhou took the initiative to hold Chi Zhongqiao’s hand, “Go here.”


Chi Zhongqiao followed him out of the car, still telling Lu Yuzhou: “It’s broken, remember to fix it.”


Lu Yuzhou coaxed, “Okay, remember.”


The apartment that Chi Zhongqiao rented was on the third floor. Lu Yuzhou took out the key and opened the door. Chi Zhongqiao wanted to enter the door by himself, but his legs were weak and he almost fell after two steps.


Lu Yuzhou quickly caught him, and the lighter in his pocket fell off in a hurry. The metal limited edition lighter made a hum and fell on the ground.


Chi Zhongqiao squatted down to study the lighter.


Lu Yuzhou sighed. After all, he was still a teenager, a little shorter than Chi Zhongqiao, and not as strong as an adult. Chi Zhongqiao was determined to squat on the ground, and he couldn’t move him.


Lu Yuzhou had to roll up his sleeves, squat down with Chi Zhongqiao, and asked him, “Do you want this?”


Chi Zhongqiao nodded, Lu Yuzhou picked up the lighter on the ground and handed it to him. Chi Zhongqiao held the lighter but didn’t move, just staring at Lu Yuzhou.


Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes are bigger than ordinary people, and the tails of the eyes are drooping, so they are always showing pure innocence. The eyelashes are very dense, and the eyes are bright, just leaving room for one person.


Therefore, when he focuses on a person, it is like a boy who is tempted for the first time looking at the love of his life.


Chi Zhongqiao has a strong sense of youth who is not familiar with the world.


No one can remain indifferent under this gaze, Lu Yuzhou avoids Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes.


Chi Zhongqiao leaned in front of Lu Yuzhou, “Ah–”


Lu Yuzhou had to stand up, avoiding Chi Zhongqiao’s sudden intimacy.


Who thinks Chi Zhongqiao also stood up, and leaned in unrelentingly: “Ah-open your mouth.”


Normal people can’t understand the thinking of a drunkard.


Lu Yuzhou was inexplicable, but Chi Zhongqiao made up his mind to coax him to open his mouth, taking one step after another. As long as Lu Yuzhou turned his head, Chi Zhongqiao opened his mouth at him:”Ahhh ” …Acting like a baby, the key is that the drunk will not reason with you. If you don’t coax him well, he can always pester you. Lu Yuzhou rubbed his eyebrows, and looked around after thinking for a while: Anyway, there is no one else here…


Lu Yuzhou coughed and opened his lips and teeth slightly.


Chi Zhongqiao got an inch-he squeezed Lu Yuzhou’s jaw.


Lu Yuzhou: “…” When did he encounter such molestation after he grew up? !


Chi Zhongqiao looked down for a while, and said, “The teeth are very white…Don’t smoke, it’s not good for your lungs. Children grow up, so take care of themselves…”


He stroked Lu Yuzhou’s hair top: “Good boy , Grow up well.”


Thanks to the hapless lighter, Chi Zhongqiao remembered Lu Yuzhou smoking again.


Lu Yuzhou stiffened in place. After a long time, he softly replied, “Yes.”


… It was already 5:30 in the afternoon when Chi Zhongqiao woke up, and the still hot sun was slanting westward, and his power had already diminished.


Chi Zhongqiao sat up with his eyes blocked, his brain faintly pained, he lowered his head and glanced, his clothes were neat and tidy, and there was no strange feeling on his body.


He seems to be drunk, then? What happened next? Did he come back by himself?


After Chi Zhongqiao came back and sat on the bed with the quilt in his arms, his eyebrows rose and ached, he sighed: It’s something bad, even if he doesn’t have enough alcohol, even if he is drunk, he still forgets things.


Chi Zhongqiao got up and walked out of the bedroom. He was startled by the people in the living room: “Yuzhou? You sent me back?”


Lu Yuzhou took off his glasses and revealed a pair of calm eyes: “Well, I happened to see Brother Qiao, I’m sending you back. Are you hungry?”


Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t remember what he did, but… Chi Zhongqiao looked at Lu Yuzhou’s expression. It was normal, and nothing happened.


He coughed: “Thank you, I’ll take a shower first, and order food when I come out.”


Lu Yuzhou nodded.


After Chi Zhongqiao turned around and entered the bedroom, Lu Yuzhou breathed a sigh of relief invisibly: It seemed that Chi Zhongqiao didn’t remember what happened before, so that’s fine.


Chi Zhongqiao forgot to be embarrassed after taking a shower. He was rarely drunk before. He never heard his assistant or agent complain when he was drunk. The wine should be good.


Chi Zhongqiao changed his clothes and came out calmly. He has ordered two meals, which can be delivered in at most 30 minutes.


He made two cups of lemon tea in the kitchen and brought them out to Lu Yuzhou.


Lu Yuzhou was probably busy with work. He took the time to raise his head and said, “Thank you.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and found out the professional books he hadn’t finished reading.


His acting skills are indeed very good, but people always have to constantly improve to add new knowledge, and the useful books in the world he has read are not even the tip of the iceberg.


The two of them were separated by a small coffee table, each occupying a sofa to do their own business, and no one felt embarrassed.


It wasn’t until the takeaway called in that Chi Zhongqiao woke up from the line. Before Lu Yuzhou could respond, he went downstairs to get the takeaway.


Chi Zhongqiao opened the takeaway and put it on the dining table near the kitchen: “Let’s eat.”


Lu Yuzhou replied, “Okay.” After eating, Lu Yuzhou said, “I heard from Grandpa Guo that today is the last scene. The show is over, is the shooting finished?”


Chi Zhongqiao nodded, “Well, it’s over today.” Lu Yuzhou: “Has Brother Qiao found a suitable company?” Chi Zhongqiao shook his head: “Not yet.” Chi Zhongqiao is also used to working very hard, but Chi Zhongqiao was filming for the first time. In addition to the recent rush to work, he really couldn’t bear it physically. He just wanted to sleep when he came back. Moreover, he checked several well-known entertainment companies. Based on his current conditions, he can get a C level contract at most, and one signing lasts for several years, which may not be better.


Chi Zhongqiao explained: “If there was no “Muyi Tianxia” I would definitely find a company first, but I am not in a hurry. I’ll wait for the TV series to be broadcast to see the situation.”


Lu Yuzhou took out a contract: “Brother Qiao, look at this. .”


Chi Zhongqiao took it in doubt, and opened his eyes wide in surprise: This is actually a contract!


Mr. Lu does have an entertainment company under his hands, called…Zhaohui Entertainment. As for why Chi Zhongqiao has an impression of this half-dead company… that’s because he was spoiled by his assistant that the protagonist relied on this small broken company to make a beautiful turnaround.


Lu Yuzhou said, “I will take care of Zhaohui for the time being.”


Chi Zhongqiao was surprised. Lu Yuzhou had just turned eighteen this month!


He nodded: “That’s great, so that you don’t have to be…*cough* at home.”


Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes were filled with the gratification of “My family has grown up.”


Lu Yuzhou said: “The old man protects his shortcomings. He always feels that Brother Qiao will be wronged outside. He wants Brother Qiao to sign Zhaohui. But Zhaohui’s current situation…I won’t hide from Brother Qiao, Zhaohui is still a small company. There is no artist under the banner, but with Lu’s back, it is not that difficult to get resources.”


He has only seen a desperate party B, and not party A who had more money but couldn’t be confident .


Chi Zhongqiao read the contract and said: “Once the artist becomes popular, the resources will be automatically sent. The company can do nothing more than packaging, public relations and some training. The key lies in the artist himself.”


He quickly read. After that, he raised the contract in his hand and said, “This is the A level contract of the company? The conditions are more favorable. I have no reason to refuse.”


Chi Zhongqiao originally got the B-level contract , and the company had to transfer him to the A-level. I didn’t expect to enter  into the book. However, the contract in his hand was looser than he had imagined, and the conditions were too good.


Chi Zhong Qiao looked at the contract, not knowing whether to change an A-level, so rationally it should be, but because of emotion, the refusal seemed too rusty. The parents of the original owner have a very good relationship with the old man of the Lu family. They are regarded by the old man as a son. The original owner and the old man rarely meet, but they really have received a lot of care in the impression, and he really think of him like a grandson.


Lu Yuzhou said, “Brother Qiao is a family member. It is not appropriate to compare the conditions of outsiders. And…” He suddenly smiled, “I believe Brother Qiao will be popular. This contract is worth for Brother Qiao, I will earn money too.”


He doesn’t laugh often. With such a sudden stretch of expression, his extraordinarily deep eyebrows have a taste of infinite beauty.


It looks so good.


Chi Zhongqiao sighed in his heart, “I sign, I hope you won’t lose the deal.”


Lu Yuzhou handed him a pen.


The contract had two copies . After Chi Zhongqiao signed, he pushed one of them back in front of Lu Yuzhou. He faced Lu Yuzhou, who was a few years younger than himself, with an open and generous attitude: “Please take care of me in the future.”




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