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IBKAWB Chapter 10


Chapter 10…Smoking


In mid-September, the hottest period of the year has passed. Elder Lu and Aunt Zhou returned to the Lu family a long time ago, and Lu Yuzhou’s injuries were completely healed, so he returned to the Lu family in early August, but from time to time, he would give Chi Zhongqiao some things at the old man’s instructions.


The first thing Grandpa Lu did after returning home was to call back  father and mother Lu, who were on a business trip, reprimanding Lu Zhuo and his father and mother Lu, and at the same time handing over the half-dead entertainment company to Lu Yuzhou.


Lu Zhuo is three years older than Lu Yuzhou, and now he is only doing some projects behind Lu’s father. Now the grandfather is going to hand over a company to Lu Yuzhou?


Lu Zhuo protested deliberately, but the old man was so irritable that he couldn’t hear anyone talking. Even Lu’s father and mother did not dare to say anything. He had to press down on the unrestrained feeling in his heart, and constantly comforted himself: none of the broken entertainment companies could create any artists, it’s not bad that it doesn’t lose money all year round, it doesn’t make any money at all, so he might as well follow his dad to do projects.


The old man Lu left with his back and his face calm, father and mother Lu stared at each other and Lu Zhuo, who was hiding in the sofa dare not say anything.


“By the way, Yuzhou comes in with me, I have something to tell you.”


Walking up to the stairs, the old man turned back to look at Lu Yuzhou with a deep expression on his face.


Lu Yuzhou got up and followed up with the study.


As soon as the door closed, the old man immediately became happy: “Look at your dad’s cowardice!”


Lu Yuzhou: “…you keep your voice down, you can still hear a little bit by eavesdropping through the door.” The old man was very angry. Just now downstairs he was about to faint, grinning disgustedly: “What a broken house. By the way, Yuzhou, you see that school is about to start, B University is quite far away from our house…” The old man rubbed his hands with eager eyes.


Lu Yuzhou made tea, and his expression remained motionless, “What do you want to say?” The old man had no choice but to say, “I heard Lao Guo said yesterday that his TV series is almost done, and it will be done in 20 days at most. ZhongQiao, this child’s  scenes  are over.”


The old man looked at Lu Yuzhou’s face, and thought about it: “ ZhongQiao hasn’t signed the company yet…” Lu Yuzhou put down his cup: “I know what Grandpa meant. It depends on what Brother Qiao means.” The old man waved his hand: “ I know this. I didn’t tell you this. Zhong Qiao will definitely change his house after the filming. The house he rented was just to be close to the film and television city. It was almost as far away as the next city. I called him yesterday, he said that he had been optimistic about an apartment, which is quite close to your school. You are about to start school, and it will take an hour to drive from our house. Are you still living at home?”


Lu Yuzhou finally made a move—he lightly raised his eyebrow.


A dead child is more difficult than an adult.


The old man groaned and thought: I still have to find someone who can control him.


“I think you listen to your brother Qiao’s words very much. Pack up your things and live in your brother Qiao’s house. Every festive thing all day long, don’t stay at home, just looking at you I get angry.”


Lu Yuzhou: “…I have something in the past two days…” The old man said, “I asked Mrs. Zhou to tidy up everything. ZhongQiao  will move tomorrow. You can leave today and go!”


Lu Yuzhou was blasted out of the house by the old man holding the teacup, and sighed with a headache.


Forget it, find a separate place to live.



And Chi Zhongqiao’s role as a male second is finally coming to an end. Today is Chi Zhongqiao’s last scene, a head-on conflict with the actor.




Chi Zhongqiao closed the stern expression on his face, and put the sword back out, breathing heavily.


This is the sixth time NG, Guo Ancheng finally couldn’t help but hold the script, “What’s the matter with you Xu Xingzhou? I have said it four times! Don’t hide when you want to draw your sword! The role of the Emperor is not an insult! ”


Xu Xingzhou gripped his costume tightly, and the foundation couldn’t cover his blue and red face. He is a fast-moving actor, because he starred in an idol drama and his acting skills barely hang on the pass line. Once his opponent’s aura is too strong, he is easily taken away.


For example, in this scene, General Mu Yan mistakenly thought that the King was framing a loyal minister and good generals. In his anger, he pointed his sword at the King, but the King was not afraid and confessed his plan to the General .


This scene is full of gunpowder and very interesting. Chi Zhongqiao’s performance is still eye-catching, but Xu Xingzhou frequently drops the chain. Whenever Chi Chongqiao reaches the stage where he draws his sword, Xu Xingzhou drops the chain.


Guo Ancheng endured it twice, and Chi Zhongqiao was really stressed when he entered the play, but it has been six times. Can Xu Xingzhou still not adapt? !


Chi Zhongqiao took the time to hold his own small electric fan and blow it on his neckline, so hot that he couldn’t even spit out his tongue to dissipate heat. Today’s temperature has soared to 39 degrees, and the room is a little cooler, but it is also 36 or 37 degrees. Chi Zhongqiao is wrapped in armor, at least ten kilograms, tightly wrapped, and the heat can’t escape.  When Zhong Qiao lowered his head, he always felt that he could smell the scent of stewed meat.


He is almost simmered.


The screenwriter quickly handed him a glass of ice water, “Can you hold it?”


Chi Zhongqiao was so hot that he could hardly turn his head, blinked his eyes and slowly said, “If you take this armor off my body, I  can collapse on the ground now.” The screenwriter couldn’t help laughing.


That’s amazing.


While laughing, the screenwriter couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: Don’t look at Chi Zhongqiao’s appearance that he can soften into a ball of slimes on the ground at any time. After a while, Chi Zhongqiao will be able to enter the state instantly.


However, it is not a problem to be so NG. Don’t really get heatstroke in such a hot day. Nowadays, some celebrities are not big, but they are very expensive. And Chi Zhongqiao is dressed much thicker than Xu Xingzhou. Forget about Xu Xingzhou who acted badly, and has a  problem. Chi Zhongqiao who is online at the time of acting is sick.


The screenwriter heard that Chi ZhongQiao has a pretty hard backstage.


Chi Zhongqiao reacted for a while, then smiled: “I’m fine.” The screenwriter feels distressed: He thinks this kid is almost silly!


The silly Chi Zhongqiao slowly took the ice cream that Yan Cheng’s assistant temporarily bought, and said, “Trouble Sister Mei.”


Du Mei waved her hand, “What’s the trouble , eat it.”


Chi Zhongqiao said , ” Sister Mei arrived in time, or Sister Mei loves me the most.”


Du Mei said: “How sweet is your mouth!”


Chi Zhongqiao nibbled on most of the ice cream, slowed down and paced to the autistic Guo Ancheng. He squatted down and communicated with Guo Ancheng, “Do you think we should change it like this. I just thought about it. It’s actually inappropriate for the sword to be pointed at a king, because the youngest son is loyal and patriotic. His personality determines that he cannot do this. It’s something, you see if I change the way of expression…”


Guo Ancheng heard it and nodded again and again: “Yes, right, Mu Yan can’t do this kind of thing, the screenwriter, this passage is not good…”


With the permission of the screenwriter after revising the script, Chi Zhongqiao appropriately suppressed his aura, and Xu Xingzhou was finally able to take it down.


The whole crew breathed a sigh of relief.


“Cut—” After Guo Ancheng replayed the passage, he nodded in satisfaction: “Okay, it’s over! After such a long toss, let’s stop work early at noon today and have a farewell party for Zhong Qiao!”


Chi Zhong Qiao already entered the changing room, he insisted on coming out of it, and protested: “You said this as if I can’t come back.”


Guo Ancheng laughed.


……The group of people had a meal in a popular barbecue restaurant in the film and television city. Chi Zhongqiao was filled with a lot of alcohol. He still regarded himself as Chi Yi, holding onto his previous drinking capacity, in this twenty year old body, he poured a few cups of white wine in a row.


Before Chi Zhongqiao got drunk, he was still confused: No, this is only a few glasses . Why does it seem to be a little drunk?


Fortunately, his wine is very good. When he was drunk, he looked normal except for his unresponsiveness. Asked him what to answer and spoke clearly and methodically. So when he proposed to go back, no one in the crew objected, because Chi ZhongQiao didn’t seem to be drunk at all.


Chi Zhongqiao bid farewell to the crew and stood in front of the barbecue restaurant to identify the direction.


He seems to be coming from the left, so if he wants to go, he has to… go to the right.


Chi Zhongqiao nodded: Yes, with a clear mind, turn right.


He was dizzy when he drank, and became even more dizzy after turning a corner. He simply hid in the shade and slowly strolled around.


When passing by a high-end hotel, Chi Zhongqiao glanced across the road, always feeling that a figure inside was familiar. But because alcohol blocked his brain, he couldn’t remember who it was for a while.


The more Chi ZhongQiao couldn’t remember, the more he wanted to know who it was, so he looked down at the road and slowly moved to the opposite hotel.


Lu Yuzhou in the hotel lobby raised his head unintentionally when he sent people out, almost startled in a cold sweat, and walked out of the lobby quickly, catching Chi Zhongqiao who couldn’t see the way and walked a few steps to the side.


I don’t know which wicked ghost stole the cover of the sewer manhole , and opened this big black hole extremely innocently.


Lu Yuzhou squeezed Chi Zhongqiao’s wrist tightly, and asked almost sternly, “Why don’t you look at the road!”


Chi Zhongqiao no longer recognized anyone, and studied Lu Yuzhou’s face for a while, squinting his eyes for a long time, and then suddenly expanding his eyebrows, his lips and teeth slightly opened and a smile appeared: “Yu Zhou.”


Lu Yuzhou only then smelled the alcohol on his body, and helped him to ask, “Drinking?”


Chi Zhongqiao felt that Lu Yuzhou was hot and he was unwilling to be next to him. After pushing and pulling for some time , he suddenly froze, lowered his head and sniffed: “Smoke…you smoke?”


Lu Yuzhou did smoke a cigarette in the private room, and he still smelled of smoke.


Chi Zhongqiao said, “How can children smoke? Smoking causes yellow teeth and  is bad for the lungs. How good your voice is, what if your voice becomes hoarse in the future? How can you find a girlfriend? Many girls don’t like boys who smoke…”


Lu Yuzhou couldn’t reason with a drunkard, so he could only coax him to the car while responding.


Chi Zhongqiao suddenly raised his head, the hair on the top of his head trembled, his expression suddenly alert: “Where to go?”


Lu Yuzhou opened the car door: “Let’s go home.” The old man had already thrown him out anyway.


“Go home?” Chi Zhongqiao stretched his eyebrows and nodded, “You can’t send me to someone else.”


Lu Yuzhou smoothed the hair on the top of his head and said softly, “Okay.”




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