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IBKAWB Chapter 1

Entering into the book

Chapter 1…. Entering into the book.




Aunt Zhou was outside the kitchen, when she heard a crisp noise and hurriedly walked into the kitchen. The handsome young man Chi stood pale , staring at the glass shards on the ground as if he was unconscious.


Aunt Zhou was taken aback by him, ” Master Chi, did you scratch your hand?”


Chi Yi suddenly recovered, and smiled at her reluctantly, “It’s okay, Aunt Zhou, I am fine but the cup slipped just now. Sorry, about the cup.”


Aunt Zhou smiled and bent over to pick up the debris, and Chi Yi quickly said: “I’ll help.” Then he turned around and took a broom and dust pan to sweep away the debris.


Aunt Zhou watched his agile movements, her eyes revealed love-when a person is older, she loves this kind of motivated children who can do housework.


“This is Master Yuzhou’s cup, right?”


Aunt Zhou’s eyes changed as she recognized the lines on the fragments. The young master at home has a bad temper, and it must not be so easy to escape after smashing his cup.


Chi Yi lowered her head and smiled awkwardly: “Yes, I will buy a new one tomorrow and go and apologize to him.”


Aunt Zhou sighed.


Chi Yi stayed there for a while, he wanted to enter the room to calm down, but he didn’t know which one was his room!


That’s right, Chi Yi came here suddenly. He was still reading the script at his home a second before, and then came to this kitchen inexplicably the next second. The cup was also broken due to his surprise.


Aunt Zhou strangely looked at him: “Master Chi, whats wrong with you? ‘


Chi Yi was embarrassed and said:” Nothing, ”


Aunt Zhou automatically understood it as he was guilty as he broke a glass, she did not want to make him uncomfortable by mentioning the cup, so Aunt Zhou thoughtfully said: “Young Master Chi just came here, you haven’t adapted yet, right? I think Young Master Chi sometimes walks to the wrong door.”


The young masters of the Lu family live on the second floor, and the doors in that row are the same. The young master has only been here for two days, and it is normal for him to be confused.


Chi Yi quickly said, “I didn’t recognize the door just now.”


Aunt Zhou smiled and pointed to a room: “That’s it.”


Chi Yi sighed in relief, thanked her and entered his room.


He closed the door, and the expression on his face suddenly couldn’t be described. He sat down by the door, trying to figure out his current situation: He was originally a second-tier star, starred in a TV series as second male lead, and became popular overnight. Soon he received a TV series adapted from a hot IP, and then…


Chi Yi remembered the “Little Master Lu Yuzhou” that aunt said, and his face collapsed: Isn’t that the male lead in his new script?


Chi Yi stood up and turned around in his room. There was a book on the desk. Chi Yi walked over and turned to the inner page. It had the owner’s name: Chi Zhong Qiao.


Chi Yi: “…” Isn’t this the cannon fodder in that danmei novel? So, he really got transported into that novel!


Should he now thank himself for his dedication and that he had bought a novel before the TV series started filming? But he didn’t finish it. He only read one third of it before crossing over, and read the part which was related to him carefully. The original text was in the mid-term and involved a lot of commercial warfare after the male protagonist Lu Yuzhou grew up. The drama is almost only to the early stage. Chi Yi couldn’t understand the business war, so he jumped to see the missing plots and important characters and other such points.


Therefore, although Chi Yi knows the general direction of the plot, it is the same as knowing whether it will be HE or BE 1 Happy ending and bad ending when reading a novel. It is not very useful.

Speaking of the cannon fodder Chi ZhongQiao, he has a very happy family. His grandfather is a comrade-in-arms of Mr. Lu. Later he sacrificed himself to save Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu is grateful for the kindness of Mr. Chi and has always taken care of the Chi family. Because Chi Zhong Qiao was at odds with the landlord, he could not find a suitable house for the time being, so he temporarily stayed in the Lu family.


Chi Yi’s impression of the male protagonist is also very vague. He only remembers that the male protagonist was just a little grumpy young man in the early stage, and he began to blacken up after the betrayal of the relatives in the later stage.


Moreover, the luck of the male protagonist made Chi Yi remember deeply – – nothing else, the luck of the male protagonist Lu Yuzhou was the same as that of Chi Zhong Qiao, it was so terrible.


The TV series adapted from the novel here was taken by him before it became popular, and he played the role of Chi Zhong Qiao, who is not even a third male lead. Whether it was a novel or a later script, he only appeared in the early stage, and later because he offended the male protagonist, he ended up receiving a box lunch 2{T/N: box lunch :A box lunch is food, for example sandwiches, which you take to work, to school, or on a trip and eat as your lunch. a lunch or light meal packed in a cardboard box or similar container.


receiving a box lunch : Chinese slang, when it’s said that an actor received a box lunch, it means that the character he was acting as had died }
and leaving the group miserably.

Chi Yi sighed. Chi Zhong Qiao only did one thing that offended the male lead-he gave the milk which was mixed with sleeping pills to the male lead, so that the male lead slept the next day and missed the first session of the college entrance examination.


And Chi Zhong Qiao himself didn’t know what was in the glass of milk. He just listened to Lu Yuzhou’s elder brother Lu Zhuo and gave the glass of milk to Lu Yuzhou. This problem broke out in the later period, and before Lu Zhuo was brought out, Chi Zhong Qiao was the first person to be unlucky.


Chi Yi turned on the phone, and the screen showed that today is June 6th. Although he knew the script and desperately tried to save it, the male protagonist Lu Yuzhou was drugged the night before the college entrance examination. If he remembers correctly, it is today. And the cup he broke was filled with milk containing sleeping pills.


In other words, he was late.


Chi Yi closed the book in front of him, and on the cover were the six characters of “Actors’ Self-cultivation”.


Chi Yi sighed. The only thing that comforted him was that Chi Zhong Qiao was also an acting student, and he was already a senior after this semester.


Chi Yi lay on the bed thinking about what to do tomorrow, thinking about it, only to wake up Lu Yuzhou is the way to go. Although he does not know whether the person who has taken the sleeping pills can wake up the next day, and it is possible to expose him to know what is in the milk, but he is still miserable if the plot develops later.


Chi Yi was quite optimistic, and smiled in the mirror : maybe he would be able to go back after he died. He just became popular in the entertainment industry, and he was reluctant to leave behind a career that he had worked hard for so many years and work for it again.


But starting from today, he has to remember that his name is Chi Zhong Qiao.


Next day, Chi Zhong Qiao was awakened by the five consecutive alarms and got up from the bed with difficulty. To Chi Zhong Qiao’s surprise, he found the memory of the original body in his sleep last night, so that even if he meets an acquaintance of the original body today, it won’t be awkward.


Chi Zhong Qiao glanced at the time after washing and it was almost seven o’clock.


The first subject of the college entrance examination started at nine o’clock, and Chi Zhong Qiao started to circle around the room at seven ten. It took at least 40 minutes from Lu’s home to Lu Yuzhou’s examination room, and it was still unimpeded.


In the original book, although Lu Yuzhou drank milk with sleeping pills, he only got up a little late and could still catch up. However, there were red lights and even a small traffic jam on the way to the examination room. When Lu Yuzhou arrived, the school gate was already closed.


Lu Yuzhou missed the first college entrance examination.


This luck, Chi Zhong Qiao feels distressed. No way, he is also very unlucky, and he understands the feeling that at this point the male lead’s bad luck has gone to the extreme.


Chi Zhong Qiao stood in front of the full-length mirror, faced the strange but handsome face in the mirror, exhaled, turned and left the bedroom.


He’d better call someone.


Once Chi Zhong Qiao decided what to do, he would never waver in the preparation process, so he knocked on Lu Yuzhou’s door without hesitation.


After three knocks, the door was opened directly. The 17-year-old boy’s bones have already grown. Because of his fast growth , he looks a little thin, but his face is handsome. Lu Yuzhou has a romantic look, with dark eyes, raised eyebrows, and thin lips, making him look passionate and thin.


Chi Zhongqiao: “…” He put his hand back behind him and coughed.


Lu Yuzhou looked at him, and said, “What’s the matter?”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “I think it’s almost time, and I want to tell you to go out.”


Lu Yuzhou raised his thin lips, showing a smile, but there was no smile in his eyes. There was no intention, but his eyes trembled. He answered, turned back and took the bag.


Chi Zhongqiao said with emotion: This child is really cold.


Although this body is only twenty, Chi Yi himself is already twenty-seven, and psychologically he is ten years older than Lu Yuzhou. It is difficult to treat Lu Yuzhou as a peer.


Aunt Zhou was busy bringing out the breakfast, and Chi Zhong Qiao went up to help.


Lu Yuzhou ate very quickly. Chi Zhongqiao also had classes today. The university he was studying at and Lu Yu’s examination room were on the way, so he shared a car with Lu Yuzhou today.


As soon as Lu Yuzhou got in the car, he closed his eyes and started to rest his mind. He didn’t seize every opportunity to memorize it like a candidate who was about to face the big exam. His attitude was a little strange.


The driver of the car, Ye Kun, is the confidant of Lu’s old man. Watching Lu Yuzhou grow up, he can’t help but ask Lu Yuzhou who was closing his eyes from the rearview mirror: “Young Master, would you like to read a book in the car for a while?” Lu Yuzhou opened his eyes, he gave birth to a pair of particularly attractive phoenix eyes, eyelashes are long, and the gaze passing through is almost a bit affectionate. He looked at Ye Kun with this gaze, and said, “No, Uncle Ye, please drive faster on the road. If there is a traffic jam, I won’t be able to reach on time.”


Ye Kun shook his head and looked at the time, thinking that Lu Yuzhou was worried. It makes sense. In any way, this child has a bit evil luck since he was a child, even if he is a retired soldier, Ye Kun has been with Lu Yuzhou for a long time, he can’t help but begin to believe in numerology, which was originally scornful. It is true that Lu Yuzhou’s luck has been carried to the extreme, and the water is retrograde every year.


Chi Zhong Qiao felt the same way. He knew that there would be traffic jams in all likelihood, but still comforted: “Maybe it’s going to be smooth. The road is so long and we haven’t reached one tenth of it.”


Yes, the road is so long, this one was just beginning. He was able to turn over a hand that was so bad in his last life. Although he still lost luck in the end, since he can come back this time, he will not repeat the same mistakes.


Lu Yuzhou looked at him and nodded.


Ye Kun sighed, “Looking forward to Master Chi’s good words.”


However, their journey really went smoothly to the extreme. Not to mention traffic jams, they didn’t even encounter a red light. The original 40-minute drive was reduced to 30 minutes.


When he stopped outside of the campus, Ye Kun murmured, “After driving for so many years, I haven’t drove so smoothly…” He remembered Chi Zhong Qiao’s words in the car, and couldn’t help but glance at Chi Zhong Qiao.


There may be people in this world who are really luckier than others.


It was just past eight o’clock, and Lu Yuzhou thought he would be late this time too. He didn’t expect that not only was it not late, but it was ahead of schedule.


Chi Zhong Qiao took out a stationery box from his schoolbag and smiled: “I bought it in the stationery store next to our university. It is said that if you use their products, the exams are very smooth. Give it a try?”


Ye Kun gradually became superstitious. It’s a big day, and there’s nothing too much to say about celebration. He teased Lu Yuzhou: “Little Master, take it, Master Chi’s heart.”


Lu Yuzhou took it. Lu Yuzhuo had already touched his stationery. He had already prepared a new one. , But he didn’t have to refuse this.


He got out of the car, Chi Zhongqiao suddenly probed out: “Wait a minute!”


Lu Yuzhou turned his head.


Chi Zhong Qiao smiled at him, and said, “I wish you a smooth paper, every question will be good.”


Lu Yuzhou said, “I shall borrow your good words.”


He didn’t look back, but found a shady place to sit down.


Although he hasn’t read high school books for many years, he still remembers the correct answer after the exam in his last life. Lu Yuzhou closed his eyes in the car just now, just thinking about the answer.


The examiner handed out the paper. Lu Yuzhou originally planned to use the pen he had prepared, but reached out his hand and turned to the pencil case given by Chi Zhong Qiao. He took out a black pen from it and started to answer the question.


He remembers the standard answers for many questions on this paper, even reading comprehension is no exception, even in the composition, he could do the proposition very smoothly.


After Lu Yuzhou finished the Chinese papers, it was really as Chi Zhong Qiao said, the unwinding went smoothly, and there was no sluggishness in the pen tip and thought from beginning to end.


Lu Yuzhou walked out of the examination room. It was raining outside. He saw Chi Zhong Qiao standing in front of the school with an umbrella from a distance. He suddenly smiled: This is a great beginning.


Lu Yuzhou threw the black pen he prepared into the trash can.


He has been unlucky for a lifetime, and it’s rare for one thing to go smoothly.


Maybe this life has changed since Chi Zhong Qiao knocked on his door.



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    {T/N: box lunch :A box lunch is food, for example sandwiches, which you take to work, to school, or on a trip and eat as your lunch. a lunch or light meal packed in a cardboard box or similar container.


    receiving a box lunch : Chinese slang, when it’s said that an actor received a box lunch, it means that the character he was acting as had died }
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