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so called pure

Translator :Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Once the interview was over, the TTL team members pulled their captain into the car and quickly got in. Lan Heng heaved a sigh of relief after seeing no one chasing them. He cautiously persuaded, “Next time do not ridicule them.”

They have to wait until the end of the game anyway,otherwise, when they come out of the competition venue, someone would definitely throw some things on their heads. Now he feels that it is too wise for Shen Chi to cover his uniform in advance.

“I told the truth.”

He answered idly.

Looking at the offending squad leader, Lan Heng decided to not let him answer any interview in the future.

They took the car back to the base and after finishing the game, he walked to the computer and sat down.

“Will he continue to train after the game? it’s so hard for the cub.”

“I’m very satisfied with the fifth place today, is the team’s boss so strict?”

“We cubs got out of the little cat that is in arrears of wages and went into the fire pit”

“Black Heart Capitalist”

The shooting practice of firearms may seem boring to others, but for him, shooting has become instinct. There is a moving bullseye in his eyes and all he has to do is hit.

‌ But when he saw the barrage talking about the board members, he couldn’t help but explain for Yan Xue Xiao.

“The boss is very good to me.”

“The boy who was forced to open business”

“Did he threaten you with dried fish?”

“When Mom gets rich, I will redeem you!”

Shen Chi argued: “He often cooks for me, picks me up and coaxes me to sleep.”

He thought for a while and added: “Recently, he is even using my card.”

“Using the cub’s card?! What kind of black-hearted boss is this, rounding up the cub to work for the club for nothing.”

“Coax to sleep… Did I think too much?”

“Worry and sorrowful cub being coaxed to bed”

“You must learn to protect yourself!”

Shen Chi looked at the worried comment and shook his head. When he was in the border town, he held the quilt and went to sleep in his brother’s bed. His brother treated him as a child.

He washed and rested after training. The next day’s game still started at 1 pm. They arrived at the competition venue half an hour earlier. In the double-round points system, today’s matchup was in Group B.

Group A is known as the dead group and the situation of Group B is not much better. Half of the eight teams are relegated teams from PCL. The competition this afternoon will be fiercer.

Before the game, the organizers announced the decision to modify the rules which will increase the damage adjustment of the poison circle. When the voice fell, everyone looked at TTL.

Shen Chi put on his headphones.

“The first PDL team that allowed the league to modify the rules of the game overnight”

“He can still be so calm”

“If you are calm, you won’t be poisoned.”

“I don’t want to attack from a region, I really want to know where Late is from”

“He seems to be from the border town.. but his skin is very white”

Liu Xiaodong sat in the commentary and introduced Group B and did not forget to mention TTL.

“The overall style of Group B is relatively stable and steady. From the first day of the game, TTL has been using a lap and side tactic. The three teams in Group B play in a lap. Today TTL might find it hard.”

“No, there are too many consecutive corners in the summer game”

“It depends on whose positive propulsion ability is stronger”

”Please remove TTL”

“TTL does not have a frontal battlefield”

“I will laugh first”

The players sat on the bench one after another and Liu Xiaodong began to formally explain:
“Today’s game is sponsored by the well-known brand Aurora. At the bottom of the screen, you can refer to the prediction of the qualifying team. If you are successful, you will have a chance to receive the latest Aurora device.”

“Sponsored by Aurora!”

“PUBG is going to be refreshed, or else how can a major sponsor be sponsored by a big company”

“The new console is out”

“Hey, why can I only vote for TTL”

“The page is stuck, I can also only vote for TTL”

“TTL completely abandoned the fishing village and jumped to air-raid shelters.” Liu Xiaodong looked at the screen and commented, “In the case of a large number of western circles, this point is not very good.”

“They can’t beat Lion”

“Jumping at the airport, I sense a foreboding”

“It’s a pity to give up the fishing village”

No, most of the teams that can reach the finals are experienced teams, avoiding the fierce battle before the toxic circle comes close. Even if the two teams encounter each other, they will keep away completely.

But this is for teams of ‌ and other levels, the circle is the western circle. Lion‌ and TTL meets in the housing area of ​​P City.

Lan Heng hides behind the window ‌: “Which team?”

Xu Cheng adjusted the muzzle slowly: “There is a high probability it is the Lions.”

Xu Cheng squeezed the mouse. The first time TTL participated in the training game, they were instantly wiped out by the Lions. This team left a deep impression on him. He didn’t need to increase guard. However, Qin Bai Wen shot him in the head as soon as he aimed his probe out of the window.

“Qin Bai Wen’s ability to capture information is very fast. He is not the best shot in the league but he must be the best shot in command.” Liu Xiaodong’s tone was undisguised admiration, “Very amazing.”

“The rhythm of TTL is messed up”

“Lion is very familiar with TTL and TTL is completely defeated.”

” There team finally gets sanctioned by the light of justice”

“This one looks very comfortable”

The next four games the toxic circle formed in the west, which is extremely unfriendly to the TTL who jumped in the eastern part. The time they took to travel to safety are the times they are frequently beaten by surprise. The points dropped from fifth to tenth, which was one place short for qualifying.

The last game was finally brushed near the eastern air-raid shelter, which can be said to be TTL’s circle of destiny. Shen Chi looked at the circle with a sigh of relief.

“I’m sour in this circle”

“This one can go home without winning”

“The strength advantage is too great”

The air-raid shelter has complicated terrain. There are four entrances in total. It is unrealistic for one person to guard one entrance. Shen Chi chose entrance A to ambush. He said to Xu Cheng, “You go to entrance B.”

Lan Heng and Ye Ning watched the enemies coming out of other entrances in the room inside the air-raid shelter. The four of them were close enough to reinforce them in time.

However, no team dared to easily set foot in the air-raid shelter with complex terrain. Xu Cheng saw fierce gunfire from two teams under the hillside. He thought of the rankings hovering on the edge of the qualifying line and left entrance B.

“He want to grab people’s heads, right”

“He really grabbed two points”

“But there is no one at entrance B.”

“What’s more terrifying is that Lion is still watching.”

“I can’t hold my breath.” Liu Xiaodong commented.

As soon as his voice fell, Lion, who had been looking for opportunities outside the hole, attacked from the gap. TTL was instantly cut by two players. The original advantage was lost, but regrettably stopped at the fourth lap.

“Originally they could get ten points now they only got two points.” Liu Xiaodong looked at the screen and his voice shook.

“TTL can pack their things and go home”

“They fell to the eleventh place”

”Just try again next time”

“With their club’s money, it is clear that it will no longer be possible”

After the game, looking at the TTL ranking on the electronic screen, the atmosphere inside the team was unusually silent. Xu Cheng looked at Shen Chi and did not dare to say a word.

Shen Chi shook his tired wrist and walked out of the arena without a word. A black Pagani stopped in front of him and the back seat window slowly rolled down to reveal Yan Xue Xiao’s face.

His footsteps stopped, he opened the door and got in the car.

“Why did you come?”

“To watch your game.”

“We played very poorly today.”

Shen Chi squeezed his fists tightly. “The first game we ran into Lion, the next four we did not avoid the black shark, and the last one was originally the time for our comeback but we failed. Xu Cheng did not listen to my instruction to guard the entrance.”

He just finished the game, he was not clear-headed and sometimes spoke in a backward way. But Yan Xue Xiao was still quiet and even handed him a glass of water for him to speak slowly.

After talking all the way, he gradually clarified his thoughts. “Xu Cheng can’t be blamed at all. I myself didn’t do a good job in communication. I didn’t pay attention to calming the players’ mentality when the tactics did not meet expectations.”

Yan Xue Xiao rubbed his hair and said softly, “You can tell him.”

As if the direction was illuminated, the red-haired young man opened the door and got out of the car: “Then I will go.”

Looking at Yan Xue Xiao who was sitting in the back row looking through the documents, Ah Pei curiously said, “Why didn’t you let him communicate early?”

Yan Xue Xiao said lightly, “Being a captain you need both kindness and power.”

Ah Pei understood immediately. You can imagine how touched the team members who returned to the base with anxiety would be when the captain first reflected on themselves but Yan Xue Xiao never said these words, pretending to be pure in front of the young man.


Xu Cheng sat on the sofa with his head down, his fingertips were pinched so blue and he didn’t even notice it. He knew how disappointed Shen Chi was. He didn’t say a word to him at the end of the game and he didn’t even want to ride with him in a car. .

He didn’t want to make Shen Chi embarrassed so he began to think about whether he should go back to the room, pack up his luggage and leave after the game. At this moment, the door of the living room opened and Shen Chi walked into the base.

“Captain, I’m sorry.”

He stood up from the sofa: “If it weren’t because I didn’t follow your order, we wouldn’t fall out of the qualifying quota.”

Shen Chi’s face was cold, obviously not as good-tempered. He was ready to receive the reprimand but what he got was: “You know your mistakes and I’m also not good at communication. Next time you have any ideas, you can tell me directly.”

Xu Cheng was stunned at the same place. He hadn’t reacted yet. Shen Chi raised his eyebrows and said, “We are a team.”

“What are you doing?” Shen Chi walked to the second floor, “After eating we will watch the replay and play again tomorrow.”

Xu Cheng’s eye circles were slightly red. He followed Shen Chi to the second floor, straightening his back when watching the replay and he was more serious than anyone else.

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