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gentle knife

“Passengers, the 1489 train from Border Town to Yancheng West Station is about to enter the station. Please prepare to board the train in an orderly manner.”

Accompanied by the piercing sound of the siren, the old green-skin train stopped at the entrance, and four people carried their respective college admission notices and got on the train with their big bags and things checked in.

Shen Chi has grown to 1.78 meters ‌‌‌, ‌The suitcase is easily carried on the luggage rack, and after putting it away, he will help to ‌‌‌Shi Liang and put his luggage.

Four people sat down on their seats after putting their luggage, and Shen Chi sat by the window, Zhuang Zhou flipped through the phone map: “Shen Chi is at Yan University, Shi Liang is at first division, Yan Shen is at Hengyang University, and I am at Yan. The schools are next to each other, and it is perfectly possible to rent a house and live together.”


Shi Liang felt the same way: “Yancheng, prices are expensive, I read the school post bar and said that monthly living expenses would cost two to three thousand, and I think how can I spend two thousand in less than one month.”

The train started slowly and the road was bumpy. They booked the ticket too late and bought one for the last car. The seat swayed more severely. Shi Liang threw up in a small bag and sat next to him. Yan Shen also tightened his eyebrows.

Zhuang Zhou put the things prepared by Zhuang’s mother from the schoolbag on the train table: “My mother knew that you would get motion sickness, so I prepared motion sickness medicine in advance, as well as jelly, beef jerky, and soda biscuits.”

Shi Liang was reminded by him, and pulled out a full basket of oranges from under the seat: “My aunt also filled me with oranges, so you can peel it and smell it.”

“Yan Jianguo gave this .”

Yanshen A small plate of treats lay on the table.

Shen Chi got used to sitting on the green train in Yancheng. He didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, but he was about to close his eyes and squint for a while. He got up and asked: “Who of you gave me the brooch yesterday?”

An expensive emerald brooch, decorated with silver ornaments on the edge of the gem, looks dazzling, unlike a bargain on a stall.

“I haven’t.” Zhuang Zhou denied, “I haven’t bought it .”

“Neither did I.” Shi Liang said after him.

Sitting on the side, Yan Shen also shakes his head.

“Everyone gave the gifts yesterday and they all wrote their names.” Shi Liang , “Did ‌ … your brother send it‌?”

It’s been a long time since he heard Shen Chi mention Teacher Yan. He didn’t know if there were conflicts between two people. He never saw Teacher Yan again after winter.

When he finished speaking, Zhuang Zhou pulled his arm, and immediately fell silent. When he was about to change the subject, he heard Shen Chi speak.

“It should not be ‌.”

Different from Shi Liang’s low mood, Shen Chi holds the little milk: “We are not related by blood, and we haven’t contacted each other for a long time.”

Zhuang Zhou, three people looked at each other, Zhuang Zhou’s eyes flashed a touch of surprise, it turns out that Shen Chi and Teacher Yan are not related, but they are very close and they get along.

It takes three days and three nights to take the train from Border Town to Yancheng. When they leave the border town, they lie on the window and are silent. They are unwilling to watch the dilapidated city of the border town go away, but their faces are full of hope for the future.

Because the train was late, Shen Chi was late at the opening ceremony. He was still holding large bags and small bags in his hands, and sat casually in the last row of the auditorium.

The old principal of Yan University delivered a school opening speech: “Gentlemen, I am very glad to see you in school. I know that most of your goals in your past study career are really tough and hard. However, on the first day of school, I said that there is more than one choice in life.”

“You are free every day at Yanda University. Perhaps you are pursuing academics, or working with your heart, or killing time. There is no end in life. There is no right or wrong path. I sincerely respect your right. I hope you will spend four years without regrets.”

Shen Chi sat in the last row of the auditorium and couldn’t see the principal’s face clearly, but he felt the free and easy atmosphere in his speech. Although he entered for the exam initially for Yan Xue Xiao, he began to like the school, and his only concern was that the kitten’s live broadcast salary is not paid yet.

‌In the meeting room, two rows of ebony wooden tables were filled with unsmiling people, and the top seat was empty, as if there was a vacant seat waiting.

Looking at Luo sitting above him, Zheng An put the jade handle and prepared to open his mouth: “After all, Yan’s surname is strict, and it is unreasonable for a foreigner to take care of Yan’s assets, and Yan’s family is not empty. ”

Wang Shao heard Zheng An, Luo‌‌ Yan is Yan Zhao’s close friend. When he was young, he blocked a gun for Yan Zhao, and the root of his asthma was found in his body.

Luo‌ Yan took over and Yan Shi couldn’t insert a needle, Yan Ji was not good enough, Zheng An took the position and helped Yan Xue Xiao take over.

“Yan’s surname is Yan, I’m here, no one of you opposes Xue Xiao in charge of Yan’s family, but he’s not here.” Wang Shao first stood up and sang the opposite, “Yan Xue Xiao is studying abroad about Philosophy, he has never been involved in business, and if Yan Zhao is still there, he will definitely let him start from the lower level.”

He didn’t say anything, people should agree, and now the Yan family has many factions, no one can break the hard-won peace, let alone waste time studying with the prince.

While the meeting room was boiled, the meeting room was closed and the door suddenly opened, and a cold voice came out: “Uncle Wang said it right, I should go to Hualian Shipping.”

The air was instantly quiet.

Wang Shao heard the voice of Yan Xue Ziao, Hualian Shipping, a subsidiary of Yan’s company, going to Hualian Shipping indeed to start from the lower level.

But he had done tricks on the accounts of Hualian Shipping. He heard the threat, and sweat oozed from his back, so he had to change his words: “I just stumbled, and you have to sit in that position sooner or later. What is the difference one day later?”

“I have too few qualifications.”

“With your Uncle Luo assisting, there is no question of qualifications.” Wang Shao calmly put him in second place.

“Is there anyone else who has an opinion?” Zheng An stood up, glanced around the conference room, and his eyes finally fell on Luo.

Wang Shao changed his tone. Before he agreed, people did not dare to speak out, Luo gently held the lens and said, “Of course I have no opinion.”

At the end of the board of directors, Wang Shao stopped by the door of the conference room, and looked at Zheng An with pity and satisfaction: “Do you still think he is the same Yan Xue Xiao?”

“If you don’t tell me, he won’t be able to return to the country.” Zheng An didn’t care about Wang Shao’s words. “Even if he sits in that position, he won’t be able to sit without telling me. ”

Wang Shao shook his hand and left. How could Yan Zhao’s son be willing to be a puppet? He didn’t guess wrong. Yan Xue Xiao would not be trapped abroad, but he would return to China after he made enough preparations. ‌The Yan family is not at peace anymore.

When he first came to China, Ah Pei got on the bus. He stared at Yancheng outside the window and asked curiously, “Where are you going?”

The man’s face is hidden in the shadows, he can’t see clearly, he just draws the outline of the lower jaw: “Yan University.”


After the opening ceremony, Shen Chi walked to the dormitory with his luggage. He lived in the last room on the fourth floor. Only two people lived in the dormitory.

In order to save money, he brought all his belongings. Mama Zhuang even put a lunch box in his box and sealed a piece of bacon with a fresh-keeping bag. He had no choice but to Hang the bacon in the air-drying place.

While he was packing his luggage, a person came over to say hello: “Hello, my name is Zhao Ran, you’re roommate.”

“Shen Chi.”

He spoke lightly.

Zhao Ran took the initiative to introduce: “I am studying finance, what major do you do?”

“E-sports professional.”

He can get into the top of Yan University, but his majors have different degrees of difficulty. There is no doubt that the financial major has the highest score line. He scored six hundred and sixty-eight points in the national examination and was lucky to report it.

Yan University opened an e-sport course this year, the full name is e-sports sports and management. No one is optimistic about the major, because the number of applicants is only five, and the admission score is the lowest in Yanda this year.

Zhao Ran was dumbfounded. There were only five e-sports majors in Yan University. He actually had one in his dormitory. He found words to comfort him: “It’s not easy to get a job, but don’t worry too much. You got better professionally, did you not perform well in the exam?”

This year, the national examination is difficult. No matter where the test is 670 points, he will not be able to press the line to enter Yanda University. He hasn’t felt that someone will choose professional e-sports.

He heard Shen Chi answer: “The test is average, the national volume is six hundred and seven four points.”

Zhao Ran was surprised, not all because of the scores. After he arrived at Yan University, the top scholars all over the country were numb, and there was also a great god of walking to the competition, but the scores would be reported to the e-sports major with a poor future.

Zhao Ran looked at Shen Chi’s worthless luggage, including pots and pans, the most expensive, inconvenient to carry, desktop computer, and couldn’t help asking: “You shouldn’t be from Yancheng?

He grew up in Yancheng, so he can’t say that all his classmates are rich, but he was poor enough to go to school with all his belongings.

After a pause, he replied, “Border people.”

Looking at Shen Chi’s red hair, Zhao Ran didn’t dare to talk to him again, he was always impressed by the border town, and he was always impressed by the crime rate. He also extinguished his interest in socializing.

It’s nine o’clock in the evening after Shen Chi has packed his things, and the freshman genius has started classes. There will be a ‌light show tonight.

He was tired for a day. He was originally not interested in watching the exhibition, but Zhuang Zhou clamored for him to take photos, and people walked to the light show every year.

In the dark ‌ the lakeside was covered with paper lights, the paper shook in the night breeze, and the lake surface seemed to be stained with broken gold.

He doesn’t like places with too many people. He stepped on the bridge with bright lights and walked towards the depths of the quiet lake. The light and darkness gradually merged, so quiet that only the sound of the wind can be heard.

Suddenly, he heard someone calling his name from behind him, his tone was familiar but unfamiliar: “Shen Chi.”

The sound of the wind stopped suddenly, and the world seemed to be quiet. He turned around slowly, he lowered his eyes slightly and saw it first-

A man wearing a red rope around his wrist.

Translator’s Note: Yan Xue Xiao is that you? please hug the cub. But at this point the cub isn’t afraid to be alone, like he just get used to .

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