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Although he don’t know why the shopkeeper’s attitude changed suddenly, Shen Chi was undoubtedly encouraged, suppressing the doubts in his heart, thinking about clothes more effectively, and asking:

[Shen Chi] Do you have any recommended clothes styles?

Yan Xue Xiao on the mobile phone opened the men’s clothing website, browsed the page, slowly sliding the mouse until his eyes fell on a piece of clothing, and suddenly he posted a picture.

Shen Chi clicked on the picture, he liked the style of the shirt very much, and the price was within the budget, so he hesitated and decided.

[Shen Chi] I’ll take this one


Because of the competition, the teenager got up late in the morning and walked up the stairs while drinking small milk. Teacher Wang seemed to put something on the wall of the classroom.

He glanced at the wall, Mr. Wang printed out the math test scores. After the scores, there were not only names but also photos, and he tore down the transcripts with no expression on his face.

Class 1 was opposite their class. He was about to walk into the classroom and heard the students in Class 1 whispering by the door.

“He took one hundred and twenty-one points in the exam?”

“It doesn’t look like it.”

“Our class took the exam yesterday, was he cheating?”

Shen Chi rolled up his sleeves and turned , but he still had something to say. Yan Shen, who wiped the blackboard, threw the chalk box at the door of Class One without saying a word. The students in Class One were splashed. His face was chalky, but he didn’t dare to say a word.

The representative of the English class holding the workbook passed by the door. Even though she only took the 23rd place in the test, she still said proudly: “The highest score in the class is only 98, it’s embarrassing to talk about.

Zhuang Zhou added: “Being jealous is also normal.”

Shi Liang also timidly threw the chalk head that had fallen to the door of his class to the opposite side.

Zhuang Zhou just wondered if he had been hit, he saw the red-haired young man sticking the torn report card on the opposite wall in full view.

Zhuangzhou:…………too ruthless‌

The class bell rang, and they returned to their seats. Teacher Wang walked into the classroom with English books: “Everyone has worked hard during this time and can relax properly. There will be a Christmas party next week. I hope everyone will sign up enthusiastically.”

Everyone was very excited at the first collective activity, and they were all talking about their roles. After class, when the monitor counted Shen Chi, the teenager was wearing headphones to recite vocabulary.

The squad leader poked the young man, and asked boldly: “What role do you want to play? The class committee rents uniforms from the provincial capital.”

Shen Chi even took off his headphones: “Christmas tree.”

“Is it because the Christmas tree decorations look good?” Zhuang Zhou asked curiously.

Shen Chi turned to the next page: “You can recite words without moving.”

The squad leader raised his respects and ranked Shen Chi’s request first. Zhuang Zhou discovered that Shen Chi had really changed. The former Shen Chi’s eyes were dull and he could not see the slightest hope for the future, like he was deliberately banishing himself in dead water.

Although Shen Chi is cold and quiet , he is full of vigor, does not reject contact, and has a bright future in his eyes.


At the end of December, Christmas came quietly in the border town. At night, on the campus of No. 3 Middle School, the street trees were covered with cheap lanterns, and the blackboard newspapers were pasted with Santa Claus cut out of paper shells.

“I ran around the provinces and cities and found clothes for the Christmas tree. The idea of ​​the manufacturer was very imaginative.” The monitor said apologetically to Shen Chi, “You change to a sled dog’s outfit and don’t need to perform. Just stand by the sled, do you think it’s appropriate?”

Shen Chi saw the sweat oozing from the monitor’s forehead, stared at the hairband for a while, and put it on with a blank face.

The squad leader sighed with relief, the party was busy, and he started busy with other things ‌‌.

Shen Chi leaned against the prop sled wearing a dog headband and silently looked at the vocabulary book, but he didn’t know why, the female classmate always stuffed him with snacks, and even Yan Shen stuffed him.

He thought that Yan Shen was going to do something to him, but Yan Shen looked like he wanted to say nothing, and violently stuffed the snacks to him and then left.

The young man looked down at his pocket full of snacks, worried about whether he could fit it. At this moment, Mr. Wang walked to the back of the classroom with the camera, holding the speaker: “Look at the camera, everyone.”

The young man looked up at the camera, hiding at the edge of the group, and being pulled by Shi Liang and Zhuang Zhou to take the first group photo in the border town.

It was eleven o’clock in the evening when he got home, and when he was about to open the door, a cardboard box was placed in front of the door. He carried the courier box into the door and opened the courier with a knife.

In the box is a long shirt. The card says Merry Christmas. You don’t need to look at the signature to know that Yan Xue Xiao sent it.

The ones he sent are similar, except that the buttons are different and the shirt styles are similar. He also thinks more about it.

He hurriedly took a shower to try on the shirt. The size was surprisingly suitable, as if made for him. He had just fastened the third button, and also came and fastened the second one. The mobile phone on the desktop rang.

Shen Chi connected to the video call, and the face of Yan Xue Xiao appeared on the phone. He was wearing the shirt he gave him. He wiped his wet hair with a towel and immediately said, “Merry Christmas.”

The teenager on the screen had just finished taking a shower, and realized that he was still wearing a sled dog headband, his pointed ears were drooping, his slightly moist hair tips were dripping, his shirt was soaked and nearly transparent, revealing a thin collarbone, his legs were unobstructed at the hem of his shirt.


Yan Xuexiao closed his eyes: “Merry Christmas.”

Shen Chi only heard a word, the video call was hung up, and the screen was dark. It seems that his brother’s network is not good.

After trying on the shirt, he realized that he had forgotten to pick the sled dog hair band before taking a bath. He took off the hair band and changed into pajamas to open the live broadcast on the computer. The festive atmosphere in the live broadcast room was very high. After he finished a set of mathematics questions. He opened a Christmas mini game at the request of everyone. .

The name of the game is “Christmas House”. Players can design a house of their own. The operation is simple. He can operate it slowly with his left hand.

“The parents are heartbroken, and will not be allowed to recommend games in the future”

“Today is Christmas!”

“Dear me, you can calculate that Christmas is New Year’s Day, New Year’s Day is Spring Festival, Spring Festival is Lantern Festival, and there are too many festivals.”

“It’s okay to play for a while, right?”

Shen Chi also plans to play more. He rarely plays construction games. He builds a house according to his own preferences. The house is bigger. He builds a villa. The bedroom has full floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior of the villa is light and transparent. A game room was built specifically, which was the house he wanted, and he slowly added Christmas costumes.

“It is found that the aesthetics of cubs is great.”

“Do you want to buy such a house?”

“Don’t pick the location first, such a villa is not cheap anywhere, right? Generally you can’t live in such a big one, you can buy a smaller one”

The young man said solemnly: “Slowly save money.”

“He will buy a big house!”

“It seems that the cub wants to buy a big house very much.”

“Is the daughter-in-law here, we will marry the cubs with a dowry, and mother will move to the Civil Affairs Bureau in person”


“Are you dating a philosophy student?” Raven was walking on the road and talking on the phone with his friends. The road was full of beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

“It’s not necessarily poor. A friend of mine is from the philosophy department. Last month, he made millions of dollars by shorting in the down limit tide-”

Raven was still talking and his eyes rested on the youth in the coffee shop. He hung up and walked to the shop. After greeting, he hesitated to ask: “Have you used up all your money?”

A young man in blue shop clothes dressed up a half-high Christmas tree at the entrance of the store, and said faintly: “I ran out of cash.”

That means there are still stocks, but even so, Raven is surprised at the speed of spending money. He knows that the young man is raising a child. He can’t help sighing that raising children is really costly. Fortunately, he plans to be alone.

While talking, a short and thin man was kicked out from the opposite burger shop. Seeing that his face was Asian-mixed, he was beaten and hurt. Raven looked at it: “He can’t even speak English, it seems to be smuggled.”

Smuggling is now more convenient than before. It is not uncommon for you to pay a Mexican snake to cover your head and enter the United States. Yan’s temperament is not like a willing person, but today he seems to be in a good mood. , so he passed a piece of bread.

Yan Xue Xiao continued to decorate the Christmas tree. When he walked into the store, his phone rang and a humble voice came from the phone: “Hello, look at the information. You bought the villa last week. We will provide the design draft as soon as possible. What are your requirements for the design of the house?”

The youth focused his dark eyes, and said each word ‌.

“The bedroom must have French windows.”

“The lighting is transparent.”

“There must be a game room.”

Translator’s Note: Awwww Yan bought the cub a house. This is the last update today, anyways if you notice any mistake ping me on discord or comment down below. Happy Reading Everyone!
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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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