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People coming


  Shen Chi stared at the screen.


  Does he have to say his real name when ordering a virtual girlfriend? But he still didn’t say anything, and squatted back on the table.



  [Asia’s no1. Gun God] Shen Chi


  He didn’t receive any message after.


  Playing games on the computer for a day was too exhausting. He held the phone and unconsciously fell asleep.


  In September, the night wind in the border town was wrapped in the autumn chill, and the teenager huddled himself, with thick eyelashes hanging down. His appearance was more docile than that in the daytime, but it’s still cold.




  The next day, Shen Chi woke up very early.


  He received a text message.


  – Your mother and I are busy with your grandfather’s business, and will not be back until tomorrow, so take care of yourself, close the doors and windows at night, and remember to lock the door.


  He pursed his lips, his hand stopped at the callback interface, but finally gave up and turned off the phone.


  He walked to the kitchen connected to the living room and opened the refrigerator that was cramped in the corner.


  There were eggplants and greens in the fresh room, and frozen meat in the freezer, so he thought for a moment and took the ingredients out.


  He had never cooked before, but he had seen the maids do it.


  It shouldn’t be too difficult.


  With that in mind, he washed the eggplant and greens carefully and rustily picked up a kitchen knife and cut them on the counter.


  Although they came out in big and small pieces, he cut a plate full of them, enough to fill him up.


  After finishing the vegetables, his eyes went to the frozen meat, which was covered with a layer of ice and dripping wet on the side of the kitchen counter.


  It was to be heated and melted, right?


  He found the iron pot and carefully twisted the switch.


  He poured a layer of oil into it, and as the temperature rose the hot oil boiled in the pot, he put the meat in, but the moment he put it in the pot, the hot oil splashed everywhere.


  He doesn’t know what he did wrong. When the teenager looked at the crackling pot, his eyes showed obvious loss, and his reaction was slow by half a beat. He didn’t turn off the fire until there was pain in his right hand.


  The right hand was scalded by hot oil with a red mark, which appeared extraordinarily shocking because the skin was too white. There was a family doctor in the Shen family, and there was no one he could ask in the border town.


  The teenager hesitated for a moment, endured the pain and opened the phone with his left hand.


  [Asia’s no.1 gun god] How to deal with burns?




  ”Do you remember Adam?” Outside the lecture hall, a fellow boy wearing Givenchy said to Yan Xue Xiao.



 ”When I first mentioned structuralism, I was eloquent. When I talked about religion, he shouted that God was dead. Now the blockchain has become a constant problem.”


His tone of speech is full of ridicule, which obviously despises this kind of behavior.


  ”Different personal interests.” Yan Xue Xiao said indifferently.


  The man who spoke shook his head: “Yan, sometimes you really don’t look like you belong in our department.”


  He didn’t know how to describe it. Those who study philosophy are more or less arrogant, but they had never seen it in this young man from the East, yet inexplicably people didn’t dare to be presumptuous when it comes to him.


  Yan Xue Xiao only smiled gently.


  That feeling became stronger, and he didn’t think any more: “The seminar will start soon, let’s go in.”


  Before walking into the lecture hall, Yan Xue Xiao’s phone showed an unread WeChat message.


  – From your friend Shen Chi.


  He looked at the time and did not check it immediately, but turned off his phone and entered the seminar.




  Shen Chi did not receive a reply, he did not continue to wait, opened the browser with one hand and searched for the treatment of burns.


  The first few pages were all advertisements for hospitals.


  He kept turning until the fourth page before he saw the answer.


 Shen Chi walked towards the faucet, turned on the switch, and the cold water rushed on his right hand, and the burning tingling slowly eased.


  But it still hurts.


  The teenager clumsily blew himself awkwardly.


  It was almost time for the live broadcast, he did not dare to touch the stove again. He changed into a long sleeve to cover the scar and walked towards the Internet cafe, half an hour later than the scheduled time.


  He walked to his usual position and opened the computer.


  Shen Chi took a deep breath and pressed down the pain to hold the mouse.


  He don’t know if the boss had cleared the dust, the speed of the boot was a little faster than the previous two days.


  He boarded the game as usual, and the moment he saw the screen, his beautiful eyes suddenly opened wide.


  ”Late, good morning.”


  ”Finally, I’ve waited for you.”


  ”Do you want to play with Yan Yan today?”


  After a few moments, Ruan Yan sent him an invitation to team up.


  Shen Chi hesitated for a while and agreed.


  He is not the only one in the team, there is also a person named Baicha, who is also an anchor of the cat live broadcast. In the Asian server he ranks in the top 300, he is more famous than Ruan Yan.


  This time, the desert map is chosen, the desert map is not covered with vegetation, so there is no place to hide. Compared to the island map, the game here is faster and more intense.


  Shen Chi landed and picked up S686. Besides, there were very few materials. Just then, he heard gunshots not far away. There should be no more than three people.



  He followed the sound and went.


  ”Straight to the battle?!”


  ”So exciting as soon as you open the live room”




  Shen Chi’s footsteps were placed so lightly that the three people fighting in front of him didn’t notice his arrival. After one person fell to the ground, he calmly opened his lens and killed one person.


  There was still one person left.


  ”The result would not be unexpected.”


  ”Yesterday it was a double kill with this gun!


  ”Curious who is more powerful, Late or Baicha?”


  Shen Chi’s gun was aimed at the last person, although he only had half blood left, he raised his eyebrows and had the confidence to take it away with one shot.


  He pressed the shot, but the burning sensation in his right hand made him deviate from his intended position.


He missed for the first time.


The boy looked at the screen in silence.


Live suddenly quiet, after a while before someone speaks.


“mistakes are normal”


  ”It is impossible to maintain the state in every game. I said that after watching the major anchors.”


  ”Yes, be patient.”


  The S686 only had two bullets left and it was slow to change ammunition. Just as his blood was almost knocked out, his opponent was knocked down by Baicha.




  Ruan Yan played until ten o’clock and went offline, and his friend Baicha, who was also not playing, sent him a message.


  [Baicha] You praised him to the sky yesterday, I think the level can only be considered good, today there are quite a lot of mistakes


  In fact, he was also quite puzzled. Late’s performance can not be said to be bad, but far less amazing than yesterday, but he still replied.


  [Ruan Yan] he is still is much better than me,  your level is just too high




  When Yan Xue Xiao returned to his apartment from the lecture hall it was already ten o’clock late at night. He turned on his phone and clicked on his unread WeChat messages.


  [Shen Chi] How do you treat burns?


 He looked at the message and stopped for a moment.


[Yan Xue Xiao] burned?


  After a while, the opposite side replied to him.


 [Shen Chi] Minor injury, not serious. I had a fracture when I was fighting with people before, and it was nothing.




Yan Xue Xiao didn’t have the habit of explaining to people, but he gathered his dark eyes and sent a sentence.


[Yan Xuexiao] Just in class


[Shen Chi] Are you still at school?




[Shen Chi] Are you very busy with your part-time job? No wonder I often can’t hear from you


Yan Xue Xiao’s hand for typing paused.


[Yan Xuexiao] Not that busy



The opposite child replied to him in a tone of an experienced person, and the speed of reply was slower than usual.


[Shen Chi] Then you have to go to school. It is very hard to get out of society without education


[Shen Chi] I went live


Yan Xue Xiao frowned gently.


[Yan Xue Xiao] Do you need to broadcast live even if you hurt your hand?


[Shen Chi] You can earn one more dollar if you broadcast  live for a while. I earned thirty-four dried fish yesterday, and today I earned forty-four dried fish, but I still need twelve to make one hundred


Yan Xueyang looked at the screen for a while and thought quietly that they were indeed not the same , and he turned off his phone.


He opened the computer and checked the information.


The last live page was still open, and he glanced at the pop-up screen that crossed.


  ”Today’s level is already quite good, there are fewer and fewer anchors who concentrate on playing games nowadays”


  ”Yes, yesterday should have been an extraordinary display, and there is a big gap with today, but when I watched it yesterday, I also felt that mistakes were terrible.”


  ”That said, there is still a gap between expectations and reality.”


  He narrowed his eyes slightly, and his hand that was about to close the webpage suddenly stopped.



Shen Chi put down his mobile phone and continued the live broadcast. The number of viewers in the live broadcast room remained stable at one hundred.


At this rate, he should save up to a hundred dried fish in the afternoon.


  He lowered his head, he especially wanted to eat the sauced pork shreds sold at the entrance of the Internet cafe.


  The game ended.


  He got up and went to the water fountain to get water. When he finished getting water and returned to his seat, he suddenly froze after reading the text on the screen.


  ”Anonymous user rewarded you with dried small fish x12”



KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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