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It was just a hug, but his head was pressed against Yan Xue Xiao’s chest, his brain was suddenly at a loss, and his body was not like his own.

He heard Yan Xue Xiao asked softly like a child: “Can you take good care of yourself?”

He remembered that he felt light headed, put his bag on his back and walked to the security check stiffly. After the plane landed, he discovered that the backpack was heavy and opened the zipper. The empty backpack was full of snacks.

It seems that he knows he likes to eat sweets. There is a jar of fruit candy with various flavors, cranberry biscuits, strawberry cakes… and a brand-new white earphone.

The red-haired teenager was sitting alone at the airport, putting on his headphones and opening the box of cake. Although Hezhi was a brand of cake, he didn’t know what it was. He tasted it instead of the sweetness he imagined, it had a touch of sourness.

He doesn’t like winter, but now he is looking forward to the winter vacation, so he can see Yan Xue Xiao again.


Shen Chi took the train from Yancheng Airport back to the Border City Railway Station. He was wearing a wrist brace on his right hand and could not cook. He had to eat outside for the next month. If he eats a seven-yuan lunch every day, it should only cost five hundred yuan.

He wore headphones to calculate silently, and when he walked and stood , Zhuang Zhou’s voice sounded in the side: “Shen Chi.”

The boy took off his headphones.

“Have you eaten yet? My parents asked ‌ to eat at our house.” Zhuang Zhou said embarrassedly,”I don’t know if you like it. I bought ribs and fish, all of which are made according to the Yancheng flavor. ”

He glanced at Zhuang Zhou, but did not refuse and followed Zhuang Zhou to his home.

The Zhuang Zhou family opened a grocery store outside the school. The grocery store was upstairs where they lived. Mother Zhuang enthusiastically opened it for them: “ it’s really white.”

Shen Chi has no expression on his face, the border city is deep in the northwestern hinterland, the wind and sand are strong, and the white skin seems to be a very incredible thing, and he is no stranger to it.

Papa Zhuang brought a plate of sweet and sour fish from the kitchen: “Xiao Chi must be hungry after sitting on the train for three days. Don’t pull him to talk at the door. Let’s eat quickly.”

Zhuang Zhou’s home is not big, but it was filled with smoke and fire that he had never seen before, and Shen Chi lowered his head and sat on a stool.

“Your brother said, you will eat at our house in the future.” Mama Zhuang gave him chopsticks and fish.

“my brother?”

Shen Chi raised his head.

“Brother can’t take care of you when he goes to school in the United States.” Mother Zhuang looked at his hand and said, “An underage child who hurt his hand again. He always eats outside food, all of which is made of waste oil. ”

“Mom, don’t look at the circle of friends every day.” Zhuang Zhou retorted, “Where is there such a waste oil——”

But before Zhuang Zhou’s words were finished, Zhuang’s mother’s eye knives flew over, and he could only swallow the words and eat quietly.

The boy stopped the chopsticks in his hand and asked, “Will it cost less money?”

“No need for money.” Mama Zhuang immediately started, fearing that the teenager would not believe it, she continued to say, “Zhou is interested in painting, but there is no good painting teacher in the small area of ​​the border town. Your brother introduced a retired professor from Yan University Academy of Fine Arts, which helped us a lot. If you want to eat it, just say it.”

“That’s it.” Father Zhuang sighed, “No one in the border town takes the path of art students. I talked with the professor and I felt at ease.”

The teenager didn’t speak, and the air was silent for a moment. Zhuang Zhou was about to explain about Shen Chi. Mother Zhuang said, “I heard that his brother said that he is a good boy, but he talks less, eat slowly, and don’t feel pressure.”

Yan Xue Xiao considered everything for him, and Shen Chi ate silently.

After eating, he walked to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Father Zhuang stopped him: “How can I let the children wash the dishes? You should learn about current affairs and prepare for the college entrance examination. The adults could handle other things.”

Shen Chi left the door, he heard from inside the door Zhuang’s father and Zhuang’s mother: “He’s a good boy, he’s just too polite.”

“His wrists are so thin, this mother is distressed when she sees it, so I will go to the vegetable market tomorrow morning to buy meat, so he can make up for it.”

The boy’s thin body trembled imperceptibly, and he paused for a while and continued to walk downstairs.


Hang Shiqi saw the announcement of the suspension on Shen Chi’s live broadcast announcement. He hurriedly dialed the phone to express his cordial condolences: “I see that you are suffering from tenosynovitis. Isn’t it a big deal?”

The boy’s cold voice came on the phone: “No.”

Hang Shiqi was relieved and explained his intention: “Kitten Live is not an inhumane company, but the company stipulates that it must be broadcast for five hours. The company can’t do anything about it. You can’t ignore it just because you get sick. Otherwise other anchors also have opinions.”

After a while, he heard the boy answer: “Clear.”

Hang Shiqi’s hanging heart was finally at ease, and he was about to go to the room of the other anchors. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of the boy opening the camera. He didn’t expect Shen Chi to move so fast, and he thought that he would continue to raise it for two days. He suddenly couldn’t bear it.
“How is the cub’s hand? Mom is worried.”

“Oh, I thought Cub could go to a professional career after winning the championship this time. Tenosynovitis is difficult to treat. What should I do if you can’t play in the future? My heart will be broken.”

“Farewell to the live broadcast? Oh, no mom, no.”

“Give all the dried fish to cubs, cubs take good care of the disease, and must definitely come back, we are waiting ‌”

Then in the next second, Hang Shiqina couldn’t bear to disappear without a trace. He opened the math workbook as a teenager and started to do the questions on the live broadcast. The original reluctant live broadcast atmosphere was broken. .

“Huh, are you not leaving?”

”I’ll watch other anchor’s video to learn”

“It’s not impossible, but isn’t Xiaopozhan a gaming website? It’s entangled whether it should be a stand-alone game or a board game.”

“Is cub still learning, really good people are good at doing everything”

Shen Chi took off his pen cap, opened the workbook to do a problem, and began to do a problem, but after half an hour passed, he didn’t do a problem, and the mid-term exam report card dropped from the workbook .

“Count down… One???”

“I went back and read it. Language 3, Mathematics 4, English 8, History 3, Politics 5, Geography 5, and 6 subjects add up to less than 300 points, good. I can’t get into any of the specialties. It seems that the grades are up to me.”

“Cubs play games very well, and it’s normal to not study well. It’s okay. There is still a year to go to college.”

“Is there a university you want to take? Do you want to set a goal? Learn to be more motivated?”

Seeing the last question, Shen Chi said softly: “Yan University.”

The live broadcast room is silent.

“I heard you right, Yan University?”

“Which Yan University?”

“There is only one university in China called Yan University, but this sentence came from Late, I didn’t think it was weird.”

“After all, they are people who want to play Asian servers if they want to qualify.”

“Well, I don’t care, Cub, go for the test, I will vote all the dried fish to Cub”


The next day, the High School Affiliated to Yan University.

As a school directly under the Ministry of Education, the High School Affiliated to Yan University not only has a large library, but also a professional badminton hall. Each classroom door has a special HUD to record class status and curriculum arrangements.

In the neat and bright classroom, the students sit quietly under the podium, only the voice of the teacher can be heard.

“The college entrance examination only lasts two hundred days. We are all top students who have passed the high-score exam. There is no problem in the university entrance exam, but the teacher hopes that we will set the goal high and aim at Yan University. , With a satisfactory score in the college entrance examination, draw a perfect sentence for your senior year in high school.”

Ji Shu lowered his head to make papers. He always aimed at Yan University and never considered other schools.

On the other side, the Border Town No. 3 Middle School is already seven, and there are still a large number of students leisurely walking around the campus with breakfast. There are many boys in the corners who are swallowing clouds and mist, exuding the smell of choking smoke.

Yan Shen didn’t come today. The old classroom was noisy. Zhuang Zhou couldn’t even catch up with homework. But when Shen Chi came in, he gave a cold glance and the classroom was instantly quiet.

Teacher Wang walked into the classroom with the textbook and wrote on the blackboard: “Today we are reviewing the object clauses. Everyone looks up at the example sentence on the blackboard. Mike gave me the turkey he was going to eat on Thanksgiving Day. Are you wondering why Westerners eat turkey on Thanksgiving Festival…”

The English teacher always digressed when he was speaking, and it was no surprise to Zhuang zhou, but the teenager beside him frowned and said: “Lecture.”

The classroom was originally very quiet, and everyone heard Shen Chi’s voice. For the first time, Teacher Wang was ‌‌scolded by a student and had to withdraw from the topic and continue teaching grammar. He couldn’t help but mumble that Shen Chi had a sex change?(It really states on the original that he he might have sex change because for once he wants to study and everyone was shocked)

‌ For a student sitting in the back row, the 9th class with the worst grades maintained an unusually good learning atmosphere from student to teacher.

“The college entrance examination is fast, and I will prepare for the monthly exam next week. I don’t expect my undergraduate students to try to take on a special course.” After class, Mr. Wang is still thinking about the unfinished words. ” Everyone is interested in learning about Thanksgiving. This festival is a traditional western festival. The United States will take four days off from January 4 th.”

Hearing the last sentence, Shen Chi raised his head suddenly. After class, he packed his backpack and adjusted his wristband.

Shi Liang, who was on the side, thought that it was inconvenient for him to pack things with his left hand. He quickly opened it: “Your brother said, you can’t take off your wristband.”

The thin eyelashes of the young man trembled slowly, even though he and Yan Xue Xiao were far away, but Yan Xue Xiao was everywhere.

For him, he is a gentle moonlight.

He returned home from the Zhuang Zhou family after eating. It was snowing slowly in the border town. He was wearing a thick light-colored scarf and dialed the voice call: “Examination next week.”

The cool voice of the youth came over the phone: “Take the exam.”

He took a deep breath and hid the lower half of his face in a scarf and asked: “I heard that the United States will have a holiday on Thanksgiving. If I pass the monthly exam, will you come?”

In the snow, he heard the other person answer: “Not necessarily.”

Even though he didn’t get a positive answer, there was still hope. He speeded up the pace of going home and sat at the desk ‌ reading a book.

“I actually watched the live broadcast of the anchor on the game website to learn”

“Report the progress to the newcomer. Yesterday I read the first volume of high school books. Today I saw the first volume of high school.”

“Cloud Parents”

“I’m going to take the exam next week, and I’m suddenly worried about the results of the cub, will they invite parents if they fail the test”

“Don’t worry, we have no room to fall, and we won’t regress in any way.”

He hasn’t read for too long. The boy closed his eyes when he read. After a while, he struggled to get up again, and finally fell asleep on the table after repeated ‌ times, breathing as shallow as a kitten.

”The cub is struggling”

“It’s so real to watch you fall asleep.”

“Take your time. I went home and read for four hours today, which is better than yesterday. I can finish reading the senior one tomorrow.”

“Woo, cub’s eyelashes are so long”

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the sleeping face on the screen, quietly turned on the phone, and booked a flight ticket to return to China for the Thanksgiving Festival.

Translator’s Note: I didn’t manage to post on Friday so I updated today. Happy reading!

EDIT: If you notice anything wrong don’t forget to ping me on discord or comment so chapters would be made better, I changed grace festival to thanksgiving.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Pig says:

    This isn’t really important, but as an American, I kind of got confused about the festival and holidays. Grace Festival? From the context clues about the turkey, do you actually mean Thanksgiving? And is there anything special about January 4th? July 4th? Or is he on Winter break celebrating the new years.

    Though I’m a bit sad they only got to see each other for a short while. Can’t wait for the next meetup.

    1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

      Thank you for bringing this up. I’m not from either of the country so I’m happy to correct it, it must have been thanks giving. About the date given January 4th, Shen Chi won’t have his break but according to the teacher people from US would have a four day off holiday. For his winter break there is no exact date given by the author at the moment.

      1. Avatar Lilian_Cho says:

        Just letting you know: There are two more references to “Grace festival” and “Grace day” in this chapter that you haven’t changed to Thanksgiving.

        1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

          Thank you very much for telling me, I might have missed it. Its corrected now

          1. Avatar Epiphany says:

            Could grace festival be the Epiphany? It’s a Christian holiday celebrating the arrival of the wise men to Jesus’ manger. As far as I’m aware, it’s not really celebrated in the US (except as a special church service like Palm Sunday) but is celebrated in a lot of European countries (and maybe some South American countries? I don’t remember). I believe some places put more importance on it than Christmas, and it’s considered the end of the Christmas holiday.

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