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“Shen Chi’s physical examination results are out.” Guan Shan looked at the computer’s physical examination report, “Slight anemia is okay. If tenosynovitis is not cured, it will affect daily life.”

There was silence on the phone for a long time: “Take a picture of Ming Tian Huang Zhang.”

“When do you have so much money, are the salaries of coffee shops like this now?” Guan Shan asked sourly.

“I made a little investment.”

Although the young man’s voice is flat, he can afford a Ming Dynasty seal. Of course it’s not just a little bit. Guan Shan has wanted Mingtian Huang for a long time, and he couldn’t help saying, “What else can I do?”

“Take him to Yancheng to play.” The cold voice on the phone suddenly softened. “He suffered a lot in the border town.”

Guan Shan was stunned, he had never seen Yan Xue Xiao treat a person so tenderly, even if it was a physical examination, he was asked to perform a physical examination for the entire school, and he wanted to keep the young man under his wings.


The next morning ‌, Shen Chi woke up from the pain on his wrist, maybe it was too tired yesterday, ‌It’s good to have a rest as usual, but there was a burst of pain.

He walked to the hotel and left the room and took the bus to the hospital to check. Unlike the deserted county hospitals in the border town, there are many people in every hospital in Yancheng. He has been in line from 7:00 to 9:30.

“Tendosynovitis.” The doctor looked at the film he had taken, and said, “Playing with cell phones and computers is the easiest way to get this problem, and you’re still teenager adult who doesn’t take care of your body.”

The young man sat on a cold stool in the hospital with his head hanging down. His voice was not as harsh as he could make: “Can I still play games?”

“You can beat it.” The doctor issued a diagnosis and treatment sheet, “First, treat it conservatively. If it hurts, keep it closed, but don’t do any hand activities on your right hand for a month. This disease is likely to leave the root of the disease. You should take a year off at a young age. For half a year, there is still the possibility of natural recovery.”

The boy raised his head: “Let’s use it.”

Anti inflammatory was injected on his hands, Shen Chi did not feel any pain, as if it was not his own hand, he just watched indifferently.

However, when he walked out of the hospital, his chest seemed to be smothered by the wet paper, the remaining oxygen disappeared, and his whole body trembled from his fingertips.

He only wants to play games, ‌ can only play games, but the game ‌ can’t be played anymore, the light in the darkness goes out again, it’s obviously the sky, but the eyes ‌ can’t see a ray of light.

From the moment he was in the border town, there shouldn’t be any expectations. He has no future, and there will be no better future. His life is so bad that it can’t be bad anymore.

The young man closed his eyes and fell into the darkness. The phone rang. He opened his eyes and suddenly became awake. He looked at the screen and connected the phone with the name ‌.

“The doctor said I have tenosynovitis.” He held onto the railing , and tried his best to calmly narrate, “Well, I can’t play games anymore, if… it’s okay.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s calm voice came on the phone: “I will find the best doctor for you.”

As if seeing his depression, Yan Xue Xiao said again and again: “Shen Chi, I am here.”

Shen Chi held the phone, this was the only thing he could hold, and dragged him from the dead water to the shore.

“Your current situation is not suitable for the competition. Today I will ask my friend to take you to play in Yancheng.” The young man asked gently, “How about it?”


In the hospital, Guan Shan took off his lab coat and dialed Shen Chi’s phone number: “Hello Shen Chi, I’m Yan Xue Xiao’s friend, I will drive to pick you up.”

He walked out of the hospital, and the transferred old lady Shen happened to be pushed into the ward, and asked anxiously: “I heard someone calling Xiao Chi’s name. Did Xiao Chi come to Yancheng? He was willing to eat my Shredded pork with sauce.”

“You heard me wrong.” Madam Shen said lightly, “How could he know Doctor Guan when he is in the border town.”

The official family is not prominent in the family, but it is known that the official family and the Yan family are family friends. The important thing is to have a relationship with the Yan family. Even if it touches the Yan family, the Shen family can’t be used up.

Guan Shan drove Shen Chi to a restaurant. Yan Xue Xiao told him that he could not eat. He ordered sweet Yancheng dishes: “Don’t be restrained, see if there is anything you want to eat?”

Shen Chi shook his head.

The young man is not a talkative person. He speaks silently. The meal was very quiet. After the meal, he refused his proposal to go to the scenic spot and looked at his mobile phone with headphones on.

At first, he was rest assured‌, he heard that Shen Chi grew up in Yancheng, he has gone to all the places he should go, and having no ‌ interest ‌ is normal.

He accidentally caught a glimpse of the teenager’s mobile phone playing the game video. He suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. Sure enough, the teenager took off his headphones and stood up: “Thank you for your hospitality, I have to go to the game.”

“You can’t compete now.”

Hearing his words, the young man stopped, but still left. Guan Shan finally knew why Yan Xue Xiao would look different and stayed there. He was clearly in the shadow of Yan Xue Xiao. The original Yan Xue Xiao left Yan’s house without returning.

Shen Chi walked to the competition venue and watched the phone call from Yan Xue Xiao. The teenager hung his head, turned off his cell phone and sat in the competition seat.

Duan Shi in the live broadcast room adjusted his headset and asked: “Teacher, what do you think of the final day of the finals?”

“If there is no accident, Zhou Tingchuan will win the championship. There are almost no players with shortcomings.” Shengquan replied.

“please remove the word accident”


“Is it possible to be Late?”

“Did you forget that he was shot headshot by Zhou Tingchuan yesterday?”

The match is about to start. Shen Chi wears the uniformly distributed earphones , and the right hand is closed without feeling any pain. His condition is even better than yesterday. He took a deep breath and slowly clenched the mouse.

Zhou Tingchuan is a keen opponent, facing Zhou Tingchuan if he makes a mistake, he will be attacked as a weak point.

Can’t make mistakes.

You can’t make any mistakes.

He sat in the competition seat, his brain turned like a precision rotating instrument, and he let go of all the details, which were reflected in amber pupils very clearly.

“Seven Kills on the Ground!”

“Are you not too happy today,Little Red?”

“He has always been expressionless”

Shen Chi’s score kept climbing, even if he rose from yesterday’s seventh place to second place, he didn’t care, he only had the champion in his eyes.

Duan Shi is from the northwest. Compared with the economically developed eastern coast, the northwest is a desert of e-sports. He sincerely hopes that the champion will be from the northwest, and he can’t help but hold his breath in the last game.

Shengquan was used to seeing big games and was far lighter than him: “The score is only five points short, the last game is very crucial, the two players have different styles, Zhou Tingchuan plays more stably, and Late plays more unexpectedly, and it is possible to win the championship.

“No is offended”

” Teacher played well in this round”

“I’m still optimistic about Zhou Tingchuan, if any anchor can beat the giants, I think it is necessary for the league game to go on, it is better to go live.”

In the final round of the competition, there were only two people, Shen Chi and Zhou Tingchuan. The gunfire suddenly stopped, and it was incredibly quiet. A straight bullet suddenly hit Shen Chi.

Shen Chi has been watching Zhou Tingchuan’s past game videos all day long. The tactical style may change, and a person’s subconscious reaction will not change. He closed his eyes and silently recalled.

He from gunfire to the right position, threw a smoke | fog bomb toward the body, hiding in the smoke | fog bomb, after the smoke is about to disperse for a second, he seized the chance while observing on both sides, and took it away with one shot.

The audience was in an uproar, and even Shengquan was stunned. Duan Shi was the first to react from the stunned voice, his voice was broken with excitement: “He used the smoke|mist bomb to hold the opposite attention, and then Instantly, directly hit the opponent. Late , won this championship!”

“Zhou Tingchuan actually lost!”

“Don’t blame Zhou Tingchuan, this style of play is too free, normal people will not stop behind the smoke|mist bomb, there is a nerve gun behind it, if it is not an offline game, people would suspect him for using cheating softwares”

“Winning the championship is strength.”

“Talent is terrible.”

Since the Cat Cup, Shengquan has always been optimistic about Late, but he dared not to imagine that the indifferent teenager in the camera could defeat Zhou Tingchuan and win the championship. He made no secret of his admiration: “Congratulations to the history of the league. Rising star.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a teacher praise people so much.”

“The giant team is willing to be in contact”

“I still say congratulations”

“Congratulations to the red-haired boy”

The competition venue is noisy, the lights are concentrated on the red-haired boy, his face is stained with a rare smile, and Yan Xue Xiao looks at the boy’s right hand hidden under the sleeve, with dark eyes but there was a slight smile.

Shen Chi took a picture of the bright trophy with his mobile phone in his left hand, and posted the picture.

【Shen Chi】Trophy

Yan Xue Xiao asked quietly.

[Yan Xuexiao] Why do you want to fight?

The boy who received the reply hung his head. He didn’t know if he would recover or never recover. He was never so close to the champion, probably the last time.

He doesn’t have much. He wants to show Yan Xue Xiao the champion, and if he wants to show Yan Xue Xiao the champion, he will do it. This is one of the few things he can take out.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the mobile phone screen, and seemed to notice that he was angry. After a while, the little wolf cub across the street sent a message carefully.

[Shen Chi] Show you the champion

At the moment when he looked at the message, the young man narrowed his eyes and couldn’t see his emotions clearly, and his pale lips was pressed into a thin line.


The visa has expired. Shen Chi was the first one to fly to Los Angeles. Because his hands could not carry heavy things, he returned to the border town to bring his luggage, only carrying a backpack.

Countless clouds passed by the porthole at high speed. The young man stared at the porthole unblinkingly. He clearly recognized that he was crossing the Pacific Ocean. The distance of 14,000 kilometers was gradually shortened. ‌

The thirteen hour long plane landed. He walked to the airport and dialed Yan Xue Xiao’s voice call, but the phone was always unanswered, and he slowly sent a message.

[Shen Chi] I’m at Los Angeles

Still no reply

A teenager who comes to a foreign country has been sitting in a chair with a backpack and headphones for a long time. He disappointed himself. He was no stranger to this disappointment. First, he was disappointed then they became strangers who hated each other again.

The re-ignited light in the boy’s eyes slowly extinguished. He stood up, plucked up his courage, and dialed another phone call. This time the call finally got through, and the expressionless boy whispered: “You don’t want me anymore. ?”

There was silence in the air, and then he heard footsteps behind him, the young man’s cold voice sounded behind him : “‌no.”

Translator’s Note: I mass released because this is the moment our cub and Yan Xue Xiao met. If you notice any error ping me at discord or comment down below. Happy Reading Everyone!

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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