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“After that, I will be your parent.”

Maybe the moonlight on the sea is too gentle, even if it knows it’s just comforting. The boy followed the light and walked out of the dim shadow, holding the phone and calling out to his heart.

At the age of seventeen, I had an older brother.


On the way back to the rental house, Shen Chi searched for his heart and shop, and what caught his eye was the news of September in Border Town.

—— In order to welcome the creation of honesty in September, the provincial public security seized a number of shops selling virtual lovers in violation of regulations, such as mobile phone companions and heart shops … These shops lost money after collecting customers’ property . I hope the citizens can improve their awareness of fraud prevention and actively report dishonest behaviors.

‌He stopped, remembering that Zhuang Zhou reminded him when he was in the Internet cafe, but he didn’t pay attention.

The boy re-added Yan Xue Ziao’s friend, looked at the phone and wanting to say something, but after typing a long ‌ paragraph, he deleted it, and finally only sent a ‌ sentence.

[Shen Chi] I will start live broadcast

As if nothing happened, he went back to the rental house and boarded the computer, but he looked straight at his mobile phone, opened the game and received a reply.

[Yan Xue Xiao] I’m watching

The uneasiness disappeared silently. He put on the headphones and entered the game. Because he was sniped and fell out of the rankings ‌30, he was pulled back to the 19th place overnight. ‌The ranking must be raised as soon as possible.

“I almost made it to ten, but now he has to fight again. I’m angry for the cub”

“You can go to the live broadcast room opened by Si Tingkai to check in, and look at it he is banned for three months. I’m out of breath.”

“Not only is my anger gone, but it’s refreshing.”

“Asian Service: Ten Clashes!”

‌ Lan Heng doubled in four rows, and they returned to the 15th place in the Asian server until late at night, they were still five places away from ‌ten.

The more you go up, the harder it becomes. The tenth position is almost fixed, and while rushing to the rankings, there are also individuals rushing to the rankings.

“Ye Ning.” Lan Heng recognized the person, “He is a professional FY player. He was recently broadcast on Emperor Penguin. He is good at assaults. Now the league’s highest kill record is maintained. It’s a shame to retire.”

Shen Chi asked: “Why retired?”

“This person has a high heart, and he has no hope of winning the championship without going to the giants. However, he can’t get sponsorship, and it is difficult for a weak team like FY to start a salary.” Lan Heng exclaimed .

“Small clubs, big clubs have a lot of professional players with an annual salary of over 10 million.”

“Any industry is earning money from a club. World champions are so hot. Ordinary professional players really can’t make much money. I heard that FY earns 3,000 per month. It’s better to be a broadcaster.”

“Not only small clubs, many big clubs have closed the PUBG department, too many old players are lost.I only watch and play now, but I won’t play myself.”

“If the national service has passed the trial, strengthening the detection of ‌hang ups it will have a turn for the better.”

Shen Chi looked at the screen and didn’t say anything, and continued to rank, from fifteenth to tenth, while Ye Ning went from fourteenth to tenth, and the ninth place was sold on WeChat. It’s hard to get over.

This also means that if you want to enter the Asian server’s top ten, you must surpass Ye Ning, so he calms down and starts the game.

It hasn’t been long since the game started, and Ye Ning’s kill information was uploaded on the screen. He and Ye Ning appeared in the same game.

“I have watched Ye Ning’s game, the assault is really strong”

“Cub is better at long-range sniper. Suddenly I’m worried about the finals, the assaulter’s advantage is too great.”

“Daughter-in-law, won’t you come and cheer?”

Seeing the last message, the boy’s hand holding the gun paused, but he quickly returned his attention to the game.

It seemed that there was a tacit understanding of each other. The two did not meet during the final period, but when there were only two people left in the finals, he thought to himself that the other one was Ye Ning.

Wearing auspicious clothes, crawling on the grass, it almost melted into the ground. In order not to be exposed, the large level three bag was discarded.

“The level 3 bag is too conspicuous, and the level 2 bag is very hidden.”

“But you can’t change the package of throwing objects, only two cigarettes | fog bombs and three hands | thunder.”

“I get nervous every time I watch the finals.”

But Shen Chi heard the sound of the hand pulling away.

“How does Ye Ning know there are people on the ground?!”

“What should I do?”

“Don’t panic, maybe it’s a scam”

But the hand accurately hit Shen Chi, ‌he quickly threw a smoke|mist bomb towards him ‌, hiding in the smoke, but even if it was like ‌this, ‌he was still beaten under the opponent’s attack. Only residual blood.

Lan Heng, who was watching the battle, was also frightened and jumped, not so far away, how could Ye Ning see people.

Although he participated in the invitational tournament, the professional players are also ‌ categorized in levels. Ye Ning is obviously a professional player in the first echelon, which brings too much pressure.

Shen Chi gave himself a medical kit: “The terrain has changed.”

“How can the terrain change?”

“The shadow of the tree is wrong, a shadow appears.”

“Observe too carefully!”

“Otherwise, what professional players are training every day, the difference from ordinary people is far more than just marksmanship.”

Lan Heng’s heart was raised, and he was ten minutes away from the Asian server. This game will directly affect the result of the ranking: “Do you want to continue?”

“Continue.” The boy changed positions and crawled.

He doesn’t know if it was Lan Heng’s illusion. He didn’t hear the tension in the young man’s voice. On the contrary, there was a faint excitement that he met an opponent, which he had never seen before.

“What if the cub is found again?”

“It’s not a way to go down, the finals shrinks smaller and smaller, so I’m worried about the cub”

“No, I’m too nervous to see it, I won’t watch it, I’ll see the result after ten minutes”

Ye Ning is more patient than Lan Heng thought. If you change to Ye Ning, you will definitely be impatient at this time, but Ye Ning’s rhythm has not been disrupted at all, and he can always accurately locate Late’s location and throw a hand|thunder.

“Cub’s Smoke|The fog bombs are used up”

“The medical kit is gone too”

“Only a thin layer of blood QWQ”

“Are you going to be killed?”

Ye Ning did not throw a hand|thunder anymore, but searched on the grass with a gun, and the boy who was crawling straight in the grass hid in the bunker, as if he could predict the other party’s lift. Pull the hand|Thunder to the ‌prejudged throw.

Ye Ning was too fast, and missed the first one.

The boy immediately adjusted the direction and threw another one. Before the explosion, another one followed. The hand|thunder suddenly exploded into fragments in the air, causing huge damage. The residual blood completed the counter-kill, and the name was first. He boarded the tenth place in the Asian server.

The live broadcast room shook.

“I saw cubi’s name!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, it is not easy, from the end of September until now, mother will give you small fish.”

“garbage Yu Sheng, have you seen it? we’ll take ten measures to enter.”

“It’s really not easy”

Lan Heng only reacted at this time. The finals was a battlefield for throwing objects. Late did not throw thunder. He was not avoiding the battle, but was consuming Ye Ning’s throwing objects and did not sensibly lower the opponent’s guard.

It was found that the Late after being killed by the emperor penguin was more mature and could not describe his feelings, like a dagger that went straight into the enemy’s heart.

Sharp every time.

Lan Heng finally knows why Ren Duo said that Late would go further than Xu Cheng, not only because of talent, but also because teenagers are making progress at an amazing speed, and cutting hardships will eventually become the sharpening stone of cold light.


“Have you received the acceptance notice for your paper?” Adam asked in a whisper after class, “I know that there is a C journal that is going to be published soon. Would you like to try it?”

The tone of the question is very careful, and the Philosophical Review requirements are not as high.

The youth’s tone was flat: “I got it.”

Adam was trying to comfort him, but he almost didn’t get up from his seat after thinking of the meaning behind it. Philosophical Review is not as young as a publisher, which means that the journey will be open.

But the person sitting next to him doesn’t seem to take it seriously, just quietly looking at the mobile phone screen.

Adam realized that young people just simply love their professions, and that they look too mundane, and he can’t help thinking with a little envy. This is probably the confidence he has cultivated from his birth.

‌The young man looking at the mobile phone suddenly laughed, ‌ he rarely saw Yan’s smile ‌, his narrow and long eyes curled up in a beautiful arc, and the sense of distance seemed to disappear.

‌Looking at the screen. The little broadcaster he saw last time seems to be ranked tenth in Asia Server.

Adam doesn’t think much about PUBG, but he also knows that this is indeed an impressive achievement, but what he doesn’t understand is why he seems to be happier than being included in the Philosophical Review.

The teenager on the screen broadcast live at 12:30 in the evening in China. However, he still didn’t sleep, but continued to live broadcast.

Yan Xue Xiao frowned lightly, opened WeChat and sent a sentence.

[Yan Xuexiao] Still not sleeping?

[Shen Chi] Today’s live broadcast is too late to make up the time, otherwise the money will be deducted

The young man frowned gently, bought his cell phone, and went out of the classroom to dial the customer service phone of the cat live broadcast.

“What can I do for you?” The polite voice of customer service appeared on the phone.

“Hello, do you know the length of the live broadcast of the contract?”he asked lightly.

“This is ok, and the broadcast of our platform is guaranteed for five hours.”

Yan Xue Xiao said calmly: “This time is too long for the underage broadcast. It is recommended that the live broadcast time be reduced to three hours.”

It seems that they didn’t expect this opinion to be raised. The customer service patiently replied: “Thank you for your valuable suggestions, but you may not know the live broadcast industry. It doesn’t count to ask for five hours a day. If you are the boss, of course you can change it.”

Hanging up the phone, Yan Xue Xiao searched the market value of cat live broadcast, and the registered capital of cat live broadcast was tens of millions. After three rounds of financing, the market value reached 700 million yuan even as the dividend period of live broadcast went downhill.

The youth wanted to keep watching, but when his sight fell to the number of 700 million, he silently dropped the page.


The next morning, Mr. Wang walked into the classroom, took a glance at the empty seats in the back row, and stood on the podium to wake up class: “Now some people are late and leave early. They don’t have the consciousness of their senior year. I’m not joking, I must criticize severely.”

The boy appeared at the door wearing headphones, with dark circles under his eyes, as if he hadn’t heard the words ‌, and passed the podium without raising his eyes.

The air was quiet for an instant. Teacher Wang couldn’t get off the stage, so he coughed and said loudly, “Shen Chi, you come to the office today.”

The boy lifted his head indifferently.

Teacher Wang immediately changed his words: “Communicate the feelings between teachers and students.”

After the release, Teacher Wang deliberately blocked the door of the classroom and said to Shen Chi, who was walking towards the school gate with a bag on his back: “I know you are not coming to the office, I will say what you should say. You still don’t know the importance of the college entrance examination. It’s important, so you go back and ask your parents to call me—”

“No.” The boy lowered his eyes.

“Your father brought you up.” Teacher Wang smiled angrily, “You don’t want your parents to call me, I’m going to your house.”

Hearing the last sentence, Shen Chi’s body stiffened, and he took the note with Teacher Wang’s phone number written on it.

The young man pinched the note and walked back to the room , staring at the number on the note, and took a picture of the number.

[Shen Chi] The teacher asked the parents to call, can you call for me? It shouldn’t take too long, it’s this number

After a long ‌ array, he did not receive a reply.

[Shen Chi] its okay not to if it is inconvenient

The afternoon in the border town was the early morning in New Jersey. After Yan Xue Xiao woke up and saw the message on the screen, his eyes stopped and he dialed the number.

When Mr. Wang received the call, he was eating. When he saw the number dialed by the United States, he thought that the empire would die and my heart would not die. He said with vigilance: “No matter what you say, I will not disclose half a sentence of information.”

Different from the imagination, the mobile phone comes from a young man’s pure Chinese: “I am Shen Chi’s parent.”

“Are you his brother ?” Teacher Wang put down his guard, he did not bother to go to dinner, and read Shen Chi’s transcript while listening to the phone, “This kid, you really have to criticize this child .”

“He didn’t attend class, and the two quizzes were the last from the bottom of the whole grade. The total amounted to less than two hundred. Recently, I have done very poorly in my career. No questions are right. He love being late lately.”

“When it comes to being a parent, it is not good to give a child a name, but it is called Shen Chi. Isn’t this late? It should be called Shen Zao.”

Teacher Wang said with a sigh: “This child is clever, although I say this to every parent, Shen Chi is really clever and has a good memory. If he listens to the text twice, he can recite it, but if he continues like this, he will definitely not get into college. What is the way out?”

Seeing that the opposite side didn’t speak, Teacher Wang spoke with great experience: “I know that parents must be angry now, and everyone wants children with good grades, but I still advocate quality education, and I don’t need it. I should criticize it.”

Yan Xue Xiao listened quietly, and opened the live broadcast after hanging up the phone.

The teenager is on the live broadcast on time.

“Today is so punctual!”

“At the PCL Fall Finals, don’t you watch it? I have already opened two live broadcast rooms.”

“Don’t you think about playing professionally? ‌You can play in the real court”

“Professional is still too difficult, offline and online are two worlds”

Shen Chi clenched the mouse tightly, ‌he never thought about his future, ‌ Now he just want to make money quickly. If he can ‌ pay the money back, ‌he wants to try to become a professional player.

Live broadcast until 12 o’clock in the evening, when he was about to get up from his seat, he made a call. The boy looked at his name and sat back in his seat, connected to the phone and asked in a low voice: “Are you free now? If you have time, can you call the teacher for me? ”

“Yes.” The young man’s calm reply came from the phone.

“Oh.” He breathed a sigh of relief, thought of a question, and asked cautiously, “Did the teacher say that I have poor grades?”

“Yes.” The other party calmly said, “I hope you are clear that you will not be able to take the college entrance examination if you continue not to attend classes. If you want to make a living by playing games, broadcasting is not suitable for you, professional e-sports is cruel and accompanied by illness. Under pressure, a group of equally talented geniuses competed for countless honors, with only one champion.”

The other party did his homework and listed the malpractice ‌‌ on the ‌ surface ‌, Shen Chi hung down and couldn’t refute it.

However, in the next second, he heard Yan Xue Xiao’s cold voice softly: “But I think you will become a great professional player.”


Translator’s Note: Tell me if there is any typo or mistakes. This chapter is kind of long it has more than 5000 Chinese characters. I’m note sure if I would update tomorrow.

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