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Shi Ran heard the long-lost sound of water and opened his eyes laboriously, but there was nothing in the dark mine. His lips were so dry and white that he even bit his arm to taste the taste of blood.

A voice said to him to sleep ‌‌, he almost closed his eyes, but his mother was still lying in the hospital, and his brother was going to college.

He has to let his brother go to a good university.

Once again, he twisted the rope around the wire in his hand and climbed up. The blood blurred his palm, but he still didn’t loosen his hand to climb up.

A dog-like man crawled out of the abandoned mine with amazing strength, his whole body was bruised, no part of his hands was intact, and blood was dripping on the ground.

He don’t remember how long, before his eyes, there appeared a man who even the foreman had to respect: “Life is hard, follow me.”


In the hospital, Shi Liang received an unfamiliar call, and a familiar voice came from inside: “Liang Liang, nothing happened at home, right?”

The moment he heard the sound, his eyes turned red: “I made a call, and the person who answered the phone said that he had fallen into the mine.”

“Climbed out.” Shi Ran whispered, “Don’t believe what he said, because the dirty work on your hands has swept away my things.”

“I am not in the mine anymore. If I want to be far away, the money will come on time, and I will take care of myself and mother.”

Shi Liang didn’t want to worry his brother. He didn’t talk about smuggling the organs. He just sucked his nose and gave a basket of freshly picked oranges to Shen Chi and Zhuang Zhou.

Shen Chi carried his schoolbag and walked to the door. What he saw when he looked down was a basket full of oranges. He frowned, and finally moved the oranges into the door.

The whole room was filled with the smell of sweet and sour oranges. He looked at the table full of oranges and called on his cell phone.

[Shen Chi] The friend I said yesterday was sent by the police and sent me oranges. In fact, I can’t eat so many oranges by myself, he should just help me with my homework.

He asked Yan Xue Xiao why he sent oranges, but the other party’s concern was on him, so he said it gently.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Homework is best done by yourself

The red-headed teenager stared at the screen for a long time, probably because he didn’t want the other party to be disappointed. He packed his schoolbag, sat down at the table, and started his homework for the first time.

Even if he couldn’t do most of the questions, he relied on Yan Shen’s “Title Collection” to finish the multiple-choice questions.

After finishing his homework, the teenager boarded the game while eating oranges. At this time, the next day’s game started.


“Byron’s paper has been submitted to SSCI. Yesterday, he asked me about the news.” Adam returned the original book to Yan Xue Xiao, “Have you received the acceptance notice?”


The youth handed him a glass of water.

Adam said thank you for receiving the water. Yan was the first to finish writing the paper. Byron has always been regarded as an opponent. He carefully asked: “Did you get rejected? Which publication did you vote for?”

“Philosophical Review.”

Adam was shocked to hear the periodical name. As the top periodical of philosophy major, Philosophical Review can get tenure in universities. Up to now, no Chinese have been included, and the difficulty can be imagined.

One manuscript cannot be submitted for more than once, and in addition to the long review period, even Byron only dared to submit to the regular C journal, and Yan lightly voted for the top journal.

He only realized the confidence in his youth at this time, and he didn’t regard Byron as his opponent at all.

When Adam finished drinking a glass of water and was about to leave, he saw the oranges on the table and asked shyly: “I haven’t seen this variety of oranges yet. Can I taste it?”

oranges are weak and dry, they should be worthless, and this request is not unreasonable if you ask him.

Unexpectedly, he heard a sentence: “Sorry.”

The young man took a book from the bookshelf and handed it to Adam: “This version of the” Defense “should not be read.”

When Adam walked out of the dormitory with a book, he later realized he wondered, is an orange more precious than an out-of-print book?

And Yan Xue Xiao was just sitting in front of the computer, eating oranges and playing the broadcast live.


Su Bai was completely pulled to make up the number, and all his sub-service rankings were brought by people. He deeply understood that his real position was platinum, and his teammates Xu Cheng and Lan Heng were not. He watched the barrage before the game .

“the kittens have no shortage of people today.”

“The second to last is the Silver Fox team, two difficult brothers ran into one piece”

“Don’t cue Silver Fox teammates! This time the Silver Fox team are all professional players. Even if it is the second-to-last, it is fundamentally different from the first-to-last with only ten.”

The first game is a random map of Paramo. There is a volcano in the map, and lava flows from the top of the mountain. Compared with the previous map, the biggest difference is the dynamic map. Every round has a detailed error.

“This is a test of operation”

“This picture of the kitten team landed in the box yesterday”

“The old map is okay, the anchor is also familiar with it, it seems that the gap is not too big, the new map is completely slaughtered, and the consciousness response is too bad.”

“+1, the kitten team won the last place yesterday. It can be said that it was because of a lack of people. There is no reason to be the last one today.”

“Why? It’s Paramo, do you want me to pretend to be disconnected?” Lan Heng immediately thought of a question, “The team voice won’t be broadcast live, right?”

Shen Chi indifferent: “Yes.”

“I heard it pretending to be disconnected”

“I heard it too!”

“If the kitten team is dropped, it will be played as a negative match.”

Lan Heng immediately changed his tone: “Yesterday I was just unfamiliar with the map. Today, I will fight for one.”

“Suddenly there is such a pursuit?”

“No, what he said was guaranteeing the first from the bottom and competing for the second from the bottom. Isn’t there any need to protect the first from the bottom?”

“I am ashamed to say that I am a member of Kitten Live”

“Today I am an expensive emperor penguin member”

Su bai’s mentality is very good. Anyway, he can’t play for other teams. Just play as he pleases, just to take a look at the new map.

“Dear viewers, what we are seeing now is the new map of Paramo. From the route of the map, we can see that the location of the main city will change every time.” Line ‌Start live broadcast.

“This is the live game room, right?”

“Check again and again that I did not enter the wrong broadcast room”

“Hahahahaha dedicated anchor online explanation”

Lan Heng also commented smoothly: “From the air, you can see that twelve teams have jumped into the main city. The battle is fierce. Which twelve team is it? Let’s find out on the map below.”

“Sure enough, all anchor team”

“Give me a commentary”

“The commentary face’s is black”

Xu Cheng entered the competition with the purpose of learning. He took a deep breath as he watched the outing duo and asked Xiang Shen Chi: “What’s your opinion?”

Shen Chi followed Lan Heng: “Let’s go.”

“Feel the despair in Xu Cheng’s heart”

“Late was also broken by the old blue belt”

“Cat cat!”

Shen Chi did not object, and Xu Cheng could only keep up. The four people landed from the edge of the map and started to explore the central area.

“Welcome to the Travel Channel”

“The anchor takes into the volcanic city of Paramo”

“No irritation, no money”

Ding Hui is a retired professional player. This time he and Fang Shengquan served as the commentator of the invitational game. He frowned as he looked at the screen: “The game is a game, and the kitten team is too serious.”

Fang Shengquan concluded that as long as he encountered Late, he would be over: “Maybe they are not sightseeing, but in fact they are collecting opponent information.”

“Grass, I almost believed it”

“I suspect that Teacher Fang accepted the money from the cat live broadcast”

“Don’t doubt it, I am willing to accept the money”

“No, the kitten team had good luck in this round. They didn’t encounter any battles. They all survived fifteen minutes.”

“This piece of magma, no matter whether it is a person or a vehicle, the magma will drop blood,” the little guide Su Bai suddenly stopped to explain, and hid behind the team: “There are people on the northwest slope.”

Shen Chi glanced: “Silver Fox Team.”

“Hey, how did they know!”

“You can’t really be collecting information.”

“Maybe it happened to be right.”

“I was scared.”

Hearing the three words for the Silver Fox team, Although Xu Cheng didn’t want to admit that he was worse than others, he still had to remind him: “The four members of the Silver Fox team are all professional players.

In order to keep the ranking team reaching a consistent detour, Shen Chi stayed behind the house.

“Put the sadness on the public screen”

“It’s better than mass destruction.”

“Go around, go around, the king.”

But no one expected that Shen Chi from the back of the house went to the slope of the Silver Fox team and threw a smoke|mist bomb. Another strong team in the south slope followed the movement and counted the clock. After the Silver Fox team was destroyed, Shen Chi pulled away and left.

Kittens continue to have fun outings.

“…………I accept the sadness I said before.”

“The Silver Fox team is really sad, quietly lying on the top of the mountain and provoke someone”

“How to fight for second from the bottom? Just pull the second from the bottom to the first from the bottom.”

Su Bai looked at the battle in the distance and couldn’t help muttering: “How do I feel this operation is so familiar?”

Lan Heng thought for the harmony of the team, after thinking about it, he still didn’t tell Su Bai that this is the way he dealt with Su Bai last time.

Under the in-depth implementation of the tactics of self-interest and self-defeating, the kitten team trembled from the bottom to the third bottom. No other platform congratulated them.

“It’s not easy to improve by two, but it may be an illusion. I always feel that the third from the bottom is not worthy of its name.”

“Not an illusion”

“My Silver Fox team is at the bottom, I almost lost my breath”

“Tomorrow the kitten team will be sniped by other teams, it is impossible to make the top ten”

After six games ended, the real boy was lying on a small bed and sensibly told him that he should sleep, but he stared at the ceiling and used his cell phone.

【Shen Chi】‌What are you doing?

He wanted to ask if he watched him play, but he was afraid of getting the answer. When he was hesitating, he caught a message on his mobile phone.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Just finished watching the game ‌

The boy’s ears were red. It turned out that someone would watch him every game and couldn’t tell what he was feeling. Unfamiliar emotions spread in his heart.


Yan Xuexiao turned off the phone to read a book, and suddenly the little wolf cub across from him came around and said something.

[Shen Chi] ‌ You are so busy every day. You watch my game in the middle of the night. You usually have to study besides part-time jobs. Do you have time to do other things? ‌Does your boyfriend have any comments?

The youth quietly looked at the screen.

[Yan Xue Xiao] What do you want to ask?

As if he could see through his mind, the little wolf pup opposite got drilled into the hole. It took a long time before he plucked up the courage to get out of the hole, and asked.

[Shen Chi] ‌Now… Do you have a boyfriend?

Translator’s Note: Shen Chi’s tactics is so evil making the team fight each other but witty. If you notice any mistake or needs corrections please comment.  I drunk coffee today and I can’t sleep so I decide to do mass release of five chapter today. Happy Reading everyone!!

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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