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Because the Japanese cake was eight inches long, Shen Chi didn’t finish eating it, so he carefully packed the leftover cake and put it in the refrigerator, and he could eat it tomorrow.

There was still a trace of cream remaining on the smooth cheeks of the young man. He wanted to ask if the other party liked his gift, but he sent it out just to ask.

[Shen Chi] Have you received my gift?

After a while, the reply he received was just one sentence.

[Yan Xuexiao] I like it very much

He quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and when he was about to turn off the phone, the other party suddenly sent a photo, and he was startled when he clicked on the photo.

In the photo is the inside page of the book he sent. On the empty inside page, a little wolf pup holding a book is drawn with a pen. The whole body is hairy and his ears are pointed.

He doesn’t know why it looks ‌familiar.

The boy stared at the screen for a while, and his consciousness was preserved.


Seven o’clock the next day, early ‌ study.

Many people who can’t have breakfast in time, they buy breakfast and bring them to the classroom to eat. Zhuang Zhou is no exception. He puts his language books on the table and secretly eats beef pots.

Shen Chi was the last one to come to the classroom. The boy walked to the seat and opened his schoolbag. Zhuang Zhou used to bring a bottle of milk at home every day. Shen Chi would bring milk with a foreign brand that the border town did not have.

Shen Chi opened the schoolbag today, but there is no milk in the schoolbag. It seems that he forgot to bring it. Zhuan Zzhou asked: “Should I go out to buy milk?”

The teenager silently calculates, he only has four hundred, and a bottle of milk costs four point five yuan. It is still a good deal when it is discounted at the cub raising shop.

He re-zipped the zipper: “No need.”

Zhuang Zhou didn’t say much. After eating the beef pot helmet, he followed the representatives of Chinese class to read ancient poems early.

Shen Chi lay on the desk to make up for his sleep. After school, he put on his school bag and walked out of the school gate. When he passed an alley, the smile on his face disappeared.

Two men in vocational college uniforms were surrounding Shi Liang. Shi Liang was shorter and thinner than a woman. One man easily pinched Shi Liang’s neck: ” Will you give me any money?”

Shi Liang’s neck was pinched with a deep impression, but he still hadn’t given the money. The man lost his patience and was about to burn the lighted cigarette on Shi Liang’s face, and his companion hurriedly grabbed him: “Everyone.Now.”

“You don’t care about others.”

He didn’t care at all.

“It’s that little red hair.” Companion nervously said to him.

His hand shook, not to mention Yan Shen’s greeting. Even if Yan Shen didn’t say hello, he didn’t want to confront Shen Chi, as he fought fiercely.

Shi Liang watched in shock as the two men who were still ferocious before fled. He let go of his collar and gasped, “Thank you.”

Shen Chi looked at him: “Why are they asking you for money?”

“My mother is undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital, and my brother is working in another city. I keep all the money at home.” Shi Liang replied, and suddenly asked uncomfortably, “They won’t trouble you in the future, right?”

“They dare not.”

The boy put on his headphones and continued to walk forward.

Shi Liang looked at the young boy’s lanky back and said thank you again in his heart. He wiped the blood on his face and walked to the hospital.

But no matter how he wiped it, there are still traces. The mother on the hospital bed looked at him worriedly: “Are you bullied again?”

“No.” He hurriedly shook ‌, “A classmate helped me.”

“Is that the classmate from last time?” my mother asked.

Shi Liang hummed quietly.

“Thank them well, the valuables at home are all sold out.” My mother looked at the cannula in her hand, her eyes darkened, remembering to say something like, “Your aunt gave a basket of oranges. It hasn’t been touched yet, you can send it to your classmates.”

Shi Liang’s eyes are bright.

Soon, Shen Chi returned to his room, sat in front of the computer and boarded the live broadcast. He changed the title in the live broadcast room to sprint to the top ten in Asian service and started qualifying.

“Top 10 Asian servers!”

“I remember that cub said before that he would play in the top ten of the Asian server. I didn’t expect the top ten to be just in the corner.

“Suddenly I remembered Yu Sheng owing the cub dried fish and running away. I really want him to see the top 50 of the Asian server. The cub is going to sprint into the top ten of the Asian servers. Everyday we scold the garbage.”

“The scolding is deserved!”

As the competition gets fiercer, Shen Chi can’t guarantee that he will win. He can only let himself focus on every game, and he can’t relax at all.

Rainforest map is a good tool in the early stage because of its small pace, but it has become a drawback in the later stage. The strength gap between opponents is small, and it will fall into a box if you are unlucky.

Lan Heng couldn’t help but ask: “Do you want to jump into the wild area?”

“It’s very real.”

“I’m right in the ranking”

“My cub hasn’t jumped over the wild area yet in qualifying”

“Who is Lao Lan Heng?”

The rainforest map is rich in materials, even if there are a lot of resources in the wild area, but it takes time to collect it, and it is safer. Therefore, Shen has no comments, click to follow Lan Heng Parachuting.

They jumped on the seashore of Samidon. There were three or four thatched huts. He entered the house and took a domestic QBZ rifle.

“This gun is good, I have used it very stably.”

“It can only be said that the full match is good, the naked gun is not very good, and the shooting speed is too slow, and it is very bad for the gun in the middle and long distance.”

“The rain forest map is not ‌, it’s enough for a short distance.”

The development of the wild area is slow, and the screen uploads the kill information of other people. Lan Heng observes from behind the bunker: “It seems that the former is Su Bai. He has entered a professional team. At least two professional players.”

Qualifying is very difficult, because playing cautiously is not as exciting as an entertainment game. Many anchors directly look for professional players to bring them on, and Su Bai is one of them.

Seeing that the teenager did not respond, Lan Heng reminded: “Su Bai is also a platform anchor, with over 500,000 subscriptions.”

The former team has two professional players and one anchor. Although the top professional players won’t have time to bring people, even ordinary professional players, this lineup is undoubtedly terrible, not something they can play.

The meaning of what he said was not to provoke him, and Late seemed to have listened to it too, looking in the mirror and did not refute it.

Lan Heng breathed a sigh of relief, so he said: “Then we will change to the north and move into the circle. There happens to be a car on the side of the road.”

“Don’t talk about Lao Lan, I’ll also be counseled”

“It’s safe to avoid it. There’s nothing you can do to avoid it in the finals. If you can’t get one, you can at least enter the top three.”

“+1, surviving is important”

To Lan Heng’s surprise, Late did not walk to the car, but silently followed Su Bai’s team. He had no choice but to follow suit.

“Don’t you want to fight?”

“Please change to affirmative sentence”

“But for the two professions, the number of people is still dominant. I can’t think of the possibility of winning. Is the anchor so confident?”

“As a member of the second team of the small team, it should be worse than the official players, and it is not impossible to win. Okay, I am dreaming.”

Lan Heng has played with Late for a long time, but he can’t even guess the boy’s intentions, so he can only follow the boy.

He guessed that the attack was launched when the circle was contracted, but the circle contracted circle after circle, and the boy had no intention of attacking at all.

“he hasn’t fired for so long, shouldn’t it be a fight?”

“Is it because the most dangerous place is the safest place”

“It seems to make sense. After Su Bai and the others hadn’t noticed it for so long, they followed two people who explored their brains.”

“This is probably the so-called lamp, black.”

Lan Heng thinks so too, but he hasn’t put his heart at all. The boy threw a smoke|mist bomb to the northeast!

‌Colorful smoke filled the rainforest. He heard the rustling footsteps, thinking that there would be no one.

He couldn’t help looking behind the smoke. There were really two people. It was not only him who attracted attention, but also Su Bai’s team. Soon the two teams exchanged fire.

“Why the fuck does this look so familiar?”

“Is it going to go, right?”

“Well … it’s something we can do.”

Lan Heng reflected Late’s intention and immediately said, “I’ll pull the gun on the flank.”

When he said this, he was also ready to die. After all, professional players are not so easy to persuade, but to his surprise, the young man said coldly: “You wear a hat in the middle.”

“That’s… Su Bai?”

“Su Bai is the weakest, and there is nothing wrong with hitting him. Look at the cub and prepare to be full.”

“After all, the trailing is not the trailing ”

“Love Su Bai for a second”

Lan Heng ‌ ‌ had never hit a professional team, his hands were nervous, he couldn’t hit Su Bai after several shots, he said apologetically: “My hands are shaking a little.”

The teenager didn’t care: “It’s okay.”

Lan Heng once saw Late so considerate. When he was about to be flattered and said thank you, he heard the teenager say: “This is to let you hold their attention.”

Lan Heng: …………So he didn’t expect him to hit them, right?

“Please beat Lan Heng on the public screen”

”Lan Heng is so poor”

“Old Lan Heng should have a sense of being a tool person”

Perhaps because of the pressure, Lan Heng finally knocked down Su Bai. His teammate immediately went to help Su Bai, so that he didn’t even throw the smoke|bomb.

But Late, who hadn’t moved, moved. He raised his gun and pointed it at the person next to Su Bai. The bullet followed the same trajectory.

He killed the opponent cleanly.

The barrage shook.

“Why? I think professional players are also good at playing”

“Because if you take Su Bai, you must go out of your way to protect Su Bai.”

“The cub is actually stuffed with sesame seeds, right?”

“‌‌ It’s all black to the end, right? In my mind, cub is a cool guy who speaks a little bit of words while holding a gun.”

After solving the last professional player, the teenager aimed at Su Bai with residual blood. Perhaps he was too panicked, and even forgot to move when the other party escaped, and completely exposed himself to the muzzle.

He took it away with an easy shot, raised his eyebrows and asked, “The level of 500,000 fans?”

“On how to offend people based on this book”

“Cub not only play games well, but also ridicule them very well. Mom fans are worried.”

“But there is one thing to say, and Su Bai’s strength is really not very good. I describe it as one with two levels.”

It is a platform after all, and the audience overlaps. Su Bai’s fans can’t help but explain in a low voice.

“I want to say, Xiao Bai is not a technical anchor”

“Although Xiao Bai’s game is not very good, but I like to watch him live, everyone has different preferences, right”

“me too”

Lan Heng hurriedly finished the game: “There are many anchors who play the game well, but there are few who are good-looking. Look at how many people dare to take the scene? Not to mention that Su Bai live broadcasts intentionally. It is not surprising that 500,000 powder followers. ”

“Well, I don’t remember Lao Lan having ever open camera.”

“This wave, I’ll give you a full hammer”

“Understandably, very few game anchors are good-looking, and good-looking ones usually show up early in camera. Isn’t the little fish fragrant?”

“Although the words are like ‌, I really want to watch the cubs open the camera ‌”

Shen Chi’s gaze stopped on the dried fish. At this moment, he heard someone calling him in the building.

He paused the live broadcast and walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The thin Shi Liang appeared on the building holding a basket full of oranges, and the young man went upstairs suspiciously.

Shi Liang’s forehead oozes sweat, and he hugs the orange and says embarrassingly, “I don’t know which floor you live on, so I have to call you in the building.”

“It’s the local oranges that were just picked in the township, and they are not available in the market.” Shi Liang handed the woven bamboo basket with oranges to him, “It’s very sweet.”

“No need to.”

Shen Chi frowned.

But Shi Liang put the bamboo basket on the ground and ran away. He looked down at a basket full of oranges and could only carry it back to his room.

He had received many gifts before going to the border town, but he hadn’t received a gift since he arrived in the border town. He peeled off an orange without any emotion, and it was really sweet.

The boy picked up the mobile phone placed by the table.

[Shen Chi] Someone gave me a basket of oranges, I definitely can’t finish it by myself, I will send you half of it.

In fact it’s not actually that musch. It’s just that he doesn’t have anything to take out. He wants Yan Xue Xiao to taste such a sweet orange. Although the postage costs 20 yuan, he can get it in a province.


Yan Xue Xiao was reading in the library, and a pair of thin gold-rimmed glasses stood on the bridge of his nose, which pressed the depth of the phoenix eyes and made the whole person’s temperament more and more cold.

He received a message from a young man, he stopped reading the book, and replied politely.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Thank you

The youth cast his gaze on the book again, but another tangled message spread on the screen.

[Shen Chi] Do you think I should open the camera in the live broadcast? Will the audience want me to do it?

Yan Xue Xiao has never seen Shen Chi, and there is a young boy in front of him. He is an independent little wolf pup, with cold eyes and a scar on his face from a fight, which is unpleasant. He liked it, and he never thought about being unlikable.

But it disappeared again.

– like a phantom.

The young man closed his eyes, tapped a word and sent a sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao] They will want you to

Translator’s Note: OMG finally Shen Chi would open the camera. This is the Beef pot helmet

Beef pot helmet | Delicious Chinese Food

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