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 Yan Xue Xiao …


Shen Chi stared at the screen for a while and remembered that it was his virtual girlfriend bought during the day.


  He now has absolutely no intention to talk with her. If he has a computer at hand, he will open it and put it on and open a game, but there is nothing in the room.


  He turned off his phone.


  The teenager closed his eyes indifferently, as if thinking of something, suddenly he opened his eyes and struggled to sit up from the bed.


  He spent 500 yuan, he can not waste it.


  He tried to send over a sentence.


  [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Hello


  After a while, he received a reply.


  [Yan Xue Xiao] Hello


  A long silence.


  Shen Chi has never placed an order with a virtual girlfriend but he can still keenly feel that the opposite is not very skilled, which is completely different from the golden girlfriend that the customer service is saying.


  He raised an eyebrow.


  [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] is it easy to make money now?


  When he finished typing and was about to press send, he remembered that the opposite side was a girl and silently deleted it and re-sent a sentence.


  [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Is this your first time doing this?




  Princeton’s library is dominated by the Flint Library, with a collection of over six million books. The Forrestal Book Depository is not open to the public and requires an application form to be filled out one to two business days in advance.


  The youth stood in front of the stacks, took the German-language book Philosophical Hermeneutics from the staff, and politely said thank you.


  As he walked out of the library, he was called out, “Yan,there is no class tomorrow, want to go to the eating club?”




  ”Are you Chinese people all so studious?” The white boy’s eyes fell on the original book he was holding, and asked again, “There are girls from the architecture school coming, so I promise you won’t drink too much.”


  ”Have fun.”


  The youth smiled gently, his phoenix eyes slightly narrowed, only the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes, originally he has an extremely distant looks, so now he seems more detached.


  ”All right.”


  The man left with a pitying tone.


  Yan Xue Xiao took the book and walked towards the accommodation area when a message appeared on the phone screen.


  [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Is this your first time doing this?


  A blind date right?


  He looked down at the text sent 


  [Yan Xue Xiao] It’s the first time



 Shen Chi received the reply, thinking that it was really the first time for the virtual girlfriend. Normally , he would not hesitate to ask customer service for a refund.



  But the teenager in the darkness stared at the glowing screen, but wanted to say something, the hanging red hair slightly covered his eyes.


  He slowly typed.


 [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] It’s also my first time


  The first time to place an order for a virtual girlfriend.


  Even if he didn’t receive a reply, he didn’t bother to take into account the other party’s lack of business proficiency and continued typing as if he was speaking to himself.


    [Asia’s First Gun God] I don’t know why I can’t sleep. I’m awake in bed, and it’s useless to recite English words.


 At this point, Yan Xue Xiao walked into the dormitory, and the youth sat at the desk, wearing a pair of thin gold-rimmed glasses, reflecting the cold white skin color, which made the temperament more cold.


  He caught a glimpse of the screen, replied briefly, and opened Philosophical Hermeneutics.


[Yan Xue Xiao] Put down your mobile phone and drink a cup of milk


This is a polite rejection of adults, but Shen Chi, a seventeen years old boy, obviously didn’t realize it.


  There was no milk, the teenager opened his backpack, unscrewed the cap and took a sip of cold water, obediently hugged his legs and slept on the hard bed.




   A day in the border town began with the sound of police cars honking, and the sound of street horns resounded across the sky, enough to wake anyone from their sleep.


  ”Severely crack down on pornography, gambling, and drug crimes, and in-depth promotion of the creation of a safe border city…”


  As he did not sleep well, Shen Chi was still sleepy after waking up, and the red hair on his head turned upward in disobedience.



 He closed the window with a cold face so that he could sit quietly at the table for breakfast. He forgot when he fell asleep yesterday, as if he had fallen asleep unconsciously.


  Shen Chi turned on his mobile phone and boarded the account of the live broadcast room. He didn’t see any news of approval, but he still stared at the screen.


At this time, Ji Dad next to him spoke: “Xiaochi, your school registration has been transferred to No.3 Middle School.”


 Ji Dad seems to don’t know how to treat him. His tone is more cautious than yesterday: “Today is the second day of school, are you going to school?”


Shen Chi turned off his mobile phone: “won’t go.”


i Dad’s eyes flashed with disappointment: “I know there is a gap in your heart, but the third year of high school is the last year. Have you thought about your future if you can’t get into a good university?”


“Well” Ji Ma came out to round the field and pulled Ji Dad aside. “Give the child time to adapt.”


  The atmosphere in the room gradually became awkward. Shen Chi put down the half-eaten fried dumplings, opened the door and left the bungalow.


  He grew up going to a private international school, which is completely different from the teaching mode of ordinary schools and is not at all prepared for the domestic college entrance exams.


  With his study ability, it was almost impossible to get into a good university within a year.


  He was unusually calm.


  He walked towards the Internet cafe across the street, and as he passed a small, old second-hand electrical appliance store, he heard an unmistakably familiar voice. His body stiffened abruptly, he stopped in his tracks and slowly turned his head.


  An elegant and flamboyant woman appeared on the TV screen, and she faced the reporter in an elegant manner, “I myself have always supported education, so I hosted this charity dinner in the hope that more people can pay attention to the education problems in poor areas.”


  ”And what are your tips on educating children?” The reporter asked.


  The woman’s voice is gentle: “Maybe excellent genes are inherited. I have not worried too much. Xiao Shu’s grades in the class have always been the first. He plans to take the college entrance examination to Yanda. After graduation, we also support him to continue his studies for higher education.”


  ”After all, nowadays, education is very important in this society, the level is different, the circle of contact and people are different.”


  ”I remember you also wrongly held an adopted son.”


  Seemingly not expecting the reporter to ask this question, she gently frowned: “I also gave that child 600,000 yuan for his education before he left.”


  ”There are not many people like Mrs. Shen who are so kind-hearted.” The reporter said from the bottom of his heart.


  She resumed her elegant smile: “I believe every child will have a bright future.”


  Hearing the last sentence, the teenager’s thick eyelashes fluttered and pressed down on his incomparably proud eyes, and a long pause passed before he resumed his walk towards the Internet cafe across the street.


  The receptionist at the Internet cafe was still the same one from last time, and when she saw the teenager’s appearance, she somehow softened her voice and asked, “Do you want to get on the computer?”


  ”No money.”


  Probably because the teenager is good-looking, the receptionist became soft hearted. Anyway, the border town is small, people know each other, she was about to say he can put it on credit when the teenager grabbed something from the innermost layer of the backpack and took out a small box.


  ”Is this okay?”


  The teenager lowered his eyes.


  The receptionist opened the box and it was a hand-polished platinum necklace with a crookedly engraved phrase on the back of the pendant, which translated to.


  – You are a gift from heaven.


  It must have been a gift from his parents, who liked him a lot. The front desk hurriedly declined:”It’s too expensive.”


  But before she could hand the box back, the boss took the necklace with a smile and said to the teenager, “You can just come over and play in the future, you don’t need to say hello.”


  Shen Chi’s gaze paused on the necklace, and then turned and walked towards the C area. The thin and straight figure of the young man was like a tight string, and one doesn’t know when it will break. .


  The front desk looked at the young man’s back and was extremely worried.




 Shen Chi went to the previous position and sat down. He turned on the computer, boarded the account of the live broadcast room, and found an official message in the private letter.


He clasped the mouse and clicked on it, with only one sentence.


-I’m sorry, your live room has not passed the audit.


  He licked his lips and searched the Internet for answers. In order to ensure the quality of the platform, the live broadcast of the kitten was very strict with the audit of the anchor. There were many reasons for failing, the content was dull, lacking features, and the technology was not enough …


 In short, it can all be attributed to one sentence. If you can’t even pass the most basic review, it means you are not suitable for being an anchor.


  The light in the teenager’s eyes slowly went out.


  He hung his head and suddenly wanted to find someone to talk to.


  He opened WeChat and looked up his address book.


The first one he told him the game he was playing was boring.


  The second one asked him to make an appointment and was beaten into the hospital by him.


  The third one has not been in touch for a long time.




 [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] I may not be suitable as a game anchor


Yan Xuexiao was working part-time in an off-campus coffee shop when he received the news.


He doesn’t have any interest in comforting people. The other party is a physics student at Yan University. The game is obviously a dispensable pastime. He just asks conveniently.


  [Yan Xue Xiao] Do you like it?


  [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God】I Like it


 The speed of reply was so fast that he stopped his work. Yan Xue Xiao raised his long and narrow phoenix eyes and replied seriously.


 [Yan Xue Xiao] Stick to it if you like it


Young people concentrate on wiping coffee cups, with a philosophy book full of notes on one side.


  And the teenager looked at the words sent on the screen and submitted once more.




  The auditor 03 has a lot of videos to review every day, most of them are self-indulgent, and there are especially a lot of rubbish ones. Suddenly he saw a video, and the mouse that was pulling down stopped.


  It’s not that the video is amazing, it’s purely because he reviewed the video.


  It should be the minimum configuration to run the game, the picture quality is very low, no one wants to click so half an hour ago he directly chose not to pass.


 For the sake of fate, he clicked on the video.


At first, the operation was not good, and half of the blood was knocked out while standing. He sat down until he saw the characters in the picture begin to move.


AKM is a gun that discourages newcomers. He can’t remember how many times he died with this gun, but he can’t feel any recoil in the video, and the action of shooting with a mirror is flowing.


To say that there are some shortcomings, if he react faster, he will get more heads, but it is already quite amazing.


No.03 sincerely pressed for approval.


  And Shen Chi opened the live streaming software again, and what he saw was a sentence.


  –Congratulations on your live streaming room passing the audit.


  The teenager’s hand holding the mouse was trembling, the tightly pursed lips slowly curved upward, smiling with a bit more innocence not usually seen.


  He took a deep breath and clicked on Yan Xue Xiao’s avatar, pretending to be calm and sending over a sentence.


  [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Thank you for your encouragement. I became an anchor, although I’m not yet signed, but will soon be able to sign a contract.


  Yan Xue Xiao wiped the coffee cup and sat quietly on the counter reading a book. His attention was all on the German documents, but he gently congratulated him.


  Until he received a sentence.


  [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] are you …… willing to be my first audience?


  He was stunned, perhaps not waiting for his reply, the other party sent another sentence.


 [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Forget it.


  Yan Xue Xiao gently lowered his eyelashes and clicked on the link.



TL: I promise 5 chapters after exam soooo I’ll post 2 chapters today and 3 tomorrow.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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