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After the operation was completed, Father Ji and Mother Ji returned home from Yancheng.

Ji Ma walked in with the bag: “Xiao Chi, I bought you a mouse , I wonder if you like it or not?”

She walked to the little room. The door was open. You could push the door. There was nothing in the room except for the folded quilt, as if no one had ever lived in the room. .

She looked at father Ji anxiously. Father Ji hurriedly tapped his cell phone, sweat oozed out on her forehead: “Where can the child be ?”

After a long time, the phone was connected, and there was a little voice on the phone: “I won’t come back.”

“You have not finished yet, who will rent you a house, and living there is not safe.” Father Ji slowed his tone, “Listen to Dad and go home quickly.”

However, he heard him ask him coldly: “Go home so that you can go through the suitcase again?”

The phone was hung up ‌.

Father Ji blushed, holding the extinguished cell phone, turning his head, Mother Ji said: “The child bears grudges.”

“Do you remember when Xiao Shu was ten years old? He was playful and knocked over the jar of pickles. I was in a bad mood that day and scolded him for the first time, thinking that he was going to ignore me. He just ran up to me and smiled sweetly.”

Father Ji sighed, “It would be nice if it was Xiao Shu.”

Mother Ji did not speak. She looked at the neatly stacked quilts on the small bed. He was waiting for them at home, but they didn’t say a word about going to Yancheng.

She didn’t know how much courage a child would have to take to leave the house alone, she only knew that they made the child sad.


The soundproofing of the house is not good, and there is a noise of throwing things upstairs, and Shen Chi put on his earphones blankly.

Lan Heng sent a team invitation.

He clicked the mouse, and accepted ‌‌.

Because the game is ranked, the map is random, and the game is a small rainforest map, and they are on the altar.

The far west of the map, close to the route, many people descended on the altar, he quietly collected equipment, did not install a magnifying mirror, and relied on the machine to shoot.

After entering the game, Lan Heng never said anything. When the altar was searched, Lan Heng couldn’t hold back: “You don’t want to ask me why I am looking for you?”

Shen Chi replied: “I don’t want to.”

Lan Heng: …………
“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Lao Lan obviously still doesn’t know the position of his tool man.”

“Cubs don’t care about people easily”

“Unless It’s for the dry fish”

Lan Heng said: “The season starts on the platform and engages in activities. As of the end of the month, the anchor who signed the Asian server ranked in the top 50 has a recommendation, and the highest ranked player has a prize of 5,000 yuan. .”

Hearing the last sentence, Shen Chi’s action of loading the bullet stopped and stopped: “Five thousand?”

“We are currently ranked more than 50 in the Asian server. There is no problem with Zhou teaming up to make a recommendation.” Lan Heng continued, “As for the five thousand bonus, the highest ranking is Xu Cheng. , More than two thousand points higher than us.”

Lan Heng’s thoughts for the 500 bonus? Don’t think about it. The gap is too big to catch up with in a week. However, he heard the teenager say: “It is not difficult.”

“I have no idea why these words came out of Late’s mouth.”

“Then still a little bit ‌, Xu Cheng can be regarded as the cat’s live broadcast technology ceiling ‌, ‌he will play in the qualifying season seriously.”

“Cub is not interested in fighting, Xu Cheng, he just simply wants dried fish”

“When I mention the dried fish, I remember garbage Yu Sheng again “‌

Although Lan Heng is accustomed to Late’s way of speaking, he still couldn’t help reminding: “What is the concept of chasing more than 2,000 points a week? When you are close to winning the game, you will kill more than ten people in each game.”

‌ The low rank is not obvious yet, and the high rank is very skilled even for ordinary players. They all aim at ‌ saving themselves. It is rare to see the shooters. Sometimes it is difficult to see ten people in a game.

“At least four people in the northeast.”

Shen Chi collected his gun and sent it to Painan.

“How do you know?” Lan Heng asked curiously.

“Tam helped jump a group of people when they parachuted. A car should have been behind us just now. There were gunshots in front of them, and they didn’t go very far.”

Lan Heng’s eyes showed surprise. When he was in the kitten cup, he was completely playing games, but now he paid attention to collecting and analyzing information.

He had heard about Yu Sheng and said that he had to pay 10,000 dried fish and ran away. It was a pity, but now it seems that he has been struggling for a week to rank up, and his level is higher.

They arrived at Painan in the northeast. Sure enough, there was a group of people searching for the smoking box on the ground. Late faced the enemy head-on, and he ran to the back and pulled the gun line. After a while, he solved the four people.

He was changing equipment, and he walked to the tower in front of him to observe. The voice of the team said: “From the kill information, there are two teams in the training base, some of them are holding 98K. Probability is also possible on the top of the base’s north floor, and behind the bunkers on the floor.”

“If I didn’t look at Late’s perspective, I would think ‌‌he is using a perspective hang-up.”1 A cheating software that can see your location even if you hide

“Remember the information too clearly”

“From a game of saving to a game of hunting”

“at a certain speed, it’s really possible that there will be ten people.”

In terms of acting style, he is ‌ too silent ‌, and his actions are extremely independent. It is not a good command. It can be judged that he has never missed it. Lan Heng’s heart can’t help but build up a sense of trust, and follow all the way to kill. .

After the game ended, his kill count reached a record-breaking ‌19, and Late’s kill count reached ‌‌11.

In hindsight, he found that at a certain speed, he might really have a chance to surpass Xu Cheng.

The two played at eleven o’clock in the evening, and their cooperation became better and better. Although they were in four rows, they could keep an amazing winning streak.

The live broadcast room is reluctant to leave.

“Let’s double row tomorrow”

“I really want to watch them play together”

“Don’t you feel, they have a sense of CP inexplicably?”

“Quietly express the same ‌”

When Shen Chi was about to start the next game, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Yan Xue Xiao coming online. He quickly quit Lan Heng’s team.

When Lan Heng on the other side wondered why he was retiring early, it was clear that the live broadcast had just begun for the anchor who was used to staying up late, and Shen Chi had already sent an invitation to Yan Xue Xiao to form a team.

“Lan Heng Tool Man is really miserable”

“It’s that woman last time!”

“Cub Invited her again” ‌

When Shen Chi pressed it, the game screen slowly unfolded, and the island was wrapped in blue sea water. After marking the jumping point, he asked curiously: “How can you play today?”

Text slowly appeared on the screen.

“I just happens to be free”

Shen Chi chose the farm to fall. The resources of the farm are not rich. He searched for materials and asked: “You seem to have been very busy all the time. Are you still busy with school ?”

‌ The other party replied ‌ him.

[Friends are busy with projects]

Less “oh” sound, you can look at the word friend. I don’t know why, and ask questions: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

”Something smell unusual”

“You are still young, cub!”

“No, how can you think more about a word? What’s wrong with a question?”

He stared at the screen slowly, perhaps because of privacy issues.The other party did not reply. However, when he shifted his gaze and prepared to enter the game, the other party replied.

“not yet”

His hand holding the mouse is loose, it was like a way of showing a relief, his heart suddenly beats, and he seems to be able to hear his beating with headphones.


Shen Chi ended the live broadcast at 10 o’clock. If he were in normal times, he would broadcast it until 2 o’clock in the middle of the night. But today, when he stood up from his chair to receive water, he felt dizzy again.

He closed his eyes, stood still while leaning on the chair ‌ After a while, the dizziness disappeared, and he walked to the kitchen to pour a glass of water from the cold kettle.

He raised his wrist. He didn’t know when it became slender like a girl’s wrist, because his skin was pale, sick and weak.

He felt that he was getting weaker and weaker, and he was going to become an adult clearly, but he always felt that he was very far away from him, and he didn’t know how long it would take to become a proper adult.

Shen Chi went and opened the refrigerator. The refrigerator was empty, nothing at all. He squeezed his lips and closed the refrigerator, picked up the cup and drank water.

The moment Shen Chi finished drinking the water, he went to bed and was just about to turn off the light. A message was displayed on the screen of his mobile phone, Yan Xue Xiao forwarded a link.

【Yan Xue Xiao】Helping a friend to promote

Shen Chi clicks on the ‌ link, which is a very typical Moments advertisement. The store ‌ sells for profit and buys snacks for one yuan.

He has seen negative cases on the publicity column of the street office, and they all have a routine. At the beginning, he said that he could buy snacks for one dollar, and the postage sent by him was hundreds, all of which were fraud.

He did not hesitate to close the page, but looked at the dazzling array of snack pictures, including baked potato chips, orange-flavored jelly, strawberry soda biscuits…

Every kind of snack seems to want to be eaten by him, exuding the tempting air of come eat me.

If you turn off and on the page less, you won’t be so determined. If you think about it silently, you can buy it once, but you can’t resist paying a dollar. He filled in his own address on the page.

On the weekend morning, Shen Chi was awakened by a rapid knock on the door. He put on his clothes and walked to the door. He did not immediately open the door, but observed through the cat’s eyes.

After seeing the door clearly, it was a courier in blue clothes, he opened the door.

The courier picked up the box on the ground and handed him the pen politely: “Please sign for your courier.”

Shen Chi doesn’t remember buying something online, and was about to ask if it was a mistake ‌ When I suddenly remembered the one-yuan purchase I had purchased.

It turned out to be shipped ‌.

He filled in his own name, took the courier laboriously, closed the door, kneeled on the ground and carefully used a knife to open the courier.

The moment he opened the courier box, he frowned less and found that he was really cheated.

There are no snacks in the box at all, it’s all milk, calcium flakes, beef jerky marked in English… He looked at the express delivery list suspiciously.

It is sent from the United States.


Translator’s Note: Yan Xue Xiao is starting to fatten up his cub

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    A cheating software that can see your location even if you hide
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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