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Yu Sheng returned home from work the next day. He didn’t care about eating. The first thing he did was hesitate to open the kitten live broadcast.

It happened to be broadcast on Late, and he saw that one night had passed, and the Asian server rankings not only did not rise but fell.

He breathed a sigh of relief. The nervousness at the beginning was gone. He sat on the sofa and watched the live broadcast leisurely with his mobile phone.

Late’s performance is still not good.

“Is he too tired lately?”

“Cub, do you want to take a break today ?” ”

”+1, he was not in good shape last night.”

Late’s level did drop a lot, and his reaction ability was obviously not as good as before. The score dropped to about 1540. There was no way to drop further, and it remained stable without any further sharp decline.

However, Yu Sheng has a faint feeling. Late’s play style seems to have changed, and the speed of moving to the safe zone has been much slower. It seems that he is consciously collecting information on the field to prepare for the finals, but because the new play style is not yet proficient and he failed. He is trying to adapt.

He immediately shook his head. It’s hard to change a person’s play style. It was carved into the bones like a habit. After many professional players changed their style of play, their strength was not as good as before. He relaxed his mind and continued to watch.

In the beginning, the winning percentage was not high, and dropped down, but as the number of rounds accumulated, he discovered that Late was unknowingly killing more than 20 people per game, never losing once, far more stable than the previous game. .

Yu Sheng was shocked by Late’s adaptability. According to this upper score, he would be able to enter the top 50 of the Asian server in no more than a week and at most four days. It was at the top level in the entire kitten video.

He has no intention of watching the live broadcast now, but the news in the live broadcast room attracted his attention.

“I saw a living body hanging through a wall.”

“Immortals live up to their reputation.”

“How can they go through a wall?”

It’s not uncommon to hang up in qualifying. Often, the more people buy cheating softwares and use plug-ins in high-end games, even if their personal strength is strong, it is still difficult to compete with external plug-ins.

As long as you lose the game, you will lose points. Sometimes the points scored in a few games are not as many as the points lost in one game. This is also the reason why the Asian team is difficult to play. Yu Sheng pinched his hand and there was still a glimmer of hope in his heart.

And Shen Chi was sitting in front of the computer. The game was already in the finals. There were only two people left on the court. He had determined the enemy’s position and fired, but the enemy unexpectedly penetrated the wall to the outside of the house.

He frowned. He couldn’t judge the enemy’s position now. The enemy could come in through the wall at any time and attack him by surprise.

The first floor must be unsafe. He simply gave up the first floor and retreated to the top floor, which was easy to defend and difficult to attack.

“The top floor should be safe”

“Unless it can fly”

“The top floor is a good place, but unfortunately there are not many medical kits on the cub. If the poison ring shrinks he cannot resist the poison for too long, I knew he should pick up a few more medical kits. ”

Time drops in the past, the already narrow circle of poison shrinks once again, only half a small house in a safe area.

Other places are covered by poisonous gas, and the next shrinking circle is coming, and the downward staircase will be completely sealed. The two will be isolated on the two floors of the building.

Shen Chi was used to picking up throwing objects before entering the finals. The throwing objects took up space and there were a lot of objects thrown on his body. As a result, there were only two medical kits, which could not survive long in the poisonous gas.

He didn’t intend to fight the enemy’s medicine kit for a long time, so he threw a smoke|mist bomb toward the stairway, and thick smoke immediately filled the stairwell.

“Are you going down!”

“Downstairs, I can go through the wall.”

“Don’t throw a hand|Thunder to the bottom, right?”

“I’m so nervous to see.”

However, until the smoke cleared, Shen Chi didn’t go downstairs. Instead, he threw another smoke|mist bomb to the top of the stairs, and in the end he didn’t go down, slowly draining the opponent’s patience.

“I can already imagine the collapse of the man downstairs.”

“Don’t talk about downstairs. I collapsed. I mentioned that half of it was abruptly held back in one breath.”

“I won’t do it again.”

Shen Chi did throw another smoke|mist bomb downstairs. He really wanted to go downstairs this time, but the man downstairs seemed impatient and rushed upstairs directly.

He easily solved it with a burst of fire.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha definitely want each other dead also cost-effective than fear,”

“Cub ranking into the top one hundred!”


“ten thousand dried fish as expected!”

Even plug-ins can’t win, and Yu Sheng’s heart is cold. He can be sure that it is only a matter of time before Late enters the top 50 of Asian service.

He opened the forum, logged on to his account, looked at his post and showed a clear entanglement, hesitated for a while, and finally deleted the kitten live broadcast software.


In the next four days, Shen Chi started to qualify as soon as he returned home. When the score reached 2500, the more difficult it was to play. The proportion of opponents opened and hanged became higher and higher. He never took a break, as long as Yan Xue Xiao was absent. He would stay up until four or five in the morning.

When he was in school, he also wrote the basic data of the game over and over again in order to become familiar with it. In the game, he can quickly estimate the damage value and the arc of the gun, and each map is also printed in his mind.

At the same time, his personal data has also grown steadily. On the fifth day, he squeezed from the 89th in Asian server to the 61st in Asian server. On the sixth day, he was promoted from the Asian server 61st to the 50th in Asian server.

His KD has been greatly improved. KD refers to the ratio of eliminations to deaths. One of the criteria for professional team recruitment is KD to reach 5.0, and his reaches KD to 15.

“It’s not easy.”

“I’ve seen wall hangings, lock hangings, and perspective hangings these days. It must be very hard for the cubs to fight by himself.”

“Cub can have ten thousand dried fish!”

” Hurry up and open the forum”

The young man had fair skin, so the dark circles under his eyes looked particularly serious. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. He took a rest for a while before opening the post on the remaining sound, took a deep breath, and uploaded a screenshot proving his ranking.

At the thought of 10,000 dried fish, the corners of his lips bend slightly upwards.

While waiting for Yu Sheng’s response, because he couldn’t think of anyone to share, he thought for a moment, clicked on Yan Xuexiao’s name, and expressed his happiness with restraint.

[Shen Chi] I’m going to have 10,000 small fish dried

But the remaining sound did not appear again.

Yu Sheng seemed to have disappeared from the forum. He deleted all the posts he had posted, and even his account was cancelled. No trace was found. Even his friends did not know his whereabouts.

[Bing Bingbing] He hasn’t shown up for several days, and his account has been cancelled today. Wouldn’t he break his promise?

[Oatmeal] Seeing this situation, it must have gone, but 10,000 dried fish is really not a small price, and it is understandable that he does not want to pay

[Come to a glass of cherry juice]If you don’t want to pay 10,000 dried fish, you can refuse it at the beginning. Why did it disappear without saying a word? It is very hard to play in the rankings. You often stay up late until the early morning, at least come out and apologize.

[Bubble water] After chasing from the live broadcast room, I was so angry that I couldn’t say anything. This kind of person was blackened, and the list in the future would not be seen again

Shen Chi waited until the next day, but Yu Sheng still didn’t appear, as if he would never appear again as mentioned in the post.

There was a daze in the boy’s eyes. He looked at the screen and squeezed the mouse. After a while, he lowered his head, turned on the phone and sent a message.

[Shen Chi] I might… not have 10,000 fish dried up.

Yan Xue Xiao picked out books in an old bookstore when he received the news. A rare translation of Philosophical Analysis and Demonstration on the shelf cost $150.

He removed the book from the shelf and walked towards the counter while holding the phone. A message appeared on the phone. The moment he opened the screen, he stopped.

He just thought about it for a few seconds before guessing it. The person who had previously agreed to pay the money didn’t want to give it. This kind of thing is normal.

But it was obvious that Shen Chi had never thought about the possibility of breaking his promise, and he believed what others said.

Even across the screen, he could imagine that the little wolf pup on the opposite side must have his head hanging down at this moment, and his usual high tail was also drooping, and his pointed ears were also drooping on both sides of his head.

He couldn’t speak emotionally, and he replied.

[Yan Xuexiao] It will arrive

The young man put the book back on the shelf and opened the cat live broadcast.

Shen Chi saw the reply from Yan Xue Xiao and was encouraged to refresh the post again, but still no trace of Yu Sheng.

He is trying to comfort himself.

The last hope in the young man’s heart disappeared and he didn’t have any hope. When he was about to turn off the website, a message suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and he pinched the mouse.

“Anonymous users reward you with dried fish x 10,000”

the boy’s breathing was stuck. He didn’t think that the lingering Yu Sheng would actually appear. His head, which had been hanging for a long time, lifted up. A shallow smile appeared on his thin lips.

On the other side, Yan Xue Xiao, who had spent all his money, sat at the desk, quietly copying “Philosophical Analysis” which he did not buy today.


On weekends, Lin Sinian returned home from school, and the servant took his suitcase. When he was about to go upstairs, his mother sat on the sofa and said to him kindly: “I have booked a plane ticket for New Jersey. Go to Princeton University tomorrow.”


Lin Sinian’s face was pale, he knew that Yan Xue Xiao was studying in Princeton, and if he went to Princeton, he might meet that big man.

He had that dream half a month ago. He quit school on the pretext of physical reasons and asked a psychiatrist for treatment without telling his mother.

The psychiatrist comforted him and said that the academic pressure was too great. With the help of the psychiatrist, he gradually forgot about this dream, thinking that he could not remember the dream anymore and he could go back to school and have a good class.

However, his mother’s words reminded him of that very real dream again. He didn’t know if he had a mental problem, but what happened in the dream was gradually being confirmed, as if some kind of foreknowledge.

“Yan Xue Xiao wants to see you.”

Mother’s tone couldn’t be rejected.

Lin Sinian was stunned.

He didn’t remember that he had seen this in a dream, so he opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but when his mother’s eyes came over, he stopped talking and dared not say anything.

He never dared to violate his mother’s words, he nodded, and stayed up all night that night.

The next day, he took a plane to New Jersey. As soon as the plane landed, the driver respectfully waited for him, saying that it was arranged by Yan Ji.

He immediately lowered his head when he heard the name. Although Yan Ji is not the person in charge of the Yan family, he is a famous smiling tiger with a smile on his face. He can stab someone when they turn around. Therefore, the Lins did not dare to say a word.

He got in the car and asked anxiously: “Are we going to the restaurant?”


The driver drove forward with the steering wheel in his hand, shook his head and said, “We are going to the coffee shop.”

coffee shop?

Lin Sinian never thought of meeting Yan Xue Xiao in a coffee shop. It was just a small coffee shop next to the school. The most expensive coffee was only ten dollars.

This is the first time he has seen Yan Xue Xiao. The Yan Xue Xiao in his dream lives high above the ground in the news and newspapers, with a cold and gloomy expression, always well-dressed, which makes people feel a sense of distance for no reason.

The Yan Xue Xiao in front of him was wearing light blue coffee shop clothes, with black eyebrows, gentle to others, and a bookish air from her gestures.

Obviously they are exactly the same people, but their temperaments are completely different, which made him feel confused.

He didn’t know what happened that would turn the young man in front of him into the later indifferent Yan family head, so gloomy that he dared not even be approached by his close relatives.

An uncle, who supported his superior, went to jail, but his biological mother fled abroad because she was afraid of him ….

“Hello, what do you need?” Yan Xue Xiao asked.

Lin Sinian’s thoughts were interrupted, he lowered her head in fear, did not dare to look at Yan Xue Xiao’s eyes, he pinched the corners of his clothes and tremblingly said, “My mother…let me come to see you.”

Born in a family like him, he doesn’t have much choice, otherwise he will be abandoned by his family.

Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyes gently, and when he looked at the face of the people, he almost cried. He stretched out his hand and handed over the tissue.

“Shen Chi?”

He asked.

“Who is Shen Chi?”

Lin Sinian raised his head blankly without taking the tissue. If it was the Shen family in the northwest, he had heard of it.

Hearing his mother talk about Mrs. Shen, the northwest economy is not well developed. The Shen family belongs to the upstart in Yancheng, but they can’t even touch the edge of the Yan family, so Mrs. Shen always wanted to be in the upper circle after moving to Yancheng. His mother mentioned it with disdain.

He hadn’t seen Shen Chi, but he had vaguely heard the name in his dream. He was the adopted son of the Shen family. He died after being exiled to the border city as he hadn’t survived as an adult. He died alone in the border city.

Yan Xue Xiao retracted his hand and closed his eyes: “Sorry, I mistook you for another person.”


Translator’s Note: This is the last part of the free chapters in jjwxc next chapter would be from the VIP’s. Next chapter would either be split in two because it’s 4000+ words or I’ll update one less chapter tomorrow.

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  1. Avatar Kay says:

    What happened to our cub in the previous timeline for him to have died so young?!?!?!

    Thanks for the chapters!
    And my preference is for one less chapter, instead of split chapters. Though of course the final decision is yours, translator.

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    Thank you for the chapters!!! Our cub did not deserve that ending.. >:(

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