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You do not know

The official live broadcast was silent, and it took a moment for someone to break the silence.

“Today’s game…is it possible to end early?”

“Unexpectedly, it was Wu Yu and the others who won.”

“Ms. Fang just said that the team cooperation is poor?”

Fang Shengquan has been explaining the league game and the level of the anchor game. It was much lower than the professional game, he was completely looking at it with a mentality of adjustment, and it was only at this moment that he adjusted his state.

“I made a mistake in Wu Yu’s team analysis. They are not unaware of the problem of insufficient running time and insufficient tacit understanding.” Fang Shengquan’s voice showed approval.

“They just realized this, abandoned the traditional four-person cooperation, and adopted 3+1 tactics.”

the host asked suspiciously: “3+1?”

Fang Shengquan explained: “Three people make a small team, plus one flexible Free people in action can avoid their shortcomings in cooperation to the greatest extent.”

“No wonder I only see three people.”

“But the requirements for free people are very high, not only do you need to have the ability to survive independently, but also need to break the game at a critical moment. ”

”Late is really strong”

because the previous conclusion was overturned. Now Fang Shengquan dare not speak easily. There is one more thing he didn’t say. Wu Yu and the others are too familiar with Xu Cheng’s team. They seem to have studied it more than once. Far beyond the amateur level.

He suddenly felt that the kitten cup was interesting.

In the last round, Wu Yu’s team won with 13 kills and ranked first with 143 points, followed by Xu Cheng’s team with 126 points, which declared the end of today’s game.

“It’s really ranked one”

“This year’s champion is really hard to say”

“Wu Yu and the others only scored 58 points on the first day, and the total score is still 55 points away. There are only six games left tomorrow, and I feel like they can’t get it back.”

“Quite It’s going to be ten minutes closer in one round”

Although most people are not optimistic, Wu Yu watched the score on the computer and silently started training. He also thought yesterday that they had no strength to fight back against Xu Cheng, but they were the winner today.

For the first time, he had the determination to go to championship.


At twelve o’clock in the evening, Shen Chi returned home.

Ji Dad sat on the couch, what he could not utter the expression can say, Ji mom with a warm voice said: “Little late, these days you are home late, we are very worried about you.”

His body stiffened unnaturally, and stopped: “In the game.”

He wanted to be the first, but there was a disappointment in Dad Ji’s eyes: “Games are all virtual, it’s not that they don’t support you playing games. But you can’t play games for the rest of your life, right?” The young man lowered his eyes, and finally said nothing, ignored the gaze cast behind him, and walked into the room silently.

He didn’t turn on the light, it was pitch black.

In the beginning, he was not used to it, but now he is used to it. The darkness will make him feel safe.

He leaned on the wall and turned on the phone.

[Shen Chi] The game is over

He put his hand on the phone and typed, and he didn’t say the ranking yet. The other party seemed to know what he would say in the next sentence and replied to him.

[Yan Xuexiao] I saw you ranked first.

The boy stared at the shimmering screen, he lowered his head and thought, even if it is a virtual girlfriend bought with money, he is not alone.


Because of the replay of yesterday’s game, Lan Heng got up at six o’clock. There are 16 teams in a game, and the replay is a lot of work. He only picked part of his own replay.

He didn’t see any problems himself, he didn’t feel relieved after thinking about it, pinching the time of the Late broadcast and sending a message.

[Lan Heng] Could you please tell me about my shortcomings yesterday?

[Late] It’s okay to walk

After receiving the reply, he thought he had read it wrong, and just thought of saying “Don’t pity me just because I’m a teammate”, and received another sentence.

[Late]   Nothing else.

Lan Heng:…

Obviously, he didn’t plan to give directions. He originally thought it was the arrogance of a young man.

However, after playing a few games with Late, he gradually realized that the game has been printed in Late’s bones, and it is as natural as drinking water and eating. It is difficult to explain the reasons behind each move.

But they are about to play at night and it is too late to change. He can only do his best to avoid making obvious mistakes.

The time of the day passed unconsciously, and soon it was time for the game. In the six rounds of the game, three rounds of islands and three rounds of desert, Fang Shengquan was still the commentator.

Routes slowly emerged on the map.

“The level of the route passing through Port G is not very friendly to most teams.” Fang Shengquan commented. “There were only a lot fewer people on the first lap.”

As he expected, in order to facilitate the transfer into the safe area, nine teams changed their jumping points. Three teams jumped in Y City at the same time, and they started to fight when they landed. Including Wu Yu’s team.

“Squeeze a bunch.”

“Late only took the S686.”

“Please remove this word. If I remember correctly, he seems to have killed twenty with this gun.”

“Twenty kills are passers-by, right?”

Y City Wu Yu’s team was reduced by two people in less than seven minutes, but at the same time, Late shuttled through the city like a ghost, killing both teams.

“Sure enough, I can’t let Late get S686”

“Two for eight, no loss!”

“The cooperation is getting better and better”

“Now that we have eight points, this game must be stable by 20 minutes.”

Xu Cheng’s team is still playing steadily, but Wu Yu’s team is in better shape. The difference between the two teams is slowly narrowing, from 55 points to 45 points at the beginning, from 45 points to 34 points…

as the last one. At the beginning of the game, there was only a tenth of a gap left, which means that this game will determine the title of this year’s Cat Cup.

“Don’t Teacher Fang guess the championship?”

“Who can guess that?”

“It makes me nervous.”

Lan Heng on the field was more nervous than the audience, and his hand holding the mouse oozes sweat.

The final round was held in an unfinished building in the wild area, which was divided into upper and lower floors. When they walked into the house, they noticed that there were people upstairs, but the outside of the house was covered by poisonous gas.

“Are you going to attack the building?” he asked.

They don’t have many medical kits. If the poison ring shrinks again, they can only be trapped downstairs. Now they still have a chance to go up the stairs and tie the last three points.

“Upstairs is Xu Cheng and the others.”

“It’s very difficult to attack a building.”

“Throwing hands|Thunders are not easy to throw.”

“This is really evenly matched.”

“attack it.” The boy said calmly.

He did not immediately go upstairs, but threw a smoke|mist bomb toward the stairway. Using the mist filled with the smoke|mist bomb, he walked up the stairs and threw a hand|thunder toward the second floor, but he did not get out of the smoke.

“It can still be like this!”

“The hand|Thunder is well thrown, Xu Cheng is half-blooded.”

“Next is to look at the marksmanship.”

Since there is no shelter in the house, there is nowhere to hide. It can be said to be a real white|blade. Fighting is faster and more ruthless than whose gun.

Even if Ren Zhou and Wu Yu died under each other’s AKM under the blessing of the thrown object, Lan Heng only had a trace of blood left, and the other party also had only two alive.

Shen Chi’s muzzle was aimed at the top of Xu Cheng’s head.

“I’m so nervous that I don’t dare to drink water.”

“Late doesn’t need to be nervous about shooting.”


The timing was only a short moment, and when Shen Chi pressed the shooting, the old computer was stuck, and his shooting direction was partial to Xu Cheng’s body. Lan Heng was taken away by Xu Cheng’s gun, and the result of the game was set .

“Congratulations to Xu Cheng for defending the championship?”

” Are you on the side?”

“After all, the opposite is Xu Cheng.”

“Oh, it’s a pity”

to miss the champion. Lan Heng was anxious for fear of being scolded, but what he didn’t expect was that the team After the internal voice was silent for a long time, a cold voice came from the teenager: “It’s my fault.”

“How could it be your problem?” He comforted, “It’s because my marksmanship is not good enough, which drags you back.

” I had expected it a long time ago .”

Lan Heng:…I was moved too early.

Probably because this was the closest they were to the championship. Wu Yu was choked up during the interview, but Late was strong and didn’t care about it, his tone still remained. Cold, no fluctuations can be heard.

The host asked Xiang Shen Chi: “Is there anything you want to say?”

“If you lose, you lose.” The boy lowered his eyes and squeezed the mouse.


Shen Chi is not a talkative person. It can be said that it is silent. The interviews with other players lasted five minutes, and they even advertised in the live broadcast room, but Shen Chi had only a short sentence and said nothing for himself.

Seeing that the host was about to move on to the next person, Yan Xue Xiao in front of the computer raised his eyebrows lightly, tapped the next line and clicked to send.

“Doesn’t the website consider signing a contract?”

Adam looked at the young man’s proficient movements in surprise. It was obviously not the first time he posted. After he struggled to recognize Chinese, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

In his mind, Yan is a person who does not fight or snatch, knows the world without being so sophisticated, and thinks it is a temperament cultivated by his birth.

But he don’t know if it was his illusion, Yan didn’t seem to want this anchor named Late to suffer at all.

The attention of the live broadcast room is attracted.

“I just noticed that Late didn’t sign a contract.”

“Average kills per game. Doesn’t deserve to sign?”

“What is the site doing ?”

Shen Chi didn’t know the discussion in the game live broadcast. He silently turned off the computer, put on his headset, and prepared to walk out. When he was in the Internet cafe,his phone suddenly vibrated.

He opened the screen blankly.

[Kitten Live] Would you like to sign a contract?

He didn’t remember how he reacted at the time, as if only coldly echoed “Yes”, and his typing hands were trembling.

It took a long time for him to react, turn on the phone, click on Yan Xue Xiao’s portrait, and post it calmly.

[Shen Chi] You must not know that I am going to sign a contract.

After a while, he received a faint sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Congratulations

Translator’s notes: Sorry I’m not really that familiar with hand grenades and light grenades they use at PUBG so I can’t revise it but I hope it is still understandable.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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    I’m wondering if he’ll ever interact with the barrage ? I know he’s going to be a silent technical skills anchor but I hope he at least talks to explain different factors. I think his fans would love to know how his mind works during enemy analysis ?

    Thank you for the translation! Looking forward to what Shen Chi will do next ?

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