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Pick Up

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi walked to the kitchen with the insulation box. While waiting, he put the steamed dumplings in the microwave then returned to the study room.

The fire tree outside the french window never sleeps. It is so gorgeous, like the Fog and Fire Festival in the border town. Shen Chi suddenly said, “I haven’t given you a New Year’s gift yet.”

Yan Xue Xiao pinched the cardboard with his left hand tied with a red string, then he lowered his thick eyelashes and said, “take it.”

Before Shen Chi had time to ask what it was, he was kissed on the bookshelf. Because of the violent impact, the cold books were scattered on the ground, and he grabbed Yan Xue Xiao’s shirt.

This posture made him encircle his arms on Yan Xue Xiao’s neck then he was lifted up , unable to ignore the hot connection between the two.

Under the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, he bit Yan Xue Xiao’s shoulder and finally licked his skin.

Even though marriage is extremely remote for him and he is far from being a mature partner, he will still marry this person.

On New Year’s Day, Shen Chi woke up in bed from the alarm clock coming from the pillow. He turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep. Suddenly, something cold was stuck on his face.

He opened his amber eyes and a box with ribbon was now in front of him. When he unpacked it, it was the New Year’s video game machine. The teenager immediately sat down from the bed.

In the sitting room brewing light black tea, Yan Xue Xiao wore thin gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of the nose. He sat on the settee drinking tea to read the information.

Ah Pei, who stood by the settee, sighed that Yan Xue Xiao was so serious. He added up traditional knowledge and knew that the Spring Festival is a particularly important holiday.

He glanced at it accidentally. It was wedding-related information. The red-headed boy walked with the gamepad in his arms and said, “Would you like to play the game?”

Ah Pei knows that Yan Xue Xiao doesn’t like being disturbed, but he heard a word,


“You jump up.”

“There is a box on the left.”

“I will give you the armor.”

Ah Pei looked at Yan Xue Xiao playing games with Shen Chi in surprise. Even paying attention to the discomfort of the teenager sitting on the settee while holding him in his arms, which can be said to be excessive spoiling.


Winter vacation flies fast and Shen Chi reports back to school.

Winter vacation is nothing, his brother looked colder than anyone else. He would press himself under his body without any softness, there were even traces on the settee in the living room.

He almost thought he was going to be pregnant, because there were so many things that he seemed to be able to hear like the sound of shaking water.

After entering the league late, the spring games are divided into regular season playoff games. Because the number of competition teams is reduced to two, the regular season is changed to a circular points system.

Each team played a full six-day group stage and the team that entered the top ‌6 will enter both playoff finals and league championship. While the bottom three teams will enter the PCLP relegation round.

Ye Ning’s waist injury is all healed and he is making goji berry water at the bar. “Unfortunately, it is of little significance to divide the competition area under the new competition system.”

Originally, the three major divisions of Allenger, Miramar and Vikendi competed separately. Choosing the less competitive division will undoubtedly gain the advantage of the regular season. Therefore, TTL chooses the weakest Vikendi for the PCLP champion. All teams will play against each other.

Shen Chi noncommittally says, “We will always meet in the playoffs.”

Lan Heng, who came downstairs to catch the water, drew his eyes. Before the regular season, he started looking forward to the playoffs. The anxiety that emerged during the game was diluted by Shen Chi’s words.

The first day of the regular season started on Tuesday. Shen Chi walked into the stadium in a red and white uniform.

Today, six teams play six games but the strength of the teams is generally not strong. The strongest team is not the Lion where Han Baiwen is located and there is also a new team COV who bought the quota. The Emperor Penguin bounced and lamented TTL’s good luck.

“Who doesn’t envy this luck”

“It is reasonable to suspect that the organizer will take care of them specially”

“not sure”

The game started on time, the island map was not ruled by SWL and the central region was the best place for TTL. After three games, they easily scored seven or nine points and ranked first.

“Send them to the bench”

“Don’t say this, if they can’t rank first they can’t go.”

“I’m on my line”

However, there was a reversal when the competition was carried out in the desert map. Instead of choosing a fixed jumping point, COV jumped at the house on the edge of P City.

Duan Shiyu of one side expressed doubts, “Although COV is a new team who bought their place in and entered the league and the strength of the club is acceptable, how can it suddenly change the jumping point?”

More than him, the barrage is also surprised.

“‌TTL grabs P City?”

”Im confused”

“Lion dare not face-to-face confrontation”

The COV on the screen doesn’t seem to be transferred in a hurry. One can see that they do detailed homework on the TTL circle route and keep following TTL.

In the early game, he still couldn’t understand the COV method. When COV successfully attacked Lan Heng with residual blood, he gradually came back.

Because of the existence of Shen Chi, TTL is the most popular team while COV is a small team that is not well-known. The results are not outstanding in the league. If you can destroy TTL, it will definitely increase the popularity of the team. So they will not hesitate to give up the regular season achievements.

Under the conscious struggle of COV, TTL wasn’t destroyed by the group, but the speed of scoring was greatly affected. Even the old emperor penguin members couldn’t go there and they were so angry that COV was shameless.

“Can you play the game well?”

“This is really not going to be graded”

”What is COV doing?”

Han Duqiu in the wheelchair watched the situation of the game and squeezed his hands, but there was no chance to play as a substitute. He couldn’t do anything and he could only watch Lion’s points keep catching up.

The Lion was two points ahead at the end of the game.

Zhuang Zhou came from the competition table and Teacher Ning sat beside him. Originally, he proudly introduced to the fans that this was the teacher of Yan University but now he can’t wait to get rid of the relationship right away.

The handsome school teacher in a suit pointed to the screen and cursed, “The little bunny of COV has the ability to challenge me. Are you afraid to come or Should I carry my gun?”

The barrage, pay attention to the existence of Teacher Ning.

“The old man is so excited, be careful not to enter the hospital”

“It looks familiar to my face”

“He seems to be the one who won the ‌CS World Championship.”

“Tears of the Times”

The captain of the COV is a pale-faced young man. He walked away and stretched out his hand, “I hope you don’t hurt yourself with anger and I look forward to playing against you in future matches.”

“Come on with a shy face”

“What are you afraid of for the sake of heat?”

“I originally hated TTL, but they are much cuter in comparison.”

“You are not alone”

In front of the camera, nobody thought Shen Chi would refuse. Who knows that the young man took off his headphones and said without mercy, “No need.”

He didn’t have time to make the rounds and heard Shen Chi’s cold voice saying, “I will send you back to PDL tomorrow.”

“Must send!”

“Send them back, fuck”

“This team is so disgusting”

COV’s captain’s face was green and white. LanHeng behind him couldn’t help wondering why someone was rushing to ridicule.

When Shen Chi was walking away from the stadium, his sight stopped on the points on the screen. The regular season relegation is not difficult, but 10% of the regular season points are included in the playoffs. The championship gap is small by one or two points, which means every game you can’t fall behind.

TTL cannot lose tomorrow.


Shen Chi returned to the base to watch the replay. It was late at night after replaying in the living room. He walked up to the second floor and fell asleep in front of the screen. The young boy’s fine eyelashes quivered with his breathing.

“Cub has worked hard today”

”cover the quilt for cub”

“Shhh, everyone speak quietly”

The heavy head rested on the sturdy white earphones and he slept uncomfortably. They heard the sound of footsteps behind and countless barrages flashed on the screen.

“Daughter-in-law is here!”

“Are you here to pick up the cub?”

“You need dried fish to pick him up”

“No, it’s okay”

The barrage was anxious and joking. Yan Xue Xiao paused, his slender hand passed the small fish on the table to the lens and then hugged the red head boy.

“Daughter-in-law really gave little fish!”

“Daughter-in-law is so sweet”

”Knocked out”

“The cub was taken away”

Shen Chi felt ‌his body hanging in the air and opened his eyes slightly. He saw Yan Xue Xiao’s face closely and asked unconsciously, “Why did you come to pick me up?”

“I’m afraid you will stay up late.”

The boy’s eyelids fell down, “Why are you afraid?”

Yan Xue Xiao seems to be particularly concerned about his diet. He stayed up from time to time in the border town. He came to Yancheng but didn’t feel the freedom of going to university. He was taken care of with extra care.

The air was silent for a while then Yan Xue Xiao looked at the sleeping teenager in his arms and replied, “‌‌That your hair will turn white.”

TL: Slam the COV back to where they belong.

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