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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Hearing the last sentence, Shen Chi looked down at the philosophy book. The original calm heart suddenly missed a beat and a thought that he dared not to think about ‌ crossed his mind.

‌ Did he like ‌……

Their memories after the reunion appeared in front of him, the relationship between them ‌is far closer than that of brothers. Yan Xue Xiao never refused his embrace or the kiss and there would be no people closer to him than he is.

Because he was too cautious about this feeling the boy still did not dare to confirm this idea. After hanging up the phone, he still held the suitcase in his arms and walked to the study holding a book.

He took a deep breath and sat next to Yan Xue Xiao. He deliberately opened the cover of the old “Philosophy of Existence”.

As Zhuang Man said, ‌ his brother should have had a reaction when he saw this book. The young man pressed down the book and looked at Yan Xue Xiao, revealing a pair of beautiful amber eyes.

The man focused on sketching, seemingly unaware of his arrival. His expression was as calm as ever, without the slightest difference ‌.

‌Shen Chi coughed a little. “‌ I’m going to read a book.”

The silence of the air was broken, Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyes glancing at him for a while. His line of sight slid slowly to the books, as if to say something.

The red-haired boy’s back tensed instantly, holding his breath and waiting for the words to be said, his thick eyelashes did not blink.

However, Yan Xue Xiao looked at him and recalled faintly, “The book is upside down.”

Shen Chi’s brain was blank for two or three seconds. Looking at the book that was upside down, his ears were burning red. He suddenly picked up the book and rushed to his bedroom at lightning speed.

‌ He must be thinking too much ‌, Shen Chi guess that his ‌brother‌ might had just forgotten to bring this book, but ‌ what he didn’t see was that Yan Xue Xiao bends his lips gently.


Because TTL won the school jumping point in the island map, the results of each round were relatively stable. In the next day’s T1 training competition they ranked in the top five for the first time.

At the end of the training, Lan Heng turned off the computer and asked quite curiously, “How’s the birthday present?”

Everyone’s attention was attracted by Lan Heng’s words. Xu Cheng who walked to the door couldn’t help but stop, obviously all interested in the emotional life of their team leader.

“‌The shopping cart is empty.”

Shen Chi took off his headphones.

“She doesn’t actually shop?” Lan Heng praised sincerely, “It’s rare to be able to keep a family diligent and thrifty these years.”

“No.” The young man broke everyone ‘s guess ruthlessly, “If that person wanted something he just bought it.

Lan Heng:………… He dares to love a black sheep

Although he is worried, Lan Heng still suggested: “Isn’t there a newly developed Moonlight Island around Yancheng? It is said that the water is very clear. Do you want to buy two tickets to celebrate the birthday on the island?”

Shen Chi didn’t speak. Although ‌he liked the seaside, the islands around Yancheng were full of people. His brother ‌ didn’t like to go to places that were too crowded.

Ye Ning came and said, “It’s very suitable for confession.”

The teenager silently turned on the computer, “Do you have any plans for your birthday?”

Yan Xue Xiao on the other side of the phone paused and replied, “Where do you want to go?”

Seeing everyone’s gaze, Shen Chi quickly walked out of the training room, swallowed and asked, “How about Moonlight Island?”

His heart was in his throat. He was relieved when he heard his approval. Shen Chi hung up and bought two tickets for Moonlight Island. He didn’t know why his heart kept throbbing.

On the other side, the Shen family is also picking up gifts. Mrs. Shen sat on the precious sofa and browsed the roster sent by the auction in advance: “I don’t know what that person likes yet.”

Father Shen meditated: “You can never go wrong with antique calligraphy and painting.”

“Didn’t you say that Yan’s family is not as good as before?” Hearing the conversation between parents, Ji Shu was afraid to talk at the dinner table.

“A lean camel is also bigger than a horse.” Father Shen couldn’t help but longing for it. “If the project of the new area is given to our people this time, the interest at the end of the year will be paid back. I don’t know what happened this year. Several major customers were poached away.”

Mrs. Shen glanced sharply at Father Shen: “You can get money if you don’t give away a few pieces of jewellery to people outside.”

“”There you go again.”Father Shen said impatiently, “Usually I always say that I can’t get home, because you always act like this at home.”

Mrs. Shen put on a soft tone, “I know that you did not have it easy recently. This time, I will pick a valuable gift and send it to the banquet to see if the company can make a difference.”

The leakage between Yan’s fingers alone is enough for children to live. She heard Yan Xue Xiao likes boys, so she couldn’t help watching Ji Shu.

She was a beauty when she was young, but Ji Shu hasn’t inherited it to the least. She has a short round face and small nose, which is neither ugly nor beautiful.

Looking at Ji Shu’s mediocre face, Mrs. Shen showed a faint disappointment at the bottom of her heart. The face of Shen Chi is so beautiful even though he did not study well, it might be possible to please Yan Xue Xiao if she sent him over.

Father Shen asked: “But can we go?”

“Do you think that I usually communicate in vain?” Mrs. Shen continued browsing the auction book. “This modern painting is good.”

She has confidence in her own management, even if she didn’t receive the invitation the day before the banquet, she didn’t panic. It should be a mistake.


October 14th, Yan’s old residence.

Countless guests brought gifts to the young Yan head,but the person in charge did not appear. Luo Shu, who was sitting next to Mrs. Yan, frowned, “It’s too rude.”

Zheng An is the most uncomfortable with Luo Shu’s superior model. Before Madam Yan could respond, he sneered, “What is?”

“You, Uncle Luo, entertain the guests.” Zheng An’s muddy beads flashed shrewdly, “What else is Yan Xue Xiao used for?”

Watching the two parties at the banquet became more tense, Madam Yan looked worriedly at Yan Ji, who was sitting in a wheelchair. Yan Ji, who was smiling and welcoming people in the past, didn’t say anything and pushed the wheelchair along the promenade. .

Raven, who was sitting at the end of the banquet followed Yan Ji. After graduating from the Princeton Department of Political Science, he has been following Yan Xue Xiao.

When they were studying, he guessed that Yan Xue Xiao had an extraordinary family background but he hadn’t been distinguished. So far, he has witnessed Yan Xue Xiao infiltrating and knows the dangers but he also understands the opportunities.

“Aren’t you worried?”

Raven asked after Yan Ji‌.

Yan Ji squinted under the shadow, and the wheelchair stopped in front of an ancient painting. On the scroll, there were two tigers fighting against each other.

The luxuriously dressed Mrs. Shen stood outside Yan’s mansion and said to the security guard, “Last year, we were on the banquet list. It makes no sense to not be here this year.”

“You can’t enter without invitations.”

The security guard responded coldly.

Mrs. Shen tried her best to leave gracefully and took the famous paintings she bought with a lot of money to get in the car. This year, the Shen family has been in trouble. Not to mention the company’s business difficulties buy she still tried her best to break into the upper circle.

She suddenly guessed, “Could it be that we offended the Yan family?”

“I have not offended the Yan family. I don’t know.” Father Shen said impatiently, “I only know that if you don’ t buy such expensive paintings, the interest at the end of the year will not go up.”

Ji Shu in the car shrank and did not dare to speak. It was not a good sign to see Shen Chi that day. He always had a hunch that he would take everything away. He couldn’t help it. He wished Shen Chi had left Yancheng.

Or just die.


Because of the postponement of the training match, Shen Chi did not finish the game at 7pm and left the base. It was nearly ten o’clock when he arrived at the ferry and he saw Yan Xue Xiao standing tall beside the boat.

The teenager who was still in team uniform ran up to Yan Xue Xiao and said with embarrassment, “Sorry, I’m late because of training. Have you waited a long time?”

“I didn’t wait long.”

Yan Xue Xiao, who arrived in the afternoon, answered calmly.

“Then, let’s go to the island.” The boy took out two tickets from his pocket. “Although it is a bit late, there should not be many people at this time.”

Ah Pei on the side thought instead of thinking there are less people. There are no other people on the whole island, they are not even allowed to go to the island.

The ignorant teenager handed in the tickets, and the two got on the boat bound for Moonlight Island. The sea at night was particularly silent. The moonlight immersed in the sea like a flowing tulle, and it was hard to see how clear the sea was.

He was sitting on the boat and was nervous for no reason. He pinched the stub of the ticket and said, “Can I ask about your blind date?”

” You want to know?”

Yan Xue Xiao smiled lightly, because he was born with a splendid appearance, this smile was quite seductive and the boy finally moved away and nodded.

“He is young.”

“Love to act like a baby.”

Perceiving the familiarity of the tone, Shen Chi resisted the sourness of his heart. When his eyes were about to turn red, he heard Yan Xue Xiao say again, “He knows how to play well.”

His breathing suddenly stagnated and the boat just landed. The lights on the coast suddenly lit up, like the flames of fog and fire, illuminating the dark sea.

Shen Chi subconsciously glanced at the red rope on the man’s wrist, breathed out slowly, and summoned the courage to say, “I didn’t tell you at the Fog and Fire Festival. I tied the red rope to the person I like for a long time.”

He finally told the secret in his heart and regretted it after saying it, lest Yan Xue Xiao would avoid him .

The air ‌ exudes unspeakable silence. When he was anxious, Yan Xue Xiao watched him fixedly and answered, “‌I know.”

On the flooded seashore, the young man suddenly raised his head. A scene where Yan Xue Xiao tied the red rope at the Fog and Fire Festival appeared in front of him, listening to his increasingly fierce heartbeat, he was blushing.

“Brother, are you—” After a deep breath, he had the courage to continue asking, “Did you like me very early?”

After asking the question, Yan Xue Xiao’s cold kiss caught him off guard in the next second and his low voice came from above: “I like you to death.”

Translator’s Note: AHHHHHHH Finally! SC finally knew they liked each other omg.

Editor’s Note: I really hate that Ji shu guy -_-
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  1. niki says:

    Really really disgusted by his “original” family .the mother only looks for profits and is ready to sell her son’s body . I’m sure if Ji Shu was a mediocre person , she wouldn’t have taken him back into the family…

  2. Batata Anisia says:

    Thanks for the chapter 💛

  3. Sofea says:

    FINALLY MY BABIES!!!! THEY ARE SO SWEET ಥ‿ಥ. thanks for the update ❤️

  4. Accellia says:

    i can’t blame Ji Shu for thinking like that, he has changed. his Innocence and kind inner character probably no longer there. because of his parents treatment, only using him as tools. he’s always on edges, afraid of failing. idk about Father Shen but probably too busy with work or doesn’t care at all who his kids are, so Ji Shu is completely under Mama Shen influence. Mama Shen often brings up Shen Chi is a failure and she’s glad Ji Shu isn’t. it’s kinda implicitly said that if he fail he will be the same failure like Shen Chi so he will be abandoned. Family supposed to be source of security feeling, but if there’s only cold treatment like that, how can his kind soul remain?

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