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HSS 25

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 6

Duan Qin felt the dampness on his neck, frowning slightly. He supported Bai Chen’s butt with one hand, and stroked the wet hair on Bai Chen’s head with the other. He said disapprovingly: “Why did you come out without drying your wet hair? The cold wind might get you sick.”

He walked into the room while holding Bai Chen.

Bai Chen happily lay on Duan Qin’s shoulders, shaking his two white calves: “Why did AQin come here suddenly?”

Duan Qin put Bai Chen on the edge of the bed and asked him to sit down and bow his head to press a kiss on Bai Chen’s forehead, “I want to be with baby, so I come to see.”

“I miss AQin too.” Bai Chen held Duan Qin’s waist softly, rubbed his chest, and emphasized: “Miss AQin very much.”

Duan Qin couldn’t stop the smile on his face, and his heart was filled with Bai Chen’s sweetness.

He likes his baby’s blunt love.

Duan Qin’s fingers gently moved between Bai Chen’s eyebrows and eyes, then he turned and went to the bathroom to get a hairdryer, but after standing up he saw Bai Chen’s bare feet exposed in the air.

Duan Qin frowned again.

He squatted down, grabbed Bai Chen’s dangling white feet, and covered Bai Chen’s cold feet with his warm palms with thin calluses, and said helplessly: “Remember to wear shoes next time.”

Bai Chen said nothing. With a mischievous smile, he stretched out his feet and lifted the hem of Duan Qin’s clothes, placing two cold feet on Duan Qin’s warm belly.

Duan Qin allowed Bai Chen to move, after Bai Chen placed the soles of his feet in, Duan Qin’s two broad palms wrapped Bai Chen’s bare ankles.

The temperature gradually warmed Bai Chen’s feet, and he narrowed his eyes comfortably, looking lazily, like a big cat being served comfortably.

Duan Qin smiled. When Bai Chen’s feet were warm, he got up and went to the bathroom to take out a hot towel, wiped the soles of Bai Chen’s feet meticulously, then walked to the stocking cabinet and took out a pair of socks to put on Bai Chen. After they were put on, he took the cotton shoes on the side and put them on Bai Chen.

After doing all this, Duan Qin went into the bathroom again, and soon came out with a hairdryer in his hand.

Bai Chen propped his chin with both hands, watching Duan Qin busying himself for him, feeling sweet in his heart, wishing that he could stick to Duan Qin’s body and let Duan Qin take him wherever he went.

“Is the wind too high?” Duan Qin stroked Bai Chen’s hair with one hand, and used the hair dryer to blow gently on Bai Chen’s hair.

Bai Chen looked up at Duan Qin and shook his head.

After a while, Bai Chen couldn’t help but said, “AQin, can you hug me?”

Qi Xiao in the last world hugged him and blew his hair.

He looked at Duan Qin expectantly.

Duan Qin looked at Bai Chen’s expectant eyes, and only felt that his heart was scratched slightly, it itchy.

He took a deep breath, restrained his heart’s desire to move, put the hair dryer aside, reached out his hand to pick up Bai Chen, sat on the edge of the bed, and put Bai Chen on his lap.

Bai Chen hugged Duan Qin’s neck with both hands contentedly, and leaned his head on Duan Qin’s shoulder.

The sound of the hair dryer sounded again.

When Duan Qin stopped, he found that Bai Chen was asleep in his arms.

Duan Qin put down the hair dryer, gently hugged Bai Chen, put Bai Chen on the bed and lay down.

He leaned over and looked at Bai Chen for a long while, then lowered his head to touch Bai Chen’s lips, and got up reluctantly to leave.

The documents in his study have not been processed yet, his father will send someone to pick them up tomorrow morning.

It was just that when Duan Qin’s body moved, Bai Chen’s arms around his neck tightened, and he pulled Duan Qin back again.

Bai Chen’s mouth moved slightly.

Duan Qin was taken aback and listened carefully.

“AQin, hug.” A soft voice came out of Bai Chen’s mouth.

An undercurrent surged in Duan Qin’s eyes.

He put his hands on the sides of Bai Chen’s head, his eyes were dark and gentle looking at Bai Chen, who was lying under him sleeping sweetly and unconsciously but stubbornly asking him to hug him.

After a long time, he whispered: “Baby.”

Lingering and soft.

In the end, Duan Qin held Bai Chen in his arms again. He walked to the closet with Bai Chen, found a blanket wrapped around Bai Chen’s body, and then walked to the study with Bai Chen.

The boring and cumbersome documents on weekdays became nice with the unconscious Bai Chen company, and even Duan Qin’s speed of processing documents became faintly faster.

An hour later, Duan Qin walked out of the study holding Bai Chen and returned to Bai Chen’s room.

Because he was holding Bai Chen, Duan Qin couldn’t change his clothes, so he had to take off his coat and lay on the bed while holding Bai Chen in his arms.

Before going to bed, Duan Qin took the cell phone in his coat pocket, edited a text message and sent it out.

After confirming that there was nothing forgotten, Duan Qin stretched out his hand and hugged Bai Chen in his arms, sighed contentedly, lowered his head and touched Bai Chen’s forehead, “Good night, my baby.”
The next morning.

Zheng Xuanhao, who had played games all night, walked downstairs with a yawn and saw a group of servants busying in the villa.

He looked dazedly at Tan Yiran who was talking and uncle Zhong, the housekeeper of the Duan family.

“Uncle Zhong, why did you suddenly use the carpet?” Zheng Xuanhao looked at the servants who were laying the carpet seriously.

“Master Zheng, good morning.” Uncle Zhong smiled and greeted Zheng Xuanhao, “Master said that winter is approaching, and the ground is cold. Let me find someone to cover the floor.”

“Huh?” Zheng Xuanhao widened his eyes and muttered softly and said: “AQin is so careful?”

And everyone is a big man, so why paying so much attention?


Zheng Xuanhao, clinging to his head, angrily glared at Tan Yiran backhand at the side, “You hit my head, what do you want?”

Tan Yiran decided to ignore Zheng Xuanhao, he turn to uncle Zhong and said:. “Trouble uncle Zhong”

“No trouble”

“Yes. Do you want crab buns?” Zheng Xuanhao’s eyes lit up, no personal chefs were allowed in the academy. They either make their own food or find a restaurant in the academy to solve breakfast. They were tired of eating early, but Duan Qin’s family chef’s craftsmanship is good, especially the crab buns, which are absolutely the most delicious in the world. He can’t eat enough every time.

“Yes, I know that young master Zheng likes to eat, and I brought a lot.” uncle Zhong smiled kindly.

Zheng Xuanhao suddenly cheered and ran to the dining table.

Tan Yiran nodded helplessly with uncle Zhong, and followed Zheng Xuanhao.

Zheng Xuanhao opened the food box on the table and saw that the various meals inside, his eyes lit up, and he unceremoniously took out a crab bun and took a bite.

After he finished eating two steamed buns, he looked at Tan Yiran who was eating gracefully, “Yiran, where are AQin and AYan?” The two of them were the first to get up together in the past, but he haven’t see them here today. When he see those two people before, they were out early in the morning.

Tan Yiran’s eyes flickered, thinking about when he returned to his room last night, he saw Duan Qin holding Bai Chen into the room, his face was unclear and said: “They’ll probably coming down soon, you eat less and save some for them.”

Zheng Xuanhao didn’t think much, he took a bowl of porridge unconvinced, drank half of it in one breath, and snorted at Tan Yiran.

He also said he eats a lot! Hum╭(╯^╰)╮
In the room.

Duan Qin came out of the bathroom holding Bai Chen, who was still a little dazed from being awake, after taking the clothes he had prepared before, carefully changing Bai Chen into it.

Bai Chen obediently allowed Duan Qin to move during the whole process, letting him raise his hand, and letting him raise his leg.

Duan Qin’s face was calm, but his heart was already burnt by the fierce fire. In addition, he was more impulsive in the morning, Duan Qin almost couldn’t help turning into a wolf.

After helping Bai Chen to change clothes, Duan Qin also sweated.

“Still sleepy?” Duan Qin’s kiss Bai Chen’s misty sleepy eyes, a little distressed, and doesn’t want Bai Chen to go to class.

Bai Chen hugged Duan Qin stickily. From the last world, he slept until late and he woke up naturally. He just changed the environment and felt a little uncomfortable.

He also wanted to take time off and not go to class to lie down and get his full sleep, but he also wanted to go to class with Duan Qin.

In the last world, he didn’t have Qi Xiao in class together.

Bai Chen’s eyes were confused, and he rubbed Duan Qin’s chest, then raised his head and pursed his pink lips, acting softly and sweetly: “AQin, kiss me.”

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