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HSS 15

Real and Fake Young Master 15

This shocked the audience, but the Ji family was extremely happy.

Especially elder Ji, who smiled all night, the smile on his face never stopped.

Although Qi Xiao was not brought up by elder Ji, but for his daughter only son, elder Ji has always been paying attention to him.

Although Qi Xiao has lived very well over the years, with power in his hands, everyone is afraid and respects him, but he is like a robot, indifferent and emotionless, and there is no one close to him.

Elder Ji looked on distressed, but he couldn’t help it.

Fortunately, there is Bai Chen now.

Elder Ji looked at Qi Xiao’s helpless indulgent appearance towards Bai Chen, and he was very relieved. His grandson now knows how to take care of others, and can laugh and hurt like others.

Elder Ji thinks this is really the best gift he has received for his 80th birthday.

At the same time, he became more and more fond of Bai Chen.

Father Lu frowned from time to time watching the interaction between Qi Xiao and Bai Chen, while mother Lu kept sighing in her heart, but no matter what, they kept a decent smile on their faces.

After the birthday banquet, Qi Xiao and Bai Chen, who returned to Lu’s house, made a video call for a while, and then fell asleep with a sweet smile.

The master bedroom of the Lu family.

Mother Lu took father Lu’s hand and said helplessly: “It’s so late. Yuanyuan is tired for a day today, he will definitely be asleep. It will be the same even if you ask tomorrow if something is wrong. Besides, Yuanyuan and master Qi are just friends. Two days ago, Yuanyuan was ill and was hospitalized. It was master Qi who took care of him.”

“I always feel something is wrong.” Father Lu frowned. “What is it like for two men to feed each other at the dinner table?”

Mother Lu sigh a little in her heart, but her complexion remained unchanged, “Isn’t it normal for the two children to get along? When I went to school, I would always be stuck with my female friends. You were jealous before, have you forgotten?”

Father Lu agrees but after thinking about it, he still feel something is wrong.

Mother Lu smiled and took father Lu’s arm, “Alright, alright, let’s not talk about this.”

She changed her voice and said, “Old Lu, how about we have another child?”

Father Lu was taken aback. Immediately threw away the doubts in his heart, “Why do you suddenly have this idea?”

Mother Lu pretended to pinch father Lu’s arm: “I wanted to have a baby before, but at that time, your business was busy and Yuanyuan was still small. So I let go of this idea, and now Yuanyuan has grown up, this idea has come up again.”
After the birthday banquet, Qi Xiao should have returned to the Qi family in capital to preside over the overall situation, but because Bai Chen was here in City A, Qi Xiao stayed there and had a lot of thoughts about taking root in City A.

In the mountain villa, Bai Chen sits on Qi Xiao’s lap, leaning back comfortably on Qi Xiao’s chest, holding the phone and playing the snake game in earnest.

Qi Xiao wrapped Bai Chen’s waist in one hand, and flipped through the documents with a pen in the other.

There are documents that are as tall as half a person on the desk. These are all delivered from the capital these days.

System: [Little Master, this game is fun.]

In order to enrich Bai Chen’s life, the system specially collects the simple and favorite games that children play nowadays.

Among them, the game Snake is not only easy to get started with, but the little snake in it is chubby and cute, so the system set it as Bai Chen’s enlightenment game at first sight.

Bai Chen pressed the phone seriously, and directed the colorful fat snake in the phone to swallow food. After watching the colorful snake grow up minute by minute, he nodded.

The system is a little happy that his little master likes it. [Little master, I have many games here. When we get tired of this, we will change to another one.]

Bai Chen: [No need to change, this one is fine.]

After playing for a while, Bai Chen couldn’t help but look up at Qi Xiao, who was working seriously.

With the side profile of Qi Xiao’s serious expression, Bai Chen couldn’t help but look once again.

The sound of the game came, and Bai Chen turned his head and looked down. The fat snake that had just grown up slammed into the wall miserably. The original fat body was squashed on the wall, like a cute colorful sticker.

Seeing the word ‘over’ displayed on the phone screen, Bai Chen was stunned.

System: [Little Master, the game will end when the snake hits the wall.]

Bai Chen nodded, then dropped the phone.

It ends too fast, it’s not fun.

He raised his head to look at Qi Xiao again. Bai Chen looked, he arched his eyebrows, the small hand stretched out restlessly onto Qi Xiao’s face.

He pressed on the tip of Qi Xiao’s nose, and then poked Qi Xiao’s cheek again. The touch was not soft at all, which was completely different from his face.

Bai Chen pokes his cheek curiously, and then pokes Qi Xiao’s cheek again. It’s so fun to play alone.

Qi Xiao reluctantly put down the pen in his hand, raised his hand to grab Bai Chen’s moving hand, raised it to his lips and gently kissed it: “Baby, are you bored?”

Bai Chen turned around on Qi Xiao’s lap with a smile on his face. Holding Qi Xiao’s face in both hands, pouting and kissing Qi Xiao’s lips, stickily: “I want to kiss.”

Qi Xiao was immediately sweetened by such coquettish Bai Chen. In a moment, he stopped Bai Chen who was making trouble, and lowered his head to touch Bai Chen’s pink lips.

Bai Chen’s eyes lit up when he got a kiss.

He had to take the initiative to open his mouth.

Qi Xiao’s eyes suddenly became darker.

Baby’s proactive look is so cute that he wants to do bad things.

Without waiting for the mouth biting that he likes, Bai Chen looked at Qi Xiao hesitantly and then took the initiative to do it.

Even though Qi Xiao and Bai Chen had kissed countless times, Bai Chen seemed to be inherently weak in this aspect.

He stretched out his tongue and tried to pry Qi Xiao’s lips and teeth apart, and stirred them a few times deeply, unscrupulously.

Not as comfortable as when Qi Xiao took the initiative to kiss.

Bai Chen grunted somewhat dissatisfied, and opened his mouth to bite Qi Xiao’s lower lip.

Qi Xiao didn’t hesitate anymore, grabbing Bai Chen’s head, domineering and tenderly breaking into Bai Chen’s mouth, dancing with the softness in Bai Chen’s mouth.

After a long time, Qi Xiao was panting heavily and with astonishing willpower, he was able to withdraw from Bai Chen’s seductive lips.

Bai Chen lay on Qi Xiao’s arms and exhaled, but after a while, he pouted and leaned forward.

He still wants to kiss.

The taste of kissing Qi Xiao is really wonderful, the blending breath makes Bai Chen’s body pores open comfortably.

Qi Xiao was a little helpless, the baby was too enthusiastic, he couldn’t bear it.

Every time he only kisses and doesn’t eat, Qi Xiao suspects that if he continues like this, he will wither because of his dissatisfaction.

With a few taps on Bai Chen’s lips, he withdrew from Bai Chen’s lips, picked up Bai Chen, patted Bai Chen’s soft buttocks with his palms, and his voice was tired: “Baby, don’t get angry, otherwise you won’t get to go home tonight.”

Bai Chen hummed and moved on Qi Xiao’s body, looking at Qi Xiao with misty eyes, the corners of his eyes were slightly moist from the kiss just now, and the slightly curled black eyelashes were like butterfly wings. Usually fanning up and down, he puts his arms around Qi Xiao’s neck and touches the tip of Qi Xiao’s nose. His soft voice has the temptation that Qi Xiao can hardly resist.

A terrible flame ignited in Qi Xiao’s gloomy eyes.
The noon sun shines on the soft bed, and the face of the sweet and delicate person sleeping on the bed.

Bai Chen let out a bit of dissatisfaction, wriggling, and got his head under the duvet.

Qi Xiao stood on the side of the bed amused, bent down helplessly to lift a corner of the duvet, lowered his head and pecked twice on Bai Chen’s lips, and then picked up the sleepy little lazy pig.

He took the large shirt that belonged to him and put it on Bai Chen, covering the dense and impulsive marks on Bai Chen’s body.

“Baby, wake up.” Qi Xiao patted Bai Chen’s back and called out softly.

Bai Chen smacked his mouth, seemingly dissatisfied that someone was interrupting his sleep by his ear, and with a light wave of his arm, he slapped Qi Xiao’s face.


A soft sound sounded in the empty and quiet room.

Qi Xiao smiled helplessly, Bai Chen didn’t have much energy in his sleep, hitting Qi Xiao’s face as if it were tickling.

He patted Bai Chen’s ass, and continued his intention to wake up the sleeping baby in his arms.

It’s already noon. Last night, Bai Chen was so enthusiastic that Qi Xiao, who was finally tangled with Bai Chen, couldn’t control it. If it weren’t for the consideration that it was Bai Chen’s first time, Qi Xiao wouldn’t be able to stop at midnight. .

However, even after only two, Bai Chen was still tired, causing Bai Chen to have missed breakfast and lunch.

Although Qi Xiao was a little distressed for the tired Bai Chen, he wanted to let Bai Chen sleep a little longer, but if he didn’t eat, he would easily starve his stomach, so he had to endure the distress and call Bai Chen to get up and eat.

“Sleepy.” With a soft and waxy voice, Bai Chen raised his hand and covered Qi Xiao’s chattering mouth with a soft palm.

Qi Xiao’s heart was like being scratched by a cat’s paw, itchy and soft. He lowered his head and grabbed Bai Chen palm that covering his mouth, opened his mouth and gently bit on the lush white fingers, “Baby, be good, get up and eat before going to bed.”

In the end, he couldn’t stand Qi Xiao’s invasion, Bai Chen struggling to crack open his eyelids, “I’m sleepy.”

“Be good. “Qi Xiao went into the bathroom holding Bai Chen, picked up the prepared toothbrush, brushing Bai Chen teeth for him.

“Baby, open your mouth.”

Bai Chen, controlled by sleepiness, opened his mouth obediently.

Qi Xiao held Bai Chen in one hand and brushed Bai Chen’s teeth with the other. After Bai Chen spit out the foam in his mouth, Qi Xiao rinsed Bai Chen’s mouth several times before taking Bai Chen downstairs.

At the table, the butler had prepared a few light and easy-to-digest foods according to Qi Xiao’s orders.

Although Bai Chen slept drowsily, he listened to Qi Xiao’s words obediently. Qi Xiao said to open his mouth then he opened his mouth, chewed then he chewed, and swallowed then he swallowed. His well-behaved appearance is too cute for Qi Xiao’s heart.

After the whole bowl of minced pork porridge was fed, Qi Xiao returned to the room with Bai Chen in his arms and put him to sleep.

After Bai Chen fell asleep, Qi Xiao got up and walked to the office room to complete the unfinished work yesterday.


SingleDog101: I want to sleep! I want someone to take care of my sleepy ass! I want to be fed! I not crying, just cosplaying. *eyes cosplaying as the waterfall*

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