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DWTFT Chapter 5

I don't know if you like it or not

Chapter 5 … I don’t know if you like it or not

When the two came back from the garden one after another, Song Huai’s mood seemed a little depressed.

The eyes are still red, as if being bullied.

As soon as Lu Mian entered the hall, he was called over. Before he left, he looked back at Song Huai. The corners of the lips were slightly pressed into a straight line, but without saying much, he was pulled away.

Song Huai sniffed, watching his sad little look reflected in the glass window.

Before he had time to be sad for a few more seconds, he suddenly remembered: His handmade cake has not been sent out yet!

Song Huai squeezed his fist and silently cheered 1 Original text : 小葵buff : Not sure, but it should refer to the  youtuber XiaoKui playing league of legends. She usually makes high pitch screaming or cheers for herself when her character hp drops for himself in his heart.

“Come on, Song Huai !”

Then he was full of energy, as if he was suddenly beaten with blood.

Song Huai took a deep breath, planning to give Lu Mian a little cake.

“I’ve talked about this with Admiral Lu several times, right, Admiral ?” The person beside him yelled a few times, and found that Lu Mian, who had always been serious , was a little absent-minded.

Lu Mian also noticed his strange gaffe, and his head suddenly started to ache again.

“Sorry, I’ll go away.” The fact that his mental power was damaged is still the secret of the empire.

Lu Mian had just walked out a few steps, suddenly felt a line of sight, turned around, and just hit Song Huai’s gaze.

Then, a man stopped Song Huai.

It’s Lu Chengze.

Recently, the school has been developing a project. As a professor’s assistant, Lu Chengze stayed in the laboratory to assist in the experiment until he was released.

Today was the reception of his uncle Lu Mian. Before the white coat on Lu Chengze could be taken off, he hurried over.

The relationship between the Song family and the Lu family has always been good, and it is not surprising to see Song Huai here.

Song Huai was well dressed tonight. He was wearing a black slim-fitting tuxedo with a red bow on his collar. At the age of seventeen, he was full of youthful breath. And because of the baby fat on his cheeks that has not completely faded, it makes him look too cute. The lips are red and the teeth are white, and the skin is white like a fine enamel. The whole person looks like an exquisite porcelain doll.

After Song Huai was hospitalized, he went home and stayed in for a while. He always followed Lu Chengze’s buttocks in the past, and Lu Chengze felt a little bored. But suddenly he didn’t see anyone for a while, and Lu Chengze wanted to talk to him again.

“Dudu.” Lu Chengze walked to Song Huai.

Lu Chengze is taller than Song Huai, and Song Huai can’t see Lu Mian at this level.

Song Huai really didn’t want to talk to Lu Chengze at this moment.

After awakening his consciousness and knowing the plot in advance, he had no good feelings for Lu Chengze. Some time ago he texted and chatted with Gu Yang at home and mentioned Lu Chengze, and Song Huai only realized that he had done so many stupid things before. Lu Chengze looked gentle and polite, treating everyone equally. To put it bluntly, it is a central air conditioner, which still smells of seafood when the wind blows.

He obviously didn’t like Song Huai, but he kept accepting Song Huai’s actions trying to hang people.

Now Song Huai had seen Lu Chengze’s true face clearly, and he thought angrily: It turns out that Lu Chengze just wanted to raise fish, okay, even though he was indeed a little mermaid, then he wouldn’t raise bad man .

But at any rate, at the banquet held by the Lu family, Song Huai didn’t want to be too obvious, so as not to arouse people’s suspicion.

He blinked his eyes twice, and secretly pinched his thigh, ignoring his conscience and yelled softly, ” Brother Chengze.” Lu Chengze saw the cake in his hand, and a trace of impatience flashed in his eyes. But the surface is still gentle : “Is this for me?”

Ask your mother to give you a brain!

Song Huai rolled his eyes in his heart. He didn’t knew how he felt Lu Chengze was so good before.

It’s all because he was blinded by beauty before.

Song Huai had never seen the world before, and now he opened his eyes to see the world, and the first thing he saw was Lu Mian, who was better than Lu Chengze, and felt that Lu Chengze was annoying everywhere.

It’s all from the Lu family, why is the gap so big!

Even if he said that Lu Mian was an old man , but at any rate he was open and honest!

When Lu Chengze saw Song Huai not speaking, he just acquiesced. The boredom in his heart came up again: “Dudu, thank you for your kindness, but unfortunately, I don’t—” Before the words were spoken, a voice intervened and interrupted their conversation.

“A Ze.”

Lu Chengze turned his head to see Lu Mian and yelled respectfully: “Uncle.” The young and handsome officer stood in front of him. Even though he was not wearing a military uniform, his aura was strong enough. Lu Chengze, who was unattainable in front of outsiders, stood in front of Lu Mian, like an underdeveloped little chicken.

Lu Mian nodded: “Big Brother is calling you.” Lu Chengze looked back at Song Huai: “Dudu, my dad called me, I will pass first.”

Song Huai was anxious for Lu Chengze to get out, but he was even more cunning on the face. “It’s okay, Brother Chengze, go ahead.”

As soon as Lu Chengze left, only Lu Mian and Song Huai were left.

Song Huai looked up, Lu Mian had already planned to leave.

Just as Lu Mian walked away, Song Huai shouted, “Wait, Admiral Lu .” Lu Mian turned to look at him.

Song Huai’s performance was quite nervous.

“What’s the matter?”

Song Huai took out the exquisitely packaged little cake, his eyes filled with anxiety and expectations that he hadn’t even noticed: “This…this is a little cake I made myself.” Because of nervousness, Song Huai’s voice is getting smaller and smaller.

He took a deep breath and added a layer of cheers for himself: “For you, I don’t know if you like it or not.”

Because he was afraid that Lu Mian said he didn’t like it, the last two words of “like” became the same tone.

Lu Mian looked at him quietly for a few seconds, but Song Huai felt that it was as long as a century. His tense breathing stopped, and his face flushed red, and he was about to die.

Time slipped away every minute, and the villains in Song Huai’s heart had already started fighting.

“You idiot, he is an imperial admiral. He has never seen a gift. How can he be worthy of such a poor thing.”

“How can a man who eats human flesh on the battlefield like him like to eat dessert.”

Song Huai thought more and more. Sad and timidly, he wanted to withdraw his hand: “If you don’t like—”

Lu Mian stretched out his hand and took the cake in Song Huai’s hand.

There was still no emotion on his handsome face, but the light from the crystal lamp above his head gave his dark pupils a radiant color.

Two words popped out from Lu Mian’s mouth: “Thank you.”

Although his tone was cold and he couldn’t even hear any emotions, it instantly made Song Huai from hell to heaven.

Song Huai, who had successfully delivered the cake, had a bright smile. With a twitch of his mind, he bowed deeply to Lu Mian, “Thank you for your love!” After bowing, he felt embarrassed again, turned his face and ran away.

Lu Mian looked at Song Huai’s back cheering and leaping away, his fingers rubbing on the delicate packing box unconsciously.

Zhou Xueying had always wanted to talk to Lu Mian since entering the venue, but Iris had been pestering her to talk.

At this moment, while Iris turned around, Zhou Xueying caught Lu Mian’s figure in the corner of her eyes , and she couldn’t wait to walk over.

“Admiral.” Zhou Xueying greeted Lu Mian, her gaze wandering on the box Lu Mian was holding.

Although most of the guests who entered the venue today brought gifts, they were all collected by the Lu family, and Lu Mian never did it personally.

Moreover, the packaging of the box Lu Mian was holding was too fancy.

Zhou Xueying asked, “Admiral, what is this?”

Lu Mian put the box on the table: “Cake.”

Zhou Xueying wondered, didn’t Lu Mian never eat sweets?

At this time, a child ran over and looked at the box on the table with obvious interest.

He stood on tiptoe and rushed to Lu Mian and said, “Uncle, can I have this cake for me?”


For the next few hours , everyone moved around Lu Mian .

He is cold by nature and talks few words, but it is very wonderful that as long as he is there, he will not be cold.

Song Huai noticed that Lu Mian had been holding the wine glass in his hand, but when he walked down in a circle, there was a small amount of wine in the glass. It’s just a cutscene with the master.

Lu Mian’s body seemed to be filled with various buffs, and he had a halo wherever he went. Completely crushed Lu Chengze, who was the protagonist gong .

Well, although Lu Chengze is not bad. Moreover, it is quite eye-catching. At a young age, he is not at all embarrassed to deal with the surrounding dignitaries.

Song Huai looked at Lu Chengze for a while, and suddenly felt that his eyes fell on him. Before he could look back and search, he was discovered by Lu Chengze.

Song Huai cursed secretly, and Lu Chengze walked over: “Dudu, is it boring?”

Song Huai shook his head: “No, Brother Chengze, please go entertain others, don’t worry about me.”

Lu Chengze saw that he is so behaved today . , So cute again, reached out and rubbed his hair.

This scene happened to be seen by Lu Mian and others.

“Hey, isn’t that the child of the Song family?”

“Yes, the child of Song Yi and Wenjing. I heard that this child has been following behind Chengze’s butt since he was a child. Everyone knows that he likes Chengze.”

Someone turned the topic to To Lu Mian : “Old Lu, your Chengze is really popular. I think the child from the Song family is good, and the relationship between your two families is good. You are an uncle, so it’s better to make a match.”

“I think it will work. ”

Lu Mian listened to the side, and frowned unconsciously.

Holding the wine glass in his hand, he took a sip.

The person next to him was surprised: “Hey, the admiral actually drank alcohol.”

Lu Mian was slightly startled looking at the missing wine in the  glass, as if he couldn’t figure out what he had just done.


As soon as Lu Chengze left, Song Huai lay down slightly under the table and began to frantically rub his hair, trying to erase the marks Lu Chengze left on his head.

When he came out from under the table, there was another group of people around Lu Mian.

When the men and women looked at Lu Mian, they couldn’t hide their admiring eyes.

Song Huai was a little bit angry in his heart.

That’s his fiance! They haven’t broken the marriage contract yet!

Song Huai especially wanted to talk to Lu Mian, but he was really embarrassed.

When the waiter passed by with the plate, Song Huai took two glasses of wine. The heart is sad , and he drank the wine in one fell swoop.

The wine makes people strong and courageous! Song Huai suddenly had motivation again!

He looked at Lu Mian in the center of the crowd, and walked towards him in a few steps.


After Lu Mian had dealt with the last group of people, after extensively hearing about the gossip of  Lu Chengze and Song Huai,he suddenly lost his patience and wanted to leave the meeting.

A woman who had been squeezing deep and trying to squeeze beside him still remained unwilling to change when she clearly received a signal of refusal from Lu Mian. Stepping on her sharp high heels, when she chased Lu Mian, her high heels caught the red carpet, and the woman screamed and fell to Lu Mian.

Lu Mian dodged sideways subconsciously, but saw the sharp corner of the table.

Lu Mian pursed his lips, and still reached out to catch the person.

Before the woman was shy and thankful, Lu Mian had lifted the person up without expression, and took a step back to keep his distance.

At this moment, a loud cry came from behind.

Lu Mian turned around. It turned out that Song Huai tripped over the crumpled carpet when he came over.

Song Huai was lying on the ground, looking up at Lu Mian pitifully.

The cheeks were flushed, and the person was obviously drunk.

When he saw Lu Mian looking back at him, his watery eyes suddenly became wet.

He stretched his hand forward, his mouth flattened, and cried aggrievedly: “Why don’t you hold me up?”


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    Original text : 小葵buff : Not sure, but it should refer to the  youtuber XiaoKui playing league of legends. She usually makes high pitch screaming or cheers for herself when her character hp drops
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