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DWTFT Chapter 4

Green Tea Scheming Fiah

Chapter 4… Green Tea Scheming Fish

Song Huai was stunned for a while. At this moment, the peeping was discovered, he was embarrassed no matter how thick-skinned he was.

Song Huai wanted to look away as if nothing had happened, but saw the man with long waist and long legs approaching him.

Song Huai’s heart was about to jump out of his throat, thumping, shy and embarrassed, and his ears hurt.

Seeing the man getting closer and closer, Song Huai suddenly had an idea.

Song Huai’s gaze was unfocused , still looking in one direction, as if he didn’t even notice the man’s approach or staring at each other. When the man was about to walk up to him–it was too late–Song Huai reached out his hand just in time and bent forward with the gesture of a blind man touching an elephant, in order to convince the other party that he was blind. Song Huai took two small steps forward in a decent way.

Dare to ask who would care about a blind man? !

When Song Huai was proud of his witty little fish head, he saw the man walking up to his father and greeted Father Song: “Hello.”

Lu Qiwen hurriedly introduced: “Song Yi, this is my son. Lu Mian.”

Song Huai’s ears twitched, and he froze in embarrassment when he heard the words, Lu Mian.

Father Song looked at Lu Mian up and down, and was a little surprised at Lu Mian’s appearance. He originally thought that Lu Chengze was already good enough, but he didn’t expect his uncle to be even better.

Father Song felt satisfied and shouted: “Song Huai, what are you doing?”

Song Huai was already embarrassed and he wanted to dig a hole to hide. He shook his arms a few times, and shook his legs pretendingly, then scratched his head and turned around. A bright smile appeared: “I, I just got a little sore in my limbs just now, and I shook them with a flick.”

Although the Song family’s parents are accustomed to their stupid son’s sudden magical brain circuit, this is after all the first official meeting for the family .

Mother Song hurriedly helped her fool son : “Dudu, this is the Admiral Lu , hurry up and greet him .”

Song Huai moved his neck mechanically, and when he met Lu Mian’s gaze, his whole body was dizzy. His entire face was flushed like ripe berries, shyly hiding behind Mother Song, lowering his head to avoid Lu Mian’s sight, and his voice was timid and soft: “Hello, Admiral Lu .” ”

Seeing this, Lu Mian’s hand that originally wanted to reach out and shake hands with the other side retracted quietly.

This kid looks a little scared of him.

From this angle, Lu Mian could only see the soft top of the other party’s hair. His hair was flax-colored, slightly curled, as if it was full of sunlight, and it looked extraordinarily fluffy.

Lu Mian nodded his head flatly : “Hello.” Lu Qiwen coughed slightly: “Song Yi , let’s go over there to talk about something and leave time for the two children.”

Except for the calm and composed Lu Mian. With Song Huai, who was already too embarrassed to speak, the other three looked at each other tacitly.

Before leaving, Mother Song gently touched Song Huai’s shoulder, and whispered: “I will go over there with Grandpa Lu first, and come see us if you have anything to do, you know?”

Song Huai is a good boy on weekdays, it was the first time she saw him react like this. Mother Song was a little worried.

Song Huai nodded gently.

After the three of them walked away.

Lu Mian and Song Huai stood opposite each other, and Song Huai held his clothes nervously.

The atmosphere was too silent and looked a little embarrassing.

Song Huai looked up at Lu Mian, but saw that the other party was looking at him seriously.

He thought that the other person was looking at him, and that he had just been silly in front of the other person in a serious and self-sufficient manner. Song Huai wanted to find a hole to go in.

When he was nervous, he couldn’t stop his mouth , and he blurted out another sentence: “You, hello.”

Fearing that Lu Mian thought he had a problem with his head, he said two greetings at a time, and Song Huai nervously began to remedy: “No, I mean–you are so handsome.”

Song Huai:…

After speaking, he even wanted to give himself a big scolding .

After a dead silence, Lu Mian didn’t seem to hear his sentence. This originally belonged to Lu Mian’s banquet, and people kept coming around to toast with Lu Mian .

Lu Mian finally opened his mouth and said to him: “Let’s talk in another place.”

Song Huai nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

The two came out of the banquet hall and walked into the back garden.

The back garden was planted with large tracts of roses, surrounded by colorful lights, and the smell of roses in the air was very strong.

Lu Mian walked in front of him with long legs. In fact, Song Huai’s figure is very well proportioned, and his legs are not short, but he is not enough in front of Lu Mian.

Song Huai was about to split his legs step by step, and followed very hard, and almost started to trot and chase people behind.

Lu Mian seemed to notice it after walking out for a while, and slowed down.

Song Huai hurried to a brake, pretending to follow him as if nothing had happened.

He thought sweetly in his heart: He didn’t expect the rumor that the ruthless empire admiral seemed to be quite caring.

The two of them found a quiet place and stood still. The wind was blowing along the way, which made Song Huai’s dizzy head sober.

He was shining brightly just by giving him some sunshine. He was just illuminated by the colorful lights, and now he is a colorful fish jumping around.

Song Huai has never dated, but he has watched a lot of eight o’clock dramas with his mother, so he is quite familiar with the process of blind dates.

When Lu Mian spoke less, Song Huai took the initiative to attack.

“Song Huai, seventeen years old today, born in Gemini on June 7, 237 in Star Calender , has three months to reach adulthood. Now I am studying at Imperial Hanriks College. I have no wealth under my name, but I have 200 yuan in pocket money a month. “Speaking of this, Song Huai looked around like a thief. After confirming that there was no one around, he lowered his voice and said quietly, “But my grandfather will give me 200,000 yuan every month.” Because of his low voice, Fearing that Lu Mian would not hear him, Song Huai moved closer to Lu Mian.

When he raised his head, he was caught off guard to find that he and Lu Mian were very close, and suddenly slammed into the dark pupils of the opponent, and Song Huai blushed unexpectedly.

He covered his face and quickly said, “After we get married, I will share half of my pocket money every month.”

Song Huai carefully observed Lu Mian’s face and found that the other party seemed to have the same expression from beginning to end.

Why is he holding a stern face? I was too anxious. Does he not like me like this?

Song Huai wanted to cry.

Song Huai suddenly remembered the green tea bitch 1 green tea bitch :  An internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent heroine that his mother was chasing recently, when the heroine and the fiance first met, the heroine was extremely reserved.

Song Huai immediately decided to adjust his route and be a fascinating green tea fish.

He retreated two steps quickly to get a proper social distance from others.

Then he put his legs together, one toe touched the ground, and two fingers were gently clasped together. This action not only demonstrates innocence, but also appears reserved.

In order to save his image, Song Huai remedied: “I, I mean, if we get married. According to the imperial law, we will share property after marriage.”

Lu Mian looked at the child with ADHD with a nervous expression on his face. Looking at himself, he looks very obedient.

He was accustomed to the cold tone he used to give orders and he unconsciously followed the same tone : “Lu Mian, who was born on September 21, 222 in Star Calendar , I don’t know what constellation. I am 32 years old and have three suites under my name. As for the amount of deposit, it is managed by the assistant, so I am not sure. If…” Lu Mian pondered for a moment, “If we get married, we can leave it to you.”

Lu Mian glanced at the child in front of him who stared at him unblinkingly. His face was a little unnatural. He thought it was what he said that frightened people, so he stopped his voice.

His thin lips were slightly pressed, his jaw stretched into a line, and the whole person was handsome like a lethal weapon.

In fact, Song Huai began to look weird the moment Lu Mian spoke.

This man, this man’s voice is so nice!

Lu Mian ‘s voice is a bit low, but it may not be too low because of the commanding orders all the year round, but rather very strong and powerful. When he looks at you and speaks, his voice and eyes are extremely focused and serious.

Song Huai felt that his senses had completely fallen.

If he hadn’t worked hard to restrain himself, maybe his saliva would have flowed out unsuspectingly.

Realizing that the other party suddenly stopped talking, Song Huai hurriedly closed the expression on his face.

Lu Mian pondered for a moment and said, “The marriage contract was made by my father’s generation- besides, I am already 32 this year, 15 years older than you, if you mind -”

Song Huai first nodded frantically, and then frantically shook his head.

Lu Mian was not sure what he meant, and frowned slightly.

Song Huai was about to suffocate.

How can anyone in this world frown so pretty!

Song Huaiyan held his finger, his eyes looked at his toes to divert his attention and prevent himself from thinking so much: “I, I don’t mind.”

Lu Mian interrogated many enemy agents or captive spies on the battlefield.

Song Huai avoided his eyes, clasped his fingers to ease his tension, and looked at his toes to divert his attention…In addition, Lu Mian had heard of him earlier, the child’s ardent pursuit of his nephew.

Lu Mian pursed his lips, and said sternly, “You don’t have to force yourself.”

“No, no.” Song Huai quickly denied, his voice buzzed, “How dare I.”

He was still afraid of himself.

Lu Mian has been living in the army since graduating from school. There are not so many twists and turns, and he doesn’t know how to deal with this problem.

As if reading Lu Mian’s inner thoughts, Song Huai said quickly: “I really don’t mind, I’m afraid you think I’m too young.”

Song Huai was very sincere, and Lu Mian looked at him quietly for a while.

After a while he seemed to breathe out slightly.

“After getting married, I won’t interfere with your life too much. The same.” Lu Mian paused, “I hope we all leave free space for each other.”

Hearing this, Song Huai’s eyes suddenly became red.

Look at this classic scumbag speech! Before getting married, he started to think he was cumbersome!

Lu Mian saw that Song Huai’s eyes were red, and thought he still liked Chengze, and he was not very willing to marry him.

After thinking for a moment, he said: “Who you like has nothing to do with me, as long as you don’t go too far.”

Song Huai was about to die of grief, he lowered his head and pouted, and gave a somewhat angry “um”.

Lu Mian heard this unexpected sound, and looked at the child’s soft hair top and the exposed white sharp chin, and moved his eyes slightly.


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    green tea bitch :  An internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent
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