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DWTFT Chapter 17

The Admiral Who Left Without Saying Goodbye


Chapter 17… The Admiral Who Left Without Saying Goodbye


When the secretary opened the door and came in, he saw Lu Mian holding a slipper in his hand in a daze.


Lu Mian curled his eyebrows and raised his head, the secretary was agitated.


Emergency! How to break through the unspeakable happy scene of the immediate boss!


Lu Mian rubbed his eyebrows with his fingers. He had been sick for a long time before he was relieved. This time he seemed to wake up feeling a lot better.


Before, only the unknown singing voice could relieve him. How is the situation this time?


The secretary carefully observed Lu Mian’s expression before asking, “Admiral, are you feeling better? Last night it was the husband- Master Song who was taking care of you.”


Lu Mian’s eyelids twitched when he heard the name Song Huai.


The memory of last night was finally recalled intermittently and indistinctly by him.


He remembered that someone broke into his room last night, and then, he pressed the person against the door, pinched the person’s back, and bit him viciously from his neck to his shoulder. No matter how the person cried and begged for mercy, he didn’t stop.


Song Huai, with a delicate temperament, was scared to death last night.


Thinking of this, Lu Mian’s head couldn’t help but hurt even more.


Lu Mian’s gaze fell on the little bunny slippers that he threw aside


Another memory popped out of his head.


The memory of why these rabbit slippers appeared on his bed.


At that time, he seemed to bully people and made them cry again.




The secretary didn’t think it was too big of an issue,  “Admiral, Young Master Song asked me to help him search for his lost slippers.”


Lu Mian’s eyebrows jumped.


When the secretary found another bunny slippers under the bed, Lu Mian called him aloud, and there was a moment of unnaturalness on his always calm and frosty face.


The secretary knowingly asked, “Do you have anything to order?”


Lu Mian coughed lightly, and quickly returned to his former calm and serious state.


After he pondered for a moment, he said, “Don’t tell him that it was found here.” The  secretary gave an understanding smile, “Of course it was not found here.”


“Wait.” The secretary turned his head and gave him an expression of what else to order.


Lu Mian thought for a moment and said, “Starting from today, I’ll return to the military to live for some time.”




In the afternoon, Song Huai stayed in his room for an afternoon nap.


The secretary simply tidied up the things Lu Mian used. He saw the other person standing in the yard, staring at a room on the second floor.


The secretary reminded him, “Won’t you inform Master Song? If you just return to the military department so rashly, Master Song will be sad.”


Lu Mian has left a note for Song Huai. He even imagined how the other party would react when he sees the note after waking up. Maybe he will cry.


But less than a month after he came back, he has been sick twice. Song Huai was also scared last night. Yesterday was lucky. He couldn’t imagine what to do next time Song Huai was hurt.


Lu Mian decided to go back to the military department for a detailed and specific inspection, so that it would be good for him and Song Huai.


Lu Mian shook his head, “No, let’s go.”




Song Huai was unhappy.


He wrote his emotions on his face, and anyone could see it.


It has been three days, and Lu Mian has been away for three days. For three days, Song Huai couldn’t see him, so he could only send text messages to him. However, Lu Mian seemed to be very busy. Every time he responded to the texts late at night, the reply content was also very boring.


Song Huai was very unhappy.


He just took a nap that day, and Lu Mian disappeared, leaving him with a note saying that he had to go back to the military headquarters for something.


“Oh.” Song Huai looked at the communicator eight times a day, sighing every two minutes.


Gu Yang watched Song Huai being upset every day. He rubbed his hair irritably, and slammed his fist on the table, frightening the other students so that they dare not to say anything.


“A’Huai! What’s the matter with you? Did the surname Lu bully you again! You say something!”


After a few seconds, Song Huai slowly moved his body, raised his head slightly, and looked at him with a grieving expression, and then sighed.


Gu Yang felt that he was going crazy.


He grabbed Li Ziqing by the collar and bared his teeth, “What happened to A’Huai!”


Li Ziqing looked helpless, he was also worried about Song Huai, but Song Huai’s mouth was tightly closed. He sighed all day long, but he refused to tell them anything.


Gu Yang let go and sat back angrily.


The class bell rang, and Gu Yang was named by the teacher and returned to his seat.


Song Huai listened for a while with two huge dark circles under his eyes. The fragile appearance made the lecturer feel unbearable, “Song Huai, if you feel uncomfortable, go to the infirmary, or lie on the table for a while.”


Song Huai laid on the table with his hands around his head, looking at the floor in a daze.


The more he thought about it, the more sad he became. That night, he thought their relationship had taken a qualitative leap.


But as soon as he woke up, they went back to how they were before.


He can’t even see Lu Mian anymore.


Is it possible that he’s avoiding him?!


Thinking of this possibility, Song Huai felt like it made more sense the more he thought about it.


He flipped through the circle of friends, and Lu Mian would have at least sent a like before.


In the past three days, he posted a lot of things related to his sadness, which was only visible to Lu Mian, but the other party did not move at all.




The surname Lu is not a good thing !


The more Song Huai thought about it, the more aggrieved he became, tears poured down to the ground.


He has only been engaged for a few days now, and his married life ended even before it started.


Song Huai thought about it, and went to sleep in a daze. In the past few days, he felt that he wasn’t sleeping well in order to wait for Lu Mian’s reply.


In class, the teacher was speaking, and suddenly there was a grunt. The sound was very soft, like a cat scratching.


The teacher gave Li Ziqing a look. Li Ziqing didn’t even notice it. He even piled up the books a little bit higher to block Song Huai’s head.


Teacher: …


“Okay, let’s continue.”



The next was physical education class. The physical education teacher asked for leave, and everyone sat and chatted as they were free.


“Hey, hey, did you hear that someone saw Admiral Lu in our school?”




“Of course it is true. Someone on the forum took a photo. Although the face was not clear, some witnesses said that Admiral Lu looks very handsome!”


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Don’t say it, I already want to scream!”


Song Huai, who was sleeping, was particularly sensitive to the words “Lu Mian” and “Admiral Lu”.


He woke up suddenly from his sleep.


Where is Lu Mian? Where is he!


Seeing him awake, Li Ziqing asked softly, “Woke up?”


Song Huai nodded perfunctorily, and then listened to the chat next to him with his ears erected like a hamster.


“Hey hey, look, the big news.”


“What’s bigger news than Lu Mian coming to our school to teach.”


“It’s different. The teaching thing is that everyone is spreading it, and there is no real evidence. There is 80% probability that it’s a lie. But look! This is genuine!”


“Fuck! Where did you get this!” Classmate B looked at Classmate A’s communicator and stared.


“What? What?” The other classmates heard the movement and surrounded them, and then came one after another in a row.


“The Admiral is about to get engaged!”


This sentence exploded in Song Huai’s heart like thunder.


His face turned red almost instantly. How did the classmates know about Lu Mian’s engagement? He clearly concealed it very well, and didn’t even tell Gu Yang .


“Didn’t Qin Gou skip class today and say that he wanted to buy a ring for his girlfriend? This is what he took in the store when he picked the ring. The photo was sent just now and he is still looking in the store.”


“My Mom! Admiral looks too good-looking. I thought Lu Chengze is handsome enough. Have the genes of the Lu family been taken care of by God?”


Song Huai was very excited when he heard that.


“Wait! Why is the person who picked the ring with the Admiral so familiar? I seems to have seen them somewhere.” Classmate C slapped his thigh and suddenly recalled, “It’s the acting commander of the Capital Military Region now! It seems to be called Zhou Xueying, who was the adjutant of Admiral Lu! Both of them have fought many battles together before! My grandfather always sees him when he reads the Capital News!” “Hey, hey, why are you stealing my phone!”


Classmate A took a look and found that Song Huai was the one who grabbed his phone. The atmosphere suddenly became stiff.


Song Huai clicked on the big picture, flipping through the photos from the scene one by one.


He can clearly see the scene where the two choose the ring together.


He saw the other person in the photo at the Lu family’s banquet, and Lu Mian had spoken with him for a long time. What’s terrible is that the two people in the photo are wearing military uniforms, and they look very good when standing side by side.


It’s not working anymore.


Song Huai’s mouth was slumped.


He had never been so wronged till now .




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  1. Fallingtsuki says:

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!! what what what!!!! Why?! Lu Mian you stupid idiot, I’m gonna beat you!! What a cruel cliff hanger….

  2. xuejei says:

    Is this novel currently on hiatus? How come it hasn’t been updated for a while? May I know what the current scheduled updates for this story is, ifpossible? I’ve been waiting for so long ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

    I really really REALLY have taken a liking to this novel and it’s characters. Especially, Song Huai, he’s such a fluffy baby bun to the point he’s about to melt my heart. Lu Mian is also slowly worming his way into my heart with his clumsy, awkward, and stiff reactions when he’s flustered by SH. I’d be really sad if I can’t read this anymore for realz.

  3. Fish says:

    oh noo Dudu 🥺 kick his face with ur fish tail!!

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