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ALIC Chapter 7.1

Lin Ziran’s wide eyes appeared very innocent, and confused.

Lu Sui glanced at Wen Yu with a nasty expression, and narrowed his eyes as if waiting to watch a joke.

Wen Yu slowly loosened his fingers, and took a step back. He patted Lu Sui’s shoulder lightly, turned and smiled at Lin Ziran. “Yes, I just came out of the bathroom and saw Lu Sui’s clothes had some dust. .”

Lin Ziran: “…”

[Lin Ziran: Such a bad excuse, should I believe it or not?]

[System: It’s up to you. ]

[Lin Ziran asked shamelessly: Give me your opinion. ]

The system ignored him.

[Lin Ziran: I was wrong qaq] Curiosity killed the cat.

Without even looking back at Lu Sui, Wen Yu walked over and grabbed Lin Ziran’s hand and went back into the house.

Dragged by Wen Yu, Lin Ziran thought about that adulterous scene… and his whole person was muddled.

If I said I didn’t believe him, I will be exposing them in advance so that the breakup will be forced to happened sooner. But if I missed the important plot point later, it will cause a serious plot deviation…

I said I believe them, Wen Yu will think that I am a fool, which is totally inconsistent with Lu Zhen’s personality. Maybe he will realise that I am a fake, which may cause the game to crash, or a serious plot deviation…

It’s really a dilemma.

“Lu Zhen, I actually lied to you just now.” Wen Yu turned around and suddenly said in a deep voice.

Lin Ziran was shocked. What? Are you going to confess now? I am not ready yet!

Wen Yu had a complicated look in his eyes. He stared deeply at Lin Ziran, and after a while, said in a depressed and guilty voice: “I’m sorry… just now, Lu Sui said that an actor like me is not worthy of you, and I am with you for your money, I got too angry…”

Lin Ziran: “…” Hello, king actor.

Wen Yu’s eyes were dim and he seemed to be a little hurt, but he still endured, “I shouldn’t have been so impulsive.”

Lin Ziran was immediately affected by his emotions, and found that it was easy to act together with a master, “He’s gone overboard! What did this bastard learn outside? I need to teach him a lesson!”

Saying this, he left furiously, ready to scold his brother!

As a result, Wen Yu grabbed his wrist and hugged him tightly in his arms, whispering with a low voice: “Forget it, he just didn’t understand me that’s why there was this kind of misunderstanding. I don’t want it to affect the feelings between you brothers.”

His eyes were gentle and affectionate, and his tone was loving: “As long as you believe me, it’s enough.”

Wuuuu~ So touching. Anyone who doesn’t know thinks he is the affectionate male partner. This is the real actor-level performance. Lin Ziran, this junior, is convinced. He actually didn’t want to fight with Lu Sui and cause more variables to the plot, Now they should just let nature take its course.

Lin Ziran was no longer impulsive, and said to Wen Yu in distress: “Of course I believe you, I’m sorry…This kind of thing happened, I should be apologising.”

Wen Yu suddenly smiled slightly, his smile was like a spring breeze, the Milky Way, and the waning moon. He looked into Lin Ziran’s eyes and suddenly kissed him.

Lin Ziran instinctively wanted to push him away, but he was now acting as a warm and affectionate lover! After his beloved had undergone such grievances, how can he push him away mercilessly? Is he a scumbag? And as a warm gong… Isn’t it better to take the initiative at this time?

How is the kissing scene performed?

He’s too inexperienced!

Lin Ziran was still wandering around the world, when Wen Yu already pried open his lips, causing him to finally wake up. He began to kiss the other person back, wanting to show his aura as the president! He can’t lose!

The result is – he became dizzy from being kissed.

No, the other party’s kissing skills are also at the actor level, so he is not his opponent at all… his face hurts…

Wen Yu hugged Lin Ziran tightly, pushed his slender fingers into the other person’s hair, and greedily tasted the inside of his mouth. Just now when Lin Ziran suddenly appeared, he suddenly felt an unprecedented panic. He was afraid of being discovered, worried he would be hated… at that moment, he realized how much he actually cared about this person.

He wasn’t indifferent.

Because he cared, he didn’t want to make him sad, embarrass him, or let him leave.

Lin Ziran placed his hands on his lover’s shoulders, his face flushed. He gritted his teeth and pushed Wen Yu away. He would suffocate if they continued like this!

But once he did so, he immediately regretted it. These actions were not suitable…

In fact, he can still endure it!

However, when he raised his head to meet Wen Yu’s eyes, there was no displeasure or surprise in them. Instead, there was a hint of…

Lin Ziran was stunned by the adjectives that came out of his mind. Oh oh oh, what are you thinking about! He coughed lightly and tried to conceal his thoughts: “Lu Sui is still outside…”

Pay attention to your image!

A chuckle came from Wen Yu’s throat, which did not ease Lin Ziran’s embarrassment. He said hoarsely: “Sorry, I’m being impulsive again.”

In the past, he always felt that this person was a little boring and plain, but didn’t expect him to be so awkward and cute in this aspect. Wen Yu’s heart softened, suppressing the eagerness in his heart.

Lin Ziran felt uneasy. He felt that he might slip up if he continued like this, so he wondered how he should send away the guests.

Wen Yu glanced at Lin Ziran and said thoughtfully, “I’m going back first, so you don’t have to walk me out.”

Lin Ziran did not expect Wen Yu to be so empathetic, and was moved. “Okay, then, take care on the road.”

After sending Wen Yu away, he realized that his shirt was all sweaty.

So many twists and turns.

The exhausted Lin Ziran walked back, but didn’t expect to see Lu Sui at the door again: “…”

Lu Sui looked at him thoughtfully, raised the corners of his lips, and asked with a smile, “How did he explain it to you?”

Lin Ziran didn’t intend to pursue this matter anymore. The big matter was downplayed into a small one, but the wild boy had turned back to ask him. It would be wrong to not scold him?

Lin Ziran grew angry. He frowned and looked up with the aura of an elder brother. “Aren’t you ashamed to come and ask me? You tell me, what did you say to him? He actually said he is not worthy of me? Do you know that you are crossing the line?”

Lu Sui’s eyes widened, he seemed to have heard something interesting, and exclaimed in surprise: “That’s what he told you?”

Lin Ziran stared at his younger brother with a stern and serious voice: “I pursued him first, and in his capacity, how is not worthy of me? Feelings are not measurable by money, so don’t ever say that again. Understand?”

Although Lu Zhen is quite rich, with Wen Yu’s current status, he really doesn’t need to hang off a wealthy family. So these words were sincere. If Wen Yu was purely here for the money, he wouldn’t cuckold Lu Zhen later. When he chose Lu Sui, Lu Sui had not yet succeeded in seizing his power.

Lu Sui crossed his arms over his chest, waited until Lin Ziran finished speaking, before he raised his eyebrows sarcastically: “Am I wrong? You really care about him to even scold me for such a thing. It seems that I am not as good as an actor in your eyes.”

Lin Ziran seemed very annoyed, but Lu Sui said this, and could only helplessly reply: “You know that I didn’t mean that. I don’t blame you if you don’t understand him, but this shouldn’t happen again.”

Lu Sui laughed and said, “So you believe what he said? How do you know he’s not lying to you?”

Lin Ziran said without hesitation: “Wen Yu won’t lie to me.”

Lu Sui sneered in his heart. You are too biased to him. Is it because I don’t understand him, or is he more important than me in your eyes?

Also, you never really cared about me, just like before… On the surface, although you care for me, you give up easily once you encounter a problem. If you have to choose between me and Wen Yu, you will choose him without hesitation…

What am I to you?

Lu Sui didn’t speak any more, he turned around and left. He was worried that he would not be able to control himself and tear through this man’s hypocrisy.

After Lu Sui left, he touched his chin. The child really deserved to be scolded. His temper was too great as if the whole world owed him something.

T/n: I just realised I’ve been unformatting text before posting, so all the italicized format for inner monologue was lost QAQ

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    Oh oh oh oh. Wen Yu likes to tease Lin Ziran!! That won’t be their last Kiss, for sure!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Lin Ziran please give the attention Lu Sui needs, poor guy! xD

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