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ALIC Chapter 33.2

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Mu Yang hurried to Bao Jiang Peak and stopped Zhou Yue by the gate of the Law Enforcement Hall.

Zhou Yue chuckled and touched his nose, “Mu Yang, why are you looking for me?”

Mu Yang sullenly said, “Don’t you already know?”

Zhou Yue showed a look of embarrassment. His chubby face wrinkled and he rubbed his hands and said, “Hey, I can’t help you. Li Ye just fell into the hands of Elder Qi and Elder Qi never liked our Bao Jiang Peak. Wasn’t he caught red-handed? He even said that Bao Jiang Peak harbored demon cultivators, what a terrible slander! If you accidentally implicate me, even I can’t protect myself…according to the sect law, demon cultivators should have been put to death directly. This is because he saved you, so he was temporarily thrown into the ice prison, waiting for the elder’s interrogation before they made a decision. I, I really can’t help you… ”

Mu Yang flattened his lips, his face was full of anger. “Li Ye can’t be a bad person. Even if he is really a demon cultivator, it must be a last resort… He exposed himself to save us! I can’t watch him be executed!”

Zhou Yue spread his hands helplessly: “I believe you, really, but it’s useless for me to believe you! Although I am the elder of the law enforcement hall, I have so many eyes on this matter and I am also affected. But I really can’t do anything…Don’t worry too much, Li Ye has never done anything that hurts the world, maybe the elders can talk about it.”

Mu Yang knew that these were only words to comfort him. He suddenly hated that he was not strong enough and even asked Elder Qi to tie Lin Ziran back…

He couldn’t even protect one person.

Mu Yang’s chest heaved up and down violently. He gritted his teeth for a long while and said: “I know you have your concerns, but there is a disciple of the law enforcement hall guarding the ice prison. It shouldn’t be difficult for me to go in and see him.”

Zhou Yue touched his stomach and finally nodded, “Okay, I can let you in, but you need to go back quickly and you can’t be discovered.”

Mu Yang said: “I understand.”

The Ice Prison was located in the deep cold abyss of the Holy Palace. It was used to suppress demons and disciples who have committed great offenses.

As soon as Mu Yang approached, he felt the piercing cold. As a cultivator, he felt uncomfortable. What about Lin Ziran, who had never cultivated before? He was afraid he wouldn’t last long… Mu Yang felt anxious when he thought of this.

The disciple guarding the Ice Prison had received Zhou Yue’s order. He opened the door and let Mu Yang in, whispering, “Senior Brother Mu, go in and come back soon.”

Mu Yang walked quickly into the ice prison.

Soon he saw Lin Ziran who was locked in the innermost cell.

The young man was still wearing bloody and dirty robes. He curled up into a ball, as if it could warm himself a little bit. His hair and eyelashes were covered with frost and he was motionless like a lifeless corpse.

Mu Yang’s eyes soured as he walked over and hugged Lin Ziran in his arms.

The boy’s body was so cold, Mu Yang’s hands trembled slightly and he called out softly: “Ah Ye, wake up, I came to see you.”

Lin Ziran was drowsy. What he didn’t know was that although he couldn’t feel the full extent of the cold, this ice prison did hurt his body and caused him to fall asleep. If it hadn’t been for sucking the blood of that demon general before, based on his current physique, Mu Yang could only come to collect his corpse now…

It was cold to the bones that he even had nightmares until he felt himself being hugged by another person. It was so warm. He finally slowly opened his eyes and looked at the face that was filled with worry.

Oh, Mu Yang was here.

He knew that his little angel would come to visit him!

Seeing that Mu Yang’s eyes were red, Lin Ziran quickly gave him a soothing smile and said dumbly: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

When Mu Yang saw Lin Ziran wake up, the first thing he did was to tell himself not to worry and his eyes became sadder. You clearly want to… No, I can’t keep you here, otherwise I won’t be able to wait for the elders to make a decision. You are going to die!

They are simply going to send you to death!

Lin Ziran thought how could he not be uncomfortable? Or is it that the more someone comforted you, the more you wanted to cry? Why did Mu Yang seem to cry when he said he was okay…

He was a little embarrassed. He thought for a while, and decided to fall silent; less words meant less mistakes.

Mu Yang hugged him tightly, trying to warm the cold body of the person in his arms and spoke with a sad voice: “It’s my fault, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t…”

Lin Ziran paused, “Why didn’t you ask why I have such an evil technique…”

Mu Yang said without hesitation: “I believe you, there must be a reason for you to not tell me.”

Lin Ziran sighed slightly.

This is why Li Ye loved Mu Yang so much that he was willing to die for him. Because no matter when, where, what, this person never doubted or gave up on him…

Even if the whole world doesn’t believe him, Mu Yang did.

Lin Ziran’s eyes softened and he said: “As long as you believe me, it’s enough.”

Mu Yang gritted his teeth: “I will find a way to bring you out!”

Lin Ziran shook his head hard, “Leave me, you should go.”

You are a lofty disciple of the lord and you have a boundless future… If you violate the rules of the sect, you will be punished for a lowly demonic cultivator like me. I don’t want to see it… You shouldn’t have anything to do with me. …

As long as there’s nothing wrong with you, I don’t regret it.

How could Mu Yang agree? It was impossible for him to leave Lin Ziran here alone…

He took off his clothes and covered Lin Ziran’s body, his eyes were red as he gritted his teeth: “Wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

Mu Yang left the ice prison, thinking for a moment and preparing to find the great elder. He had to explain the situation to the great elder himself and have him at least release Lin Ziran from the ice prison first…

As a result, he had just arrived at the mountain peak of the great elder when he suddenly heard other disciples whispering. He quickly turned and hid behind a house.

“Have you heard that Elder Qi just went to the Great Elder and said that he would execute that Demon Cultivator?”

“Really? But didn’t that demon cultivator save Senior Brother Mu and the others…”

“You also believe this. It must be the conspiracy of the demon cultivator to deceive others. There is nothing good about the demon cultivator. Have you forgotten that our holy palace is responsible for eliminating demons and defending the dao?”

“Why did he conceal his identity to come to the Holy Palace?”

“There is some truth to what you said. It is said that the demon cultivator is very ferocious and sucks human blood. Such a demon cultivator will definitely not be a good person.”

“That’s right, the elder decided to execute him, but he was worried about Brother Mu and had not given the order for the time being.”

“Maybe he plans to confine him in the Ice Prison until death, so even if the demon cultivator dies, it won’t offend Senior Brother Mu…”

“Yeah, Brother Mu is too kind, he even believes such a demon cultivator.”

“Shhh, don’t say anything, let’s go. Anyway, the demon cultivator is dead.”

Mu Yang waited for the two to leave before he appeared, his face pale and ugly.

He had underestimated the seriousness of this matter. It seemed that it was difficult for the great elder to help him…

Now the only thing that can save Lin Ziran is Master.


Conflict appeared in Mu Yang’s eyes. Master is a lofty god, is he really willing to take action for such a small matter? And will Master be willing to believe his words? It’s hard to guarantee that he wouldn’t think the same as the elders…

But he was desperate.

Mu Yang gritted his teeth, turned and left. He returned to the Saint Profound Hall.

The main hall door was closed, just as usual.

Mu Yang walked over, bent his knees and knelt down in front of the hall and said in a deep voice, “This disciple has something to request of Master.”

Xuan Yan frowned slightly. Since Mu Yang had recognised him as a teacher, he had been cultivating with great concentration and rarely disturbed him. What happened today for him to kneel down before speaking?

He slowly asked, “What’s the matter?”

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